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Take my love and bring me under..
It had been some time since she had been able to call the Foothills her home and not resent the fact that her allegiances had been swayed. She hadn’t thought that it would be easy and maybe she enjoyed the pain it caused her- it was deserved after all. The tightening of her chest and the panic that rose from the depths of her dark heart were becoming feelings that were all too familiar. The light of her days had all but faded and now that she stood in the indefinite darkness, she couldn’t help but feel alone.

Dusk was slowly coating the skies in pinks and purples that offset the approach of Fall and while it was beautiful, the sight did nothing to lift the mare’s spirits. In fact, to look up to the heavens caused her so much hurt that it was quickly becoming her namesake. How long would she remain broken? She’d been handed purpose and yet still felt lost. The storm had passed and yet the thunder still echoed through the caverns of her desolate mind- had she done the right thing? Day after day she tried to justify her actions and day after day, no answers came. When would the suffering end?

It had felt like months since Ailith had been able to sleep peacefully through the night without visions of the invasion haunting her dreams. So many had moved on without her and while she looked on from the walls of her new prison, they thrived within theirs. Where had her confidence gone? Had it been buried with the dead hopes of the former Foothills? Maybe her grief would serve as a reminder that not all things were so easily avoided. She certainly couldn’t escape the battle unscathed and she imagined that for some time she would have to live with the consequences. She was clearly uninformed, clearly foreign, and clearly mislead.

When Ailith had crossed over the dunes and into the outlying forest she was glad to shade herself in the shadows. It felt natural for her to hide there, lurking amongst the darkness that now swelled within her heart. She was whole when hidden away from prying eyes, at least until guilt consumed her and made her gasp for relief, for forgiveness. Perhaps that’s what had kept her up so many nights before… Perhaps she needed consolation. She was aware that many of her former friends and family had taken refuge in the Edge, but had they forgiven her for joining the forces of the enemy?

Quietly, the golden mare weaved through the low hanging limbs and floundered over unruly brush. She wasn’t sure where she was headed or where she would end up, but at that point she wasn’t really concerned anymore. She had once again given in to the pain that often shocked her nerves into submission until she was finally just… numb. She enjoyed the feel of it and furthermore relished the emotionless state of limbo that ensued. It was colorless grey that painted her world in tints of tarnished unrest and at times when it all became too much, she ran with it. She delved deep into her thoughts and turned back time until she was left reeling in the past far beyond Helovia itself.

Finally working her way into a clearing long past any of the Hills that she had come to know, she paused. The fresh scent of water lifted her face from the ground and she followed the earthy fragrance to its source. Alas, she had stumbled upon a small pool of eerily blue waters and as her reflection looked back at her, she could imagine the beauty she had once inhabited. However, now, all she saw was the liar she had become. She was quiet for a time before finally dipping her dark lips to drink from the still surface of the mysterious pool. Like her, it had been long forgotten and upon finding it, she felt refreshed and new. But how long would she be able to pretend that she was comfortable in this skin?

Could she ever find release? Or would she be lost forever in the eternity of her shame…
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