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[OPEN] Death of Ignita

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The assassin leader, Ignita, has mysteriously passed away in her wooden cage. Her body lays slumped against one side of the planks, food and water eaten. From the natural tilt of her figure, she died from natural causes and not from any particular ill will. Perhaps this is a sign of favor from the gods, or perhaps this is a curse. The mists are unusually thick and pervasive on this morning, and the moon is still high in the sky despite the light of day coming up on the horizon. Snow has fallen lightly, and the bare trees offer a respite to all who come to bear witness to this scene.

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No. No, no, no, no, no. I just couldn't be. Ignita, the leader whom she had devoted herself most to was dead of natural causes after being kept prisoner by the World's Edge. No hatred was felt towards the giant herd, none at all, just the feeling of deep, painful grief. What would happen to the band of Assassins that she joined and continuously tried to expand? Would they all separate and perish? What would become of them with the new leader Tonka? Would he be able...No. Accalia remained loyal to the Assassins in hope of saving the one horse that had actually treated her with kindness, and treated her...equally. She thought about it over and over, until her mind couldn't deal with it. Throwing up her head in terrible grief, letting out an ear splitting wail, the fae collapsed by the motionless body, not caring if the World's Edge members saw her and imprisoned her. Yes, tonight was the night Accalia was going to rescue her, but it was now all in vain.

Tears started leaking from her red brown eyes, seeping into the ground. Sobs racked the fae's body, and dirt stained her knees. Leaning her head over the deceased leader she whispered few words. "May the gods be with you", as she continued bawling like a little filly again. Crying went against all of her rules. It was in her personality to stay strong, and to never let anything deter her, but Ignita, though they had met for a little bit, was extremely important to her. But what had her life become? Now thinking about it, Accalia knew that the Assassins were a band of unruly horses trying to seek a home. Had she really made the right decision joining them? Was it a good idea to anger herds even though you were against it? Sighing, her face still tear stained, she awaited for the others to come. Would she put up a fight? She almost didn't know any more. Was it worth being part of the Assassins anymore?

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It all started as an ordinary day, and as any other day the painted Glazier was up early. Of course it seemed this routine was set by his young hellhound Alanna. She seemed to always be an early riser, and had begun to pounce her bonded until he woke. Now Aaron found himself rising just before dawn and taking on one of the early patrols on his own. Part of the patrol for them, even if it was set by the bonded pair only was to check the wooden cage Lace had crafted so long ago for the prisoners. Currently it held the lead of the assassin group Ignita.

Moving swiftly around the outer boundaries of the Edge, as he did not bother checking along the cliffs, they moved in to check on the prison. They sight they found however was surprising. The mist was thicker than normal, and Aaron had to slow his pace. Alanna on the other hand bounded forward, her keen eye sight helping Aaron see ahead of himself. The moment the sight of a stranger near the cage flashed in his mind Aaron pushed his pace faster and Alanna growled charging forth to attack the equine who had gotten in way to close.

With a loud whinny Aaron yelled. You're not welcome here get out!!! He had enough of others being ignorant of the boarders to his home and it was high time someone struck some fear in these idiots hearts. Inside him he could feel his fire magic rising forth, but he did not use it. No. Today he was going to drive the strange equine out by force. It was only then he saw her, Ignita that is. She was slumped over, clearly dead in her prison. Surely no one of the Edge would of killed her, but had someone else? Honestly the paint did not care. The assassins were without one leader, and they would have to regroup and find a new one to try again.



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With Kasai at her side, the golden-red Protector made her rounds, feathered feet striking the frozen earth with grace. It was Frostfall now, marking one year since she had arrived in Helovia... Had it really only been a year? For Romani, it felt like so much longer had passed since that day she had innocently wandered into the Threshold. So much had happened... Living in the Foothills, meeting Xanthos, experiencing the taste of love, then being forced to find a new home. The Edge became that home, her new safe haven, and it was here that she had birthed Jasiri, their daughter. While struggling at first to settle into the Edge, to begin to truly feel like this place was her home, she could now not fathom herself living anywhere else. This was her home, and this was where she would protect with her life, should the need arise.

Kasai padded silently along beside her, curious of the snow that was falling from the sky. It was the black and white cub's first Frostfall, and the feline couldn't help but be captivated by the snow around them. There wasn't a terrible lot, but it was enough to spike Kasai's ever-present curiosity. Image after image of a tree covered in snow was thrusted into Romani's head, and more often than not she would have to pause in her patrol, dip her head downwards, and remind the young cub that they were looking at snow. Kasai would release a little trill-half purr of excitement, rub the ever-growing length of her furred body against the mare's thick leg, and proceed to send more images her way.

A repetive process, but one that Romani truly enjoyed. She wouldn't berate Kasai for simply being a child.

As she wove through a collection of naked trees, long ivory tail flicking from left to right, Romani's crisp eyes arrived on the wooden fortress that served as their prison for trespassers and the like. It wasn't a fortress, per se, but it was enough to keep a horse obtained. What truly caught her attention and thoroughly startled Kasai, however was the sudden, deep bellow that shot into the air.

"You're not welcome here! Get out!"

Immediately Romani's head snapped to the side, spotting both Aaron and Alanna. She recognized them instantly, but one that she didn't recognize was the mare that Aaron was threatening. What in the heavens was going on? Yet with further examination, it was clear just what was going on. Looking back to the wooden prison, Romani was shocked into a stupor to find that Ignita, the leader of the Assassins, lay crumpled against the frozen ground. She was... Dead? How? Taking a step forward, Romani saw no markes of struggle upon the dead-creature's hide. Perhaps it was natural causes...? Or maybe the Gods simply had something to do with it.

Either way, as Romani turned her head to face the mare who she previously couldn't name, something clicked in place. This was one of the Assassins. It had to be. And Romani had had enough. Blue eyes glittered ferociously as she stalked closer to Aaron and the Assassin bitch, a scowl pulling at her dark lips, and at her side Kasai let out a deep and menacing growl. The she-cub could feel the anger and hate resonating from her bond-mate's compact body, and in turn, Kasai reacted accordingly.

"Or, Aaron... Perhaps we should just throw her in with her dear leader and ensure that this never happens again." Romani stated coldly. It was almost strange, feeling this detached from her normal levelheaded personality due to anger... But didn't this bitch understand that the World's Edge was their home? Didn't she understand that, simply by not respecting their borders, that she was a threat? A fool, this Assassin was, and Romani would make her pay for her idiocy.

"What do you say, Assassin? Care to make a wager?"

[ooc: Romani is stating a challenge to Accalia for her freedom. If Romani wins, Accalia will become prisoner of the World's Edge. Battle thread is located here - Click on Me! ]

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Slumped in the corner of her wooden cell, the unicorn was dead. The brothers, having done their usual excursion around the general perimeter of the cage, returned to find quite the scene unfolding. The intruder who was receiving a beating from their little halfinger friend caused their lips to curl in distaste - at least with her defeat, they would all still have someone to guard in their prison - another Assassin at that. Orange orbs viewed the situation with mild, silent, ever-watching interest, their bodies alert and ready for action if it were required. With a glance to the unicorn's body, they wondered at whether it was worth trying to move it - their sister would probably want them to, but how were they to do so?
"Fucking Assassin, what a useless pile of shit." Madyrn's assessment was dry and humourless, disgust evident as he leaned over the carcass of the mare he himself had captured.
"Hush brother. Time to fill our cell with new blood." Maskan watched quietly as Romani defeated the useless Accalia without a single blow being exchanged.

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