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[OPEN] Appeal to Reason || Protectors and Others!

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As of late, my mood hadn't been at its best. Try as I might, the thought of Tor and her well-being, wherever she may be, would often cloud my mind and shroud me in bitterness. I was not an absinthal creature, I never had been, but as time went on from her final departure I found myself slowly changing. Thoughts of my old home in Vallhea had often come to mind as well, and I tried only to dwell on those that were happy. Bran was gone, I knew, for I had seen his life be taken from him; but I had to stay strong in his memory, no matter this strange onslaught of memories.

My recent conversation with Kaj had brightened my mood greatly, however. We had spoken in depth of a method to get our Protectors more active, and find a way to get them out of their routine border patrols and warding of trespassers. I thoroughly enjoyed my daily morning jog about the borders, but even I had to admit that some days, it was simply a mundane task to look at the same trees and the same crevices marring the ground. So we had formulated something to get not only our warriors better fitted for their positions, but for our Acolytes as well.

Having just finished my daily patrol of the cliffsided land and deeming it all clear, I had ventured to the center most part of the land to call forth others of the Qian. Flying overhead was Suli, who had decided that she would make her own traveling accommodations today rather than tote along on my neckline. The little green had grown stronger since her hatching, and had grown more comfortable leaving my immediate presence to explore treetops and the rest of the landscape around her. I didn't mind, so long as she kept herself out of trouble. But as we neared an appropriate clearing to call forth such a meeting, she curled her wings and descended from the sky, landing gently on the crest of my neck and making herself quite at home in the thick of my mane.

I hoped Mirage would not mind me taking it upon myself to call this meeting, but if she or anyone else did, I would surely apologize a thousand times over. Drawing to a halt and lifting my head high, a deep call escapes my throat and rings out across the land, beckoning all who would hear me to come. It was not demanding nor urgent, but in it's depths were a grave importance.

And then, I waited for them to come, and only when they had begun to gather did I speak.

"Brothers, sisters; thank you for coming." My voice had fallen to it's normal calmness now, and my eyes seemed to be smiling as I gazed at those who had gathered. I wouldn't waste their time and so cut right in to explaining what myself and my fellow Wingleader had concocted. "As your Wingleaders, Kaj and I have come up with a system to break our Protectors from their normal routine into something different. Patrols will still be mandatory and top priority, of course. However..." At this, I paused briefly to look upon any Acolytes who had gathered, my chest swelling with pride at the youth who were already so eager to make their mark on the land they called home. Especially my own Laila and Luken.

Now, I looked back upon the group as a whole and continued where I had left of. "For those who are interested, each Acolyte Protector will be paired with an older, more experienced Protector. Each team will patrol their own section of the land, and if they should see anything, I ask that you report it to the appropriate authority figure immediately. Kaj and myself will check in with each team periodically to assure everything is going well, and once every month, teams will be switch around to assure our Acolytes are given the best opportunity to learn from our Protectors."

Another pause was given, and my bister eyes swept across the faces of those gathered, doing my best to gauge their reactions as well as their opinions on the matter. I was prepared to answer all that I could, for no idea was without loopholes, and I wanted to fill them quickly. "I haven't left out those who are not Protectors, though; if our members who hold a different rank or even those who are unranked are interested in joining this, then you are more than welcome to join and learn what it means to be a Protector. These skills can be useful for anybody. Now..."

Once more I paused, before voicing my final words; "Who is interested?"

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She had been grazing on her own when the call came, seeming to cut through the frigid air and rumble the ground beneath her very hooves. At her side, little Kasai paused in the midst of her rolling, laying upon the ground with all four paws stuck upwards in the air. Quizzical ice-blue eyes turned towards the Haflinger, an emotion of curiosity dancing between their mental bond. Sparing the young tigress a glance, Romani smiled and motioned for the cub to get to her feet.

"Come, my sweet," the Protector began, urging the rather lazy feline to rise from her midday period of relaxation, "We must go."

The call had come from Destrier, one of the Wingleaders of the Edge. While not terribly familiar with the Friesian stallion, Romani showed a great deal of respect to him whenever they were in the same vicinity. He was strong, powerful, and admirable; a true warrior if she had ever seen one. In some ways, he reminded the palomino of Archibald, but... Destrier was far more gentle than the Dauntless, and his eyes were far kinder to look at. His loyalty to the Edge was unwavering, and Romani couldn't help but ponder if one day, she would be able to show such devotion.

Through the trees the two proceeded, Kasai padding silently beside her bondmate. Occasionally the cub would show images of things that she had in question, to which Romani would dutifully reply, but other than the brief inquiries, their journey was silent. In the back of Romani's mind, she wondered where Xanthos and Jasiri were... Of course, she didn't doubt in the slightest that her beloved mate was tending to their rather rambunctious child. Stepping elegantly through a collection of trees, the mare spotted Destrier, standing there like the dark knight that he was. A handsome male, for certain, but Romani's heart was and had been stolen by a certain grullo unicorn.

Romani listened, falling in with the crowd fo those that were gathering. Her crisp eyes sought out any that she knew... And it was there, in the midst of so many, that the Haflinger realized that she barely knew any of them. The Edge was her home, and she strived to protect it with her very life... But it was shocking to her that she barely even knew any of her herdmates. Briefly she made a mental note to make amends with that before listening intently to everything that Destrier said. She would nod her head when deemed appropriate, and only when the great Winglead asked who was interested in his proposal, did the golden-red mare step forward.

Giving her head a brief shake to rid her gaze of the cumbersome ivory strands of her forelock, Romani spoke up. Her voice was strong and determined, a spark shining in the depths of her azure gaze. For so long the Haflinger had been silent, milling in the background and living the family life, pining over the home she had lost in the Foothills... Now, it was time for her to wake up, to see the beauty and gift of what she had right in front of her; a home in the Edge. A home worth loving and protecting.

"Destrier, Sir," she began, lifting her head high and proud, "I feel this is a wonderful idea and a magnificent opportunity, especially to strengthen our bonds as a unit and see to it that our children are further protected. I offer myself and my abilities wherever you see fit. I have neglected my duties as a Protector, and I apologize a thousand times over for it; there is no excuse for my inactivity. But, with this, I hope I can redeem myself."

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The Dragonheart was pleased to hear the call for activity, and just as pleased to feel the life in the forest around her shift and move in response. Since the most recent gathering of the herd, she had been pleased at the way the herd had taken her words to heart, at how they had all thought of ways to improve the lands - whether by diligence, by activity, by helping others - and it was inspiring even for herself to continue onwards with her plight to lead the Qian. Action promotes action, she thought, not for the first time, smiling as Akaith chirruped her agreement from her position on the withers of the dark mare. With a decisive nod, the mare surged forth through the trees, encouraging her daughters nearby to come with her, knowing Vikram would attend - it was a meeting called by his Generals, after all.

Akaith took to the skies, just as the mare cloaked herself in the magic she had been blessed with since her arrival in the curious lands of Isilme. How far she had come since then.. It was not time for nostalgia. Moving like a wraith - and not the kind who gathered information for the herd - the mare was sure to take long, quiet steps as she strode nearly completely obscured from view - only sometimes shimmering random glimpses of a distorted shape of a shadowy damsel, a hint of a golden tattoo upon her nape, a glint of a golden eye as it searched for others amongst the trees. When she found them, she lingered back, though Akaith did not hesitate - greeting the little green who was bound to the WingLeader Destrier, and any others who were in attendance.

The little mare blended with the mists that gathered around her, herself a curious illusion, a sylph, a shadow. Happiness swelled within her at the suggestion of organised patrols were brought up, and with a devious step, the mare soon positioned herself along the side of the large dark Friesian, aiming to touch her maw against his shoulder just as her cloak would slip away from her, a small half smile upon her lips, and approval shining behind her eyes.

"I would be glad to aid this cause in whatever way is most useful to you all."
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The sound of iron shocks is stuck in my head

The graying warrior made his way into the clearing, following the warrior's call. His figure, still fit and muscled from years and years of battle training and fighting slid through the trees calmly, collectedly. Scars littered his body, one nasty one particularly noticeable as it interrupted his charcoal hide to run from his left eye down his left shoulder. Ever since Gossamer's dragon had burned him, the once long and soft white and crimson mane had not grown back, leaving him with a colt's brush along the crest of his neck.

In the crisp air of frostfall, the stallion's beard had grown rather long, black and white with thick tints of silver from his age. Though Paladin was young enough still, the years of work and injury upon his figure had aged him considerably. The black dun's ears tilted forward as he heard voices speaking close by, so he adjusted his direction ever so slightly to enter the clearing, crimson eyes scanning the small group.

A gold dragon moved to greet him, and he lifted his neck high on his withers, tensing and gritting his teeth. She was a very large, golden dragon, and though he knew that he was safe while in Mirage's herd, his "healthy respect" for them still made his heart surge. After briefly closing his eyes and collecting himself, he warily watched her rejoin her green friend before turning his attention to what had been spoken.

Mirage seemed to more or less appear at Destrier's side, and Paladin nodded deeply in her direction. "I will do whatever I can to help," he said quietly.

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before the sun sets

They came padding towards the gathering just in time to hear the words of the black stallion. Drawn at first by little more than curiosity as to what Destrier could want the rest of them, a gleam of interest lit up within the eyes of the Glazier as he realized that not only had the steed made his way up in life since that time when Lace had welcomed him into the herd, he also seemed to have some pretty interesting ideas. Following behind an excited Fajira he drew closer to the gathering and nodded in acknowledgment to those he knew and in greeting to the few whose faces he had never seen before. With well hidden awkwardness he slipped in and halted next to Mirage, intently focusing his attention on the meeting rather than her presence - not the easiest of tasks, considering how strong her presence always seemed to him.

Black rimmed ears turned alertly from side to side as the others in the gathering spoke, from a flaxen lady he wasn't sure he had spoken to before, to Mirage and then over to catch the voice of Paladin. Lace offered the familiar warrior a recognizing smile, almost wishing for a moment that he too was an acolyte and could follow the red-and-black unicorn around; he had lost a spar against the other in the past, and knew well how much more he would have been able to learn.

The project definitely intrigued the gold-dusted craftsman however, and before he knew it he too had opened his mouth to speak. "I might be able to help as well. As you might know I often walk around Helovia and speak to both outcasts and members of other herds, and I wouldn't mind bringing along an acolyte or two once you deem them ready for it. They should be capable of at least basic self defense; I can teach them more about how to handle themselves out in the wild, conduct in regard to other herds and a bit more sparing." He shifted the weight between his legs and settled down more comfortably, white-tasseled tail whispering over sooty hocks as Fajira, tired of tumbling through the air with the other dragons, came to land on his croup.

"Teaching fledglings?" she asked amusedly and bent the neck around a wing to preen the shimmering white scales on a flank. "Must be first time you offer to do that..."
"Oh shush you... What's to say foals haven't become bearable since last I saw any?" Lace suppressed a smile, quietly agreeing with her incredulity; he was a bit surprised over himself too - kids weren't an area where he excelled, so to speak.
"Optimist" was the short reply he received, with a mindset that showed how thoroughly she had seen through him. The stallion swallowed a chuckle, then returned his focus onto the meeting.

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Beckoning, the call of the friesian stallion lured the healer from the shadows of the trees, beneath which she'd been inspecting trunks for lichens and molds that could be useful to herself and her fellow healers and nurses. She'd been having some limited success, and she kept note of some burgeoning patches to keep an eye on even as she moved to answer Destrier's cry.

Others had arrived before her, which was not unexpected. A quiet smile curved her lips as she wove through the crowd. Slipping past Destrier, she paused beside him to exhale a whisper of healer's magic upon him. A tendril of swirling black crossed between them to caress the old burn scar she'd inflicted upon him. It would heal better now, but not as well as it might have had she gotten the opportunity to do this before. She suspected he'd been avoiding her, though she really couldn't blame him after how she'd tested his mettle.

Then she moved on, casting a small smile of friendly recognition to Lace and another, this one accompanied by a respectful nod, to Mirage. At last she came to rest, standing near Paladin but a carefully measured distance apart. Friendship was something to be delicately rewoven, especially when influenced by a healer's interest in someone who didnt quite add up the way she expected.

"I will help." She added simply to the discussion, a smile ripe with mischief tugging at her lips. "I can help train, or merely do patrols. I would suggest that my fellow healers take passes by the borders while looking for healing herbs or those to help."

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There was another call to ring through the mist-laden kingdom of the sea—but this time, Laila recognized the deep, powerful cadence of her Father this time, calling together the Protectors that held the standard high for their herd. His reverberant voice immediately brought a spark of joy within Laila’s breast, melting the chilling annoyance that came with Frostfall. She shook herself, feeling droplets of cold water fly from the ends of her mane and tail, where the fog had condensated. There was no time to waste; Father called for the attention of all the Protectors of the herd, and it was Laila’s inner pride that whispered she should heed the call as well. After all, she was a Protector now, wasn’t she?

….okay, technically she was an Acolyte Protector now, but it boiled down to the same thing, didn’t it?

Giving a toss of her head, Laila cantered briskly for the clearing from which her Father’s voice emanated; as she came closer, the ebony filly noticed the number of warriors who had already heeded her father’s call. A small jitter of butterflies erupted in her stomach as she brought herself to a halt beside her father; she reached up to give the side of his neck a tiny nibble in greeting, doing her very best to hide her nervousness. The idea of being considered in the same mold as these tried-and-tested warriors was just as intimidating as it was exciting; what if Laila made a fool of herself in front of all these veterans? It was a tiny voice in her mind that spoke these things, as the filly wasn’t one for self-conscious tendencies—but it was a thought indeed, and it was there, causing the Acolyte to swallow a tepidatious lump in her throat.

*"For those who are interested, each Acolyte Protector will be paired with an older, more experienced Protector. Each team will patrol their own section of the land, and if they should see anything, I ask that you report it to the appropriate authority figure immediately.*

With wide eyes, Laila looked up at her Father briefly; for a span of seconds, an ache of alarm shot through her stomach. She desperately wished to accompany her Father on these patrols; in addition to him being somewhat more understanding and less potentially abrasive, Laila figured she would be much less mortified if she happened to make a blunder in his presence. However, as her slightly glazed eyes scanned the warriors gathered about for a second time, some of her apprehension eased, and she began to fantasize about running patrols with any one of them; Destrier wouldn’t hand her into the hands of someone incompetent, in any case. Perhaps she…just…needed to suck it up a little and put up a stiff upper lip?

She took a step forward, out of her Father’s shadow; her face broke into a smile as she offered herself to the willing mentors, looking into different sets of eyes that ranged from yellow, gold, red, and blue. “Hello,” she said, her anxious voice booming much louder than might be standard for someone as young as she, “I…I’m looking forward to training with all of you. Should be fun!” She paused, then hastened to add, “A-and enlightening! F-for all of us; I’d very much like to learn how to be a better P-Protector...” The very tips of her ears burned scarlet with her stammering; she hoped they wouldn’t take her jitters as a sign of weakness. She was ready, after all.

It was just kind of scary at the same time.

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Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts

From the misty emerald boughs that thickened the earth near the grove of lovers emerged a pale golden giant cloaked in silvery dew. Clear, baby blue gazers swept over the last of the land beneath his protection and assigned course, a hawk scouring the earth from a vantage point it did not belong in. Protective branches kept the rain and harsher elements from the crowns of the Edge members, but it also inhibited his view from the skies. Today, well muscled legs pressed quietly through the undergrowth, dusted with the little bits of frost and kisses of snowflakes that had found their way through the overhead canopy. The Edge was sheltered from the physical elements, but the wind that cut through the scattered plains and raced up the sheer white cliffs was bitterly cold, nearly numbing in its ferocity from where it had gathered its frigidity off the turbulent ocean. Crashing against his skin, it seemed to be nearly tangible to the point where it could slice his hide like a wickedly sharp knife. Though Kaj longed for the currents overhead, he was thankful for the bufferer the trees acted as. It was clearer beneath the cover, aiding him in following the paths he knew by heart, refreshing the borders with every brush of his body and scrape of his hoof against various markers. Glancing heavenward automatically to read the hour by the sun, he was again denied by the thick pewter clouds that obscured its glowing rays. Kaj knew if he climbed high enough into the heavens he would clear them, breathing air so sharp and pure it nearly burned his lungs as he reveled in the warmth that could not be withheld from the children of heaven and sky.

Even with the sun unable to be viewed, Kaj knew he was running behind on time. Patrol was his favorite task out of all those placed upon his shoulders when he and his shadow brother had been named WingLeaders. The comforting amusement Kaj took from their ironic colorations never faded, his own pale aureate color a contrast to Destrier's inky, starless-night expanse. They were alike and not in the same fashion, but Kaj was growing into an easy kinship with Destrier. In fact, the two had come together with bright eyes and high hopes, planning and speaking in low, easy voices that rolled and played together like gamesome otters of roiling thunder in a sea whose waves beat like steady war drums against the cliffs. Today was the chosen day for friendship; camaraderie between fellows who had bravely stepped forth in their youth to offer malleable, willing minds alongside those who were far older and more experienced in a loving, brave display of pride and loyalty to their family. As if in agreement to Kaj's musings, velvet vocals perused the lands around him as if searching out the attention of all whom he beckoned instead of passing easily over all terrain.

Late indeed, Kaj.

Sighing softly into the frozen air, Kaj strode forth into the cloud he had created with warm breath that signified the life that beat steadily in his chest had not dimmed. Moisture clung to his form like a second layer, the brightness of the grey sky peeking through well-knit ceiling of evergreen glinting off every speck it could reach. Kaj still didn't understand how such a dark and dreary thing such as rain and snow clouds could exude a brightness nearly equivalent to a sapphire sky on a Tallsun day without a cloud in sight. He moved at a pace that could be kept for hours, but with a speed that would bring him to his fellow General's side. The patrol always took him along the border, and being so far from where he knew Destrier would be that morning it was almost a definite that he would be late to whomever appeared from the snowy depths that day. Why waste energy when he would only appear disheveled, and still not accomplish much in the means of distance with how slippery and muddy the earth was below his hooves. Thick forests always birthed moist earth even in warmer seasons, refusing to let the sun touch down and encourage growth. In the start of winter, it was already getting worse. Flight was out of the question as well, and so the light-soaked stallion patiently loped towards his heartbrother's vocals, puffs of breath turning his vision into perfect silver with every stride that forced air from his lungs, pumping oxygen through his veins that aided him in this stamina-based exercise.

So many have come to the other stallion's cry, and Kaj circles around the other large brute's hindquarters, proud and even comforted to see the easy touches given and received as others filter in ahead of him. Upon his heartbrother's shoulder lies a scaled scarf of green, but this lovely lass is no piece of apparel. Wings appear like silk, though the texture is sure to be different, and Kaj remembers her as Suli, the dragon Destrier had come home with a season or two ago. Followed by giant spiders, of all things. It is rather adorable how she is encased in his mane as if nesting like some large, beautiful bird. Reptile of course, so he would never insult the young draconic child by uttering it around her. Slowly he strides forth into the small clearing, frosted mane thick with droplets that seemed determined to freeze where they'd landed. Icy azure eyes, far warmer than the cold substance they were compared to, flitted like gentle raindrops among and upon those who had gathered; taking stock, recalling names, noting those who were unfamiliar to him so that he may rectify that in the near future. Out of the streams leading in, familiar faces bring a warm smile to his visage that is comparable to a single buttery shaft of sunlight on a perfect summer morning that is just large enough to bathe your entire body. He is sunlight embodied; warm and calming, fierce and scorching, cool and removed when night has overcome. Today, Kaj glows in the gentle way most of his kinsmen knew him for. Sweet ebony face is the first he finds familiar other than Destrier's nearly memorized form, and a respectful slow dip of crown is given to Mirage with the playful curve of a smile they seemed to always employ in regards to their meetings. With her occupying Destrier's side, he casts this motion and facial movement over his partner's spine, glad to see her in their midst.

Next is an auburn and russet lass with compliments of champagne and apple juices. Name unknown, she is labelled inside his mind, and he promises himself he'll meet and get to know her. She at least rings a bell in some subtle way, more of a category than anything individual. A member from the Foothills invasion, perhaps? Again vision swings to the next of his brothers and sisters gathered. It is Paladin who meets his scrutiny, remembered for his odd coloring and the way he'd made his first impression when seeking sanctuary in the Edge- under the heavy watch of a herd meeting, with a thick number of members whom he did not know and in return was nameless to them. There is a warrior within him, Kaj can see it in every breath and smooth roll of well-toned, well-earned muscle. It is like looking in a mirror when he sees all these fighters, because there's a similarity in all of them that has nothing to do with physical appearance. It almost reminds him of his previous home, where all who resided there were trained in combat only. Respectful tilt of cranium is given to the russet gal and the deep bay, smiling warmly at them as if removed completely- internally and externally- from the worsening weather of the days.

Alertness is in his blood, however, and even in the depths of their safest place, movement behind and intimately close to Mirage draws Kaj's eyes in a snap. At first he doesn't recognize their Glazier, but the familiarity between the two calms him and he gives the same warm curl of lips to the lad and his snowy dragon, a flash of gold in his peripherals reminding him of Akaith's positioning as well. Smoke glided past him like the substance she took her name from, his slow stride- done so that he could see the faces of those who had answered so quickly and loyally- giving her access to his partner's side. Use of magic makes him quiver inside in the familiar fashion he'd been raised around, but Kaj is aware that Smoke was a strong healer, and so instead gave a soft whicker of greeting to her as she passed between his golden hide and Destrier's. Another color of draconic descent joined those lying or circling the meeting, a deep coral with sapphire streaks along the sensitive sections that highlighted the reptile's body. From behind comes Laila, and Kaj flicked an ear at her in a familiar manner as she occupied her father's free side. Eventually he has come even with the growing line, and his pale muzzle extended to brush gently against Destrier's belly, only to lift free to avoid bumping and disturbing Suli. As he continues forward, he flicks his tail playfully at Laila, left wing dipping to graze her and her father simultaneously. Snowy muzzle, tainted with pale honey and sunlight, ended its lingering journey at a dark well-muscled shoulder. Lifting free a second time, Kaj swung gently to the right and into his own portion of space, head only slightly ahead of his brother-in-arm's. There, he let his legs cease their movements and in the stillness that followed listened attentively, with genuine interest, to the words that slowly filled the natural waking of the earth. Only when all had spoken did he let the quiet, rumbling vocals- so rarely and carefully used- free from the locked box inside his chest.

"I ask you excuse my rather unfashionable and unprofessional lateness, the weather has disrupted my knowledge of time and patrol kept me busy." There we go, an easy enough start. Kaj was not a nervous speaker, nor did he truly worry they would not understand, because similar duties (or in the cases of the youth section, play) had likely kept them too long away from family before. Destrier had already explained the system rather well, and Kaj found nothing to add. Instead he focused on the foxy painted lass who had spoken first. Smile had slowly warmed his visage once more after the sincere apology, and he directed it at her, always wanting his herd kin to know they were not invisible and that they still held importance to him whether known or not. "Hush, my dear. Times have been hard for all of us, and busy for those who are lucky. Even our Gentleheart has admitted to needing time to himself. There is always forgiveness, as well as a second chance, for those who are willing to correct simple wrongs. Clearly, you have burdened yourself more than enough on your own. Lead your Acolyte well, that is all we ask." A flick, then, to the voice on his left. Velvet tones recognized almost immediately as those belonging to his Queen. Only a small step was needed to move from unable to see her, to glimpsing golden irises, though he felt slightly odd stepping farther forth than Destrier. Even if it was only a place to stand, a physical change, but Kaj valued the equality between them and didn't want to ever shift that balance. He was far from power hungry, or a loner.

Nothing was to be necessarily said to his Mistress, but his lips moved anyway to offer soft, gentle words that held the depth of his genuine emotions. "Thank you, m'Lady. You are more than welcome to involve yourself as you please, perhaps surprise visits to make sure we're actually working?" Small, playful smile and warm blue gaze made it obvious that he was teasing her, himself, and all those present. He knew they would understand, hoped they would relax slightly and realize that they were not going to be slavedrivers or perfectionist directors. And then to Paladin traveled his gaze, possibly appearing strange to address them individually instead of as a general whole. "Our thanks to you, as well, Sir Paladin. Would you like to lead along an Acolyte, or would you prefer to help train and direct? If you would like, we can alert you when we are short of help, or need an extra hand or experienced mind and body?" This reply was slightly harder to navigate, as Kaj didn't know Paladin that well at all, and being so unaware of the warrior's personality made him slightly tentative with his inability to determine Paladin's reactions through experience.

Glazier next, then? Lace had quite a bit to say, but Kaj only crafted a smile of delight and approval that he was vocal and inquisitive about the subject. "Soon, this phase of our idea will evolve into a stage where our younglings will have the skills and verbal training along these patrols to leave the borders. If you would like to pair with one at that time, you are more than welcome." Warmth and gratitude flooded every lyric, proud that Lace was willing not only to take on the harder task of leading an Acolyte out of the borders, but that his mind was already developing along the path he and Destrier had separated into phases. Smoke nearly escaped his notice but he would not forget their healer, and apparently she would not forget as well with her reminder. "Patrols and training are both open to your desires and the time you have available, m'Lady. The Protector Acolytes aren't required to know advanced healing, but Destrier and I have been contemplating a few things that won't be revealed until later, I'm afraid," here he paused and amusement shone clear in his orbs, wishing he could tell them now. "But if you could begin teaching the Acolytes, and the Protectors that don't have the knowledge either, of the basic plants that may aid them we would be extremely grateful. Your eyes are better suited than mine, I know for sure. Pointing them out in the natural, familiar environment of our home on patrols would aid us the most, if it is not too much trouble for you m'Lady." Again, a doll he doesn't know well, but Kaj is nothing if not a gentleman, so hopefully she at least wouldn't be too offended or uncaring for some reason. How badly he wanted to know them all by name, be able to know their quirks. Sadly the inhabitants of Helovia were far more reserved than those of his previous home, and it would likely be a longer process.

Little Laila was the last to chirp- though it was far louder in her rather naturally outgoing ways- but it was rather mature. Kaj knew she inherited much from his rank brother, but had been without information on Tor for the entirety she'd lived in the Edge. His memories of her were warped, and he tried not to focus on them too often. Smile never wavered, appearing completely pleased and altogether adoring of his family, but a fierce pride with all the help offered flamed in painted watchers better suited for the opposite element. Laila would not be treated as a helpless child, as he'd seen her bravery when she'd asked to be an Acolyte, but he would also not embarrass her by cooing or pitying her for the stammer of her tone. After all, hadn't they all done it at some point, just as nearly all of them had been late like he had? "You are correct, miss Laila. It will definitely be enlightening for us all. If you are willing to learn, then we are willing to teach." Godlike voice tapered softly and soon it was quiet once more. What did he have left to say?

At first, he thought the answer would be 'nothing'. Instead, his lips trembled and words were forming as they always did- flowing straight from his heart and mind. "All of you, myself and Destrier as well, have individual qualities that will aid us overall in a rather magnificent way. I can't guarantee some of this won't be hard, especially when we move past this first stage. But it is easy to see your dedication, and as Destrier said, thank you infinitely for coming and showing your loyalty and interest." Oh dear, Kaj, why so formal? Quickly he remedied that, moving past the stuffy summaries and thanks to what he truly wanted to say. He would not appear fake to his subordinates. "I am here at any hour if you need me, and I have full trust that Destrier will say the same. We are available as much as duties permit us, but we will never turn you away out of personal desires, only out of necessity. Encourage the rest of our family, should they hold not task as Destrier said, to join us. Clearly, to me, this is a group that will work lovingly for the Edge and her lands. Never be afraid to speak to us, or your fellows, and never withhold a question; nor facts we may not be aware of. As our WeyrLeader spoke not long ago, knowledge is as great a power and asset as magic or physical strength."

Finished, he moved closer to Destrier, uncomfortable with how much he'd spoken and fearing he had messed up again. A constant fear he had, for he spoke so little as it was that saying so much at once seemed like a verbal essay. Closeness, to him, was a comfort, and so he stood at a respectful distance from Laila so as not to crowd her, equal with Destrier's side once more. How scared he was to mess things up, even if he felt steady and rooted in his position. Calming himself slowly, Kaj gave a soft contented sigh and glanced around the circle once more. Finally, things were being set in motion.

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what is this world we live in?

The Friesian's deep tones captured the attention of a pair of waving ears, their previous goal of navigating through the dense mists no longer their top priority. The commanding boom of his voice sounded as if it were somewhere to their right, and so they sent a signal to the mobile units of their machine to set off on a new course entirely. Pivoting on silver wheels and rotating a sun-branded turret, the short and compact vehicle rolled cautiously through the fog, unable to pick out the snow-laden ground from the blank expanse ahead of it. Gradually the dark forms of the gathered group begin to come into view, and the hum of the engine quiets down so that it can listen to the ideas being tossed around better. Braking at the side of a younger painted filly -- the commander of the vessel identified her as Laila; daughter of Destrier -- the machine settles down to make the transition from tank to equine, and a pair of golden orbs rest on each attentive soldier as they speak, taking in as much information as they can about each individual.

This talk of working together to secure the borders interested the grulla to a much larger extent than she had expected; violence was not a common thought that crossed her mind. She didn't support the idea of shedding the blood of another, but she did know that it was a necessary action to make if you wanted to protect your family, and that was her top priority. If her Wing Leaders were willing to teach those younger than her, then surely they'd be willing to teach a pacifist, or at least teach the wraith how to defend herself.

With eyes cast to the ground, Sulwyn murmurs in her soft tone, "I wish to join you, but I have no experience in battle. My size can be rather limiting, but perhaps if I work along the other Acolytes I could be of more use?" Embarrassment and fear sweep through her silver frame like a harsh gale, and even her long sooty locks whip against her nape and crown. It was becoming increasingly difficult for her to keep her composure around the daunting commander, Kaj, and her belly churned with acid at the memory of speaking up against him.

Why had I even done it? What had possessed me to speak against the word of my superiors?

But she knew the answer to that constant question; she had a belief, and she felt the need to defend it. If she could turn her ferocity in politics to ferocity in battle, perhaps then she would have a better shot at being a contributing member of this growing group of willing Protectors.

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If I had not been plagued by the anxieties of all that I did not know, perhaps I would have found myself dancing through the trees like a wild nymph with no real purpose and no real name. But here I was, pressuring myself, pushing myself to the realization that life was certainly not all that it seemed. I had lost myself to some unnatural world filled with all the darkness Hell could muster and I was beginning to think that it was time to get out…

Had I lost hope? Had I proved the wrong choice in all that I was?

My family would not let me continue without reason though. They were striving and living this life to the fullest and while I sulked, engulfed in past memories, forsaken by life’s choices- they continued.

The cool breeze upon my face was welcoming, if not exhilarating, simply because it made me feel alive. I was more than pleased to find that our new WingLeaders had taken the initiative to allow our youth their direction and positive encouragement. It was a beautiful thing to see and I was more than inspired when it came to their cause, because I fully intended to allow them my services (if they were ever warranted). It made me think of Essetia and where her path in life would lead her, but of course I had no intentions of forcing her into any line of reason if she did not wish it.

She was quite eccentric after all.

The solid crunch of the hardened ground below gave notice to those unaware of my approach and though my heft had only increased with the coming of winter, I still felt as if I were miniscule standing there beneath the limelight. A smile touched my cracked lips as I gazed through the growing crowd to Destrier as he announced the stipulations behind the paring of Acolyte and Protector, as well as the guidelines that would make his plan a success.

I was surprised to find Lace in attendance after so much time spent away- but I was delighted to see him on any account. I had needed to branch out for some time since becoming WeyrLeader, but of course emotions and the significance of all that I had come to face had overwhelmed my every attempt.

I was comfortable to stand amidst those gathered simply because I felt no need to draw attention to myself, content to let Destrier and Kaj lead the show as promised. However, when I found a hole in which I could insert myself, I was certain to mention my support for their incentives. “If you should need my help as well, all you have to do it ask.” I smiled at my family for the first time in weeks and felt as though, for once, I was coming back together again.

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By the time I arrived, I was ashamed to see so many others were already assembled. Some of them I knew, some of them I didn't, but... Immediately, my eyes sought out the familiar forms of my father and Laila. I wormed and squirmed my way through the gathered crowd, apologizing timidly when I would bump into someone, but I was nearly desperate to reach the dark forms of my family. They were what was constant in my life of self-doubt and foolish turmoil, my rocks of purchase in these dreary times of personal unfulfillment... I was too young to be bothered by these 'teenaged woes', but perhaps I was simply older than my years.

After all, Laila's and I's upbringing hadn't been smooth, since the abandonment of Tor. Immediately my teeth grit against one another, my jaw setting firmly. Oh, no. I wouldn't think of her, not now. Not when my future was set out before me, ripe and ready for the taking. I would become everything that my mother was not, and I would succeed where she had failed.

"Father, Laila," I stated breathlessly as I finally reached them, my barrel heaving and my spotted hide streaked with sweat, "I'm sorry, I was... Far away." For that was true. I had been near the borders of the Edge when I had heard my father's deep, summoning bellow, and had pushed my lanky and somewhat ungainly frame to reach the meeting place. After all, if I had simply ignored my father's call, it would put shame upon our family, and that was the last thing that I wanted. Situating myself beside my darker half, my dear Laila, I waited in silence as those around us said their piece.

I reached out to my twin, desperate for some sort of physical contact to assure that yes, I was loved. My muzzle tenderly brushed against Laila's ebony shoulder and I tucked my head, so that I could rest my forehead against her, neck bent somewhat awkwardly, nose downcast and eyes shut. Perhaps, if the urge had been stronger, I would have hid my face from those around us for the whole duration of the meeting. Did they stare at me and judge? Or did they simply not care and accept that it wasn't my fault? What had happened to me, I wondered briefly? I used to be so firm, so eager and ready to take on the world.

Slowly I turned my head, finally pulling myself out of my silent reverie and looked up at my father. He was so strong, so determined to give Laila and I a better life... Destrier was a role model not only for me and my sister, but for many in the Edge. I was certain of it. One day I hoped to be as great as him... I simply needed to be given the chance.

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Gather round, gather round , Ladies and gentlemen
Come from far, come from wide
The moment you've all been waiting for
Join us as we explore the spine-chilling mystery of death

The skull faced stallion headed to the meeting for the protectors. He had been called for to come here, for a reason he did not know why. He was new to the protectors and did not really know his way around or really about what he was doing for that matter. He was slightly worried about was was going to come of this meeting, or if any other protectors would be there. All he knew was that he had to go.

As the dark stallion grew closer he could see pretty much all of the protectors and warriors standing there, along with some unknown horses that he had never seen before. What was this?

As he heard Destrier speak it answered his question. How was he supposed to teach someone without even knowing what he was supposed to do. He saw Thor among the group and proceeded to stand next to his king. He was kind of scared but he would never let that show through.

"Destrier, I find this idea very, how can i say this, interesting and I believe it shall provide useful to many. But sir, as a newer protector, I am not sure if I find myself worthy t teach those below me without knowing much about my own job myself." He stood there and looked at Thor. Ever since their conversation, he hoped Thor would see it in Duch that he really was... trying.

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Knights of flame and shadow walked side by side, as they so often did. Gaits swung smoothly from muscular trunks, dark tresses falling from crest and docks, crimson licked fetlocks sweeping the ground as broad hooves swallowed the path before them. The brothers arrived early enough to hear the purpose of the meeting, but not so early as to suggest that they were critically punctual. They respected their WeyrLeaders - Kaj, at least, had proven himself worthy enough when sparring Maskan - but they were not so swift to show haste for their non-urgent call as they were for their sister's summons - she could turn into a dragon, after all.

Grinning rogue grins at their beloved sister, they eyed the silver grulla who sidled up to her, noting with interest the male attention their beloved Mirage gained everywhere she went - obliviously, or politely ignorantly, apparently. None of them were good enough in their eyes, it didn't matter to them whether one or a million steeds chased her, none were worthy of their bloodlines - though one had come close to destroying it forever. They still did not hold great likings for the dragonsteed, but even they were not foolish enough to take him on - at least not without considerable external advantages in their favour.

"The purpose of the exercise is to both learn and teach" Maskan spoke rather abruptly to the winged, skull-faced stallion who voiced a worry about not knowing enough in order to teach others. How hard was it to get an idea? "I'm sure you'll catch on fast with the right tutors." Madyrn's deep, rough, gravelly voice murmured shortly after, a grin full of double meanings curving his lips as his apricot eyes pierced Duchanar's. The brothers were soon done with their jest, however, and with a courteous nod to their WingLeaders, they confirmed that they would partake in this exercise that was sure to hone in the necessary skills in all of them.

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