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[OPEN] Silence Is The Enemy

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This new world is strange and unpredictable, but the World's Edge stands strong.

When the sun had not risen that first day, every fiber of my body alerted me that something was not right, that something was oh so terribly wrong. This was no dream, nor was it me waking in the middle of the night and being horribly off on the time of day. No, the land had fallen into complete and utter darkness, but I didn't understand why. Laila and Luken's safety was at the forefront of my mind, and after assuring that they were alright, my sights were turned on the rest I had vowed to oversee and protect.

The only light that guided me through the cliffsided land was provided by none other than the many trees growing throughout the land, which glowed in a medley of colors and provided enough light by which I could travel. The mists still resided, seeming to mimic the stars that once overtook the midnight sky by providing ample light themselves. Although this perpetual darkness was unsettling beyond all belief(it would be even more so when I learned the Gods were gone), I couldn't help but appreciate the certain beauty that it had brought with it.

Suli seemed unsure of herself now, remaining flightless and instead perching at my withers like she had done so often during her first season of life. We could not speak through our bond, but I could feel waves of worry and the occasional panic whenever she would hear something in the distance. Still new to the ways of a bond, I did my best to calm her every time, always relieved whenever it seemed to work and she would grow content again.

As we continued our way through the center of the dimly lit Edge, the Ken rune tangled into my mane beating rhythmically against my shoulders, I kept both ears and eyes at attention, idly wondering what the rest of the Qian thought of this new turn of events. For days I had been trying to understand it myself, but who was there to ask? Like myself, surely the majority of Helovians had simply woken up to this and that was all that they knew; that something was wrong. "Do you think Mirage would know?" I found myself asking, the question directed towards Suli, but it fell on deaf ears. After all, she was too young and our bond was not yet strong enough for verbal communication. With a gentle sigh, I pondered it quietly as I walked on, ever cautious of where I stepped.

But I wouldn't find any answers if I allowed myself to walk on in silence, ignorant to the locations of my beloved herdmates.

Raising my head, I bellowed a low call, beckoning any who were in my immediate vicinity to come if they so wished. I didn't want to be alone, and I wanted to learn just what had happened to our home. And, should any need comforted in this trying time, I would do my best to reassure them. The World's Edge, the Qian would stand strong and would see another dawn.



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The call of their general echoed around them, the summons, the notification, the gentle request for company. It caused their ears to twirl atop matching skulls, mismatched blazes tilting this way and that as eyes of a deep vibrant sunset turned and saw - darkness. It was all enveloping, consuming everything around them. They were not afraid of the darkness, nor what it hid, for they were confident that they were likely to be the biggest and nastyess things that could hide in the darkness. They were born into darkness, after all, though those lands at least had a moon in the sky. The stars led their way now - stars that glowed all around them, like friendly beacons welcoming the warriors home from a hard day's work. Frankly, they didn't trust them one bit, for the stars were perfectly capable of leading outcasts and intruders to their home. But for the most part, they were grateful for the strange lights' assistance in this deep, dark, endless night.

Crimson flecked limbs moved with footsteps muffled by years of hiding their existence from others, their battle hardened bodices easily navigating the lands they now knew quite well. It was almost easier for them to travel with their eyes shut, such was their confidence.

"Hail, WingLeader." Maskan's deep, curt tones cut through the darkness, as the raven black steeds pulled themselves towards their dark, formidable general, and his small, emerald reptilian friend. "Evening, Destrier." Madyrn's deep, gravely tones concurred smoothly, as they approached him at equal speed and pace, bowing their crowns down to equal height, and pausing their motions at equal distances. It was uncanny how they synchronised so easily, so naturally, as if they had done it all their lives - which they had. Together, they had lived this life, and together, they would continue to live, and probably to die. Though that would be never if they had any say about it.

"Were you lonely?" A wry grin had curved the lips of the brother who was named for the flame but behaved more like the subtle shadow. "Never fear, we'll chase the solitude away." Madyrn's tones rumbled, his voice edged with good humoured laughter, eyes crinkling around the edges as they considered the black WingLeader before them.

"Maskan speak."
"Madyrn speak.
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