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[OPEN] Checkmate! // Tonka, Post-Challenge, Edge Members

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It is not titles that honour men, but men that honour titles

Upon a pale maw, a twisted smirk lies in the curve of lips normally pressed into calm submission. There is a fire in icy eyes, an oxymoron if any has been truer. Dark earthen hooves press into the cold, frozen soil that is hidden from sight. They are not left blind for long, for his Goddess swells in the sky, following her children like a lost foal into the realm where she belongs. Silver luminescence takes up the entirety of the peninsula, glowing in the frost and icy flakes that winter still stubbornly places upon the land despite the absence of it’s creators. One of their protectors has returned. Triumph shines on the faded golden visage of Her WingLeader, a wicked shine to his orbs as they glitter in Her returned dominance over the skies. Battered and sore he returns, victorious, to the lands She held beneath her surveillance and grace. Like a mighty predatory bird, tawny wings are held aloft to increase an already impressive posture.

Blood may stain his coat, and iron may linger within his jaws, but he has won. In the final hour of judgment, as two souls and bodies clashed, he had been the one to land the final blow. It was he who took revenge for the attempted ruination of a child’s already jumbled life. He had emerged victorious, a seasoned warrior returning with another notch upon his sword. Ache he may, but he regrets nothing. Azale Moniet had deserved to be protected, especially after all the grief she’d had to endure. Slumber may sound heavenly, limbs may shriek in protest, and sweat may cool his frame further, but Kaj does not once even think of turning back the clock to change his mind.

The borders are strong in his senses, and with the added shine of his Maiden overhead, the World’s Edge glimmers beneath the moonshine- a beacon calling him home. Tonka was not left beyond his range of sight, stubbornly keeping the darkly painted stallion to his word at the very beginning of Kaj’s issued challenge. Like a shepherd he herds him onward, Kaj an angered swan whose wings flared threateningly at any attempt to turn and escape. As the markers fade behind them the further they delve into the forestry around them, Kaj’s excited adrenaline-buzz only turns more frantic. It swells up like a balloon in his breast, threatening to spill and burst from its container at any given moment. He does not try to keep it in.

Like a battle cry his voice rings out over the countryside, declaring his success and calling forth any who wished to speak with him after his brief absence. Adrenaline is not meant to be lived off of, for it slacks away like lakewater from a silken coat the moment he pauses. A fierce stab of icy cobalt irises is the sign to Tonka that they are halting, and if he does not then he will pay the consequences. Even if Kaj was unable to so much as twitch, Tonka would not win. Kinly bonds held the Edge together, and they would rise in a sea of support the moment his knees touched the earth. Tonka wouldn’t make it halfway to the border before another Edge brother or sister caught up to him. It was in his best interest to listen to Kaj while he could- he would be far more lenient in the moment than he would be later if he were taken advantage of.

Azure eyes flash, smirk crawls onto his handsome features, and frame draws itself taller- he does not care if Tonka edges past him in height, they are both impressive in mass. ”You’re playing by my rules now, scum.” Winking just to be that much more of an asshole- something a bit out of character for Kaj- the WingLeader turned his crown from the other stallion to face the woods once more.

They would come. They always came.

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I had failed. Red was leaking from my body and the metallic taste of blood clung to my mouth. After trying the best I could for my family, I had let them down. I thought that I would have a chance, but my thoughts had failed me once again. I was caught once again. I just wanted to scream, but I managed to somehow hold it back. Each of my moves were stiff, my head was held low. My pride was gone. I wanted to kick Kaj’s head so hard, it would burst. I wanted to snap both of his pathetic wings off and watch him fall to his knees and beg me for mercy. Oh, how I would just love that. But I knew that causing more trouble would probably be fatal at this point.

There was one good thing that had happened though. The moon had returned! The Goddess had returned! A slight smile grew inside of me for a couple of seconds before returning to its shameful and hateful state. I glared at Kaj as we headed closer to the World Edge’s territory. Glowing mists loomed in the distance and gave off brightness and guidance in the everlasting night. I looked down. My hopes were dwindling and I wanted to just run away. Run away from this hell of a life I created.

An icy stare was shot at me directing me to stop, and so I did. ”You’re playing by my rules now, scum.” His cold words were spat out at me along with a taunting wink. Oh, how I just wanted to scoop out those azure eyes and spit them onto the ground. “Oh, I’m sorry but I only play by my rules. You can’t tell me what to fucking do, even if I am trapped in this hell that you call home!” I snarled at him, my nostrils flaring and my ears were tightly pinned onto my scull. He was a total idiot if he thought he could tame me that easily.

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Today was a good day, for my brother had gained yet another victory. The Edge itself was victorious today, for we had captured yet another member of the wretched Assassins group, the supposed leader of them all. While I might normally feel at least a little bad for our prisoners, not an ounce of pity was given to the bastard that called himself a leader to this outrageous band of vagabonds.

My feet were in motion the moment that my brother's call caught in my ears, and it was without a doubt that I knew why he had called. It wasn't a cry of pain or a plea of help, but of righteousness, reassuring those of the Qian that his attempts to rein in another prisoner had worked out after all. Almost surprisingly, the corners of my lips curled upwards in a grin; I was excited to finally see the face of the one who ran this band that was so desperately trying to take my home away from me.

As I drew near, I could hear Kaj's voice and resisted the urge to chuckle at his choice of words. They were crude, but they were so, so true. But then, the bloodied bay stallion dared to speak against my pale brother, and within an instant, my ears were nearly flattened against my neck.

"Apparently he can," came the unusually stoic, annoyed tone that had managed to wedge its way into my throat, "I mean, he did make you come here, surely against your own will." By now, my mouth had dropped its grin and was long since replaced by a sneer. I couldn't believe that this stallion, who stood adequately taller than myself and Kaj, would be so foolish to speak this way as a prisoner. He would play by our rules, lest he meet an end similar to Ignita's.

Above us, Suli had taken perch on a lower hanging limb, quietly observing the three of us with her calculating, violet gaze. I wondered what she thought of my sudden turn in emotion, for I was acting out of my norm, but I had had enough of intruders marching into my home all willy-nilly, or trying to steal my family out from under my nose. Perhaps, in all honesty, this is what I needed to become.

Stepping closer, I took a close observation of the Qian's newest addition to our prisoners, my gaze scrutinizing. Kaj had done well in immobilizing our foe, at least for a little while, and I would make sure to congratulate him on a job well done later on. When my own bister eyes landed on the dark blue of the bay, my ears tipped back once again, but they were no longer flattened.

"One would think that coming from the likes of you, who wants the Edge for yourself as far as I've heard, you wouldn't compare it to Hades."



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White-edged ears caught the sound of Kaj's voice, singing out his triumph. A quirk of a smile crossed the grulla's features as she began to saunter in the Wingleader's direction. So that insolent pup that led that pack of pesky outcasts now that Ignita was dead was finally leashed? That was something worth seeing.

Evidently she wasn't the first to be interested in the scene, for she glimpsed a familiar black figure in the near distance before a voice full of venom broke in after Kaj spoke a simple, inescapable truth. Wry humor quirked her features as she fell into Destrier's wake, allowing the other Winglead first dibs on retaliating remarks. But she couldn't keep from laughing, a merry chuckle as she joined the three stallions.

"Child, you have a lot of mouth for someone who just had his butt handed to him on a silver platter. You haven't even seen our most impressive or notorious fighters and you're talking back to the one who wiped the floor with you?" It was a completely different approach from the grim, dark rumble the two Wingleads adopted when speaking to the Edge's latest captive. "You've less sense than my last mate's son. At least he learned to show some semblance of respect when brought down a peg or two in battle." Her voice was light and mocking, disapproving all at once.

"I see it as you can behave and not have anything worse happen to you. Or you'll get reprimanded. Though if asked I might know an herb or two that'd keep you cooperative." A sweet smile was cast toward Kaj and Destrier, a playful wink shared out of view of Tonka. Oh yes, she was enjoying this. "Though I understand that someone wants to talk to you, so artificial cooperation might have to wait until words have been said."

Deliberately she decided to not taunt this Tonka with news that Chemical was captive here. He'd discover that soon enough. It was satisfying enough to mock his sensibilities and call him a child. Threaten him with the facts and at the same time offer her assistance if required.

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"I'd watch your tone scum, your not well liked around here.... In fact a few of us wouldn't mind seeing your head disconnected from your body." Normally brown eyes were pitch black with rage. This bastard had tried to take his sister away. As if he was going to allow that after they had all just lost their mother. He moved forward, Alanna growling at his side. Oh yes, he had lots of things to answer for. The first on his mind was why Azale. Why in the hell did he want his winged sister? He stalked slowly around them all, his anger not yet controlled enough to stop movement. He finally settled himself next to Smoke... After all she was Kimber's mother and he wasn't going to allow anything to happen to her either. The newest prisoner was much bigger than all four Edge members here, but three of them also were joined by a companion on most days.

Aaron was surprised not to see Zaffre, but wondered if that meant the young demi-goddess was still out. Alanna stood in front of her bonded, growling menacingly. "For someone who seeks our home, I am surprised you consider it hell." He spoke at last, barely pausing before going on. "What did you want with my sister you scum? Surely you did not think I would not be watching them carefully." He barely glanced to Destrier and Kaj. He would thank Kaj later for capturing the fool when he did not have the heart to do so himself. The care of his sisters was much more important than a battle. Besides, he barely left them. Even now, he could hear the sounds of Sakura, Takara and Azale arriving behind him. They did not come in close, stopping a ways back. But they were there, wanting to know the answer to the question he did. Why Azale?

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