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[Time wise this is after the RE attacks.]

The ground swayed beneath as wings tilted above. Black on black save for the speckling of blues, like her own stars caught in the mesh of her feathers, Ampere cut through the night sky.
It was rather redundant to call it anything but the sky these days. It was always the same sky. It was always night.

At least it's night and not that nothingness, she thought with a daring spark of hope. As if in appreciation she lifted her gaze, the electric sea meeting the silver smile of the moon.

Ampere exhaled forcefully, her attention now pivoted downwards. She was preparing herself to land, a new found challenge after the damage dealt to her legs from the magma monster.
Her wings pulled back and she grit her teeth. She angled her appendages so that they cupped the wind like parachutes, softening the descent into a slow circle and subtle alteration from wind to earth.
It was not subtle enough.

Never good at doing things slowly Ampere came in too hard and too fast, her back hooves taking the brunt of the landing but her front ones coming down not soon after to carry her momentum and her weight forward out of the glide. Her features pulled taut in a wince, and thinking herself alone, it manifested as a small out cry of pain.
She stumbled as the raw bottom of her hooves met the grit and warmth of the stone, causing her right hoof to roll and set her fetlock against the rock work of the cliffside. Lacking hair or hide from a good burn the skin immediately wept and her eyes threatened to do the same.

Ampere caught her balance, wings snapping out on either side to assist, and eventually her landing came to a finale.
Winded, Ampere hobbled over to the nearest shrine - the Goddess of the Moon - and leaned against it. The mountain was more than happy to take her weight, and it helped, but it felt much better to fly and be completely off her feet.
Except that then my wings ache too.

Ampere sighed.

The pegasus mare had no notion she set her body weight upon the religious site of the Moon Goddess. Partly because she was still uneducated on much of Helovia, but mostly because the majority of the shrine and its siblings were in ruins.
After catching her breath some Ampere glanced around at the sculpting of the volcano, wondering to herself what madness drove her to the hottest place in the land after just dancing with the fire demon.

In her heart she knew though.

Ampere had exhausted her energy, both mental and physical, in surviving the darkest winter of the world, a darkness that sunk much deeper than the sky. The absence of the sun had been cruelty enough and the loss of the stars and the moon had been the rainstorm on a bad day, but the hollow sensation of lacking magic had shaken Ampere to her core - once she was there she found ti unraveling.

Confusion and fear had led her most nights...days...whatever the continuation of unnatural nothingness could even be called. Her body hung lean, her skin loose on some prominent points of bone, all signs of the wear that comes with living alone. Having no home and no family had always been a desired trait in Ampere's view, but it was always hard, something that she took pride in accomplishing. This time though, it was damn near impossible and she feared that she may have seen her last sunrise all those dark hours ago. She feared it not because she thought the sun would never rise again, although that wriggling worm of doubt existed, but because she didn't think she could survive until then.

If spring had come she didn't know it without the world warming under the caress of the sun.

Miserable and lost beyond compare Ampere had in her desperation turned to the one thing she had never needed before, Religion.
Ampere had never found the idea of gods ruling over her an appealing one, but in her traveling times she had come to know of so many gods she couldn't be bothered to half-heartedly believe the tales regardless of her personal opinion of the beings. Every culture had their own design and to Ampere it all related back to childhood brainwashing and an ever pressing terror of what is not understood.
For that Ampere was grateful that all her dam had cherished was good looking stallions and great tasting flowers.
It left her childhood pristine and permitted her to grow into a belief, which turned out to be an absence of one.

At least, until lately.

Ampere had believed that the sun rose and set every day, that the wind was alive and mated to the water, both moving and able to be calm as well as tempestuous. She had believed that the dirt had a pulse and like the rest of them shed its hair - foliage - with the turns of the seasons led by the sky.
All of them, it, were living and free like she was, but neither ruling the other or having a mind to do so. They thrived in balance and things simply were.

And then the sun never rose.

None of it made any sense and Ampere found her grip on reality waning as the shadows threatened to close in on her. She had returned to Helovia in the hopes of finding out something, having remembered and abundance of magic users and talk of gods and elements here. Thus far no one knew any more than she did, although she had found that one boy, Hototo, who could still juice his magic. He didn't know why, but that he could was at least something.

Since then Ampere noticed some others using magic, like Gaucho when fighting that monster.
None of those magic users included her though.

This is why Ampere had come here. Not to convert or beg or to die, hopefully. Ampere came to understand, to vent, to live, like she always had. She didn't know if there were gods or not or if there were what they would care about mortals at all, least of all herself, but she figured talking to old rocks and thinking the gods could hear through them was no better or worse than talking to herself in the endless, cold, dark.

"Are you there God? Or gods? It's hard to keep track of how many are supposed to live where... If you're listening, or whatever it is you things do when we talk, I just want you all to know you're right dicks. Each and every one of you a raging dick..." Ampere trailed off for a minute, frowning into the night.
"No, no, wait. I'm wrong. A dick is too much of a good thing, you're much more like a winking vagina, lathered in... wait I got it now. Assholes. You're diarrhea filled assholes."
Now satisfied that she had insulted them properly Ampere was finally able to continue the rest of her conversation.
"I mean taking away our magic and then giving it back to some select few? What the hell is that about. Are they the ones that go to church the most? You manipulative assholes!"

"I mean I'm grateful for the stars and moon being back and all, and I guess for those strange, glowing trees. I dunno, they're not to my liking - hey can you eat those by the way? If I eat them will I start glowing?

Anyway, we could really use some goddamn warmth around this place. You know, the burning ball in the sky, the sun! I mean of all the things to take you fucked up taking that. Pretty much everything is probably dead by now. I can understand if we pissed you off, but I don't see how you could be mad at a flower, but you killed them all the same."

After a long pause, "Such asses."


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The Veins of The Gods had been a long awaited treasure for me. I had taken little interest in the ethereal beings the natives called Gods but if I was to get an advantage on those that had magic to use against me, I supposed that I could be paying a few visits here. Had I picked a favorable one yet? Nope, not at all. And I simply wouldn't until I met them which would probably be some time away with things going like they were.

I came to see what this place was like but I also came for a sense of reassurance. Perhaps the returned Moon Goddess would like to share what was going on. Or perhaps she was a recluse and rarely came out, let alone to speak to someone of my kind. Perhaps she herself was tired and wanted nothing else to do with us for the time being. For that, I was tired of this nonsense.

Apparently, so was someone else. Someone who's outburst reflected her feelings indefinitely and when I turned my inky black head to spot the source, my ice blue eyes were met with the sight of another mare. Once who was prominently colored black with accented blue thrown about. She appeared to have feathers coming from her head as well.

I approached silently, my black tail trailing behind me like a large and long banner. My long mane passed over the point of my shoulders but no more. My feathering on my legs moved as I moved, muscles flexing under my multi-colored skin. My face contained no smile and contained no frown; emotionless, if you will. However, my sky blue eyes contained a sense of warmth and welcoming.

I stopped moving and arched my neck slightly. Not arrogantly, but rather warmly. "Sometimes I wonder when the others are coming back," I paused with a heavy, but short lived breath "Then other times I wonder if they're even coming back at all. As far as the magic goes, I do believe that it is quite ridiculous that few got their powers back. Unfair in a sense. Perhaps that will change soon."

I finish with a nod, then approach her to the point where I am beside her, but a good distance apart in the case that she is one of those who believe they are above everyone and thus, deserve a mile of a personal 'bubble'. Figuratively, however.
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A voice answers the raging girl. Not the voice, but a voice all the same, full of questions instead of answers.

Ampere jumps a little, which slaps a rough smile on her face for being so foolish as to think she would claim this wasteland of a church to herself, least of when shouting profanities at the deities. Thankfully its not an enraged disciple come to condemn her, and for that Ampere's tension seems to melt away. She had little desire to tangle in a conflict so soon after her last - the battle wounds for which remained a constant ache on her mind, and more literally, her hooves.
As if in response she shifted her weight somewhat. It was tender no matter how she stood.

The voice floats on long before the other's appearance makes any headway. Ampere's black ears snap up the words as they float through the dark while blue eyes continue to stab into the murk of the endless night, searching for some sign of the one whom speaks.
"You have some hope then?" Ampere asks wearily, still unsure of this stranger and their intents at this point, but mostly still worn out from fighting each day to survive.

The body gives way to the light of the moon, what little there is, as the mare slides in besides Ampere. Her muscles tense briefly in automatic response to being so near someone untested, but the welcoming gaze she finds in eyes of equal hue calm her frayed nerves. At this point Ampere was just looking for a reason to relax.
The mare before her forced Ampere to look up such was her height. The stout pegasus was well accustomed to a lifted gaze, but even among average horses this stranger stood taller than most.
She bore no wings and Ampere instantly pitied the climb the mare must have endured to get here, although the winds hadn't been a pleasantry either.
Her hide resembled the sky as of recent - dark with the interspersed speckling of light. Ampere was as mesmerized by her color as the return of the stars, which brought her thoughts back to the topic at hoof.

"Do you know them, the others... the gods? Do you know what's been happening lately?" Ampere fell easily into the role of an inquisitive and frightened filly. The apparent calm and warmth of the mare at her side seemed to inspire the relationship of a motherly bond, or at least that of a watchman.
Ampere held little belief she'd get the answers she craved though if the greeting words of the mare were anything to go by, but perhaps she had something good to say.

If not, it was better than talking to ruined rubble.


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"I always have hope. For if you do not have hope, you have nothing in a time where it is needed most." My warm sky blue irises once more graze the temple of the Moon Goddess and then around to the rest. They appeared to be quite crumbled and in several pieces. For a place to worship, praise and , you think they would be more... in shape, I guessed? I didn't know and to be honest I wasn't one to judge. Whatever you got, take it.

My eyes returned to the other mare with a sigh. I had to look down to see her features in full, but needless to say, she was a very uniquely colored individual that reminded me much of the occasional blue jay I would see in my old world. Pleasant memories that I indeed would probably never return to. In some ways, I was okay with that. In other ways, I loved the feeling of danger in that pen.

I shook the memories away, and though reminiscing was sweet in its own ways, this was not a time for it. Would I ever return to those days? I did not know. Would I ever want to go back? That was another question I did not know, for I did not know precisely what Helovia had in store for me and if I was to continue onwards with Storm Strike, I would need to stay. For this reason, I had no particular want or hope to return home or stay here.

The blue jay resembling mare then spoke once more and asked me questions I, alas, could simply not answer. I personally desired to know the answers myself and it appeared that tonight the returned Moon Goddess was going to let us go without explanation. I simply wanted to know what was going on and I wanted to know that if she had returned, did that mean things were going to get better?

"You ask questions that I heavily wish I knew the answers to, myself. In other words, your guess is as good as mine. I actually came tonight to see if the Moon Goddess would be ever so gracious as to give us an explanation or to at least familiarize my way up here. The latter apparently." My warm voice poured into the air and I ended it with a warm and friendly chuckle.

"So are you an outcast much like myself? Or a member of one of the herds?"
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Hespera & Otienu
Nightmares edge the dreams of honor, of glory and beauty; the many things that appeal to the mortals.

She does not know how to feel.

Her heart should’ve been made of iron, despite being locked into a different body, even without the power to sing her storms and whisper to the lightning, feel the wind stir her mane and play jovially at her electric body. Hespera was a strong mare, even with the youth written on her face. It showed through her strong shoulders and deep chest; but mostly, one could see it in the sharp line of her jaw and the stone eyes in her sculpted face of obsidian and ebony, in the sleek curve of her muscle-clad neck.

Yet for all the strength in her stout, nimble build, all the heroism she kept bound within her, how she was good and heroic by mortal definitions, her empty heart was burned by the lack of her.

The stormchild would not cry; not today, not tomorrow, nor the day after. She was the shieldmaiden, the bold wielder of the war axe forged by mountain lords, the leader of armies, and she was destined for something greater than tears falling down her face- no, lords, she would not be the next weeping mare of the melancholy mountains, the glistening diamonds falling from her electric eyes forging rivers carving down the rock.

Hespera had followed the purple taffy mare with the rude cub of a tiger, but soon she drifted from the lavender’s flank; for she was not a child anymore, and she may as well try herself, learn her limits and begin the exploration of mortal curiosities she was unaccustomed with. Foremost to her wandering mind was the idea of worship and religion, of prayers spoken in the candlelight and whispers of hope and promise. As she moved across the land, a shining dark ghost in the ghastly moonlight, she brooded over the complexities that she had never had to deal with before.

Indeed, was it the gods of this land who had stolen her unearthly form?

Could she have it back? If she were to flee the land of unheavenly and blasphemous shadow, would the goddess of lightning be restored to former glory, winning back her powers? Had it been Tarleton, the old bastard, who had done this to her as a vicious test to win her way to Wenopa, realm of the divine gods? A way to scrutinize her worth in the world of the damned?

Perhaps it was only inevitable that the sky-daughter would be drawn to one of the greatest sources of power in the realm of illieds, the veins of the gods.

Above her Otienu glided restfully, at ease with this world painted in hues of blue and silver and black; he was the silver griffon, of a gray-scale balance, so it wasn’t as surprising as one might think. With each beat of his quiet wings, the bonded pair moved further towards the gods’ traditional church, decrepit as it may have become, no longer protected by the gods. Why did they leave, the mighty gods? In Strumbur, it would be something horrendous; abandoning the mortals, leaving them to simple life, was not only primitive and crude, but upset the very balance of life itself.

Gods were unpredictable entities, and Hespera would know that, having been one herself.

The rock, rough and worn beneath her cloven hooves, massaged her feet as she moved gracefully across the bridge of stone. It was a difficult exertion, hard on her lungs, one that had Otienu watching with concern. Winter was no easy time to be tackling volcanic mountains; especially a winter as awful as this, filled with madness and confusion, like the bear stung repeatedly by golden and ebony wasps in the face.

A hollowed-out statue, near-devoid of anything but the most basic of emotion, unknowing in how to handle herself; this was the stormchild.

Truth be known, the royal griffon knew more of life and how to life than she did, even if he was hardly older than the time it took for an autumn leaf to tumble to the forest floor.

Hespera could ignite a presence within her, much the way movie stars’ might, or the way a seductive mare swings her hips and curves her neck to draw the attention of a man to her. Not today, however; not in this gray world. Quieter than a breath of wind, she swept across the stone oaths, moving with a liquid grace not unlike the way a river flowed down its bed, or the leopard slithered down a tree onto the prairies. Resting on her shoulders lay the hybrid of tiger and eagle, perched delicately, avoiding opening the scarring tissues from the numerous times he had accidently opened up her obsidian skin, letting forth crimson blood.

Even as she leapt across the treacherous creeks of ancient, molten blue lava crawling down the volcanic stone, her hooves made hardly more than a quiet clatter. On occasion, with a rustle of deep iron wings, the griffon would leap from her sooty bodice and sweep into flight, admiring the glint of moonlight on the ocean and keeping an eagle-eye out for what may bring harm to his companion weakened by winter’s frigid love.

It was only when her breath came ragged and hoarse, rattling about in her chest that the unicorn lady slowed to a halt within the shadows deep, eyes settling upon the bruised shrines.

How Hespera wished she could see the gods; question them and query them, pepper them with insults and growls and grumbles. Would they stare at her, toy with her, wonder why another god was in their land? Would they laugh at her, whisper in her ears, play cruel games like some of the gods did? Did they sire bastard children in this land? If so, which were the ones blessed with the strength of the gods and bound with mortal problems, to be hated and shunned for their life as much as they were admired?

For a moment, however brief, she forgot of her loss of power, and summoned Damaë; but the copper armour did not materialize upon her raven bodice. It was this magic gone from her that stung her the most.

A thousand curses upon their divine heads.

What had Zikr once said? Otienu prodded her memory curiously with sharp little mental talons, hooking out the old images worn and ravaged by time. The great white stag’s philosophies, for most part, had gone over her head. But one lay prominent, even in the past; how the gods would be gods, the mortals would be mortals, and when the two crossed paths the stars collided.

When the stars fell, only great events came of it, sometimes good, sometimes horrific.

Resting a hind hoof, breathing gently into the winter air, she let flow the many memories. No use in holding it bottled up in the presence- or non-presence- of gods. Here, she was a guest, and it was more polite to think freely than shield them as Daermaethor had taught her.

How much time passed in this languid way was uncertain; eventually, Otienu gave a quiet chirp of warning, soaring down, back-beating furiously with his sails to land ungracefully upon her withers. Her lips curled disdainfully as his claws cut her dark shoulders, beads of blood gathering at the surface of her dark skin.

Quickly the thoughts of pain were shaken from her at the sound of a slightly obnoxious voice.

Crude words, and poor vocabulary, if not an interesting one; another voice joining, surprisingly placid despite the mare’s swears; for the rough voice was undoubtedly a mare’s. Hespera was neither introvert nor extrovert. She was her, a goddess, even torn from her regular form and bound into skin and flesh, bone and muscle.

That is to say she was difficult to describe.

“The gods are unknowable in their ways,” the stormchild murmured, stepping from the shadows and shedding the darkness like a snake its old skin. “They abandoned Helovians. The gods of my homeland would be shamed to do so; it is ridiculous for them to have left Helovians so.” It was clear the unicorn did not believe herself part of the land, even if the land of the sun was notorious for welcoming vagabonds and outcasts, wanderers and lonely beings.

“We are all damned, the gods most of all. Nothing good will come of meddling with heavenly beings, nor them with us. Divine interference will ruin this world more than anything else- and it seems that the gods have been interfered with, even if the lady of the moon has returned.”

“Hope is only the grasping of straws.”

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The mare beside Ampere acts like a slowly burning candle setting sweet smoke into the air. Such is the spotted one's calm that it elicits similar in Ampere, a welcome relief to the tension of fear.
Her words flow in just as soothing a fashion, the way water pours over a field long dried up. Although they do not hold the answers that would be a true balm to the open sore of not-knowing, they at least relieve the ache of it. It brings a growing smile to Ampere's lips.

"Mmm, I figured as much. Was worth a shot to ask though..." Ampere admitted, trailing off with a subtle sigh that exhaled into the dark. The mare's next words brought Ampere's attention back, her head tilting to the side to watch the appaloosa with mild interest.
Her feet hurt.

"There's only so many reasons why you'd be needing to know that answer, especially to ask my affiliation before my name," Ampere proffered a toothy grin, some of the mischief she normally carries lighting back in her face. "But I've got nothing to hide one way or another. I live the free life on my own." She grew instantly more cautious of the spotty mare now, regardless of her affections for her and her mellow words, there was something at hoof now and that always made her wary. It was not often you met kindness without soon running into something mean.
What is she up to? Ampere couldn't help but wonder, selfishly forgetting about the tribulations of the dark world in favor of her own personal dilemmas.

"It's Ampere by the way, my name."
She was determined to find out.

Just then another new voice joined the fray, but it lacked the same warmth that the other mare had joined with. Instead this girl's tone was prickly and somewhat condescending; it tried to bolster a wisdom that Ampere wasn't so sure the mare could attest to.
Particularly not when she recognized her.

"YOU!" Ampere shouted, shoving off the wall and back onto all four feet, a pattern of pain wrinkling her face briefly before the anger carved it back elseway. The feathers along her wings bristled and lifted to twice their normal size, the appendages themselves unwrapping slightly off Ampere's backside in a threatening posture.

Ampere didn't actually recognize the mare as much as she remembered the unfortunate griffon sailing through the air after a well-timed strike by the lava monster. It drove a snarl onto the mare's features, her teeth gleaming dangerously in the light of the moon.
"How dare you waltz in her speaking of damnation when it's you that will rot first for the cruelty you subject that animal to." Ampere's voice was tight with bridled hatred, her eyes narrowed into blue blades that gleamed more like honed ice instead of calm seas. "If you've nothing left to believe in I can offer a suggestion - hope that I'm tired."

Ampere lunged, teeth snapping for the mare's delicate face.

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I sensed her body tense up in a sense whenever I had asked the question of her affiliations. A soft chuckle escaped my black lips and I sighed, looking down at the uniquely shaded mare "Fear not. I simply ask for my own sake. It's details like that that allow you to see the big picture. Like I said, I too am an outcast." A warm wink came from my face.

Almost as if the mare before me read minds, she gave me her name. As always I would return the favor "A pleasure, Ampere. I am Adalaide." Even when strangers around me were tensed up, I perhaps wouldn't. I would remain calm in every situation that called for it but cautious... always cautious. Though I may not show it, I would always be on guard.

My ears twitched in the direction of a brash voice, and my head then followed. Judging by her words she was simply not here as a friend to Ampere. I would not take sides as of yet, but I would defend my views as outspoken as I was. Everyone was entitled to their own opinions. Everyone could also defend them. My icy blue eyes turned stone cold and narrowed at the new comer.

"You are entitled to your own opinion just as I am mine, are we not? I respect yours, I expect the same from you and if you cannot provide that same respect then you shall be treated as the pessimist your personality so depicts you to be. Fair?" Fair enough. My facial expressions had flown with my words almost seamlessly, eyebrows raising to emphasize and lowering to narrow my eyes. Perhaps I had been more brash than intended. I treated those like they treated me.

The next thing I knew, Ampere had quite indeed said her own part. To top it with a cherry, in a blur of black and blue, she lunged at the opposing mare. I stood back, my mixed self standing tall and my neck arching much like the Friesian that my blood carried within me. My feathered legs did not move but once and that was when my front right hoof came down. I watched the scene unfold with my blue hued eyes.
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[Continuing after spar thread complexities and contemplations of activists. So Hespera has left.]

"GO, you've nothing left!"

In the wake following Ampere's words the sky shuddered with anticipation, stars fading in and out like stuttering fluorescent bulbs. The wind moved relentlessly, intent on driving away the tension that built between the two mares like a solid entity.

The moment hung and Ampere's breath hitched, sweat clinging to her 'brow as exhausted muscles clenched in preparation to serve until obliteration, if that's what it would take. The weight of the decision lay upon Hespera now, and through eyes narrowed into electric lines Ampere watched, and waited.

Then, the silence broke.

Hooves hitting the turf as Hespera walked away. The bulbs broke and the stars came crashing down, their impact trembling into Ampere's bones like gentle kisses fluttering across the root of her mortality. They both would survive another day, another fight.
Following that embrace of relief another sound stirred the black tide of the night as sterling wings grabbed the air; Otienu left like a flash of moonlight. His freedom glinted off his silver body and filled Ampere with a joy such as this abyss of a world felt with the return of the starlight following the absolute dark of a season. It brought a smile to Ampere's lips, even as she collapsed.

Somewhere in the back of Ampere's mind she remembered the painted mare near her here, but for now she was intent on watching that gryphon fly the opposite direction of his bonded, the sight like a balm to her wounds which burned fierce. Still she smiled.

There is a certain beauty to a bloody smile. There's something of a triumph in the shadows it throws upon the lines of the face, regardless of the true victory of the matter.

Tonight, Ampere won.


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if it ain't lightening yet
it's either coming or you're in the eye of it

I had simply stood back as the feud evolved into a fight, fueled by the opinions of others. Ampere was outspoken and clearly fought for what she believed in, figuratively and physically. She was a creature that brought a smile to my face for it seemed as though we shared the same thoughts on some things.

As the other mare retreated and left with what she had, I looked to the skies as the griffon flew off. Wings were something that many had and I didn't. Those with wings could take to the skies and let the air kiss their manes and tails while us without were limited to the ground. The same things with horns and unicorns. They could poke and prod things, spear things. It was a sense of protection and a perfect tool for the curious.

As silence permeated the air, I stepped forward. My sky blue eyes that were stone cold and narrowed just moments ago were now warm and bright again, sparkling almost. A small smile appeared on my face once more as well, carrying that same warm and friendly appearance that my tall and large framed self could only create.

"Admirable indeed. Not just your fighting... your personality and thoughts as well. Tell me, what do you think of righteousness, equality, peace, and hope?"

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The voice of Adalaide pattered on Ampere's mind like rain upon the roof. Being an outdoor's mare of course, the roof was naught but a forest and so the rain slapped the leaves hard and eventually beaded up and rolled down to splash her face. It kept her from drifting into a unconscious slumber, the way sunlight keeps the lazy from napping too long, and so Ampere roused herself from her bed with a perceptible groan. Blue eyes fluttered to life under black lashes; a neon sign stuttering to start. The electric gaze turned to Adalaide and there it hung for a while, searching for something long lost.

It seemed the mare had no care for Ampere's welfare, or perhaps she didn't even notice the blood, it was dark after all. Ampere had a suspicion it wasn't lack of empathy or lack of seeing though, it was just a failure to notice. How pitiful that in our existence we grow so accustomed to gore and violence that we don't even pause in conversation when one lays bleeding out on the ground. It is normal for us to witness destruction of life and cause. We are too accustomed to sitting upon ruins. We've even forgotten the discomfort of a cold blade in our side.

Ampere wants to weep at this, but all she can manage is that wicked smile again, all covered in the blood of her generation.

She shook as she began to rise back to her four feet, still gripping her silence. When she finally pulled herself back together, she shot another piercing glance to Adalaide, her blue seeming to absorb the dark as it washed against her face. "I think you already know." Ampere pushed off the rock she'd been leaning against, testing her balance without the crutch. She wavered, but stood. Her wings flexed at her sides, the injured one quickly slopping against her back. "If you don't mind, perhaps we can talk about ideals a different day. I need to find a healer some where."


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