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The sound of silence I can’t take anymore. Nobody ringing my telephone now
Oh how I miss such a beautiful sound.

She spread her wings and took to the skies. The one place she could feel at ease. Silence. Something that was always with her, but flying high amongst the clouds made her feel like she could hear everything again. Or at least that's what she wanted to believe. So caught up in her own world she didn't even notice the clouds had thinned out, now staring down at a land with most of it covered in forest. She circled a few times, zoning in on the place, before she made sight of a place to land. A small clearing in the tree's, just big enough for her lithe body to slip through. Her wings pinned back and she fell like a bullet through the air, aiming with precision, falling right through the gap, leaves tickled against her sides as she landed neatly upon her hooves.
Shaking out her mane, it caught the little light of the moon, shimmering in an array of blue hues with a hint of purple. Her feathered tail flicked about her hind legs, cracking like the end of a whip snapped back as she did so, but sounds meant nothing to her. everything was in a deadly silence.
Azule remembered , but little distant pictures of what the forest once sounded like. trying to rack through her brain for the sounds hoping to just forget that she would never hear the sounds of birds, the sounds the rain made as it pattered upon the floor.
At least she still had the ability of sight. Her eye's picked up the most minute movements, could zone in on areas others had difficulties of seeing clearly. Perhaps she had been destined to go deaf. At that she moved forward, not even heading for anything in particular. when you couldn't hear the sounds of running water or others around, it was almost like walking blindly. Not even sure where you were going, only you could see the path clearly. But she set out anyway, hoping to come into contact with others, someone that could help her, perhaps. But if they found her and happened to be behind her, there was no way she would see them, nor even know of their existence. Her wings tucked neatly at her sides as she walked for once, the tree's too thick to take flight once more.

"Talk talk talk."

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There was no chance of catching any sleep tonight, to many horrible thoughts swam through her mind to let her forget her treacherous past. She was not accustomed to travelling at night but with the moon high overhead it allowed enough light to make her way along one of the many trails of the Threshold's forest. With no idea in mind of where she was heading she just kept walking hoping to clear her head before the sun rose overhead and the heat returned to the land. Thanking the gods for the cloudless night and the cooler temperatures she admired the moonlight landscape with wonder.

Everything was glazed in a blue/white glow except the areas where the shadows swallowed the light. It was rather mystical she thought a smile forming upon her lips, it was a surprise for her to not be petrified of what lay out ahead of her which was the usual case. To her left a figure seemingly dropped from the sky to land in a small clearing nearly scaring her half to death as she skittered backwards. So much for an uneventful night. Her eyes focused in on the figure and to her relief it was that of a pegasus, not some horse eating creature this was reassuring at least. As the mare began walking she came to the conclusion that she had not seen her standing a little ways off. A friendly nicker escaped her lips calling to the mare in greeting.

Dispelling her earlier fear she slowly approached the beautiful mare admiring her coat and wings. She was fascinated by others different from herself, it amazed her how they could be so similar but at the same time so different. "Hello, I don't mean to intrude. My name is Brisa." She said softly her blue orbs glancing up to meet the mares as a kind smile again touched her features.

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