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Creating Your Character's Stats For Admin Review
When requesting stats for your character, you should now be providing the values for their base and asset stats based on this guide and your understanding of the character/breed. You'll post your values to this thread where an admin will review it and either discuss the values with you or approve them and make them official. You cannot use your stats until an admin has made them official and put them on your profile.

If you have received a new/upgraded item/magic/companion/buff/rank magic etc. you must post in the Character Updates thread to have it applied to your character. Once updated, Update admin will post here to alert us of stat changes :)

You are required to post the following to get stats approved:
* Only include rank if a herd lead/warrior/sneak with rank magic.
** You can only include items, magic, and companions that are in the official records.
*** Please denote if an item is enchanted/upgraded as that increases its stat worth (only if it increases strength/ability of the item)

<b>Character name || Breed(s) || # VP || # EXP || *Rank</b>

<b>Individual physical description:</b> <short detailed blurb>
<b>Health/Confirmation defects:</b> <if applicable>

<u>Base Stat Values</u>
<i>Total Sum:</i> <must be between 20:22>

<u>Asset Stat Values</u>
<b>Offensive item:</b> <max 2, 1 increment per item>
<b>Defensive item:</b> <max 2, 1 increment per item>
<b>Magic:</b> <max 2 - active only, not passive, 0.5 increments for every basic/upgraded ability>
<b>Companion:</b> <max 2, 0.5 increments every 4 months from 0:12+ months>

<b>References:</b> <character(s) and their stat values which you looked at to build your values, any outside research to prove your values.>
-- Your character must be 2+ years and ranked (not Unclaimed or AA) to request stats.
-- Post with the character you are requesting stats/updates for.


Base Stats
[Strength, Speed, Agility, Endurance]

■ Do a little bit of looking into what the breed is commonly known/used for to begin figuring out how to apply the base stat values.
■ We have most breeds already covered with prior stat creation, you just need to find them on the site (see general breed stat examples below too).
  • It's a good idea too look at several created stats of similar breeds to get an idea of 'averages' for the different base stat types.
  • To help with admin confirmation, you should list which character's stats you referenced and what their values were to help provide proof for your values.
■ There's a lot of variety even among breeds, which is where your individual character can influence and personalize those stats!
  • Tweak some of the values slightly (1 number or so up or down from the average value) to suit your specific character once you get the basic breed values down. You must stay within the base stat range of the breed.
  • Keep in mind these individual traits should be genetic, not habits like "he's a warrior so he has 10 strength", that's what the rank stats are for and habits of characters can change, so we want the permanence of genetics here.
  • Be realistic. A draft can never have a bunch of speed, etc.
■ Foals (once they turn old enough to earn stats) should have mostly averaged stat values from parents.
  • The stat build begins with averaging the parents' stats, but they should be mildly modified to fit the individual description of the child.

■ Each base stat has a range of 0:10.
  • The 10 maximum tends to be applied only to a purebred, and only to one base stat type.
  • ex. Drafts 10 strength, Thoroughbreds 10 speed, Andalusian 10 agility, Arabian 10 endurance...
■ The total base stats need to have a sum ranging between 20:22.
  • 20 base stat sum reserved for show breeds (Tennessee Walking Horse, Saddlebred, Hackney, Dutch harness horse...).
  • 22 base stat sum reserved for battle breeds (Warmblood, Draft, Andalusian...).

■ Certain health defects will cause a reduction of your base stats and need to be included.
  • Psychological Impairment (ex. chronic drug abuse, split personality...) :: -1 agility, -1 speed
  • Blind :: -1 agility, -1 speed
  • Deaf :: -2 agility
  • Club Hoof :: -1 speed, -1 endurance
  • Upper Respiratory Issue (ex. cough) :: -1 speed, -1 endurance
  • Muskuloskeletal Defect (ex. bowed tendon) :: -1 endurance, -1 strength
  • Higher than 18 hands :: -1 endurance, -1 agility
  • Lower than 14 hands :: -1 strength, -1 speed
  • Bad Stifles/Joints/Arthritis :: -2 agility, -2 speed
  • Colic/gut Problems (ex. chronic colic) :: -2 strength, -1 endurance
  • Infectious/Protozoic Disease (ex. EPM, strangles, viruses...) :: -1 strength, -1 speed, -1 agility, -1 endurance

Asset Stats
[Offensive item, Defensive item, Magic, Companion]

■ There is a max of 2 stat values for each item type (offensive or defensive) with one item counting as +1 to the stat.
  • A single item cannot count for both.
  • The item needs to be inherently offensive or defensive (i.e. beads in your mane which are pretty cannot be offensive because one day they might possibly whip someone).
  • Amulets are not counted as items for asset stats. They are a temporary stat boost used for a one time roll when you are fighting.
■ There is a max of 2 stat values for both companions and magic.
  • Even if you have the mutation for extra magic or extra companions, the max values do not raise for fairness.
  • Demi gods have a max value of 3 magic due to their god blood.
■ Magic counts as +0.5 to the stats per upgrade
  • ex. 1 basic magic is +0.5. When that magic is upgraded it adds another +0.5, totaling +1 for the magic stat.
  • Passive magic does not count towards stats!
■ Companions count as +2 for mythicals or regulars with magic, and +1 for regular without magic.
■ Rank Bonuses – Characters with rank magic in their herds are awarded bonuses.
  • Govern - Characters with 'Govern' rank magic can choose to add +2 to attack, +2 to defense or +1 to both.
  • Fortify - Characters with 'Fortify' rank magic are given +2 to attack.
  • Sneak - Characters with 'Sneak' rank magic are given +1 to defense.

Battle Stats
[Hit Points (HP), Attack, defense, Damage]

■ Battle stats are automatically calculated through created formulas using the values from the base stats and asset stats. You do not need to include these when designing a character's stats.
■ Buffs unlocked from earning VP and certain herd ranks that have rank magic (lead, warrior, sneak) do play a part in your battle stats, but again these are automatically calculated by formulas. All you need to do is list your VP values/pertinent rank when posting your stats and the approving admin will see to it that they're added in.

Use these to help you determine the foundation of basic stat values for your character!

■ Akhal-Teke (2,7,3,8)
■ Anglo Arabian (2,7,4,7)
[Arabian x Thoroughbred]
■ American Saddlebred (4,6,5,5)
■ Appendix Quarter Horse (3,7,5,5)
[Quarter Horse x Thoroughbred]
■ Arabian (2,5,3,10)
■ Barb (2,6,3,9)
■ Campolina (4,5,6,6)
■ Connemara (5,5,4,6)
■ Icelandic Horse (4,4,5,7)
■ Morgan (6,4,5,5)
■ National Show Horse (2,6,5,7)
[Arabian x Saddlebred]
■ Paso Fino (3,4,3,10)
■ Rocky Mountain Horse (4,5,6,5)
■ Standardbred (2,6,5,7)
■ Tennessee Walking Horse (4,6,5,5)
■ Tersk (3,7,4,6)
■ Thoroughbred (2,10,3,5)
■ Light/Small Warmblood (5,5,6,4)
[Budyonny, Oldenburg, Orlov Trotter, Trakehner, Foxtrotter]
■ Appaloosa (5,4,7,5)
■ Australian Stock Horse (3,5,6,7)
■ Azteca (4,4,7,6)
■ Criollo (3,4,4,10)
■ Friesian (9,4,4,4)
■ Bashkir Curly (5,4,5,7)
■ Baroque friesian (9,4,5,3)
■ Sport friesian (8,5,5,3)
■ Irish Sport Horse (8,3,6,4)
[Irish Draught x Thoroughbred]
■ Marwari (3,5,4,9)
■ Mustang (4,3,5,9)
■ Namib Desert Horse (4,3,5,9)
■ Paint (6,4,5,6)
■ Quarter Horse (4,5,9,3)
■ Spanish Arabian (3,4,7,7)
■ Medium Warmblood (6,5,5,5) (6,5,6,4)
[Belgian Warmblood, Danish Warmblood, Dutch Warmblood, Holsteiner, Selle Francais, Westphalian]
■ Andalusian/Lusitano (5,3,10,4)
■ Heavy/Large Draft (10,4,5,3) (9,4,5,4)
[Ardennes, Belgian, Boulonnais, Clydesdale, Dutch Heavy Draft, Italian Heavy Draft, Nonius, Percheron, Russian Heavy Draft, Shire, Sokolsky, Soviet Heavy Draft, Suffolk, Trait Du Nord]
■ Medium Draft (9,4,4,5)
[Black Forest Horse, Gypsy Vanner, Halflinger, Irish Cob, Irish Draught, Mérens, Murakoz]
■ Light/Small Draft (8,5,6,3) (8,3,6,5)
[Auvergne, Cob, Comtois, Dole, Haflinger, Irish Draught, Lokai, Maremmano, Norman Cob, North Swedish Horse, Norwegian Fjord, Uzunyayla]
■ Lipizzaner (6,4,8,4)
■ Warlander (7,3,8,4) [Friesian x Iberian horses/Andalusian/Lusitano]
■ Heavy/Large Warmblood (7,5,6,4)
[Cleveland Bay, Kladruber, Hanoverian]

Common Mixes
■ Anglo Arabian x Friesian (6,5,4,5)
■ Arabian x Friesian (5,3,5,7) (5,5,3,7)
■ Arabian x Light Warmblood (4,5,5,6)
■ Friesian x Thoroughbred (7,6,3,4)
■ Thoroughbred x Light Warmblood (3,8,4,5)
■ Andalusian x Arabian (4,4,6,7) (5,4,6,6)
■ Andalusian x Arabian x Medium Draft (6,3,6,6)
■ Andalusian x Friesian x Light/Medium Warmblood (6,5,6,4)
■ Andalusian x Light Draft (7,4,7,3)
■ Arabian x Heavy Draft (7,4,3,7)
■ Arabian x Heavy Warmblood (6,5,4,6)
■ Arabian x Medium Warmblood (5,5,5,6)
■ Heavy Draft x Mustang (8,5,5,3)
■ Heavy Draft x Thoroughbred (7,6,3,5)
■ Light Draft x Paint (7,4,5,5)
■ Friesian x Mustang (7,4,4,6)
■ Paint x Quarter Horse (5,5,7,4)
■ Medium Warmblood x Light Draft (6,4,6,5)
■ Medium Warmblood x Friesian (7,5,6,3)
■ Medium Warmblood x Friesian x Heavy Draft (9,4,5,3)
■ Medium Warmblood x Medium Draft (8,4,5,4)
■ Medium Warmblood x Light Draft (7,5,5,4)
■ Light Warmblood x Light Draft (7,4,6,4)
■ Andalusian x Heavy Draft x Friesian (9,4,6,3)
■ Andalusian x Medium Draft (8,4,6,4)
■ Andalusian x Heavy Warmblood (6,5,7,4)
■ Andalusian x Medium Warmblood  (6,5,6,5)
■ Heavy Draft x Medium Draft x Friesian (9,4,4,5)
■ Heavy Draft x Heavy Warmblood (9,4,4,5)
■ Heavy Draft x Medium Warmblood (9,4,5,4)
■ Medium Draft x Heavy Warmblood (8,4,5,5)

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HELLO HELOVIA! Please go through your character's VP record (on the records page), the stats sheet, and your profile to make sure everything is up to date. The records/stat sheet should be correct.

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Canaan || Andalusian || 0 VP || 0 EXP || AB stallion

Individual physical description: Dark bay, somewhat chocolatey. Often he is very dirty looking, and looks like his might be splattered with mud even when he isn't. He has a rugged scar about 8 inches long over his humerus on the left (blind) side. Everything about him says 'nondescript, average'. He's 15.2 hands and built rather stoutly. His muscle is lean but defined, appropriate for breed standard. (A 4 or 5 on the body condition scoring index.) His scar is a rugged reminder of his past but does not hinder him.
Health/Conformation defects: blind in his left eye
Ref link: google image
Ref link: my Canaan art

Base Stat Values
Strength: 5
Speed: 2
Agility: 9
Endurance: 4
Total Sum: 20

No magic or companion. His small item is decorative.

Kratos 5, 3, 10, 4
Africa 5, 3, 10, 4
I used the base Andalusian stats and then -1 speed, -1 agility for his one blind eye.

(Calculated his HP as 60, attack 3, defense 8.5, and damage 6.5 using the spreadsheet)
You may use force with Canaan with the exception of permanent maiming or death.
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Idolum || Akhal Teke x Arabian || 0 VP || 0 EXP || WE Mare

Individual physical description: Tall and lanky.  Her body is that of a thin Akhal Teke, with the face and beauty of an Egyptian Arabian. Build for speed and agility.  Idolum has thinner bones that make it easier for her to fly at amazing speeds, but that makes her vulnerable on the ground.  Large feathered wings, angled face and small hooves.
Health/Confirmation defects: As a foal, she was attacked.  Her right wing and left front leg were injured.  Now when she uses her leg for long periods of time, it can become sore.  Her wing is stronger, but gets stiff with long use.

Base Stat Values
Strength: 3
Speed: 6
Agility: 4
Endurance: 7
Total Sum: 20

Asset Stat Values
Companion: 1 male common Zephyr (Roc). 3 years old

References: Used stat example spread sheet.
Akhal Teke and Arabian referance sheet
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Zona|| Lipazzan x Frisian || 0 VP || 0 EXP || AB Mare

Individual physical description:
Zona was born pitch black. She started turning white, as is normal for Lipazzan's when she was a year, only a bit of the black is left at the very tips of her mane, tail and wings. Both eyes are red
Health/Confirmation defects: ---

Base Stat Values
Strength: 7
Speed: 4
Agility: 6
Endurance: 4
Total Sum: 21

Asset Stat Values
Offensive item: --
Defensive item: --
Magic: --
Companion: --
References: Stat Sample spread sheet
[Image: ocDmMNl.png]

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