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Aurora Basin Soldier

Species: Hybrid Gender: Mare Age: 2 Height: 17hh

A brutish, powerful creature, with large, muscular hindquarters and a well-defined draft topline. Functional and sturdy, strong and unyielding. Medium length, stocky legs, adorned with light feathering. Dark grey coat with darker legs and face - born black, but will be her adult colour by age one. White sock on right hindleg. Haunting grey-blue eyes. Three black, twisted horns on face, viciously pointed and lethal. A lion's tail, tipped with a long, hairy plume, and a thick, tangled mane of the same colour as her dark points.

In Greek mythology, Oizys is the goddess of misery, distress and anxiety.


She has her mother's wit and her father's savagery. She has the wild, fierce heart of the lion, and the sly cunning of the snake. She abhors weakness - she denies it in herself, and annihilates it in others. Her temper is raw, unrefined and dangerous. She is brash, filthy-mouthed and vulgar. She fights with her good side as others might fight with their dark side; she wrestles down empathy and replaces it with cold steel.

Her mother's death has softened her slightly, but it's like blunting one edge of a greatsword. Her tongue is still a weapon and her overall demeanour still borders on the downright unpleasant, but she's also prone to fits of melancholy and is more likely to let in those damned feels.

Sarcastic, crude, selfish, judgemental, bloodthirsty

Oizys the Gargoyle ♀, Enyo ♀

Archibald the Dauntless x Circe
Abraham ♂, Reginald ♂, Macaria ♀

Merlin ♀ (Reginald x Shida)
Bathsheba ♀ (Reginald x Sialia)

Nato the Ninja x Querida the LightningQueen
Nyx ♀, Dexter ♂, Djinn ♂

Nyria ♀, Laza ♀ (Dezrio x Nyx)
Nocturne ♂ (Lockhar x Nyx)
Sydara ♀, Raziel ♂ (Simeon x Nyx)
Libertad ♂, d'Arcy ♀ (Deodat x Nyx)
Arakh ♂, Esinakh ♀ (Gaucho x Nyx)


Oizys was not planned. Her dam, known for her love of men, met her sire in the frozen north of Helovia; their tryst was a passionate one, but one that left Nyx pregnant despite the fact she'd recently borne twins to a different stallion. Ashamed of this fact and fearful that her herd may ridicule or even exile her for falling pregnant again and thus rendering her unable to perform her General duties, Nyx concocted a lie that would consume her. She told her herd - including her beloved king, Tembovu, a good friend of hers - that she'd discovered clues to her father's whereabouts, and that she intended to find him and bring him to the Edge. With her herd's permission she set out on her 'mission', lingering on the outskirts of Helovia for the duration of her pregnancy. Alone and heavily pregnant, the seasons took their toll on Nyx; it was not an easy few months, and when she eventually gave birth in the Frostbreathe Steppe, she almost died in the process.


Oizys favours Dark and Spark magic.

Ker - Philippine Eagle - Female
appearance: one - two - three

Named after the singular term for Keres, female death-spirits in Greek mythology, Ker has violence running through her blood. Philippine Eagles are one of the largest and most powerful raptors on the planet, and Ker is a shining example of her species. She is 3.5ft long, weighs 17lb, stands 2.5ft at the shoulder, and has a 6ft wingspan. Compared to other large eagles, the Philippine's wings are relatively short and broad, lending them great agility and speed - a necessity in their densely forested habitat.

Ker's undersides and legs are creamy white, whilst her wings and face are dark brown. A thicker lion-esque 'mane' of paler brown feathers crest the back of her head and neck, which can be erected to enhance her fearsome appearance. Her beak is particularly large, deep, and savagely hooked, and her eyes are icy blue.

The eagle's personality is an ever-changing, undefined thing; she can be shy and easily spooked, but she is also fierce, savage, and quick to attack. Oizys holds her in contempt for her weaker traits, but admires her for her stronger ones. Their relationship is not harmonious, but it works.

:: [ Magic: DarkxSpark | Can create lightning creatures that shock on contact. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can create 1 large or 3 small shock creatures; last one post in battle and cannot be larger than Oizys. ]
:: [ Magic: DarkxWater (U) | Can transform into any creature and their natural size by drinking the blood of that creature. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Must drink that blood for every shift; transformation is painful. ]
:: [ Item: Glass Shiv | Offensive. Small blade made of glass. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Breakable, limited uses. ]
:: [ Item: Trinket | A set of bird skulls. ]
:: [ Item: Spiked shoulder armor  | Defensive. Medium sized spiked metal armor worn on right shoulder. ]
:: [ Item: Glass Phials | A set of three small glass phials. ]
:: [ Item: Glass Spear | Offensive. A small, sharp glass spear. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Breakable, limited uses. ]
:: [ Item: Glass Shield | Defensive. Medium sized shield of tempered glass. (from Nyx) ]
:: [ Restrictions | Breakable, limited uses. ]
:: [ Item: Genetic Mutation | Ability for 3 active magics. ]
:: [ Companion: Philippine Eagle | Curse | 5 yrs 2 mos ]
:: [ Kaos Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   8.0 SPD:   4.0 AGL:   4.0 END:   6.0
OI:   2 DI:   1 MG:   1.5 CP:   2
7.0 8.5 6.5 73.5
Notable Accomplishments

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08-05-2016 by Oizys
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Random Event, Kid, Tyrath, Tiamat, Oizys, Milo, Orithia, Astarot, Syrena, Lyanna, Aquila, Kitty
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Mischief Improperly Managed [Spark/Time] Deep Forest
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i solemnly swear that i am up to no good Thistle Meadow
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05-04-2016 by Kid
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Oizys, Kvasir
03-19-2016 by Oizys
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03-21-2016 by Enyo
house of wolves [birth] Green Labyrinth
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03-09-2016 by Reginald
Let's Try This Again, Kind Of Blood Falls
Mirabella, Reginald, Oizys
04-27-2016 by Oizys

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