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Species: Hybrid Gender: Filly Age: II years Height: 16.3 hh

i. Coal black and white paint chimera, primary black. Black mane and tail, prehensile. Empire blue threading outside white paint markings, gnarled horn of the same blue. White, blue eyes. Three black hooves, one white with average feathering.
ii. Sickle-hocked, hind.
iii. Thick-boned with a particularly elegant design, a baroque figure designed with endurance and defense in mind. All angles and wide curves, long-legged and long-necked.


Quiet - Inquisitive - Rough - Calculating - Steadfast - Loyal

Tight-lips and watchful eyes are a virtue for this lady, growing up among those with wagging tongues and shifty minds. Bathsheba has never been a talkative thing, preferring to mosey along through her younger years as a silent observer, letting her actions do the talking. Ironically enough, it would serve her well for the most part, but do not take her lack of opinion for a lacking of smarts or ability.

Curiosity grows in the mind of all young horses, she is no different. An inquisitive nature drives this little girl to and fro, up and down and all around, questioning every little thing she sets eyes on. Of course it gets her in trouble now and again, but what are the younger years without some level of… risk?

Never the dainty one, Bathsheba is a stellar fit with the boys, leaving her dresses and Sunday pearls back home. This gangly strangeness will develop into a better honed show of force as she grows, becoming something she can use to her advantage and less as a crutch.

Calculation is a thing that most must learn, forcing themselves to see and observe what usually they would miss. Bathsheba is no different, although her inspiration comes from a much deeper and fragile source. She will develop these skills over the period of her life, focusing and reading and learning to understand the world and its inhabitants to better serve her purpose. It is hard at first, but she is a determined young thing and very little stands long in her way.

Loyalty is something taught young in her family, something she will realize from the very beginning. Family means everything, and most of all, family means roots. Roots grow deep, deeper than any material promise or foolhardy hope. Bathsheba is strong, connected, and very little can move her. Even as a child she is stubborn and decided in what she feels and believes is right and wrong. Her own moral compass that draws an unsteady line for her to walk, yet walk it she does.

Reginald x Sialia

GLACIA(f) Sialia
OIZYS(f) Reginald
ENYO(f) Reginald
MERLIN(f) Reginald





01. Is { BORN } among the stones and shadows of the Frostbreathe Steppe, by her mother (Sialia) and joined by her father (Reginald).
02. Joins Sialia at a { MEETING } by Ki'irha at the Aurora Basin.


03. Meets { MURTAGH } and they try to play a game of hide and seek.
04. Invited to a play-date with the Basin foals, but she does not go.

05. Meets { SYRENA } and discusses magic.
06. After meeting Syrena she finds herself in the { DEEP FOREST } where she encounters a bizarre spruce and the egg it protects. She reunites with Syrena and helps fight off a band of thieving creatures before the egg is given to a mare named Aisling.
07. She has finally run into one of her siblings { OIZYS }, and something inside of her has snapped.
08. After bickering with Oizys, injured and bruised, she leaves the isles to go in search of her mother, only to find her way to the Veins of the Gods and the yearling { ERTHE }.

09. Just in time for the change of seasons, Erthe leads Bathsheba to the { DRAGON'S THROAT } in order to see her healed. After being forced to leave her unexpectedly alone she is found by Amani and Hector who take her within in the hopes that Sikeax can help her.


SIALIA beloved mother, you do your best for me.
REGINALD (name unknown to her) I do not know you.
ARCHIBALD /to be met
SYRENA you are beautiful, and I love that we keep meeting, I'd love to know more about you.
MURTAGH you are not too bad, perhaps we can be friends.
GRAASVOEL /to be met
ZEKLE /to be met
ISOPIA /to be met
OIZYS you make terrible first impressions with no care!

Common SS Refusal One

:: [ Item: Genetic Mutation | Able to bond to 2 companions. ]
Battle Statistics
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OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
Notable Accomplishments

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