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She was a ghost, dark flesh merging easily into the silky shadows of the rock face. Pale eyes watched, wide-eyed and round, carved from the whitest alabaster and sewn into an even lovelier head. Chills rippled across bare skin as a brief wind chased the warmth away, but only for a moment before the sunshine swept back in. Sweat curled and dried within every fold and crack, her body heaved for every breath while the gull she spied upon seemed to have a much easier time of things. Tallsun was unbearable, every morning she woke with a desperate plea upon soft lips, lungs beseeching an always hot sun. Even her mother, more-so burdened than she, was having a difficult time and this only served as a catalyst for Bathsheba's prayers. On a stroke of pure luck the struggling child had come upon a small alcove, off to the far Western side of the Isles. A diamond among the rubble! Although no more suffered beneath the blaze than the rest of the world, it managed to provide small promises of shade where she now took respite.

The gull had come hither no more than an hour or two into her wait, the long wait that always followed one of her Mothers mysterious meetings. It swooped down from the heavens with an unattractive squawking, sending leathery ears back into the stiff, growing hairs of a weanling mane. Bathsheba made small, weak attempts at cordial conversation, body dripping salt and vinegar as the sun made to move into her initial hiding place. Being forced to move she forwent formalities and trudged cheerlessly to a wading pool graced by the shadow of a natural arch, reaching far above her head to provide ample defense from the piercing light. Unfortunately her guest caught on to her ploy and the raucous creature took chase, following her ever so awkwardly on too-long legs, wings spread wide to prevent capsizing. "Oh! Go away you!" She had cried, even going so far as to strike out with a crippled hind-leg. Alas the beast was insistent and she was wan to waste anymore energy upon it, acquiescing to the reek of his company as the bird slowly filed into the shade. Perhaps it was by a touch of luck that it had taken up slumber, or maybe it was a curse, for now she found herself dolefully eyeballing the creature in boredom. At least in wakefulness he had been a point of interest, albeit irritable interest. Now the filly could only gaze on, mind wheeling tiredly with recycled thoughts, songs already sung and memorized, encounters picked apart by the swell of her anxiety... Bathsheba was hopelessly alone yet again, nothing new to entertain the growing space of her mind.

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