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She feels like there's a weight off her chest, off her shoulders. Telling somebody - the most trusted man in her life - her lie is like a release. Sharing it with someone, knowing that she does not share this burden almost feels as if her lie holds less sinister, dark undertones now that she is not the sole bearer of it. Of course, nobody in the Edge can ever know about it, but Nato knowing is enough. He means the world to her, and the fact he doesn't hate her for her lie shows what an amazing man he actually is.

The silver gets a lingering sense of deja vu as they march towards the Edge. How many times has she approached its borders with her father alongside her? "As you can see, the wall is no longer here," she says to him, a somewhat sad smile ghosting across her face. She remembers the first time they arrived here, with Lace leading them - how they'd both been baffled by the glass wall, and how Nyx had stupidly walked straight into it. It feels like a lifetime ago, before she was bonded to Dominus, before she was General, before Lace died, before she had any of her current brood of children. So much has changed....but the mare truly doesn't know if she's a better, more developed person than she was the first time she set foot here.

The Nyx that arrived here all those years ago still had her razor tongue and savage wit, her fear of predators and her love of battle. But that Nyx was...softer than this one. She didn't truly know hardship, or loss. She certainly didn't know responsibility. And she would never have dreamed of lying to her entire herd to cover her own stupid back.

But she shakes away these wicked thoughts; this is the start of a new era. A new dawn. The child in her womb will grow up knowing their grandfather, loving him. They will not know hardship, lies, cruelty.

She looks to her sire, sadness glimmering across her electric eyes. "You remember Lace? He passed away last year." The sorrow in her voice is clear to hear; he was her best friend, her....She tries not to think about it too much. "We're almost there. I'll call for the king." As they approach the Edge's borders, the mare releases a loud summons for the Elephant King, and anybody else who might wish to meet their (hopefully) new member.

OOC: Timelines are a bit squiffy here - this thread is set directly after this one, which was set back when Nyx was only just pregnant (so before the Edge meeting with all its ensuing drama, and before she gives birth to the twins). However, if that was the case then I guess Nato would be in trouble for not attending the meeting as he would technically have been a member of the herd when it happened D: So I'm not sure what you guys want to do timeline-wise? I've written it as though Nyx is only just pregnant, so pre-meeting, but let me know if you guys would prefer that I change that <33 @Nato @Tembovu and anybody else is welcome to join ^_^

Other characters have permission to use magic/violence against Nyx at any time.

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