the Rift

Name: Amaterasu Gender: Mare
Age: 5 years Height: 15'3 hh
Affiliation: Up to Adopter Rank: None
Brutish, boyish mare with a rough personality. Strongly war-minded. Shares a past with Walkure

Vision: She's likely to search out Kaveri if possible. Herd life might go weird for her, but once reunited with Walkure, Kaveri, or Sabellius, they'll remain inseparable as a group and will work through issues and agreements together. The adopter is able to have as much free rein as possible with her as long as it keeps to her main theme
Name: Argetlam Gender: Stallion
Age: 9 years Height: 17.3 hh
Affiliation: World's Edge Rank: Outcast
Metal crafting magic, seeks dragon companion, peaceful, equine stallion.
Name: Briste Gender: Mare
Age: 10 Height: 15.1hh
Affiliation: Would most likely be Edge or Outcast Rank: Up to Player, though probably wouldn't want a rank
Myrrine's Adopted Mother. Broken and Lost, Deaf and Mute

Vision: I'd really like the person who plays her to be active on site in general and in Myrrine's life. Their bond has and always will be very strong, so I would like there to be some commitment going into this. If you feel at any point that you're unable to continue playing her, please let me know (I won't be mad don't worry), and I will happily take her back. I want her to go to a loving home, and I wanna be able to have lots and lots of threads with her!!!
Name: Cowboy Gender: Stallion
Age: 3 Height: 16.2
Affiliation: Outcast Rank: N/A
Red roan dark points, white moon and ribbon on left rear leg

Vision: He is pretty open to anything really! If you end up not wanting him anymore please give him back! Message me on my OOC Pare if you'd like him!
Name: Hildegunn Gender: Mare
Age: 2 Height: 13.3
Affiliation: None Rank: Outcast
Young, fresh character who speaks Norwegian

Vision: No plans or expectations :)
Name: Jabez Gender: Stallion
Age: 8 Height: 15.2hh
Affiliation: N/A Rank: N/A
Native to Surreal Isles, ex-leader of Xantacy.
Name: Kaveri Gender: Mare
Age: 5 Height: 16'2
Affiliation: None Rank: None
The ultimate mom friend. Very laid-back and attempts to take care of everyone. Sweet to a point. S/O to Amatersu
Name: Kitty Gender: Stallion
Age: 7 Height: 17.3
Affiliation: Outcast Rank: Outcast
A handsome stallion with a dark and logical mind.

Vision: Kitty has a unique narrated writing style where he is viewed by a second-person admirer and the potential for lots of awesome, dark plots!
Name: Lev Fence Gender: Stallion
Age: 41 Months Height: 15.3
Affiliation: None Rank: Outcast
Warrior Stallion of dubious sexuality with a tragic past from Isilme
Helovian Native
Name: Nym Gender: Stallion
Age: 4 Height: 16.3
Affiliation: Outcast Rank: none
Son of Torasin and Sakura. A paint horse with a cute personality needs some love!

Vision: ** If you're active over 100 posts, I will pass complete ownership of Nym to you.
Name: Tarek Gender: Stallion
Age: 8 Height: 16.2hh
Affiliation: Uumalah/Qumox Rank: Unclaimed
A conflicted, but successful, rich merchant with a royal lineage that earned dangerous enemies in Uumalah before fleeing/hiding.

Vision: An active player! Any interest in his past is a plus :)
Name: Thayne Gender: Stallion
Age: 9 Years Height: 17.3
Affiliation: Outcast Rank: N/A
Thayne, a handsome, gentlemanly Warlander stallion. He wanders Helovia, searching for a purpose.
Admin Adoptable :: Helovian Native
Name: Amarth Gender: Stallion
Age: 5 Height: 16.0hh
Affiliation: World's Edge Rank: Up to player
A silver dapple, magical stallion with a horn that plays music like a flute
Name: Agrona Gender: Mare
Age: Seven Height: 15.3
Affiliation: Hidden Falls Rank: Tiro I
Warrior with history and beautiful art!
Name: Ayleid Gender: Mare
Age: 3 years Height: 15.2hh
Affiliation: Basin Rank: Basin Mare
she's far from home
Helovian Native
Name: Chiron Gender: Stallion
Age: 4 Height: 15.3hh
Affiliation: Basin Rank: Soldier
Charismatic, corrupt, Machiavellian Basin/Plague soldier.
Name: Cineviam Gender: Stallion
Age: 11 years Height: 16,2 hh
Affiliation: Aurora Basin Rank: Outcast
Racist unicorn stallion, Plague member, superstitious, ash guiding magic, lots of early history on site.
Name: Crystarius Gender: Stallion
Age: 10 years Height: 16.2 hh
Affiliation: Outcast Rank: None
A troubled guy from the Rift. He is heavily inspired by the red templars of Dragon Age Inquisition.

Vision: He's an addict and a warrior from the Rift lands so he is sort of out of place here. I didn't really have any plans for him yet so you can have fun with him. I really don't see him as the family man type, at least not right away.
Name: Demothi Gender: Stallion
Age: 5 years or so Height: 16
Affiliation: None Rank: Outcast
Unicorn stallion with a brain tumor but wants to become well known; whether it be by infamy or by other more traditional means.

Vision: He is [i]really[/i] open to development. I just want to see him played.
Name: Eugenia Gender: Mare
Age: Three Height: 15.3 Hands
Affiliation: Outcast (likely to join Regime) Rank: Outcast
mulberry grey and blue unicorn mare who doesn't want to be a unicorn.
Name: Himitsu Gender: Mare
Age: 3 Height: 15.3
Affiliation: N/A Rank: N/A
Unicorn mare with horns in the place of eyes.

Vision: I love Himitsu dearly but I have never been able to hit that big clicking moment with her. I really just want her to be played. If she is adopted and it is decided the adopter no longer wants her I would want for her to be returned to me.
Name: Jacob Gender: Stallion
Age: 7 (Frostfall birthday) Height: 13.1 hh
Affiliation: N/A Rank: N/A
the brooding and flirty once-chocolate covered older twin brother of Johnny
Name: Locket Gender: Stallion
Age: 7 Height: 15.2hh
Affiliation: None Rank: Up To Adopter
Red Panda Themed Unicorn with Companion! Comes with Helovia history too!

Vision: Only that please try keep him active and, if you decide you no longer want to play him, return his details and such to me! So I can keep his history, profile etc... tracked. + have fun! :D
Name: Orpheus Gender: Stallion
Age: Six - Tallsun Birthday Height: 15.1
Affiliation: N/A Rank: N/A
Kind-hearted unicorn with passive magic
Name: Prometheus Gender: Stallion
Age: 4 months, 8 years Height: 8.2, 16.3
Affiliation: Aurora Basin, Outcast Rank: Sneak, Outcast
Undead unicorn colt.

Vision: This guy is incredibly special to me. I love him so much and would love to write him myself, I just don't have the time to give him the attention he deserves. I will not adopt him out lightly.
Name: Rafe Gender: Stallion
Age: 8 Height: 17.1hh
Affiliation: Foothills (subject to change) Rank: Warrior
Established warrior with tamme art!
Name: Reizend Gender: Mare
Age: Six Height: 14.1hh
Affiliation: Hidden Falls Rank: She would be a healer
Seele's Half-Sister, comes with Light x Wind healing magic and a small item as well as some art/tables
Name: Solanine Gender: Mare
Age: 5 Height: 15HH
Affiliation: Aurora Basin Rank: Phantom
Complete profile & Images
Helovian Native
Name: Soren Gender: Stallion
Age: 4 Height: 17.0
Affiliation: Outcast Rank: N/A
Handsome noble Soren! Comes with Tamme lines and Jen art, as well as on site family and ties!
Name: Tiva Gender: Mare
Age: 3 Height: 16
Affiliation: N/A Rank: N/A
Free spirit with a son, Astarot (Volterra is the father), does as she pleases huge flirt, will probably stay an outcast
Name: Xanthos Gender: Stallion
Age: 7 Height: 16 hh
Affiliation: none Rank: none
Has companion and onsite relationships
Admin Adoptable :: Helovian Native
Name: Kelso Gender: Stallion
Age: 5 Height: 16.3
Affiliation: Outcast Rank: N/A
A red, rust bay with leathery bat wings and wind magic
Helovian Native
Name: Aakesh Gender: Stallion
Age: 3 Height: 16
Affiliation: N/A Rank: N/A
Black and purple born in the Dragon's Throat, likely to return there. Thinks Hertz is is brother
Name: Arende Trefe Gender: Stallion
Age: 4 Height: 16hh
Affiliation: Korofi Rank: Unclaimed
Brother to Graasvoel, he's a noble soul but a bastard son with revenge in his heart.

Vision: Just an active player!
Name: Artorius Gender: Stallion
Age: 5 years Height: 15.2 hh
Affiliation: outcast Rank: N/A
the eldest child of Alysanne, Moon Doctor of the Edge. Has a companion and family on site
Name: Ghalia Gender: Mare
Age: 4 Height: 16hh
Affiliation: Uumalah Rank: Unclaimed
Mare born/raised in Uumalah that was a high-class prostitute until she escaped. Has shared history with Tarek (adoptable).

Vision: An active player! Any interest in her Uumalah past is a plus :]
Name: Nasreen Gender: Mare
Age: 6 Height: 15.1 hh
Affiliation: originally World's Edge, last seen in Dragon's Throat Rank: World's Edge Seer before Moon murder mystery plot, Dragon's Throat crafter
sweet pegasus mare with a history in Helovia!

Vision: You're free to take her in the direction you wish, though I strongly doubt that she will ever go back to the World's Edge.
Name: Pyrios Gender: Female
Age: Six Height: 14'1 hh
Affiliation: Unnamed Outcast Band Rank: Herd Spy, Adviser
Outcast Band lead spy, includes interesting plots, Phoenix Themed
Name: Ragnarok Gender: Stallion
Age: 3 Height: 17
Affiliation: N/A Rank: N/A
Male thief/murderer from the Rift! Was supposed to have a sister, but she never made ti through the portal(never active). He is VERY stoic in nature and dry. Two large wings and two on his back legs. Black and purple with passive magic.

Vision: I really wanted to make him a rouge thief, but feel free to have him join a herd. If you end up not wanting him please return him. I had a lot of muse for him but he sister never made it to the site and it just kind of poofed.
Name: Xira Gender: Mare
Age: 7 Height: 14.2
Affiliation: N/A Rank: N/A
A Spunky green-roan bakshir curly mare with a companion and trouble with authority
Helovian Native
Name: Birch Gender: Stallion
Age: 84 Months (will need to be aged up) Height: 17.1 HH
Affiliation: Former member of the Grey Rank: Outcast
Arborun Birch Tree Lignea Hybrid with Snowstorm Magic
Helovian Native
Name: Biru Gender: Stallion
Age: Three Height: 16.3 Hands
Affiliation: Outcast Rank: Outcast
old-lined character w/ companion
Name: Fig Gender: Female
Age: 20+ Height: 16hh
Affiliation: None Rank: Outcast
Lignea with Leviathan companion

Vision: Completely up to the player!
Helovian Native
Name: Hawezi Gender: Colt
Age: Born FF Y7 Height: 17.1hh
Affiliation: World's Edge Rank: N/A
Son of Tembovu the Elephant and Elsa the Icebound.

Vision: I'd just love for him to be active!
Helovian Native
Name: Jasiri Gender: Mare
Age: 2 Years Height: 15.3
Affiliation: Outcast Rank: Outcast
Beautiful, Willful Uniquine Mare! Has family on-site, magic, and plots galore!
Helovian Native
Name: Kari Gender: Stallion
Age: 3 years Height: 15hh
Affiliation: Dragon's Throat Rank: N/A
Unipeg with magic, onsite family and interesting history

Vision: Please be active and return him to me if you can't play him anymore. Please and thank you!
Helovian Native
Name: Merlin Gender: Filly
Age: Yearling Height: 17hh
Affiliation: Dragons Throat or Outcast Rank: None
Daughter of Shida and Reginald, Normal Companion & Magic!

Vision: I know I intended on her working with Reginald to become the next Mandrake family set up, but otherwise she's very flexible and moldable; so should you want something different that's fine!
Helovian Native
Name: Uriel Gender: Colt
Age: 1 Year Height: 16.1 HH
Affiliation: Outcast Rank: N/A
Magic & Items

Vision: I just ask that he be returned should you stop playing him.
Name: Vermillion Gender: Stallion
Age: 4 Height: 14.3
Affiliation: Windtossed Foothills Rank: Stallion
Petite Uniquine Stallion from Isilme.
Name: Willow Gender: Mare
Age: 27 years Height: 16.3 hh
Affiliation: Hidden Falls Rank: Outcast
Healer based willow tree Lignea (horse plant hybrid) with ermine companion. Received quest for earth magic. Seeking healer rank (or seer) & also healing magic. Will not fight.
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