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Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 7 Years Height: 15.3 HH
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Name: Livingston [li-vin-(g)(s)ton]
Meaning: name traceable to Old English Leofwine "beloved friend", Irish Duinnshleibhe "brown mountain" & Jewish Lowenstein "lion stone".
Nick Name(s): I wouldn't, he might try to eat you...

Gender: male
Sexual Preference: heterosexual

Age: 7 years; ages in Birdsong; counting from Helovia year Eight, Age 7 years [February 1, 2017]

Species: Unicorn the one, the only
(side note: Liocorn -Lion x Unicorn decent-)

Species Physical Traits:
-lion head, neck & front paws
-lion mane with chest fluff & thick back ruff
-lion tail with long hairs down the underside
-equine body & legs
-typical draft breed leg feathering
-unicorn beard
-two cloven hooves (rear)
-two elegant horns starting just above ears and curving gently back away from head

Genetic Mutations: none
Other Physical Traits & Non-genetic Mutations: none

Physical Defects: carnivorous (?)
Mental Illness: none

Height: 15.3 hands high
Breed: n/a
Build: equine body & legs are of a sturdy draft build

Genetic Base Color: Perlino Sabino [Ee/Aa/CrCr/nSb]
Nose: gold
Eyes: gold
Horns: gold
Body: yellowish cream w/ white belly
Beard: silvery gray
Whiskers: white
Mane: silvery gray
Back Ruff: silvery gray
Chest Fluff: silvery gray
Draft Feathering: white
Tail: yellowish cream w/ white tip; long under-hairs are silvery gray
Paws: white
Claws: silvery gray
Hooves: gold

Natural Markings:
-stockings on both hind legs
-socks on both fore legs
Unnatural Markings:
-gold zig zag band at the top of the white marking on each leg
-gold zig zag band at the top of the white tail tip
-white zig zag band about 1/4 of the way up each horn

Tattoos: none
Jewelry: white/gold feather pendant clipped behind right ear (use an item pass since it is missing from his account)
Other items worn on person: none
Stashed items: none

Temporary Appearance Changes: none
Health Notes: none
Curses: none
Other Temporary Things: none

clever . bitter . entitled . pompous . disdainful . irritable

He is very good at acting "good, kind, fierce and wise" at least at first. Anyone who spends much time around him will find the cracks in that armor easily though. He probably is still good at heart but he has a mess of prejudices, misconceptions and odd doctrines muddying things. Being completely removed from his culture and place in the world without warning has shaken his foundations.

Rift Land Culture

On a small, forgotten continent of the planet beyond the Rift an isolated civilization exists...

In this place the "unicorns" have the heads, tails and front paws of various felines combined with equine bodies and many different horn/antler types. Their horns are always paired and placed near the ears. They never have the single, spiraled horn of a classic unicorn. Those with lion heads are rare, considered to be the highest among them and are frequently placed in ruling roles. These unicorns dwell in the mountain regions and are the most sophisticated of the races. They are not immortal but they are much longer lived than any other race on the small continent.

The skies of the land are ruled by five elusive dragons along with creatures sporting bird heads, wings and front feet attached to equine front quarters and feline hind quarters. They dwell on an island that floats in the sky over the tallest mountains and also, in lesser numbers, on a small chain of normal islands off the coast. These beasts keep to themselves and are not often seen up close by the other races.

The flat lands are inhabited by all manor of big cats though lions are rare among them and revered. They are a clan people and frequently war among themselves.

Equines exist, sometimes with odd mutations and colors, but never with wings or horns. These beasts are the slave race kept by the unicorns. They are not poorly treated by most of their masters but are not free. One thing in their favor is that they are definitely not considered food by the unicorns and the unicorns enforce this practice on the other races. For that reason alone the equines tolerate their captivity with very little unrest.

The gods of the Rift lands have not visited this forgotten continent for eons and so most of it's people no longer believe in those gods, or in fact any gods at all. They do have a legend concerning classical unicorns and very rare recorded sightings of these mythical beings. There are even some among the populace, mostly in the cat clans, who worship them in small ways. Among the unicorns there is another such tale, one that only they know, of an immortal winged lion who is thought to be of special significance to Livingston's Kingdom in particular.

Livingston ;; Pre-Helovia

He was born to rule; raised to be good, kind, fierce and wise. There was great potential in the boy and the mountain kingdom he was born to looked forward to the day he would sit on their throne. Sadly, it never came to pass. In his fifth year yet another war broke out among the cat clans of the plains and, as they had always done before, Livingston's people attempted to broker peace. This time, the cats became enraged at the tampering of the unicorns. Livingston was taken hostage by a pair of spies and given over to one of the clans. His captors threatened to kill him if the unicorns didn't mind their own business. That act might have started an entirely new war if something unrelated hadn't disrupted everything first. This was the state of affairs when the gods of Helovia began snatching lands from the world beyond the Rift. Somehow, though he was not present in any of the stolen lands or even on the same continent, Livingston got taken along for the ride. Maybe he simply happened to be looking at just the right flash in the sky at just the right time. In any case, off he went whether he wanted to or not. Worse still, something about either the magical transportation or the God battles themselves caused him to fall into an enchanted sleep. He has been hibernating in the Green Labyrinth ever since...

Livingston ;; Helovia Year Eight


Played by

"What are kings, when regiment is gone,
but perfect shadows in a sunshine day?"

Livingston was designed & loosely characterized by Jen; originally played by Image

Played by: Lovella Torendo (LT) as of April 11th, 2016
LT also plays: Patrick, Perelandro & Riel

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