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Species: Pegasus Gender: Mare Age: 4 Height: 14hh

The most elegant alien. A pale orange coat that is clouded around the major muscle groups, and darkened into a terra-cotta hue at her points (Claybank Dun). The only marking she has is the thin, winding blaze that snakes up the bridge of her nose and curves above her left eye. Heaps of ivory and cream colored mane, usually draped over her body in order to keep it somewhat clean. Her equally long tail usually trails behind. Her wings convey nothing spectacular in size, or shape, they hold a color similar to that of her mane and tail, except are decorated at the joint and base with orange claybank dusting and rust colored flecks scattered about the feathers.

The oddities she obtains begin with her eyes, resplendent sage orbs, soft to the observers view; they contain no detail, no pupil - she is not blind, in fact she can see perfectly well. In addition, since she was born without hooves, her father, a glazier crafted her new cloven hooves out of glass.


A creature of soft-spoken nature, spending most of her time pondering, thinking, unraveling the world around her. A true naturalist; can easily pick up bird-like hymns throughout her seemingly constant humming, whistling or singing. A voice to remedy even the weariest of wanderers. The thresholds of a kind soul that reaches out to all.

Although she likes to think, she prefers the accompaniment of others, and yearns for the presence of another. Her greatest fear is being alone, although not one usually provoked to hysteria, solitude starts to tear down her walls. Among this flaw, she often to quick to trust others, she fails to see the dangers and red flags in other's traits. She is too forgiving, too undoubting, too naive.

SIRE: Amadeus a glazier
DAM: Kiyomi an apothecary

Born without hooves, Leto's early childhood was somewhat uneventful, she was unable to do anything because her wings were not strong enough to hold her body, and she could not walk on her own. one she was close to full grown, around age two, her father fitted her with a pair of glass cloven hooves.

DAUGHTER OF A GLAZIER; from her father, she learned practical skills, she learned to create her necessities, materialistic self-sufficiency. he wove skills into her throughout her childhood; skills like persistence, and technical thinking which furthered her philosophical thinking, and widened her view upon the world.

DAUGHTER OF AN APOTHECARY; instilled in her by her mother, the ability to nurture, the ability to problem solve furthering the creative ideas sown by her father. Her mother watched her real talents shine through, gathering herbs and medicinal botanicals, and exploring the outside for new cures.

Although she had good mentors, her skills never reached a point to adopt a merchant position with her parents. Frustrated at herself, she decided to face her fears of solitude, and in search of a new place where her talents could be used. Her journey to the far away land of Helovia began there, in pursuit of her own future.

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