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Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 3 Height: 14h
*long dished face with traditional Arabian features. Porcelain pink base with a pearl like sheen *Black dorsal from the top of her nape down to her tail bone. *Her hair is plush and white with red streaks. She has it up done and messy. Her tail is the same way. *Her hooves are coal black with matching dappled stockings on all four legs *She has thick feathering on her legs, white with a few thin black streaks *She has a few dainty whiskers on her nose, they are naturally gray but glow red in the dark. She was born without pupils but her vision is ordinary. *14h is her height

*Deceptive *Affectionate *Benevolent *Disciplined *Charismatic

Amun-Ra was named after the great Egyptian God , God of all gods. Her parents were high born equine's and they gave her all they could offer, for she was the child they prayed for. For years both her parents were considered sterile and were told they would never have children. Her sire's name was Detrious a disciplined general for their Pharaoh Umak-Ru. Her mother, Rah-hala was a very beautiful young lady and was sold to Detrious when she was old enough to marry. The match was perfect because they fell in love instantly. Now three years later they had a beautiful yearling daughter who was engaged to be one of the Pharaohs wives when she was old enough. Only the highest of high born held such the honor to marry their daughter to the Pharaoh. So when Amun-Ra turned 2 years her father began training her night and day how to fight in combat. He wanted her to be prepared for anything and to be able to protect herself. As the months went on her stealth, stamina and attacks advanced more than anyone would have imagined. Her father started to nick name her his "secret weapon". Before long it was her wedding night. There was extravagant food, decorations and all eyes were on Amun-Ra. That day was like a dream, and her husband treated her kindly, during that night and for many to come. The next couple of months were normal, she would be waited on by servants and cared for greatly whatever her needs commanded. Amun was also expecting a child, this news spread throughout the temple, finding the attention of the most jealous wife. Kiya was the first wife of the Pharaoh , she considered herself the most beautiful and since Amun's marriage she began doubting her beauty. Kiya was enraged when she heard Amun was expecting and sought to ruin her in the most horrid way... It was deep in the night and Amun was ruled with hunger. She snuck out her chamber alone and to the kitchen to raid the hay sacks and apple bags. During the walk back to her room she had to pass 3 long halls and 2 flights of stairs. Walking down the first hall just out of the kitchen she felt a draft of wind behind her which made her stop and look over her shoulder. Amun was fearless and whinnied in the air to whomever may be lingering in the shadows. Satisfied there was no one there she went on her way. Turning left and continuing down the second hall she felt the wind behind her blow a bit stronger making her whip her body around to see who- or what it could be. A black shadow disappeared into the wall but she did not believe she saw anything so she continued walking until she got to the steps. Someone pulled her by her mane from behind, another throwing a bag over her face to muffle her cries, and another yanked her lush tail as they dragged her into a secret room in the wall. That night Amun-Ra was brutally raped by the three comrades, she woke in her bed the next morning in a pool of blood. After crying out a nurse hurried into her chamber and after considerable time, alerted her that she miscarried. Months went of and bad news after bad news started to creep on her like a bad habit. Influenza was spreading throughout the land and many were becoming infected. Her mother, Father, and the Pharaoh. For the wives safely they were arranged a group of soldiers to escort them and their young out of the city. Months passed and the 8 wives including Amun and Kiya were cut off from the city. Word was that nearly everyone was dead including the Pharoah. Amun was the first to disband, she was tired of being a prisoner and she could feel Kiya growing more and more hostile towards her. Amun suspected Kiya of sending those stags to rape her but she could never prove it. Leaving them made her an enemy and Kiya promised if they ever ran into eachother again that she would kill Amun herself. Amun thought Kiya was a old hag and if she wanted a fight she would get it. After that day Amun never looked back. She found a nearby city and arranged boat travel to Oblivion. after living in Tsu'vynn Expanse she found her true power of being a snake whisperer .

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