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Species: Unicorn Gender: Gelding Age: Six Height: 16.2
Kassian Sergei Vasiliev

Oh, my eyes are seein' red

The darkness that swarms him, appearance and overall. The crooked male is built colossal and lanky, giving off a more twisted look. With a solid raven colored coat, not a inch of another color shows through. Long, messy black hair that falls along his shoulder blade. Mixing in with his coat, giving it more an illusion to the eye. With a golden touch to his eyes, to throw off the darkness. Although his right eye is rather vile, the color is completely gone. With faded tints of red, aged flesh. The center of his eye has been stabbed through, all around the eyeball itself has torn seals leading to the wound itself. Being healed, aged, and regretted, Kassian's eye remains closed for his own sake. His left eye is where it's more alluring, as mentioned above, his eyes use to be gold. Luckily his left still shines. Next we have Kassian's horns, he has the horns of an Addax, swerve and pierce backwards giving an appealing touch.

Breed | British Warmblood

"The silence isn't so bad."


Double vision from the blood we've shed

Ruthless - Sadistic - Fiendish - Manipulative

Kassian out of all things is, unhinged. With the twisted sense of thought, the simple little words that can twist someone else's mind with his. He doesn't have much power, but the manipulative male will do pretty much anything to get what he wants. He will always end up turning the tables, making someone think one thing, but only the opposite will happen. Unlike much more alluring equines, he cannot allure creatures in with his looks. The odd twisted male gives it away so much more quicker, then a male with a bright pelt a blue eyes could. Although Kassian is not much of a talker, he says very little in communication. He is in other words, Taciturn. But if he is fascinated by something or someone, which in fact is rare maybe the tables will turn on that as well. When he does seem to speak, he in fact does have a way with words. As said before, just a simple change of tone, and small simple words can break someone down.

When knowing Kassian emotionally, he is in fact a reserved male. Better on his own and rather separated from others. He has a lot of deep issues, involving personality disorders. Kassian himself cannot figure out why he is the way he is, he is at loss when it comes to figuring himself out. Kassian is also known to be a liar, a very good liar, you may never know when he tells the truth. Which is another issue with himself, he doesn't have the problem with it, he in fact enjoys watching others get angry or in fact get upset when they find out he lies. Emotional, mental pain in others in fact was always Kassian's favorite. Kassian is like a maze, each way you go, it may be wrong, you can think it's right, but i may always be wrong. It's difficult to find the exit but easy to find the entry, Kassian's mind is the exit and meeting him is only the entry. As manipulative and antisocial he may be, there is always a way into his mind. Like the king on the chessboard, so inept and easily beaten.

Kassian is everywhere all at the same time, he is all eyes and ears. He's an observer, figuring out what he's getting himself into. Sometimes he'll run into chaos and have a hell of a time. As up most important, Kassian is not afraid to jump boundaries. He is not easily scared, nor has he ever been scared of another horse. He will most likely enjoy throwing words and threatening another. It's all just fun and games to him, that smirk never leaves his face when it begins. The louder they raise their voice, the bigger the smirk gets, forming into a twisted grin. He wants other's to fear him, it just makes him more bigger and better.

Alignment | Chaotic evil

"The silence isn't so bad."


The only way i'm leavin' is dead

Sire | Unknown

Dam | Unknown

"The silence isn't so bad."



State of my head | Shinedown

Falling apart | Papa Roach

Will add more within time

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