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Species: Equine Gender: Stallion Age: 9 Height: 16.2hh
Kyauta is for the most part light brown, his stripes ranging from brown to black. His legs fade into white with feathered tan hooves. His mane and tail start brown then light brown and then white, never seeming to stay as one color, Kya’s eyes are a light violet color. Kya stands at 16.2hh and is of mixed breeds but the most dominate are draft breeds.

For the most part Kyauta is SILENT and OBSERVANT looking for anything wrong with the situation he is watching. Being of Debwani heritage and for the most part raised as one he is extremely RELIGIOUS and as a Demisa he believes the Gods speak to him if the time is needed when he eats a special mushroom. Kyauta is extremely PROTECTIVE of the ones he loves due to not having many to begin with, but at the moment he has none of those, at given times he is prone to VIOLENT OUTBURSTS which are a side effect of the mushrooms he would eat as a Demisa when he lived in Dorobo, he doesn’t mean for it to happen…most of the time. He is, for the most part, RESPONSIBLE and has a strong hate for most of the other races in Dorobo and out of it but…he could be persuaded to likeing an indiviual from another race if given time. Overall he is a GRUMPY little LONER with zero friends. Kya tends to SPEAK HIS MIND and has no filter because he grew up with the Demisa who were just as antisocial as him.

SIRE: Rayowa (deceased) DAM: Kande (deceased) SIBLINGS: none known CHILDREN: none

Dorobo (Debwani)
From almost the beginning Kyauta was pushed away from the Debwani, he wasn’t really one of them. Kya was found with a chain around his neck, keeping him bound to a tree. His blood was Debwani but he would never be family in the eyes of the herd, you see, his mother was accused of demon worshipping and they banished her to the monsters outside of the forest while she was still pregnant with Kya. So when he was born Kya was subject to exactly what his mother was banished for, he became an offer to the demons.

Kya was two when his mother decided that his soul was not worthy in the eyes of any demon. She chained his neck and pulled him back into the forest where she chain him to a tree and vanished…forever. The Debwani were not sure what to do with this child of ‘sin’ they might have wanted to leave him for dead that was when Dalain appeared, he was Debwani but lived outside of the herd as a Demisa. He was respected greatly in the eyes of the Debwani tribes, as all Demisa were. Dalain offered to raise Kya and therefore the Debwani were relieved to have both from their sight…even though they would still be in their herd.

For years he was raised to banish and fight what his mother loved…he became a Demisa. The herd only wanted him when he was of use to them so he would only see and be a part of the herd when his presence was of use. This was how it was for many years but of course it went down in flames everything went bad when Dalain came home late one night, you see he had been to the herd prepared to cleanse the horses. He became possessed and attacked Kya, by the time Kya could fight the demon it had already destroyed Dalain’s soul…it killed him. After that Kya left…he traveled through Dorobo and then…out of it.

FrostFall // Year Eight::: Meets Auriel and reunites with Arende in the threshold

The Demisa, or 'leopard men', are a small band of Debwani that live deep in the forest. Few are 'chosen' by the spirits to join this band. They emerge only when injustice and wrong-doing grows prevalent with the Debwani, consuming a particular mushroom that causes them to go into a vengeful, altered mental state. While in this state, the gods and spirits may tell them who these wrong-doers are, and they Demisa ruthlessly murder and consume parts of their bodies. They have no control over this, and may end up murdering their own family or kin Kya speaks very little of the Helovian tongue but speaks Hausa and other Dorobo languages.

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