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Species: Pegasus Gender: Mare Age: 6yrs Height: 15'2hh
- Pegasus
- Female ; identifies as agender
- Light Warmblood Mutt
- Faded Grullo with Flaxen hair
- Snip, Star, Sock on left hind leg
- Gold with light gray lashes
- 3 sets of wings, each on her ankles. Her front right lacks their own set, thus hindering her from flight. Spare the left hind, which is solid white to match her sock where it begins growing, the rest are a silver colour, with a darker underside. Permanently erect alongside her cannon bones, unable to fly on.
- Small patches of feathers grow below and behind her eyes on both sides, silver with golden fringes. Plucking is extremely painful and takes four IC months to regrow.
- Hooves are near-white.
- Very delicate facial features. Body is slim and dainty, but has a slightly defined hardiness to it.
- Has an absolutely lovely singing voice, and is naturally very soft-spoken
- Official Ref

Loving :: Kind :: Selfless :: Wise :: Logical :: Emotional :: Quiet :: Positive :: Peaceful

- Very loving and nurturing, but lack's a mother's spirit
- Has anxiety around children
- Attempts to see the light in everyone, even when the odds are against them
- Despite being very wise with a good head on her shoulders, her emotions dictate nearly every move she makes.
- Cries easily and frequently
- Has a difficult time growing attachments due to fear of loss
- Destructively selfless
- Prone to chronic major depressive disorder, but occurs in pockets of time with random triggers
- Soft hearted
- True pacifist // Neutral Good
- Cries and frets about death and the lives of others' near constantly
- Any knowledge of death has the capability to hurt her

The daughter of a mother and a father, with no memories of them.
Her only sibling is her twin sister, Akita.
Her heart is a cold place in her chest, with barely enough room to fit a lover in. This works to exclude any room for children to take up.

In fear of knowledge, Tsurei isn't particularly open as of her past, but since this isn't an open call, here's the story.

- Tsuki Rei is born with her twin sister Akita, made into polar opposites. Their lives are dictated by their immortality and harsh separation from mortals, causing the pair to grow different views of mortals. The two are somewhat akin to spirits, never anything near Gods but simply servants and companions.
- Tsuki views mortals in a heartbroken way, growing very attached to the grief of their ability to live and die. Akita, on the other hand, cares nothing for them.
- Akita's actions lead to the loss of her sister's ability to reside in the light they were born into, and is cast out.
- Tsuki, with her love for her sister endless and their attachment the only true thing she's known in the world, gives up her life to spend it with her sister.
- As encouragement for Tsuki to never want to return to her lifestyle, her immortal heart is gifted to her in the form of a necklace and her wings altered, doomed to mortal life.
- Her name is officially changed to Tsurei, and her beginning of her existence in Helovia after being dropped off outside of the borders.


- Any current day mortals would have very little knowledge of her existence. Her sister is more widely known.
- If ever mentioned beside Akita, would be typically be called Yasu, meaning peaceful and quiet.
- Her full name is Tsuki Rei, meaning Moon Spirit, but can also be written to mean beautiful, lovely, and hope.
- Lives in her sister's shadow.
- Wears a small, solid, gold heart pendant on a chain, and considers it to be her immortal heart so it could be replaced after the change.

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hello!! i'm zuno, and i play sikeax the seal soul, eri, and tsurei, and am getting ready to put zhu up for adoption/lease. if you need me by any chance, my discord is zuno#0419, or you can pm me on sikeax's account!

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