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Species: Pegasus Gender: Mare Age: 6 years Height: 15.3hh
You've left me paralyzed

» Light warmblood mutt
» Powerful, beautiful, inconquerable
» Grullo
» White sock and odd blaze
» Two sets of massive wings, made for maneuverability

And now I'm stuck

You've got me stuck

» Reckless
» Untamed
» Chaotic
» Violent
» Explosive temper
» Lacks empathy
» Destructive

in detail
Akita is dangerous, selfish, she is unsympathetic and brutal. She does not know boundaries, know what may harm others, what lengths mortals can last before they are crushed. She does not understand that her recklessness is chaotic and dangerous, that it has costed too much and has been cast down for it. She is angry, not at herself for being careless enough to be banished, but at the world she once lived in for casting her out. Akita blames them for leaving her powerless, helpless among mortals she did not care for.
Akita is furious of her sister for what she's done, thinking that maybe Tsurei could have remained away from the mortals and finally made a name for herself, no longer stuck in Akita's shadow. Instead, she chose to be cast down with her, leaving Akita torn between being angry at her sister for abandoning her place or grateful for not letting her live alone among the mortals.
Akita hates how at a loss she feels, desperate to find a purpose, to regain the power she lost. She hates seeing mortals with magic, they make her feel lesser because her magic has been taken from her.

I never knew

Just what I wanted

Akita was born alongside her sister to parents she cannot remember, and who do not remember her. They were separated from the mortal world, blessed with immortality and allowed to witness the growth of mortals, each growing a different view on the mortals who worshiped their gods. Akita was revered by them, held much higher than Tsuki Rei as the mortals whispered her second name, Kamiko. Superior child. And that she was, giving herself a name with her carelessness and wild personality, reckless as she bathed in the reverence from the mortal subjects. Her name was a tremor among them, Tsuki Rei only her little shadow, dulling in comparison to the bold, chaotic nature of Akita.
Akita's recklessness leads to disaster, destruction, a catastrophic force brought down by her unpredictability that leads to her banishment from the light, leaving her cast down to live alongside the mortals she does not care for. Tsuki Rei follows her to the mortal world, where they begin their story anew.
I still don't know

it's all missing

» Identifies as agender, beyond mortal's ideas of gender
» Introduces herself as Kamiko when among mortals
» Calls her sister Riko, or Yuki, depending on her sister's attitude
» Lacks any empathy towards mortals, tends to be rather harsh towards them
» The mortal's cycle of life and death does not move Akita the way it does her sister
» Chaotic evil
» Akita's presence once destroyed all light, leaving a radius around her pitch black. She had the ability to summon bipedal shadow demons to do her bidding, and to steal the magic of others for a temporary time. All abilities were stripped away when she was cast down from the immortal world, leaving her feeling empty.

Played by
dark the salt king

i also play the boy king, the unsettled pegasus, the mangled child, and the edge princess

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