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Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 5 years Height: 15.1
Gender: mare Age: five years, ages in orangemoon Species: horse
Horn/Wings/etc: n/a
Eyes: sea foam green
Mane: pale cream, full, wavy-bordering-on-curly
Body: athletic, powerful, a little stocky [unknown parentage, but probably a generic paint]
Hooves: striped
Markings: palomino tovero
Tail: cream, heavy, wavy. due to its length, there are often "things" caught in the drag

Chrysocolla - or, because what parent names their child such a mouthful and then doesn't shorten it, Chrys (pronounced "Chris"), is a rather average-bodied mare. True, her markings could, among some, be considered unusual, if not somewhat flashy, and her eyes are pale as chips of sea glass, but she enjoys believing that she is "nondescript." While taller than some and shorter than many, she stands only 15.1 hands high. Her legs are powerful, perfect for gaining momentum quickly, but they are not the most elegant nor refined. Her head is rather square, though refined, and she'd probably say it's the prettiest thing about her if asked by some. If asked by others, she may say that it's her hair, a pale cream that borders on white, wavy and heavy and what her parents would call a "sin of vanity," especially when they saw the dirt that tangled the end of her tail. Her coat, at base, is a deep golden palomino, with large, lighter freckles. Her face and much of her neck is entirely white-cream, as well as the area near her tail and parts of her legs. Due to the paint markings, her hooves are striped.

Chrys was raised a sin-fearing (not god fearing) mare, though she's mostly grown out of it. She is quiet, generally preferring to go unnoticed, and absolutely prefers to wear her heart anywhere but her sleeve. She lies easily and often, finding that truth is seldom necessary or even desired by most people. She enjoys playing roles that she gets assigned, most often something related to "shy, motherly mare," and few would go so far as to call her "charismatic." While not above instigating or responding to confrontations, she tends to be rather slow to such extremities of feeling, and she has been accused of being apathetic on occasion. Though she's seen magic on occasion, she tends to disbelieve anything that she can't see or touch, and most magic she amounts to as simple illusions.

Nosean x Albite

Nosean's family was one where obedience to his rules was an absolute must. This may sound cliche, probably because it does border on that, but, really, it's not quite. Each of his children was given to a different of his mares so that they did not pick up traits or an unhealthy amount of affection from or for their own mother. If they did something wrong, it was noted. If they did something correct, praise would have led them to pride and so such feats were rarely acknowledged and, therefore, rarely happened. Chrysocolla was taken from her mother, Albite, and given to a much older mare named Nepheline who knew all the tricks a filly might go through to keep her personality.

Well, typical buy-and-sell your children motive (again, somewhat cliche), but long story shortened (maybe she'll tell you sometime) she ended up in a band with mercenaries. Originally she was probably some of the merchandise they were moving, but somehow between where they found her and where she was going it was determined that she was no longer leaving. Why, she doesn't care to remember.

After a time or times, she left, having grown bored of the petty spats and simply being in the same group's company for a longer-than-she'd-have-liked-to-give-them amount of time. Magically - though she'd scoff to hear one call it that - she arrived here, where she's decided to stay, for a little while at least.

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