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Aye, Eunomia seemed to be quite calm around Laedere's floating, dolphin companion. The pair easily meshing together as Ardere attempted to soak the weary traveler. And, as the mare listened to all of what was said (shocked suddenly by a few droplets upon her muzzle) the other one seemed to settle in.

When thanked (even silently), Ardere did a few flips in the air before floating back over toward Laedere's side. Eunomia thanked the unicorn before saying it was best she went with Laedere before asking if it would be okay. "Ay, tis certainly unobjectionable." There was a gentle nod of Laedere's head toward Arah before she allowed a few words to fall from her lips. "I bid ye unscathed passage, Arah."

"Tis a day or two's trek to reach thee Falls. We shan't hurry, though. Ye may set thine gait so ye don't tire." Laedere started to explain as Ardere shot off to begin leading the way back to the waterfall encased lands. "I shall attempt to clarify any inquiries ye might have on thee trek."

So with that in mind, she set off back toward the Falls

Alas, what they came across was not what she had expected. Strangers had invaded. Those she recognized were either injured or fleeing. This was not her home. Instantly, she whispered a prayer, a prayer for mercy upon the lands she had once called home. "Agnus Dei, quitollis peccata mundi; miserere nobis. Agnus Dei, quitollis peccata mundi; miserere nobis. Agnus Dei, quitollis peccata mundi; dona nobis pacem." It was quiet, barely heard, but it was still said - begging for peace, for mercy, from the Gods that protected these lands.

"Mine sincerest apologies. Thine Falls shan't appear like this… Tis not how mineself had left it…" she chokes out, mind flooded with confusion. She lingers in a little farther, eyes widened and throat tightening for a moment before she finally comes out. "Midas? Africa?" But, deep inside of her, she doubts that they will come…

Who did this? And why?

"Laedere speaking." | Thoughts/others speaking.

Set the morning after the invasion (aka a few hours after it ends). And the prayer is 'Lamb of God' in Latin. Laedere will not be staying; but Eunomia can if she wishes. So sorry this took so long; when I had time to post the invasion happened and then life ate me. Eunomia can choose to stay here under the new rule or venture out as an outcast and choose a new home.

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