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All updates to your character records including cashing in prizes should be listed here! Once an admin has added your records, the post will be removed. Thank you very much <3

Helovia does NOT enforce art-trades for items.
Items traded for art are considered 'gifts' on the prizelist.
Please keep this in mind, as the admin cannot, do not, and will not police art-related trades!

Prize-Use Form:
<b>Character Name:</b>
<b>Prize Being Used:</b> (name of prize exactly as on records)
<b>Details of usage:</b> (please be CONCISE - magic on ONE LINE ONLY and use formatting from records!)

Good Example
Character Name: Ophelia
Prize Being Used: Sun God Magic
Details: :: [Magic: Light (U) | Able to speak into the minds of others to communicate telepathically and control them with her words]

*NOTE: admin will decide restrictions
*If you are using a companion pass, give THE NAME of the companion, THE HATCH DATE of the companion (with a thread link), the SPECIES of the companion, and the ABILITY of the companion

Trade Request Form:
<b>Your OOC Name:</b>
<b>Their OOC Name:</b>
<b>Prize Giving:</b> (name of prize exactly as on records)
<b>Prize Received:</b> (name of prize exactly as on records)

Prize Conversion Chart and Allowed Conversions:
3 small items/markings = 1 medium item/markings
5 small items/markings = 1 large item/markings
2 medium items/markings = 1 large item/markings

If your character is in ABSENT ABYSS their companion and records will not display, but are still present.

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Site Closing Prize Usage

Official trade form not required. Please post here using a prize - if it is not on your list tag the owner of the prize. With their agreement or proof of them having given it to you, the prize will be applied.

Hatching threads still required for companions!

By combining trading and using in one, it reduces admin work, thank you!
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Prize Being Used: Time God Magic
Details of usage: Time x Dark [Able to teleport short distances through shadow and darkness]
Restrictions: User must be able to touch or be near shadow or darkness.

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@Raistlyn That magic is too similar to Mesec's
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