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[OPEN] Blue Banners of the North [ AURORA BASIN]

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You approach the tall, well-crafted blue tent of the Aurora Basin. Banners wave in the wind, and long, tall timbers provide ample relief from the sun. The tent, large enough to contain most of the herd, is open for all, a thick fire burning in the center.

The herd leaders and ranked members have control over this area! Please refer to your leaders as to how this shall be set up and how Basiners will behave! Leads, please feel free to PM rules to the "Random Event" account that you want your subjects to follow while on Sky Island.

While traveling, wandering, and perusing the newest Sky Island, please keep these rules in mind. Failure to do so will result in consequences.

* Only unicorns are permitted into the herd of Aurora Basin. Newcomers may be recruited by any current member of the herd, but will require the approval of a Tier 2 or above member before acceptance.

* Recruiting Outcast Unicorns while on the Sky Island is encouraged.

* The Time God is the patron god of Aurora Basin. He is to be respected, though it is not required that members revere him. During this plot, pay mind to the other Gods as well.

* Trespassers within Basin tents are to be treated according to the following guidelines:
- Unicorns are to be treated with respect unless they show signs of aggression.
- Equines and pegasi will not be permitted or tolerated. If they refuse to leave, please find a Tier 2 or above member, instead of acting on aggression.
- Should an intruder insist upon speaking with a lead, they reserve the right to do so, regardless of race.
- Should the individual in question hail from World's Edge, they are to be allowed temporary entry with a chaperone.

*All members of the herd are to be treated with respect and considered family, regardless of differing opinions and beliefs.

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