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[[ Setting: Sky island in the late evening turning night, winter weather but no snow just cold, in the sand fighting arena at the center of the island
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Length: 3 posts each]]

The Engineer had been intrigued each day in this bustling hub of commerce. Every was selling, buying, meeting, mingling, and the social interaction was just fucking exhaustion. How long did he have to make sure that the madness didn't show through? Day in and day out, he schooled his features, curbed his personality, and that was just tiring - way too tiring. This is why he stayed in his own little world where nature and machines existed in a beautiful, apocalyptic and symbiotic relationship. Alas, others would not share the same emotions pertaining to his vision. As he had experienced before, he would just be labeled as mad, a pariah, and he would become useless to the herd he served.

But, he needed a way to let out the tension that had been building for days, so he left his crafting hut and strolled with a long, loping stride to the battleground in the center. He had been watching it for some time, rooting for the unicorns and grimacing when they got their asses handed to them, and he believed that now it was his turn. He had done well in his impromptu battle against the silent chunk, Archibald and his crazy bitch. Kirchoff was still moody about that, and the hellhound looked up at him with a sigh, able to hear his thoughts and not all that pleased about where they were going.

Large, cloven hooves hit the sand, and he shuffled his toes in the grains, feeling the depth and traction. This was nice - much better than fighting on snow. A large, winter sun had just begun to set over the horizon, its descent slow and purposeful as the Engineer looked at through the faces in the crowd, wondering if anyone was ready to take him on. He stomped one hoof on the ground, striking purposefully as the hair on his chest and face shook.

Kirchoff slunk under a fence and joined Ulrik at his side, grunting a heavy sigh through his wolf nostrils. What an idiot. "Why do you insist on getting yourself into trouble, Ulrik?" The black and silver wolf looked up at his bonded with big, gray eyes of irritation and amusement.

Ulrik smiled down at him. "To prove myself," she replied.

"Prove.... what?"

"That I am a good fighter."

"But... you're not..."

Ulrik snorted and looked down at his friend. "Then I am here to practice."

Kirchoff sighed and decided to stick with him for now, at least to help his bonded not make a complete fool of himself.

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