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veni, vedi, vici (vol v argen) [EXT]

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It clings to the feathers of his legs, like sand but colder. It falls in gentle flakes to rest upon the hot flesh of his spine, melting when it comes into contact with the blackened skin. It sucks at his stout limbs, slowing his stride to a laboured trot, warm breath steaming the air in front of him as he moves through the white landscape in a haze of pale dust. The Steppe has a special place in his heart; it is where he came on his very first adventure, when he was but a boy a few days old. He remembers licking the snow and getting an unpleasant surprise when it froze his brain, and the memory causes a snort of amusement to bless the frigid air in front of him. Ah, boyhood.

His dragons offer different reactions to the snow. Vérzés, who commands ice itself with his freezing breath and who has been here dozens of times before, barely bats an eyelid at the landscape. He simply perches on his massive bonded's broad back, gripping muscular hide with his hooked talons. Vadir, in contrast, has never seen snow before, and lowers her flight to skim over it in a steady circular motion. In his mind, Volterra feels her fierce, intelligent curiosity as she lands and sinks into the soft coldness beneath her feet, arching her proud neck to sniff the white blanket. She, unlike the red and her bonded, scrutinises this new phenomenon with a cold, analytical mind that is quite at odds with the fiery, impulsive minds of her partners, who would both have stampeded across anything unknown rather than painstakingly studying it. She is a queen, after all, and queens have all the time in the world to observe the world around them, study it, learn to own it. She will not be hurried, and Volterra leaves her to explore as he continues his powerful strides forward.

For all his love of the wintry north, he has never fought here. One day he might have to cross swords with a foe on a snow-covered day like this one, and he wants to know what he's in for when that day comes. The night air holds a distinct chill that tickles his flesh and bids it to shiver, and the starry heavens are devoid of any cloud that would act as insulation - the full moon illuminates each sculpted line of his body, and lends the snow an eerie glow. The young leviathan finds an open expanse of whiteness, with only a couple of rocks to decorate the landscape, and lifts his colossal head to trumpet a war cry into the frigid air. ""


@Argen spar

Set in the Frostbreath Steppe at night. Magic and companions up to you. Extended timeline.


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