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Night Runner [Ru vs Albrecht]

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A day’s leisurely travel brings the youth to the most northern of passages. Where she has rarely ventured, for disliking the coolness, the ice and the loss of heat. Though despite this, now that it is Tallsun, the landscape is bearable in the last reaching rays of the sun.
Ru has since touched down with a heated body, giving off wafts of steam that replace the cool air surrounding her. Most of the snow covers the grounds, that crunch and creek underneath her weight.
This land is otherworldly, as the day pulls back to reveal mountains swaddled in pinks. Magenta and the hot blood orange, tinge these tips with a foreboding reminder of why the mare has travelled so far. It is as simple as any rudimentary, animalistic purpose that exists in each and every one of them. As to why the others do not exploit these traits, is a wonder to the woman. They will all face a time in their lives, when no one can vouch for their safety. Or when Kaos rears his ugly head to destroy their homes; who will defend their borders? When there is nowhere to hide, or escape from, when home is all there is that stands between the enigmatic god.
Where do cowards run, when the call is made to arms?
There will be no escaping their vacant bodies, or their slinking forms.
She moves to stand on rocky ice. Testing out the traction in her hooves, as it catches random rubble and rock, and where there is none to catch her hooves at all. Preferring the snow-laden rocks to the uneasy purchase of pure glacier ice.
As always she is nervous with the prospect of battle. Pain still leaves its bitter impression on her mind. However finds herself more accustomed to the sense of ripping sinew and punctured muscle, despite its unnatural bite.
Rolling back her wings, she rears against her haunches and cries into the cooling airs. Her feathered mane a flare, and her neutral colours outlined by the dying sun.
Who will answer her in these frosted halls?
The uneven ground, littered with unknown ice and hidden in old frosts are challenge enough. With the lack of sunshine, there proves a more formidable obstacle. One that punctuates itself the further it sets in the long, Tallsun day. Ru softly lands on her fores as her voice rattles out, and scans the uneven grounds – littered with odd, and swerving rock formations.

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Setting: Tallsun, Frostbreath Steppe, setting sun, uneven ground composed of glacier and rock, random rock formations littered about. Anything and everything goes! :3

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