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those twins [birthing, open!]

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It is the fall of evening when the mare lays in the forest that has become home. Her mane and tail, thick and lush and purest white, spills out across the blossoming green life and flowers bright and sweet-scented; her eyes, her soft brown eyes drift close as the first pains hit her, and her breathing shortens. It is a long, long time due, the foal; and so she welcomes to relieve the weight from her plump, heavy alabastar belly, and she finds herself nearly excited. The birds are singing bright and clear, notes high and notes low, flickering and flying, rubies and gems and sapphire jewels in the reddening evening, feathers flying and little beaks opening and closing.

This Tallsun had been startlingly crazy- young animals popping up everywhere, magics blossoming in unlikely candidates, all sorts of strange things; perhaps the gods were pleased, despite the carnage of the Gods' veins, the shrines desecrated. Many weeks she had spent there, praying for a healthy child, head bowed and lips forming soundless words, before her slow travel home, just in time for the baby.

Or rather, babies. Foals. It seemed like forever and it seemed like no time at all, but there they were, one small and white with only a little black; and the other small and black with only a little white; and Tor found herself laughing, despite the pain, and she stood, legs straightening, muscles tightening, eyes sparkling in pleasure, and then she said proudly; "Ah, my little foals; sweet Laila, my filly, and handsome Luken, my colt."

[Long overdue baby thread! D:]

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