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[OPEN] You Never Bend, You Always Stood

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we are like birds of a feather
we are two hearts joined together
we will be forever as one
my brother under the sun </style>

This maze of stony tunnels might not have been the World's Edge, but it was our indefinite home for now, and it still required constant patrolling. I knew not all of the nooks and crannies of the cave, for such a thing was surely impossible, but I'd done my best to walk the lengths of several passages and assure that all were as well as they could be.

Today, my motive lie in guarding the sole entryway of the cave, the singular hole shrouded in the towering grasses that rounded the otherwise dry and desolate Heart of Helovia. I'd heard word that those affected by the strange disease were unable to pass into the caves, but was uncertain if it were true or not. I'd not risk the safety of my family, nor the other innocent lives taking cover beneath the ground.

The slope that led from the outside world and down into the caves was perpetually slick and thus still difficult to traverse, but with carefully placed steps and a few ungraceful slips, I'd managed to pull myself up and out of the cave. Suli is soon to follow after, kind enough to give a trill of what was her form of laughter as she flew out from the opening and into the skies. I give a roll of my eyes to the dragoness, then set my attention on the waivering grasses surrounding the entryway of the cave. "Pay attention," I spoke up, voice soft, "And watch from the skies."

With Suli acting as my eyes in the sky, circling endlessly but with no alert to activity, I stood near the entrance with ears twitching to every sound and questioning the little green if it were anything out of the norm. 'No,' she'd relay back, and only then would a tense silence settle back over us.

As time went on, my mind wandered, recalling the countless patrols I'd assisted Bran with several years ago, much akin to the ones I'd been dedicating my time to these past two years in the World's Edge. It had been three years since Bran and I's last scouting together, and the memory was bittersweet on my tongue. I missed the boy dearly, longed for his return with every rise and fall of the sun, but no power under this mortal sky could or would ever bring him back. I only hoped that he had found peace beyond these earthly ties and had found it in his heart to forgive me for my failure on the battlefield that fateful day so many years ago.

'WRAITH!' came Suli's screaming voice into my mind then, the singular word effectively killing my thoughts and causing muscles to tense, sending me whirling in her direction and prepared to attack. However, when I faced her, the dragoness trilled again with laughter. I sent her a dangerous look, and with a deep exhale, turned my back towards her and to the grasses once more.



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Things were still a bit too chaotic for the lady warrior, the sheer numbers of equine all trapped under ground in a few rooms, it just wasn't sitting right with her. Chestnut ears swiveled about for a moment before flicking back to rest against her skull as she weaved her way carefully through all of the interesting looking creatures that lived in Helovia. There were horses with feathered appendages, some with leathery ones, and then there were those who happened to have singular or numerous horns protruding from their faces. Shaking her skull softly the mare allowed a sigh to fall from her rosy velvets, she was perfectly content as she was, a fairly normal looking equine save for the fact she had unnatural colored patterns painted across her canvas and her eyes were the color of petals.
Her eyes rolled as a pair of jewel hued dragons darted in front of her, tossing fireballs at each other. A pointed glare was directed towards the ruby hued one as a fireball passed a little to close to Cheveyo's face for her liking and the smell of slightly singed hair began to invade her nares. Honestly she wasn't even sure why some equine liked to be accompanied by such devilish creatures, all that she had met seemed to be snarky and quite often assholes. It was the more...normal companions that drew the painted warriors attention. Something strong that could survive in the real world without having to use some kind of special magic, she had always craved an eagle. A proud beautiful bird that was strong enough to injure a full grown horse without the use of magical qualities.
Flicking her long flaxen tail the lady warrior continued on her path weaving through the masses of bodies in the underground, headed in the direction of her favorite spot. It was right by the entrance to their safe haven, where she could still see the little bit of light the sun still gave off and feel the chilled warmth of it's rays. She was normally one of the few brave ones that would wander close to the boundaries of safety, for some reason it seemed the wraiths couldn't quite make it past the entrance of their caverns so maybe guarding the entrance was pointless. But, it just made her feel better to be away from the others and closer to her freedom, closer to being able to run like mad through the fields and feel the wind tearing at her light colored mane and tail. The thoughts and memories of when it was safe brought the prickling feeling of tears to the back of her lids, she wasn't sure if the world above would ever be safe for the population of Helovia again. It was at that moment that the chiming giggle of a dragon and the hoof beats of an equine above reached her harks and snapped her out of her cloud of self-pity.
Curiosity instead flooded her blue mustang veins as ivory dipped limbs stretched out into an extended trot that oddly enough would have made any dressage horse jealous. Slowing down as she reached the slippery slope that caused almost everyone to fall flat on their faces as they entered, the paint carefully made her way to the entrance, her hooves sliding out from under her a time or two and her knees ached slightly as she hesitantly stepped onto the grass that surrounded the hole. only to come face to face with a massive black beast.
Slamming her harks back against her skull the pink eyed mare danced back a step or two, hoping to put a little distance between her and whoever the black animal was.

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