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[OPEN] Brokenhearted Aftermath [Mandatory Herd Meeting]

Kahlua the Sunshower Posts: 662
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With the challenge behind her, the heartbroken queen consoled and healed by her two best friends in the whole world, Kahlua began to put the pieces of herself back together. First on her list of things to do was to reorganize the herd with Kaj. She hoped he would take notice that she had been spending more time in the Edge as of late, tending to more of her duties and in general trying to be a better queen for him. Indeed, with the exception of two days where she had run off in the middle of the night without telling him, she had been within the draconian forest for most of the last month or two. She had been home to answer the challenge, after all... She was not intuitive enough to sense that he may be upset with her for her constant absence previously, but she had noticed him looking more bedraggled and broken down as of late.

Normally she would have chosen the spot where they had met after the darkness has receded, but today the Sunshower felt that she needed the strength of the DragonHeart. Going to their old meeting location, where her beautiful glass dragon stood in the grass on the ground, the queen mounted a small mound of earth and cried out to her herd, looking back for her King to watch him join at her side.

-Hiatus while everyone gathers-

When as many had gathered as would come, Kahlua proffered a smile to them all, though her broken and worn heart showed easily on her face. She was mentally exhausted, tired to her very core, but it had been too long since they had last gathered and the King and Queen had much to share with them. Looking to her king, glad that they had at least had a chance to talk about what they needed to share with everyone along the way, Kahlua sighed softly. She wanted alone time with him. Once again, she needed him for strength. However, for once, the painted queen found that she wanted to offer him her own shoulder and let him lean against her as well. Perhaps she was learning to be slightly less selfish.

“My friends, it has been too long,” she began, her tired voice trying so very hard to be strong for them, but the queen was a poor liar and an even poorer actor. But then, what did it matter if her family knew that she was exhausted? “I'm so glad to have you all here, we are building our numbers and getting stronger every day. Now we need to go out and make friends in Helovia, to build bonds between the herds and to spread our aim of peace as far as we can.” Pausing, she considered where to start and finally decided on Aurelia. “Unfortunately, I must share a story about our Seer Aurelia with you. She went to the Hidden Falls herd, crossed their borders without permission and then attacked their members. She was returned by members of the Asylum that live within the Hidden Falls. We were going to ask the herd if they wished to hold a trial when she challenged me for leadership.” The queen stopped, still chocked up about the snake, but pressed against her King and looked to the glass dragon for strength. “I came out victorious. She is temporarily banished from the Edge. We ask you now- would you have us hold a trial, or would you have us maintain her banishment without one? It is your decision.” She waited a moment then added, “However, regardless of your decision, Kaj and I will not have her on our council any longer. We are once again seeking someone to fill the position of Seer.”

“On a lighter note, the Lady Moon has been very generous to us. Eva, I have a gift for you.” From her basket, which she had carried to the meeting, Kahlua pulled out a purple feather that billowed dark smoke and reached her neck out to hand it off. “Res, a gift awaits you at the head of the garden, thank you for your always loyal service. Also, Aly, there is something special for you setting in the back of the glass cart that Aaron crafted for us. I think you will be quite happy to see what awaits you.” Smiling gently, the queen then stepped aside to let her King take over. Her strength was gone. She had been strong for them long enough, now it was his turn.

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From the battle he had emerged victorious, bruised and bleeding but triumphant. He had been unable to see the ending to Kahlua's battle with Aurelia, consumed with the challenge that had faced him nigh simultaneously. And as he watched her bloodied, beaten form flee from the borders, he raised his chest high and lifted his crown to the heavens. Closed his eyes and breathed in the darkness, finding strength in the success he had won from the demoness fleeing into the night. His family was safe another day. He had bled for them, thrown his body into the pits of hell called battle to ensure their safety. Would do it again in seconds, beaten and body destructed as it may be, if it meant his family lay in the cradle of safety for another night. Death would be honorable if it was claimed in the name of protection, of love. He had sworn upon his new mantle, upon the crown worn in spirit above his golden brow, that his people would find haven beneath his rule. He would face such battles every night, would relive what Confutatis had brought to him every hour if it meant his word stayed true.

So despite the ache of his body, he turned away from the borders, the glittering shards of glass stained with blood. It was time to return to his family. But he turned he saw them, those who had stood at his back during the battle, who had come to the aide of the Edge when Confutatis had knocked upon their door with bloodied knuckles and daggered teeth. Cheveyo, Archibald, Ktulu, Lakota...even little Merida. A deep sigh escapes him, but a proud smile reaches his face regardless. They had done so well. "It is over. You have all done gratitude cannot be expressed. You have made your kin proud tonight." Whether that meant something to them or not, it was said with the intent of it being important to them in some way, as it was important to him. Whatever was next to come from his mind upon his tongue was interrupted by the call of their Queen. The challenge must be finished then, he mused, and turned crown to the call. Aurals flickered as it ended, turning then to glance over those gathered. Expression sobered. "I will speak to all of you in time. It seems it's time for a meeting."

With aching body and screaming head, he forged on into the depths of the herdland. There was little time to think, to recover, but he wore his badges of battle with pride. Perhaps, if there was time, he would seek a healer. At that moment, however, he was far more concerned with Kahlua. She was no fighter, after all, and while Aurelia was but a babe and not much of an opponent, she had magic on her side. Kaj knew just how dangerous magic could be, had seen it since he'd first opened his eyes into life. What would happen to her innocent soul, her naive mindset? After his talk with Evangeline, he had tried to place more of the herd's matters upon her shoulders, tried to let her lead instead of overtaking her responsibilities. She had not flourished, but she had done better than he had feared. How far would this set her back? How badly would it damage her?

It was obvious that somehow she had been wounded, for she had retreated to the sacred meeting spot where Mirage once found her place. Despite the exhaustion that ate at him, the King managed to summon worry for the innocent woman. How badly could Aurelia have hurt her? He had not the energy to summon the rage against her that he had felt previously. Gratitude seeps back into consciousness as he recalls the faces of those who had stopped him, surprised and touched by the fact the Dauntless had been there as well. His decision no longer seemed so impersonal, and he glanced over one battered shoulder to briefly gaze at the massive stallion. It was reassuring, to know his brethren were so loyal and stubborn.

By the time he turned his head once more, the trees had thinned, and the painted mare was standing alone on the mound. Steeling his shoulders, and stubbornly ignoring the twinge that threatened to lock them, the stud moved slowly forth to take his place beside her. Pain kept him from being able to offer his side to her, beneath his wing. Hopefully his presence alone would help. As much as he wanted to know about Aurelia's challenge, the King knew it was not the time nor place. Instead, he stood in silence as the herd gathered around, unashamed of the blood still painted on his coat, the wounds plainly visible to his people. At least Kahlua was healed, that was what was of true importance to him. His own redemption could wait, so long as she was safe from the pits of darkness he hailed from.

Once they had stilled, and silence covered the previous shuffling of hooves and quiet murmurs of recognition and greeting, it was Kahlua who spoke first. Kaj was silent as a quarry's stone, a graveyard of concealed thoughts, awaiting the time when he may share them with all the eloquence he did not feel he had. At least his private inquiries had been answered, and a level of pride flowered in him to know that Kahlua had reigned victorious in her battle as well. The aureate King listened through the politics and the pleasantries, the amiable and the atrocious, as the path of their family was forged. He only hoped to have the strength to lead them down it safely. When the gifts had been announced, and silence coated the vocals of his ruling companion, the Stormbringer cleared his throat and stepped forward to face his people.

"When the Aurora Basin came to visit our borders, they came bearing news of Confutatis, leader of a band called the Regime. Two foals and their mother were taken from their home and tortured before they managed to escape. Today, Confutatis came seeking entrance into our home by way of battle. In the end, she was defeated. Our home is safe from her another day more." There was no pride nor arrogance in his tone, merely a solemn desire to express the danger they had faced both within their borders and otherwise. The blood on his coat was drying, hardening into an annoying sensation, crimson on gold. There was no pride of victory, only of keeping his people safe.

"There is a lot of bad blood between our herd and the Basin. We have been invaded on more than one occasion. We stole their home from them ourselves. But it has been extended, a possible peace treaty. They are on peaceful terms with us now, but the potential of allies is present. I ask of you, do you believe it time to move past the wrongs buried in the past? Or remain as we are?" It was not a matter he would move forth on without the explicit support of his brethren. Lace and Torleik had swayed Kaj's opinion, and the stag was not unaware of his bias. He merely hoped his subordinates, his friends and brothers, would guide him down a path they could all agree on. If not for the sake of their herd, then for the sake of Helovia and her wars.

"Similarly, when Aurelia was returned from her temporary captivity within the Hidden Falls, the ruling band, the Asylum, extended an invitation for an alliance. I am unsure of the leaders of the Falls themselves, and I urge that we create a diplomatic group that is willing to travel to the herdlands with select warriors to discuss treaties and ties. Are there any who wish to volunteer?" Kaj himself had been sent to the Throat for a long stay when he had been WingLeader, and it was a position he hoped others would be willing to fill. It was an honorable title, one that held the fate of the herd, and while Kaj would want to make entirely sure that those who desired to be part of the diplomacy were fit for the job, he also wanted to secure his herd as quickly as he could.

"Speaking of warriors. Many of you may be aware, but a Tournament was held for the position of Captain. In light of our past of invasions, it was a mass group tournament. Today, it will be revealed who has been promoted." Smiling slightly for the first time since he'd arrived, sky blues turned to look upon the two whose names were balanced upon his tongue. "Ktulu the Constrictor and Archibald the Dauntless. You both displayed your prowess in battle, and again your loyalty to the Edge with Confutatis today. Will you serve your kin, protect and teach those beneath you, as Captains?" It was their decision in the end, but he did not doubt they would claim the title. After all, they had decided to participate in the Tournament in the first place.

"Note and Fiore. You are promoted to Sergeants, should you accept the title. Protectors, you will look to Note and Fiore for commands, both from themselves and the Captains. Lead your brethren well, my friends." Head is bowed respectfully to all four of the promoted soldiers, honoring and recognizing them in turn. They were all valiant, brilliant fighters with bright flames burning inside them. Kaj respected them all quite a lot, and was aware of how grateful he was to have them in his herd.

Looking out at all of those gathered, he sighed. "The Edge is in solitude. This is both a good thing and a dangerous thing. I encourage you all to assist those in roles of importance, and once again I will aide any who desire to help our home. Alysanne herself came to me for lessons in the ways of battle. Seek out those who can help you grow. Know I am always here should you need anything I am able to spare." He concluded softly, wings pinched as he winced and stepped back, astride Kahlua. His entire frame was seizing up, pain echoing and stabbing in different places. But his people were more important than any physical ailment, and they always would be.

Congratulations to Time and Ali! Ktulu and Archibald have been named Captains of the Edge! Congratulations to Imi and Bry as well, Fiore and Note have been named Sergeants (Skilled Protectors)!

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The time had come once again for the herd to come together and basically catch up on everything that had been going on throughout the last couple of months. From everything she had heard and encountered much had happened but over the last two weeks or so she had been blind to it all having her time consumed entirely. Her twins had been taking so much of her time and energy out of her she literally felt like a walking zombie most days. The weight she had gained throughout her pregnancy had all but disappeared with her body focusing on giving everything to her babies. One foal was a lot of work but having two colts was beyond work especially considering she was raising them all by herself.

As she collected both colts by her side she slowly moved towards where she had heard Kahlua and Kaj summon the herd. While she wanted to know what had been happening in regards to her home and their extended family she found herself hesitating to attend. The first forethought was trying to keep both Aeolus and Levex out of trouble for the duration of the meeting but in the back of her mind was the lingering thought. Would he be there?

She had not seen the stallion who sired her twins after their one fateful night together. Would he be present at the meeting? Was it not in his duties to attend? Note who was one of the Edge's warriors had played a huge part in her life, but could she stand to face him now? He had broken many promises and left her alone when she had needed him the most. If it had not been for the other black stallion who had stolen her heart she may not have made it through it all. Gah why did her life have to be full of so many complications! Her heart needed to stop aching and stop loving both stallions, things were just so confusing.

Pushing past her hesitations she slowly approached where their leaders waited beside the magnificent glass dragon. Turning her head to her boys she spoke softly to them. " Please stay beside me, no running off. You are both going to meet the rest of our herd today." Both regarded her with a small nod of their heads feeling the presence of many others beginning to gather around. They were not sure what to think or what they were about to see so naturally they were nervous and a little shy. Reaching out she nuzzled their necks affectionately before once more moving forward so she stood off to the side of where everyone else would soon converge.

Blue eyes easily found one of her best friends as a small smile crossed her lips. Nodding in greeting to both nobles she couldn't be happier to know that Kahlua and Kaj had both come out victorious in their battles. What else could have possibly happened in her brief lapse from this world, it was only two or three weeks after all. At the sight of the two strangers she felt Aeolus and Levex practically glue themselves to her side as they gazed around with big bright eyes. As each herd member approached she tensed in anticipation of it being Note only somewhat relieved when it turned out not to be. There were still many to come though so this would be rather interesting.

Brisa talks
Aeolus talks
Levex talks

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No time was wasted as our lady called out, beckoning the herd to come and gather for what could only be a meeting. Having been treating ourselves to a break at the springs after our morning patrol, it didn't take long for Suli and I to arrive, the emerald flying along at my side as we moved and then taking perch between my ears, her poise attentive as violet eyes looked on at our leaders. It seemed we were the first to be standing in the presence of our King and Queen.

Looking to the sandy stallion whom I had once stood so proudly beside as a brother and a Wingleader, I felt a terrible mix of guilt and misery knot within the depths of my chest. Had he come to look at me differently now, once gentle blue eyes turned ice cold in hate should they land upon me, now that I had been gone for so long and failed both him and the herd?

Sucking in a deep breath, I tucked my chin closer to my chest in a respectful bow of my head to the Lord and Lady, as well as an attempt to hide the torment in my eyes.

I'm so sorry, brother...

Others soon gathered, and it was only then that the meeting began. Kahlua was the first to speak, and I listened intently as she spoke of a mare called Aurelia, and it was with startling realization that I recalled the Pegasus. She had been there during Resplendence's nightmare, accused of burning our family and setting the place ablaze... I'd given her little to no attention then, as she'd seemed lost and, honestly, harmless in my eyes, but to hear that she had challenged Kahlua, trespassed into another herd and attacked members...

Dark lips pulled back into a thin line as I considered briefly the given choices, my answer coming easily. "I say put her on trial," came the firm spoken words, "Have her explain her crimes in the Falls, as well as her reasons for challenge." Even if the winged lass' intentions were none of my business, and I had no qualms with challenging for positions, I couldn't possibly see why such a young girl would want so much responsibility placed upon her shoulders, nor what she thought she could do to make our home better. But maybe I was just bitter.

Kaj was next to speak, first of a Confutatis who had challenged the Storm Bringer for his crown, then of the Basin and our currents standing with them. I had only traveled there once with Kahlua, when our herds had exchanged a glass scorpion with them as a show of peace, and though they had accepted it I could still remember the stares that were far colder than the arctic chill around us. Even more so, I could remember their numbers pouring into our home and the Dragon's Throat and causing unnecessary bloodshed. "How can we trust those who had aimed to kill us, to now watch our backs?" It was a genuine question, and the topic was one I yearned to know more of. I knew not what had transpired between the Edge and the Basin since my departure from Helovia.

Then, the Falls were brought up again. Unknowing that the land had once been the Foothills, I wasn't entirely sure where it was let alone anything about it, but I was more than ready to become an active body within the Edge again and see the land for myself. "I will travel with anyone who wishes to go to the Falls." As if in agreement, Suli growled lowly within her throat and ruffle her wings before settling them back against her lithe sides.

Lastly, Kaj addressed those that were warriors, and my head lifted a little higher only to fall once more. There had been a tournament in my absence, much like the one that had named me Wingleader so long ago. The names spoken were foreign on my ears, and I turned my head to look upon the newly named Captain's of the Edge. Greed reared its ugly face as I looked upon them, but perhaps the most prominent look plaguing my eyes was that of unsung grief. It would be hard to look upon them, at least for a little while, but they already had my utmost respect.

Sergeants were named next, two fellows called Fiore and Note. I looked upon them as well with a kind eye and gentle smile; the three of us had proved our prowess in battle one way or another, and aside from the two new Captains, it would be up to us to lead and teach the Edge's Protectors.

(This is pretty bad but ohmigosh so much stuff)

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Lakota & Ktulu
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Watching the golden stallion limp off the battlefield, victorious, the sapphire dame sneered at the cowardly retreating back of the skull-faced bitch. In time she would have her revenge, would crush her beneath her power just as the Storm Bringer had done. But Lakota was no fair fighter. She would watch Confutatis gag up her internal organs, suffer until her end. Because if she and Confutatis ever met on the battlefield, Lakota would not let her walk away alive. Hissing softly to herself, trying to resist the temptation of chasing after the whelp of a wolf to finish the job herself, the damsel hardly caught the words of her new King. It was more than odd, calling someone aside Apollo or Ktulu her ruler, but he seemed a decent fellow. All that truly stuck with her after his words was the announcement of the meeting that was being called over the emerald treetops. Turning towards Ktulu, standing astride Archibald as they watched the challenge come to a close, she brushed her nose in a gentle butterfly kiss across her tattooed shoulder. Moving after their ruler, she turned crown over one shoulder and threw her a inquisitory, beckoning look, ebony plume twirling contentedly to wrap around one slim ankle.

Sure that her mate was going to continue behind her, she trotted after the wounded King, feeling bitter in her helplessness. It was a job she'd taken out of respect for her mate, when she had been an Earth Medic, and yet she had never anticipated truly missing it. Well, she had faith in Resplendence, her kitten was rather meek- thus the nickname she'd dubbed the terrified mare- but her magic was adept and flawless as any other celestial gift of healing.

In a sea of nameless, strange faces, the Poisoner has no real place to stand. Instead, she picks an open spot and merely cocks a hip, as if daring somebody to claim her little plot of land. The words of the leaders come in time, washing information over them as was the most frequent occurrence in herd meetings. Violet orbs narrowed in hatred at every mention of Confutatis. Aurelia was nothing to her, aside from an annoying child with a narrow mind, as she recalled from the Tournament. Gods help that mess of a foal-brained meatsack. Aodaun chortled softly in her mind, growling and grunting in amusement aloud. Clearly he was in agreement.

Those who were gathered were blank canvases, but it did nothing to keep her eyes from wandering. And wander they did, to two little bodies huddled close to a pale canvas. One she recognized as Brisa, the worried mare from the Tournament as well. Eyes and face softened lovingly, almost longingly as she looked at the intimidated little bodies hiding close to their mother's flanks. It was hard to pay attention when there were two adorable little foals that absolutely demanded her cuddling and cooing. Glancing over to where she'd last seen Ktulu, she awe'd softly and shifted her eyes between the foals and her mate. "Aren't they adorable?" she murmured softly, smiling wistfully at the young ones. Maybe Brisa would allow her to play with them...


Kota jolted and sheepishly smiled down at her companion, breaking her normally icy facade out of embarrassment. She had to focus more, if she was to be taken seriously as a herd member. Clearing her throat softly after Destrier had concluded what he wished to say, her own opinion flooded out, prim and concise. "The Basin have proved themselves untrustworthy in the past multiple times. I do not advise an alliance, but peaceful neutrality is something I doubt any here would object to." Especially after being invaded so many times, she snorted internally. Aodaun chided her sharply, and the mare rolled her eyes to herself. She wasn't a nice person, she'd never claimed to be otherwise.

"As for the Asylum, I'm more concerned with the leaders of the herd. I propose Aurelia remain banished, but my ways are far harsher than most. She threatened all of the herd with her stupidity, then had the gall to try and claim the throne. I'm unimpressed, and do not think she should get the respect of a trial if she did not respect us in turn." This time her derisive snort was audible, disgusted with the behavior of the childish mother. Rage flickered dull but insistent in her belly. Mares like her didn't deserve to be mothers.

Especially when mares such as Lakota couldn't be.

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Ktulu stood in silence and watched as Kaj fought his battle with Confutatis. All the same emotions she had felt when she'd watched Apollo fight Confutatis bubbled in her chest. She whole heartedly hoped that Kaj would crush the mare beneath his hooves, but her hopes were dashed when the battle came to an end. She was not one to turn her back on an opponent and while Kaj limped back toward the heart of the Edge she stood as a sentinel, alert and waiting for a surprise attack to come, but it never did. The muscles in her shoulders twitched and she glanced to the side to find Lakota still there beside her, waiting. It was something she had yet to get used to and it astounded her everytime. The Constrictor touched her nose to Lakota's forehead then turned and trotted with her behind their new king.

The herd was already beginning to gather when they arrived mere moments behind the king. Ktulu took her place standing beside Lakota, but unlike her mate her attention was on the king. At least it was until Lakota murmured. She looked in the direction that Lakota was and caught sight of the two young foals. "Yes." She agreed, though she did not have much in the way of motherly instincts for other mare's foals.

Attention was drawn back too Kaj when he spoke of Aurelia, her transgressions, and the proposed treaties with the Basin and the Asylum. "I second her banishment." The Constrictor spoke after Lakota. "Attacking another herd on their territory is unforgivable." Had she still been leading the Foothills, or Falls is it was now known, Aurelia would never have made it back home. She would have stayed until she dropped dead and her body rotted in the sun and was picked apart by vultures and wolves. "She obviously does not have the herd's best interest in mind and is only interested in her own selfish endeavors. That kind of attitude has no place in her herd that tries to maintain peace." She cared not if anyone disagreed with her, Ktulu was not as forgiving as others in the Edge seemed to be. She found that being forgiving only lead to being punched in the gut later on.

The idea of an alliance with the Basin made the mare frown. In all honesty she wanted nothing more to do with the frozen herd, but it was not her decision to make on whether or not the alliance would be forged, she could only offer her insight. "I advise caution when dealing with the Basin, they are far more clever than they are given credit for." Why the group would want an alliance with anyone was beyond her. "Perhaps an alliance with them could be a good thing, or perhaps it could be another ruse on their end to make us lower our guard so the next invasion is easier. I have no opinion of the Asylum because I know too little about them."

Her tail flicked and her ears pressed forward as Kaj spoke of the Captain competition. She had been restless, wondering if she would be made Captain or if she would be just another warrior in the Edge's ranks. Whatever the decision was she would use her body to protect her new home and its inhabitants as her way of making amends. Her head lifted a little higher when her name was spoken and when Kaj asked if she would take the position she nodded. "It would be an honor."



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They were calling for everyone to meet, and so she allowed her tired limbs to crawl towards the glass dragon - towards her dear friends voices. Shifting limbs of uncertainty glance over those who have appeared so far, and with the dark unicorn there she shuffles instantly toward Destrier's side. Too many memories of the Foothills invasion were fresh, easy to yank forward and torture her weakened mind. And, because of that, one would have to drag her by her only ear to get her anywhere near them.

Placing Des between her and those two, she attempted to press her flesh against his side - nickering out a gentle warning in the process. Valiance swooping in from above to rest in a nest of her hair, cooing his comfort to the mare already shifting uncertainly.

When they finally begin to speak of all of the things that have happened she could only lower her head, it was all so much. So much pain for a family only attempting to rebuild - restart. But, then Kahlua turns to a lighter note, and speaks of a gift by Res's garden. A whispered, thank you escapes her lips as she wonders what it might be.

Then, it was Kaj's turn, speaking of Aurelia and her crimes. Quiet limbs shift forward, stepping ahead of Destrier after he speaks of placing Aurelia on trial, and after the other two mares voice their opinions of banishment. "Aurelia has every right to be tried for her wrongs. It could be pertinent to understand the exact wrongs she placed against the Falls, to understand where we stand with them. I cannot say I will trust her again - nor can I say she will ever gain my respect back for daring to injure our family after so carelessly threatening to send us into a war, but she has the right for a trial…" And so, she slides back listening to the rest of what Kaj has to say.

Then, he speaks of Confutatis' challenge for entrance. Of course, Kaj defeated her - for there was no doubt in her mind that he could have pummeled her to the ground, killed her had she done anything to actually harm the family. Slowly, carefully, moving into the field of alliances. And, after the others have had their chance to speak, her meek voice pulls forth once more. "There may be a few members of the Basin who can prove to be of assistance. However, I do not know how to trust all of them at this time. Are the leaders the same? Have they even tried to change? If we accept this alliance I want proof that they are different - that they will not try to take over other lands the first ripe chance they have…" a pause as she takes a breath in, "And as far as the Aslyum alliance, the timing seemed strange. Awkward. Almost as if they were waving it in our faces. Using the possible threat of a war because of Aurelia's actions to weasel us into an alliance. I'm not certain how we can go about trusting them completely, either…"

They spoke more, giving people higher positions, and Res continued to press in closer to Des to calm her nerves until she could process all of her thoughts again. "I am willing to head a venture to the Falls. Kiara, an old nurse, is present there. But, I will only go with Destrier or Quil beside me. I can try and broker a peace treaty, if not an alliance with their leaders depending upon what I learn with them. That is, if you would both will me to go…" she offered, before finally falling silent and looking back towards Destrier. Would they be going? Would they be breaking the ground towards a new relationship?
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above all, do no harm.

      Ignorant as I was then to the recent strife in our herd history, I received Kahlua’s call to gather with surprise. I had been grazing near the cliffside, enjoying the shade of the forest’s eaves, when the summons came. Reluctantly I left to answer it. I hoped the effort would prove worthwhile, but no particular interest thrilled my thoughts as I approached the clearing. Others gathered there as well, all drawn by the voice of our queen: Brisa, Resplendence, faces now familiar after the brief time I had spent living alongside them. A magnificent, crystalline dragon stood among them, distracting my attention from the meeting at hand for a moment or two. It was like the glass wall, I reasoned, and like the herb gathering basket. Had Kahlua placed it here? It lent a magnificence to the meeting ground, though I wondered why the statue took that shape and not another. Clearly, better times for such a question would arise.

      I fell into the throng without speaking. Ripping my attention from the statue, I studied the pegasus stallion at Kahlua’s side: Kaj, no doubt. Evangeline had given me a name, but I had never seen the king’s face before. He stood proudly, though even a cursory glance at his features revealed the stains of battle. For the first time that day, I realized with a shock the meeting may have been called in more gravity than I had imagined. What was going on? While I wandered about ignorantly, had we been under attack? I counted myself lucky, but stood at wary attention at at last Kahlua began to speak. Her voice betrayed exhaustion I had never heard in it before. Upon closer examination, I saw also a weariness to her posture, and my concern deepened. Frowning, I listened to the whole of her story. Aurelia... was she even capable of rational action? Unfamiliar voices spoke out almost immediately in reaction to Kahlua’s question. I listened with some regret, wondering if I’d grown soft to disagree with the militant few who required banishment. Aurelia was barely past childhood – what good was treating her with cruelty? Fortunately, Resplendence spoke sense, as did a dark stallion whose name and face escaped me. I nodded in agreement with their words. If nothing else, the girl deserved a chance to defend herself. The fool.

      Kaj spoke next. Much to my surprise, he explained the source of his wounds was something entirely different. His questions were more complex than the matter of Aurelia’s punishment. I knew only a little of the Basin from Resplendence, and felt ill-equipped to speak with any authority on the matter. Instead, I listened to the opinions of the others. Most expressed reserve, an attitude I agreed with based upon my own limited knowledge. Of this Asylum I knew even less, though the single man from those ranks I had run across was kind enough. Even if wariness was wise, shutting ourselves off from the rest of the world... what good could come of that? “Our goal is peace, isn’t it?” I wondered aloud. “Perhaps offering our trust is the best way to foster that peace.” I wasn’t sure, myself. Perhaps it wasn’t my place to speak at all – but I had never been skilled at keeping my silence or guarding my thoughts. I remained silent as the others spoke of leaving on a mission of diplomacy. Though I had, myself, attended to such matters in the past, they had been neither pleasant nor productive. I was more than happy enough to remain in the Edge and offer whatever services I might while the others attended to political talk.

      The mood of the meeting, at least, did not linger on the sour notes of bad news for too long. I felt a blossoming of pride as Evangeline was gifted with some kind of... flower. It appeared magical in nature, though from a distance I could not divine its nature. I smiled nonetheless, attempting to catch her eye and vowing privately to congratulate her sometime in the future. She deserved acknowledgement, young though she was. She had experience in the trials of leadership I expected many others at the meeting lacked. A few more awards were given out; I listened with little interest to the assignment of military ranks. If anyone expected me to show an interest in fighting... they were to be sorely disappointed. I merely rolled my eyes in answer to this talk. No; I might die at the hand of violence, still, but I would rather die a pacifist than struggling to inflict wounds on another. That I had decided long ago.

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Even strife made it to this strange corner of the world, apparently. Fiore was prompt in his arrival before the King and Queen, smiling at the familiar face of Kahlua and nodding in respect to the not so familiar Kaj before eyes drifted to appreciate the glass dragon, another oddity he was greatly used to by now. His once naive face that was always surprised had slowly set back into his normal composed features over recent days as the warrior’s mind accepted the weird and strange for reality. The sweet paint leader, the one who had welcomed him, looked a little worse for wear than he usually remembered her and the news she brought with it was equally rather troubling. Fiore thought that he should have an opinion on the matters, but struggled to form one as his knowledge of these other lands and bands was zilch. Instead he pondered it from as a neutral party, not really making clear decisions even when Kaj announced his own bit of information. Though eventually he formed an answer on each matter presented.

First, however, he listened to some of the rest of the inhabitants. Faces he did not recognize voiced a mixture of strong willed opinions to more ponderous ones showing the clear diversity of the herd, he heard no unanimous vote though some of the issues appeared to have more clear cut answers than others. When Fiore found a moment to voice his own opinions he paused before speaking, taking in a deep unsure breath, after all he was a stranger to most of these and maybe they would respect him less for that. The stallion wouldn’t blame them for it, but it meant he had a lot of introductions to make. A friend might be nice one day, instead of flirting on the edge with acquaintances.

"I do not know Aurelia personally, but I agree as with what has been previously said, the right to a trial. Allow her a voice before casting her off." He said quite clearly with a calm voice, they didn't know what kind of threat she may be in the distant future either, an ambiguous threat was a dangerous one. It was all he could say on that matter, however, and swiftly he moved on to the next pressing issue. "I again know little of these proposed alliances and would rather not draw my conclusion without understanding this land more fully, forgive my ignorance." He commented on the final two matters rather gingerly, but it would do no good if he somehow swayed the overall decisions based on no knowledge. Let those who understand the matter on more personal levels decide, that was the decision of Fiore.

Finally he let the look of surprise settle across his face at the announcement of his change in rank and he looked at Kaj in disbelief. A Sergeant? Him? All I did was run away he thought with confused amusement and almost self pride for managing to impress a little with his abysmal antics. He knew when the fight ended that he was not up to the standard of Captain, yet he never imagined he’d be given a higher place amongst the warrior regiment. With great respect he greeted Kaj with humble smile of thanks "you honour me too much! I will gladly accept" how fine he thought happily.

He had one last thing to say, about the matter of volunteers "I will also volunteer to travel to the Falls. My knowledge of neighbouring lands is non-existent, I would serve you best as a more informed soldier." He put forward his name and hoped they’d be kind enough to allow him to tag along.

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It’s a summons, one that Dragomir responds to with a heavy sigh and much guffaw as he sets down his afternoon’s work and makes his way from his clearing. Never the most social of men to walk the earth, he walks with all the enthusiasm of a cat making its way to a bubble bath, large hooves plodding with stoic disinterest as others pass him by on the quick pitter pat of trotting limbs. Because of his slow pace, he arrives to the hind of the gathering after most of the others, choosing a place along the far borders of the throng and watching to two leaders ahead of them for the words sure to follow.

The first thing that fills him with deep distrust and dislike of this Seer figure; rolling his eyes ever so slightly and leaning his shoulder into the tree that he has chosen as his meeting outpost, he wonders why it is that Kahlua even needs to ask what to do with Aurelia. It was an easy enough solution to Dragomir – banishment seemed just fine, perhaps even to kill the woman for her acts of treason, but as he watches both Kahlua and Kaj up there he realizes that it is not their way to be unkind, even when the perpetrator is as worthy of punishment as this one seems to be. At least, he thinks to himself, they’re stripping the idiot of her rank and closeness to the Moon.

Next is a rambling about gifts and trinkets, though he does eye the glimmering feather with much awe and wonders if it is truly from the Goddess herself as he thinks it is. Deep purple, trailing a wake of starlight, it holds his focus even as Kaj begins to speak.

When he realizes what is being said, however, his attentions turn most immediately to the King, his words holding much more validity in a mind such as Dragomir’s than the follies of one deranged Seer. It is a story of horror, and sadness, and while the Aurora Basin is given mention as the recipients of the violence, he shudders to think that it had been inflicted upon children. This Confutatis… he would be sure not to mingle with her for to long should they meet in the future.

He does take note of the war damage on the Golden King now, formerly having been obsessed with not looking at Kahlua and later with looking at the feather; he smiles fondly in their discovery, feeling that same sense of pride well within himself as at the last meeting, where Quilyan had dedicated his lives to them. Kaj was there, baring the scars for his family, and it settled well within Dragomir to know that, while his new family was unconventional and surely would be appalling to his sire and early Gods, they were truly bound as one.

What he says next draws the Glazier’s attention even more, his dark rimmed ears lifting and blue eyes glittering with rapt focus. As the question fills the air, Dragomir’s ears flit back atop his head and his memory grasps at the strands of memory that bind the unicorns to Mirage, the words she’d spoken in warning; but there, there was proof in the fact that they had come and not brought danger, only protection against a dangerous woman, that they could change, that there could be friendship where there once was none. If he had been younger, less the man he was becoming now, he would have balked at the notion of murderers becoming friends – but he was that murderer.

And around him were those who had accepted him for his faults, who had seen the glimmer of light beneath the ruddy smut of his past.

There are more talks of alliances, one with a group known as the Hidden Falls and the Asylum in one place (which is an odd notion, truly, that they are so divided among themselves), and then it evolves into promotions of the warriors. He nods congratulations to each in turn, finding great pleasure in the fact that the captains are both equine and seem to be riddled with marks that prove their worth.

Once Kaj finishes his conclusion about training (which Dragomir has no time for, quite regrettably – another thing his father would curse and stamp his hooves over), the Glazier takes time to mull over all that he has been told as the others chime in their opinions – at least those who hadn’t spoken between all of the words said to begin with. One stallion in particular catches his attention, so perfectly worded his argument, and Dragomir looks to the shaggy, male unicorn with a glance that can best be read as impressed.

Swallowing his dismay at having to speak but slowly coming to terms with the responsibility of his station, his adds his voice as a council member to the gathering rise of those around him.

"A trial is fair, as I see it, for the first count against the wayward Seer. It is possible that the scuffle that occurred between Aurelia and the Hidden Falls is missing evidence that she could provide, and surely it will soothe any wounded feelings harbored by the oppositional herd," he pauses, looking at the painted Queen with some pain evident in his features, not truly wanting to vocalize his opinion but knowing it has valid points that both she and the King must hear, "however… to charge her to trial for challenging the Queen is folly, no matter the love you hold for her. Since the early times we have fought for positions we felt we were more worthy of than those who held it. There is no crime in testing ones strength or ability against another; the Queen was not killed or severely wounded. There was no crime committed."

Another pause in his words, a collection of his thoughts before he comments on the alliances brought to mention. "The unicorn makes a good point," he says, smiling apologetically at Ruske for not knowing his name, "we seek peace, and they have sought us out looking for it. By that logic, both the Hidden Falls and the Aurora Basin are welcome friends. However, I have heard much of the Basin that leaves them wanting. What proof do we have that this is not, as Ktulu says, a ruse to soften our defenses towards them?"

"I will go with the others to the Falls, if I am needed," he concedes, not really willing to put aside his work but wanting to see for himself what the duality of the herd meant, "I know little of them as well. But I do wonder why it is that they go by two names, rather than just one… it seems a sign of discontent and a lack of unity, but could just be a strange nuance of their people. It would be wise to ensure it’s the latter; we do not want to strap ourselves to something due to explode anytime soon."

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It seems you are rather late to the party. When Kahlua called, you had been walking along the wall again, worriedly yanking brush from the base. Ever since you saw the fire, this is how you have spent many of your free days. While you like to think that your efforts are helping, you realize that you have only covered a tiny stretch in comparison to the vast extent of the Edge border. Nevertheless, you keep at it, determined to reach the end.

Anyhow, by the time you reach the clearing, several herd members have already gathered. Besides Kahlua, who’s facing the group, and your brother’s lady friend, there are few familiar faces. You hesitate slightly, unsure of where to stand, but at the last second, you see Dragomir, the glassblower and your teacher. Smiling, you slip in beside him where he stands on the fringes of the group, ruffling your feathers in your happiness at having found a friend.

You soon realize that you have missed the first part of the meeting, for those gathered are already deep in discussion. Shyly, you hang back, listening as they discuss what seems to be a punishment for someone (Aurelia?) who has wronged the herd somehow, followed by talk of two alliances. Praying that you are not required to speak, you stand quietly, ears twitching to and fro as each member shares their opinions. You decide that when you agree, you will nod—hopefully that will suffice. So, you nod along as your herdmates propose to uphold Aurelia’s trial (after all, it’s only fair) and move to support both alliances. You nod especially vigorously when the bay rabicano unicorn speaks. You agree that peace is best, and you’d much rather make two alliances than two declared enemies. Better fickle friends than none at all.

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While I Can Still be Called "Me"

When the summons came, I was quick to answer.

There were already a number of souls gathered to listen to the meeting of our King and Queen, and I fell in line like a good soldier and civilian should. The tips of my ears were cocked forward, upwards and poised at the heavens in rapt attention as my large, tobiano frame slowly ambled through the crowds, searching for the familiar ebonite form of my distant father. I yearned for his company, I desired his devotion and words of wisdom, and when the chocolate orbs of my gaze landed upon his defeatist form, I made haste to his side.

"... Pa." The greeting was soft, something that was only meant for his ears and for Suli, if she understood the words we spoke as Equines. My hooves stopped their advancement as I came to rest beside him, just a muzzle's-length away to his right, and by the Gods, when I did I begin to surpass him in height? The realization was disheartening, painfully so, and it tore at my heart and made my insides ache. It wasn't the same as the sun-shaped mark that steadily burned the skin of my right shoulder, but more encompassing, more sharp like a stick had been lodged within my pale breast.

Did Destrier think he failed as a father when he looked upon me? Did he blame himself for things that were so out of his control? It was not him, but me... But if my father had taught me anything, it was that our pasts did nothing but bind us in turmoil, and that we had to look towards the future if we wanted to achieve greatness.

Gently I moved my muzzle to the left to brush it affectionately against the high point of his shoulder, and I lipped him gently, savoring his familiar smell. My father was the only of my family who remained, and I showed a poor job of repaying his kindness and generosity. I had to get better about that.

As the King and Queen began to speak, my eyes drifted and roamed over the familiar form of Kaj, remembering the days where he served alongside Destrier as Edge Wingleader. Such things had changed... My eyes, then, rested on Kahlua, and I couldn't help the shiver that slowly crept down my spine at the familiar sight of her. I remembered the day we had first crossed paths... And idly I wondered if she could recall such torturous events.

She had been a monster then, an infected wraith, a lost soul, but she had still tried to rip me limb from limb... And now she was my Queen. I was expected to bow to her, and the taste of that knowledge was bitter upon my tongue. A sigh escaped my lips, and I still listened... Because that is what a good soldier did.

"A trial," I respond with conviction that surprised even myself, "I want to hear what she has to say." I wasn't familiar with many of the affairs of the Edge herd anymore, nor was I familiar with many of those who lived here, but it was still my home. Even if Kahlua had once tried to kill me and possibly devour my very insides, she was a Queen, and should have been treated like one. If not for Destrier's kindness in my upbringing, I probably would have agreed with those who yearned to deny Aurelia any kind of trial... But through my father, I learned forgiveness, and I learned it was possible to repent.

Kahlua showed obvious signs of that now.

"Are we not all capable of redeeming ourselves?" And here, my eyes lingered on the gaze of the Sunshower, uncertain if she even knew who I was. No matter.

I had said my peace, and I planned to leave it at that. Let the others decide who would, or wouldn't, be our allies. My worry had turned to my father, and I simply stood with my head lowered, and listened to his breathing.

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I cautiously followed Ruske. I don't think he knows I am following him, but I am. Boy, I've followed him for a while. Did he forget about me? Is he trying to leave me like Mama left? I don't get why everyone leaves. Is this a habit here? Will everyone always leave? I stumble out of the shadows. There is a large group of horse. I see Ruske and I awkwardly shuffle towards him. I bet he'll notice me now, right? "Daddy!" My voice is louder than a whisper, much louder. I surprise myself and my mouth drops open. Oops. No one ever said I was cautious. I got that from Aurelia.

I listen to everyone and everything. This huge conversation starts of with these two horses that look like they have authority. The paint mare begins with "My friends," I've never had friends before! I like her. They start speaking, but what they start with makes anger course through my body. Aurelia? She challenged the paint? What does that mean? She says she's banished, and I don't even know what to do. My body goes stiff. Momma's gone forever now? No trial, no trial! She left me here! No trial! She doesn't deserve to come back! "Au-Aurelia's my Momma..." My voice is awkwardly high-pitched. My voice isn't smooth, but rough and unrefined. I'm a baby, after all. There is no way to sound mature at such a young age. In all honesty, I'm surprised I can speak in such an advanced way as I just did. "Ban, ban! She... left me in Threshold with Ruske and pretty mare that looks like Evangeline." I pause for a moment and look around. I don't see the pretty mare that my mom left me with. She was dark, almost grey, with a white mane and tail. Ruske said that she looked like Evangeline. This is why I say this. I have yet to meet Evangeline. I notice there is a mare that looks like the one from the Threshold? Is that her? No... This one's legs are white. Evangeline look-alike didn't have those white legs.

I don't really listen to what anyone else has to say. I kinda just look around and try to get as close to Ruske as possible. I secretly wonder if he'll move away from me, as if he doesn't remember me. I see a white mare, and a black stallion. They are the first ones to catch my eyes. I see a few foals, and smile. Maybe they can be friends with me? I see a white stallion with orange and black spots. He looks friendly, and nice. Maybe I should meet him? I can take Ruske to meet him, too! I see this orange-reddish mare with darker legs and a lot of hair... And one ear? I don't really question it. I'm sure she was probably just born without it. I notice the blue mare with the darker legs next. She has a bear with her? I don't get it.. shouldn't we be running from it? Why is she looking at it? She should be warning us, right? I think? I don't know. I can't help, but stare at the bare and at the mare. They're quite pretty. The bear is all white, and she's all blue. They almost mimic the color of ice and snow.

Then I see the black and white stallion. Oh, wow. I want spots! I'm all dark colored with smudged splotches of gold and brown. I want to be that color. I look back at the ones who were speaking a lot. The painted mare, and the sandy stallion. An interesting match, if I say so myself. He is a pegasus with wings like mine, she is an equine. There aren't many horned ones here. No one looks like Ryuu's dad here. Did Ryuu's dad leave? Where is Ryuu? Why is everyone disappearing? "Daddy, where is Ryuu?" I look up at my dad. Can I call him Daddy? Does he like that? I like it. I wonder if he knows about Ryuu. Should I ask to go searching for Ryuu with him? Maybe I can make Ryuu come home and stay with me and Ruske. That'd be nice.

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She had known that a herd meeting would be called especially after the recent events that had transpired. That was the reason why Evangeline had stuck close to the Edge rather than venture off to explore more of her new home. Home. It still felt strange referring to Helovia as home but as the days and weeks wore on she felt more and more comfortable. Her ears twitched at the far off sound of someone's voice. Tallis, who had much sharper hearing than she did, chirped and landed upon his bonded's back. 'Silly Queen call for herd.' He said. 'We go now.' The orange mare nodded her head in agreement with Tallis. The dragon took to the air and his bonded followed behind him at a slow trot.

When they got to the meeting there were already a few of the herd members gathered around, some of them Evangeline knew, but most of them were strangers to her. She had hoped to slip in unnoticed but it seemed as if Kahlua had been waiting for her. No sooner had Evangeline made herself comfortable her name was being called. The mare's ears tilted forward and she walked toward Kahlua, her eyes on the feather that the Queen claimed came from the Moon Goddess herself. "Thank you." She murmured. The mare reached out to take the feather but Tallis beat her to it. He swooped down and grabbed the feather in his claws then circled around and landed roughly on Evangeline's back, immediately setting to work tying the feather into his bonded's mane.

Evangeline turned to walk back to where she had been standing, but Ruske caught her eye. She smiled at her friend and headed in his direction, content to sit through the rest of the meeting standing beside him. As she came to stand next to Ruske she touched her muzzle to his shoulder then took notice of the small child standing beside him. 'Weird.' Tallis said as he, too, peeked down. 'He find it?' "Good question." Eva said in response, but it was something that could be discussed later and not in a public setting.

The tone of the meeting shifted to Aurelia, whom Evangeline had already known about after talking to Kaj, and alliances with other herds. Others began to speak up, two calling for banishment and countless others (including Ruske) calling for a trial. Another, smaller voice, speaks up and Eva's attention is drawn to the little filly that calls Ruske daddy. She, too, called for the mare, her mother who abandoned her, to be banished. 'Banish.' Tallis echoed the two militaristic mares and the child. "How do you propose to get the truth if you put her on trial?" The mare asked, rather than pass judgement. "Anyone wanting to save their own skin is going to lie. If you cannot fully trust the words of the herd that returned her here how can you trust her's? She was the one that was supposedly in the wrong, wouldn't it be natural for her to stretch the truth?" As she spoke Tallis moved from her back to sit on Ruske's. "I would like to propose my own questions. How many of us are there that would trust her should she be allowed to stay after her trial? And lets say she does stay and we still don't trust her. Should we have to live here knowing that there is someone among us that we cannot trust to not be a threat us? Aren't there enough threats outside of our walls? Should we have to live with one within them?" She, however, would remain silent about Aurelia's challenge to Kahlua but she couldn't help but wonder what the younger mare had been thinking. If she couldn't be a competent wise one what in the world made her think she could make a half competent leader?

Her gaze turned to Ruske when he spoke up about peace and offering trust to the Aurora Basin unicorns. She did agree with him, but she also agreed with the newly named captain that it could be a ruse to weaken their defenses. She found herself leaning toward agreeing with Resplendence on her stance on the Asylum, though she had not been there to see the full exchange herself. "In the end no herd can survive in complete isolation. With no allies we would have no one to come to our defense should we need it. It is beneficial to us to have at least one ally. Perhaps we could offer our alliance to the Falls as a token of good faith. To show that we, as a herd, have no ill will against them. With that said, I would like to volunteer to travel to the Falls to discuss peace with them."



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I hadn't been doing much of anything when the Sunshower and the Stormbringer had called us all to their company. It was a blessing to see that the Sunshower would still be our Queen, instead of the wretched crazy gold splattered mare...I honestly wasn't quite sure what I would have done if the verdict had came back in any other way, probably left. Or even challenged the broad myself once things had settled and I gave her time to heal from whatever injuries she may have sustained. A grim grin had stretched it's way across my white washed features as my yellow painted hooves carried me easily into the clearing where our meeting was being held.
“I'm so glad to have you all here, we are building our numbers and getting stronger every day. Now we need to go out and make friends in Helovia, to build bonds between the herds and to spread our aim of peace as far as we can. Unfortunately, I must share a story about our Seer Aurelia with you. She went to the Hidden Falls herd, crossed their borders without permission and then attacked their members. She was returned by members of the Asylum that live within the Hidden Falls. We were going to ask the herd if they wished to hold a trial when she challenged me for leadership. I came out victorious. She is temporarily banished from the Edge. We ask you now- would you have us hold a trial, or would you have us maintain her banishment without one? It is your decision. However, regardless of your decision, Kaj and I will not have her on our council any longer. We are once again seeking someone to fill the position of Seer.” I listened closely to the story that Kahlua shared, rehashing the events that I had been a part of in this last season without Aurelia it would have been a simple return to the Edge and things would have slipped right back into their normal swing of things. But regardless as to if the Queen had returned unharmed from her bought with the gold splattered broad, I believed she had made her bed and now it was time for her to lay in it.
I remained silent, my chestnut harks swiveling about as everyone spoke their mind about the decision of Aurelia's possible return. The thought caused my multihued pelt to shudder against thick layers of muscle and sadly it seemed as if everyone was agreeing that she deserved a fair and just trial. The whisper of a growl began to rumble at the base of my throat when the sound of another's voice spoke up over the masses. "How do you propose to get the truth if you put her on trial? Anyone wanting to save their own skin is going to lie. If you cannot fully trust the words of the herd that returned her here how can you trust her's? She was the one that was supposedly in the wrong, wouldn't it be natural for her to stretch the truth? I would like to propose my own questions. How many of us are there that would trust her should she be allowed to stay after her trial? And lets say she does stay and we still don't trust her. Should we have to live here knowing that there is someone among us that we cannot trust to not be a threat us? Aren't there enough threats outside of our walls? Should we have to live with one within them?" Orchid pools flicked over to the sun-kissed mare who had spoken, her green eyes glowing with a wisdom that I hoped to gain one day. My tail switched ever so slightly against my ankles as I looked away from the flaxen mare and instead turned back to the paint and the winged buckskin that I had grown to respect so much in such a short time. "I would have to agree full-heartedly, who knows what else that mare has up her sleeve if we were to allow her entrance back."
It was the mare's next set of words that reminded me there was more to this meeting than just the fate of a traitor. "In the end no herd can survive in complete isolation. With no allies we would have no one to come to our defense should we need it. It is beneficial to us to have at least one ally. Perhaps we could offer our alliance to the Falls as a token of good faith. To show that we, as a herd, have no ill will against them. With that said, I would like to volunteer to travel to the Falls to discuss peace with them." There were the matters of alliances with two other herds that had been offered, one being a herd that I knew nothing of other than the fact that they offered an alliance after Aurelia attempted to barbeque them all. And then there was the Basin that I heard tales of being populated by barbaric unicorns who liked the idea of having a world full of just the horned. My harks swiveled uncomfortably as I thought over the options momentarily before my rosy kissers parted once more to allow gruff words loose. "The Basin has wronged us on many ocassions while the Falls have not yet wronged us, in fact it was quite the opposite. I believe the choice is clear." As I finished speaking my peace on the reason behind the whole meeting, I settled my weight back on my hind legs to enjoy the rest of the herd's ideas now that the wise flaxen had spoken up and changed the whole game plan.

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The cremello painted Pegasus had still yet to meet her leaders, Kahlua and Kaj. A sudden call made the mare prick her small ears curiously. She turned bright honey orbs towards her sleeping son, should she wake him? Yes, it would be good for him to see everyone that he would be living with, even if he did not yet know all their names. It would be good for him to know familiar face so he could feel safe with them. Penna landed lightly on her rough withers and chirped softly. His bonded smiled softly before lowering her muzzle to Ilios, "Time to wake up my little Prince." Nudging his warm flank until he stirred lifting his handsome little head. "What's going on Momma?" She smiled softly, "There is a herd meeting and we need to go to it, love. Stay close to me and try to keep quite please, we don't want to interrupt anything important." The colt wobbled clumsily to his soft foal hooves and the trio moved towards the call.

As they neared the meeting area the teal streaked mare flipped her short Mohawk mane as she pulled up her colt stopping at her side. She listened quietly her eyes passing over her leaders. A golden stud and a black and white mare they were both bloodied. Her heart went out to them as she heard of their resent fights. Ilios pricked up his ears at the sound of the mare he had spoken too. "Momma she didn't seem bad when I met..." He pulled up short a pang of nerves shooting through his body. He hadn't told her about his meeting with the mare, when he had slipped away. Parelia glared at her son for a moment before turning back to the leaders and moving slowly carefully picking her way forward then paused. "Stay here Ilios I need to say something to them all so they know,and you need to stay a little farther back, ok?" He nodded his handsome golden head.

She carefully picked her way between the members and stopped when she was close to the front. She took a deep breath and spoke her words clearly, "Kaj, Kahlua I am Parelia and new to your herd. First it is great to finally meet you both." She paused to bow to the pair before continuing when she straightened up. "I came from the Hidden Falls, the leaders are Seele and Midas." She raised her head and met both of her leaders eyes slowly carefully. Penna ruffled his now adult feathers and waited. Her voice was clear and loud, "I know my opinion does not matter as much as some in the herd, but I myself do not trust most of the members in that herd. Not everyone there is untrustworthy, there are a few, such as Sir Midas." The falcon screeched his approval bobbing his sharp beaked head in agreement. "On the subject of the Basin, I do not think they can be trusted either. When I arrived a unicorn mare, golden and bay mare attacked me because, she could. I have to assume she was from the basin. If they are really racist and hate everyone else, why would they want to alliance with us? Besides to lure us into a false security then attack?" Once again the winged mare paused and spoke, "I think the filly, Aurelia, should be allowed a trial, but as it was said, what if we don't trust her? We could always hold another meeting after her trial to see how we all feel about her?" She nodded softly to the leaders then stepped back among her family.

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Lior soars above her, screeching in a horrendous yet harmonious tone, and she cranes her fragile neck to look at the dark avian. Her ears tilt forward at the sound of a mare's call, ears flicking back at the loud noise. With long, graceful strides she stumbles upon the gathered herd, ears perked in curiosity. She saw few familiar faces, Nasreen, Kahlua, Resplendence and that dark stallion. She found herself alone in the back of the gathered crowd, too afraid to step forward anymore for fear of being crushed between the gathering steeds.

Shifting her attention to the King and Queen, she listens closely what each of them have to say. She does not offer her own opinion, however, for she is far too afraid to speak publicly to these strangers. And as she takes notice of the foals she begins to break down, body quivering. They were so close to her, she began to take a few steps back. There was no way she was staying anywhere near these things.

Never has she heard of the things they're talking about, the Aurora Basin, the Asylum, a mare named Aurelia who did something wrong— she had no opinion on these things, although the word Asylum it means a house of the insane? Eugenius, she feels her body tremble at the name. She knows that that word is familiar, but she cannot touch that memory, it stands before her, but she cannot grasp it. She wanted to scream, but she holds it back, standing staring into the expanse of clustered horses, backing away from the little demons— and the Stallions. She could not trust them at all. So she stands and remains silent, ears flicked back as she gazes up at Kahlua, still afraid of her despite the fact that she was back to normal.
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I've settled into the Edge, but I still haven't met many others. There was Ruske and Resplendence, and they were all that I knew. I frown, because I should really begin to talk to more of my herd mates. I've kind of been lingering in the mist with Adella these past few weeks, with no one but her. It was sad at times, but it was nice to have her with me. As I walk casually, Adella chirps, unfurling her wings from her perch at my withers, claws kneading into my skin as she wiggles excitedly, sensing others.

I look out, squinting to see other dark figures gathered farther along. What is it? I ask her, ears perked as I hear voices. "A gathering of some sort—" She responds, sitting on my back and holding on as I burst into a trot, hurrying my way into the crowd. I hear the words of the two horses standing before us, a mare of black and white paint and a stallion whose body is toffee, wings at his sides.

The mare speaks of a trial for a mare, Aurelia, whom had been the seer of the herd. I perk my ears and offer my opinion once everyone grows silent. "It is only fair to hold trial. She may be able to prove herself worthy of reentry into the Edge. I do believe it is fair to strip her of her rank of Seer and make her work her way back up. It is not fair however to banish her without a fair trial." I pause, looking around before offering in more words. "But do we know if she wants a trial? What if this Aurelia would prefer not to be tried and instead go on her way?" I take in a breath of air, now babbling about the alliances. I flick forward my ears and begin to voice my own opinion, raising it from a delicate tone to one that booms. "If the Aurora Basin has wronged us in the past, why would we align ourselves with them?" I take a moment before piping up again. "But then again, isn't the saying keep your friends close and enemies closer? They may prove to be powerful allies.. and the Asylum may as well."

I sink back, and Adella nods approvingly. I offer a smile and she offers compliments. "A good, suitable opinion spoken with a strong voice." She nods her little scaled head, and perches upon my withers, watching with her beady orange eyes, wings folded and body relaxed.
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Petra had heard the cry to gather from a familiar voice, and moved with the others to a mound of earth where the painted queen and a buckskin stallion she took to be the king stood. As the herd assembled she took note of all the unfamiliar faces, tentatively taking up a place in their circle standing between two strangers. Kahlua looked quite altered since she had seen her last. The queen's face was tired, her very stance echoed a sense a exhaustion and defeat. This was not the bright, sunny mare that had rescued Petra from the Threshold. Kahlua spoke, and it soon became evident the source of all her worries: she had been betrayed, and Petra's heart went out to her.

The tall, buckskin mare listened to each member of her new herd in turn, as they all weighed in on the important matters at hand. She allowed herself to settle back, her hooves sinking deep into the earth beneath her, intent on taking the measure of each of those assembled. Her eyes bounced from one to another, following the sound of the voice that spoke. Sentiments varied widely it seemed, there was not a consensus immediately evident. The unicorn stallion she had met earlier seemed to have sound judgment; Petra approved and concurred. While she listened, she hemmed and hawed, debating in her mind whether or not to voice her opinions. Her voice, given its relative newness, might be of little consequence she thought, but this might be a way to introduce it to the herd.

Petra waited until most of the others had spoken, still gauging the overall mood and feelings of everyone. Then, she cleared her throat and raised her head as she stepped forward out of her relaxed posture, drawing herself up to her full height. In a rich tone she spoke out: “I am new to this land, and do not know the entire history of it as of yet, nor do I have much knowledge of the mare being spoken of. However, mercy and justice are qualities to be sought. The law of the land must surely be followed, even for those who might be considered unworthy of such consideration. Perhaps it is in those cases especially that reason and justice should prevail, lest we allow ourselves to be ruled entirely by sentiment.” She paused, stopping to look some of her herdmates in the eye. “As to the issue of alliances, the goal I believe is peace. If we approach other herds with nothing but paranoia and suspicion, we are then reduced to a cycle of bad relations and no peace is achieved. Let us then approach them with open arms and conduct ourselves with honor. If they make an alliance in bad faith, we can at least be assured of our own good intentions. Lead this land with a noble and honest example so that everyone else may follow.” Finished with her address, she stepped back to hide amongst her herd, hoping her calm and reasoned response was well received.

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Archibald the Dauntless

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Archibald came, a silent hurricane of power and ability. His black shadow cast over the mares at his side, his faithful and loyal allies, Ktulu and Lakota. The pair were together, comforted by each other's touch, and it made something inside of the Dauntless wrench and yearn for his own mate. He would go to her soon and bring her to this new home, and he would ask tell his sons that their own decisions were the ones that mattered. They were yearlings now, taking on the world as their own, and Archibald knew he and their mother had taught them well enough to survive and thrive. His sons would be powerful, and their names would be great, but he would not dictate their hooves as his mother had his and his brothers'. Archibald was too confident in them, and cared too deeply for their independence.

Stopping in the surrounding of his fellow herdmates, towering over each of them with great measure, he watched the leaders before him. His body was no longer sore and there was no hindrance in his movements. He stood victorious, his battle prowess and knowledge exceeding over his opponents. He watched, silent and statuesque, as the leaders voiced their concerns, praises, and other matters. With a lift of his chin and a simple nod, Archibald accepted his task as Captain. "I will train the protectors and soldiers of this land to keep threats and advances thwarted." He turned his golden eyes to look upon each face before him, his voice loud and clear as thunder in the night. "Warriors, I ask that we convene after this meeting has cleared. Likewise, any non-tasked member that wished to fulfill their purpose and pull their weight, stay and seek me." Archibald let his eyes fall to Ktulu, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that she would agree to his words. Together, the Constrictor and the Dauntless could raise an army as powerful as the waves that crashed against their coast.

His attention, however, was drawn back to the important matters at hoof. "Aurelia should be punished for her crimes. She deserves no trial, for treason is not to be tolerated." Archibald was confident in his words as he spoke, "When a fire begins to burn even on the smallest of knolls it will consume the entire forest. To keep peace, traitors should not be able to reside in the lands. She bit the hand that fed her, that sheltered her, that helped her, and she should understand her mistakes and deal with them, away from the Edge. Second chances are not the opportunity for a new beginning, they are the opportunity for betrayal." Archibald's eyes fell on Evangeline momentarily, remembering her peaceful and diplomatic ways from her leadership of the Woodlands. He thought of Roanne in that moment, and the friesian's blood as it stained his feathers with the sound of his dinner-plate hooves crushing the Sentinel's skull. "As far as the Aurora Basin is concerned, I do not believe aligning ourselves with them is wise. They have manipulated alliances in the past to rip apart tranquility in Helovia."

Golden eyes flicked towards Ktulu quickly before moving onto Kaj again. The Dauntless knew her regret well enough, and he would not make her dwell on it. "I will travel with diplomats to herds for protection and discussion. I have lived my share of leadership roles as Chief and General, and I believe I am well fit to continue to do so. For years I have lived in Helovia, and for most of that time I resided in what was once the Windtossed Foothills. Though it has transformed, out of all that are here today, I know each crevice of that land better than any. I am willing to travel to the Falls and converse with the leaders there."

Finally, Archibald fell silent, and waited. Loretta, calm and silent as a star, floated in and settled beneath his towering frame.

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