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My Mirror Dissapoints Me [time]

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There was an ominous stillness about the air as my yellow painted hooves carried me to the meeting place I had been told to go to. I wasn't entirely sure why the Dauntless wanted to meet with me, but I was sure it was something to do with the training us warriors were being put through now. Was I to spar the great Captain? The black stallion who towered over my slight frame like a mountain alongside a meek hill? Regardless of his size, I wasn't all to worried about the idea of a spar with him.
I would surely learn quite a bit about his technique and my own. I had grown rusty with idleness with all of the going on about Aurelia and what should be done over her banishment from the Edge. I was sure that the Dauntless would have much to scold me for during our spar, it had been a while since I had sparred with anything more than a tree. Those were good target practice, they didn't move, and only hit back on the rare occasions.
I was thankful for the clear sky the gods had given us today. There was not a single cloud in the sky as far as I could see from my lowly position on the surface of the Earth's hard and dry crust. It was just dry enough that the thread of rain seemed quite far off, unless the Dauntless had some weather related magic that I was unaware of...just dry enough that the ground was hard but not dusty from a lack of precipitation, but the sun's rays were harsh as they beat down upon my golden back without a breeze to provide any relief. A sigh tore through my rosy kissers as I almost wished the sparring grounds were littered with trees that provided nice shade from the harsh rays.
Chestnut harks flickered as my ivory dipped limbs ceased their forward motion, orchid pools drifted about uneasily as I wondered which corner of the clearing the massive black stallion would appear from. Would he make his approach known? Or slip out of the shadows and begin the spar without a single word uttered between the two of them? Either way, I knew to keep my guard up and not give myself a chance to relax in case the latter did end up being the scenario I had thrown myself into.

Tag;; @[Archibald]
Notes;; Set in the Edge, a clearing during the middle of the day, hot and dry. If this could be a teaching spar that would be great :3
And we are going to say this was before she was given her Quest, so she has full stats and no flower xD
3 attacks + Closing defense to whomever attacks first
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Archibald had lived most of his life sparring with warriors under his command. He tested many of the abilities warriors possessed, ranging from Fence in the Mystic Woodlands, his brothers throughout Helovia, and Romani and Locket in the Windtossed Foothills. He was a decorated general, a warlord and master, and those around him needed his knowledge. He was more than willing to give it, and today he would prove that to one of his warriors--and his leaders, should they choose to watch from the edges.

Tall and intimidating, the king moved from a cluster of trees to the painted mare's north. He watched her carefully, taking in information from his experienced eyes. She was compact, smaller than him but built like a tank. Her build reminded him of two pegasi: Kri, the blonde haired ex-leader of the Dragon's Throat, one of the first to attempt to recruit his power into her army; and Ampere, a fiery, blue-painted mare he had only seen briefly in the caves during the time of darkness and sickness. Cheveyo's body resembled both of those mares, but Archibald thought her taller than them. Snorting some, the Dauntless looked down at his bondmate as she trotted next to him. "Cheveyo. You are punctual. That is needed in my warriors. This is Loretta, and she wishes to join us, but as you have no companion I will make her wait." Archibald stopped square, his toned shoulders facing the paint mare head on.

The sun beat down on the pair relentlessly, the Sun God showing his wrath in the bright, molten star. Archibald's dark fur was already absorbing the heat from the daylight, and he knew by the end of this encounter he would be dripping and foaming. He always sweat greatly during Tallsun, his entire life he has always had to watch himself from overheating. Even now, from moving just barely and standing in the heat, the dark space between Archibald's rear legs was tingling with the threat of sweat. The Dauntless flicked a fly from his ear as he watched Cheveyo, as careful and as calculating as he had always trained to be. Scars littered her body, small stories of experience that Archibald would be enlightened to. Clearing his throat, Archibald lifted his eyes off the mare and spoke again. "I have high expectations for warriors under my command. My desire is that all will carry the same standards for themselves--standards of excellence and loyalty and power. Ktulu and I require each of the warriors to keep their bodies and minds nimble and powerful with practice, through spars and patrols of the lands. I have chosen to spar with you first, Cheveyo, for I believe you have great potential. Now, do not prove me wrong."

As he finished, the Dauntless tucked his chin and his tail, muscles bunching beneath his taught skin as he prepared for her to strike. His inked ears disappeared in his thick mane as he pinned them down, and his golden eyes narrowed. Powerful, carefully tuned muscles bulged as he arched his neck, his right front hoof lifting to strike the dry ground below them, his steel shoe clicking as if a bell at the beginning of a boxing match.

[WC: 537 | PC: 0/3 | Good luck Semper, and have Cheveyo attack first!]

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