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The summer has been bountiful and gentle with mild weather and an abundance of easy food. Herbivores and predators alike thrive causing a sudden spike in the populations - and an urgent lack of space for them all to mingle upon.

As summer draw to a close the bears of Helovia begin preparing for their winter hibernation. Though perhaps not as ravenous and desperate as they can be during spring, the sudden influx of the large, furry beasts within the World's Edge provide a serious threat to foals and young!

Three bears have made their way in across the border in the night, intent on scrounging for fruit, berries and meat! One is a mother with her only surviving cub, and she will protect it at all costs!

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Parelia had put her young colt to bed early carefully tucked away into a mass of thorny trees. The night was pleasant, the twinkling stars were calling the cremello paint's name upward. The mare had been keeping to the ground until her sweet boy would be able to take to the sky as well. It wouldn't hurt anything if she left him while he slept though, Ilios was good at sleeping all night. It was also time that the warrior took the the sky to check on her new family. Penna gripped her withers quietly as she tip-toed away from her golden child. Her warm motherly smile turned slowly to a mischievous smile. Once she was far enough away from Ilios so her wing beats wouldn't wake the colt, the mare turned her honey orbs towards the falcon on her back. "Ready to go?" Her warm voice was playful and excited. The Peregrine falcon launched from her back, as she followed suit. Her large cream and teal feathered wings unfurled carefully drawing air under them slowly causing her slim body to rise.

It felt great having the cool night air ruffling her short mane and feathers. Smiling brightly she swirled towards the moon basking in the light of her Goddess. The twirled and dove among the stars imagining she could feel the star's glowing dust covering her athletic frame. A sudden screech drew the mare's attention as panic filled her mind; the emotion was not her's but Penna's. What had her bonded so upset? Reaching frantically for the line that bonded to two together she pushed her body as hard as possible drawing her body towards her soul-mate. Penna was circling sharp eyes fixed on the ground, she searched below her. Horse eyes don't really do all that great trying to see from that high up and in the dark. Slowly carefully the mare drew closer to the ground, causing fear to grip her heart as the bears came into view. Fire erupted from her body blue flames flicking across her body. A war cry ripped from her young chest as she alerted the herd to the intruders. This was her chance to help her family to make a difference. Diving she aimed for a large female her flames rearing high attempting to burn as well as smash her front hooves into the powerful hairy back.

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OOC: She has called out to the herd trying to alert them of the danger. Using her fire magic and trying to dive bomb the mother bear with her front hooves.

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The nausea had finally passed. Descending from that island in the sky would surely be the death of me, I was certain, be it from falling at such a great height or a heart attack as those clouds carried me through the skies. My reaction was a great form of entertainment to Suli each and every time I ascended or descended, the little emerald rolling with her draconic form of laughter, her violet gaze alight with mirth.

We had returned in order to carry out our normal patrols, as I had sworn to do so long ago, knowing the Edge was at high risk for intruders while the lot of us spent most of our time up on that floating island. It was a good thing we had returned, though, as not even halfway into our patrol of the eastern border, a piercing cry reverberated throughout the Edge and had Suli and I moving at once. The call had been made only a short distance from us, and it took little time for us to arrive.

There were three bears, four if you counted the lone cub at what I assumed was his mother's feet, as well as a face I had yet to learn but was clearly of the Edge, a pale Pegasus with blue flames rising and crackling from her form. My eyes grew wide as I watched her dive for the mother.


I bellowed the word out, and without thinking I surged forward, but nothing in the world could propel me forward quick enough to stop my comrade. So I threw my front feet out to come to the quickest halt my heavy body could manage, a panicked look etched into the dark features of my face. My mind was clearly torn between the need to defend the Edge and retain its peace, as well as hold that peace within myself and try to placate the situation without violence.

"Please, let us try and scare them away," I proffered to the flaming miss, hoping she would understand, "If we harm them, then they may not live once they're out of here." Especially the one with a cub in her care, a cub who would never survive without its mother at such an age.

Suli seemed to understand, even if through the bond I could feel her holding her own flames back. Sucking in a deep breath, I shifted my focus on the other two bears, as much as I yearned to keep a watchful eye out for the young cub. Ears flattened back in a threatening manner, and suddenly I charged at one of the bears, stopping myself just short of it with teeth bared. From Suli came a deep, throaty growl as she flew above the same bear, snapping at its ears but never quite latching on. As she crossed between the small space between myself and the bear, she let loose a jet of flame into the air in a display of power, in an attempt to frighten the creature and send it running the other way.



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The mother bear is warned of the air assault by the cry of the black stallion and scramble to avoid the sudden unprovoked attack. The speed of the falling horse is greater than hers however and with a roar of pain she is struck in the head by the solid hooves. There is a terrified bleat from the cub as the mother is struck, and this seems to agitate her further. Rattled and hurt and angry at the horse she heave herself up on the hind legs, wobble slightly and slam at PARELIA with her massive paw in retaliation, trying to knock the horse to the ground so she can kill it!

Meanwhile, the attempts DESTRIER makes to drive his bear back towards the border seem to startle it; barely more than a cub itself the young omnivore slowly allows itself to be ushered away, eventually turning to run off into the darkness.

All the ruckus appears to infuriate the third bear however. Being an old, grumpy male it has little patience for the valiance the horses display and instead of running he charges at Destrier! Coming at him from the left with all the speed it can muster, the old grizzly try to slam into the stallion and knock him over!

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It is a flaming bodice that spears past him that alerts him to danger. Next is the sudden squawking and then dreadful silence of the local birds, and finally, as the tension and paranoia began to mount in the magnificent stag, there came a bellow.



Horror overtook his mind, fighting against the instinct that had taken over when Kahlua had screamed for him to help her. He fought valiantly against it, recalling the horrid feeling of his bones converting to stone, of the tearful begging of his niece and Doctor. How terrified they'd been, of him. But he couldn't. Wouldn't fight it any longer. Destrier was his brother. They had gone through hell together, had fought and trained together, had bled and sweated through every trial they'd overcome to become WingLeaders side by side. Destrier held a place rooted far deeper in his heart than even Kahlua, of a different emotion, but of a longer bond and steeper meaning.

Pupils narrowed. Breaths deepened momentarily until they became rapid, huffing through nares that flared pink. Earthen hooves slammed into the soil as he whipped to the side, gouging furrows into the moist earth and sending it flying with a buck of his legs forward into the cluster of trees. Deep huffs came from his chest as twigs snapped and shuddered with his passing, and as the next clearing came, massive wings snapped out and with a powerful thrust he was airborne. It was like deja vu, anger thrumming like something tangible in his veins, a screaming in his head in a language far different from that of his kin. PROTECT THE FAMILY.

He flies, faster and faster until his body is aching, but adrenaline wipes any awareness from his mind. Wipes everything but kill, protect, kill, protect. Avenge. And as the trees disappear, rapid and snagging at his legs with how low he flies, he sees them. Invading. Harming. They come in multitude. Bears. He sees the grizzly charging, for his Destrier, for his BROTHER. And from his throat it builds, the same horrific, blood-curdling noise that echoed not long ago when he had answered Kahlua's call. He screams. Primal and loud, a challenge, a threat. A promise.

Magic nearly explodes from his being as it builds, hot and electric, until his skin is glowing blue and he sweeps down over the bears and the scream echoes from his voice, tearing through his throat. He has only used it once, in a panic, and doesn't realize what he's doing. But then it snaps, releases all at once, electricity shooting towards every bear in the vicinity aside the cub. Clouds are gathered overhead, thunder crackling like the death knoll, blocking out all sunlight from the summer sky. From the sky he drops farther, faster, all his weight a stone dropping towards the bear charging towards Destrier. Parelia is flighted, can evade the paw swiping harmlessly at her from the earth, but Destrier is not. Destrier is his brother, is about to be killed, in his head.

Hooves aim to come down hard all along the grizzly bear's spine, forelegs poised for the back of the neck, a fatal blow in all intentions and purposes. However it lands, wings thrust hard to get him back into the air, swooping like an avenging eagle between the other bear and Parelia, snarling wildly and kicking hind legs towards its face before circling widely and landing near Destrier, massive frame bulging with tension and war-hardened muscle. Wings stretch into their full expansion, electricity still crackling all along his hide, and his eyes are wild in the same blue glow of his magic. He snakes his head low, a herding motion, threatening. From his throat he bellows, rearing and slamming his hooves into the earth as his wings beat the air.

"HEEFT MIJN FAMILIE NIET AAN!" He bellows. He will kill them if they do not leave, even if it costs him his own life.

Translation: Don't touch my family

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There was a hell of a commotion going on near the borders and it naturally made Ktulu curious. She and Eytan had been patrolling, he scouting scouting ahead and she taking up the rear. Being so far ahead the grizzly was able to move toward the scene and send his bonded images of what was happening. Bears had come across the border, but that was no such an odd happening. The creatures were omnivorous and tended to feast on fish more than anything else from what she had noticed. It displeased her to see them being attacked forthrightly when they seemed to have been foraging for food.

Thu-thump! Thu-thump! Thu-thump!

As she watched the bears begin to retaliate through her bonded's eyes her body began to tingle as magic overtook her body. The pain that came with the magic was less severe this time around because she was expecting the change. Large clawed paws replaced hooves, dark shaggy fur covered the entirety of her body, sharply pointed teeth replaced flat ones, and her ears became rounded. Ktulu growled as she set off at a lumbering run toward the fighting horses and bears. She would not hide that she had a particular soft spot for the creatures, she had been blessed more than once by the ancient bear of the Dark Forest. She bore the mark of the bear on her shoulder and one held a chunk of her soul.

As Ktulu came upon the scene she let loose a loud roar, hoping that it would startle everyone into stopping what they were doing. Of course she was prepared for the fighting to continue so she charged toward the mother bear, whose cub had already disappeared into the woods. Her jaws opened wide and as she came closer she reached for the back of the mother bear's neck, aiming to grab her by the scruff and drag her off into the woods that her cub had run off in to. If she stayed and fought there was a good chance that she would be slain and the cub would be defenseless. He, too, would die without his mother to care for him.

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Another night void of sleep had left me nearly bored to tears as I wandered aimlessly through the lands of the Edge, hoping to run into the Constrictor during one of those midnight patrols so I could just join up with her. Hopefully no questions would come of that, but I knew better than to think that she would find my sudden appearance at such an odd time something that didn't need to be questioned. My chestnut harks swiveled restlessly on my whitewashed skull as my yellow painted hooves struck out at the ever rolling mist.
It was almost entertaining to watch how the thick mist would swirl away to momentarily offer a view of the lush grass that grew beneath it before moving back to wrap around your limb once more. But my foolish absentmindless-ness was quickly subdued by the sound of a ruckus at the border. Orchid pools widened as my white splashed limbs stretched out from beneath me in longer strides, carrrying me towards the sounds at more of a canter as I mulled over what it could possibly be. Was the wall finishing it's descent to the ground? Or was there intruders of some sort?
The answer to my question didn't take long as the mist surrounded figures came into view, the bright flashes of light and fire proving that it was much more than the wall cracking even more. A booming roar tore through the grunts of the Edge warriors going against the opponents that I still couldn't quite put a name with, as the hulking form of the Constrictor in her bear form broke through the mist at a run. I watched as the Stormbringer crashes his glowing electric body down on the spine of another of the hairy beasts while my limbs continued to carry me forwards. It seemed quite ridiculous to have such a large explosion over a couple of bears wandering into our lands, surely they wouldn't have hunted us right?
I shook my white washed skull as I angled my run to the other side of the bear that the Constrictor had her jaws around, it seemed as if she were attempting to pull her away from Kaj and Destrier and Parelia and instead further into the lands. I wouldn't ask questions though, instead I would assist my Captain in anything she felt was right. Chestnut harks buried themselves in my tangled blonde tresses as I leapt forwards in hopes of assisting Ktulu in moving the large bear.

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