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[OPEN] The Gathering [Edge Herd Meeting]

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With the party said and done, the queen was feeling refreshed. In her opinion, it always did a body good to celebrate and be with friends. Singing, dancing- a good social situation was as refreshing to her as an excellent night’s sleep. And sleep she did- long and deep. And when she awoke again in the morning, she could have sung a whole song again, praises to the Moon who had kept them safe and whole and united as a herd. But she did not sing, for during the night’s festivities Kaj and she had also found a moment to discuss workings of the herd. More gifts, more joy. Oh, the queen was a happy woman today.

Whinnying out as she exited the tent, the queen lifted her nose to the heavens and inhaled. How many of them had heard her call? How many had followed her back to the Veins, only to be lifted into the air? How many had faced their fears of flying above the ground when they did not have wings? The queen did not know, but she whinnied again, calling them to her if they would hear her. Of course, it was important they came- there was more than just gifts to hand out. There was news to share, directions to give, rules to lay out. This land was so peaceful, after all, and the painted queen had found it in her heart to be kind to the Gilded Blade. The rest of the herd would need to be reminded to keep the peace as well. Though wanting a peaceful land, Kahlua knew that many of the Edge’s denizens had excitable hearts.

But she had faith in her family members to know how to restrain themselves, faith in the blowing cherry blossoms to give rest to the evil that lay in some the Basin’s hearts, and faith in the gods that they had created this place with a purpose. What that purpose was, the queen did not know. Perhaps some of her herd had found information or had spoken to somebody with more understanding than the rest of them. Perhaps not, but it would not hurt to ask. “Come, Qian- those of the Edge!” Her voice was strong, but playful; firm, but inviting. “Who has news of this place? Let us know what you have learned of it!”

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I remembered the Sunshower saying something about a floating Island being gifted to Helovia by the gods, but I hadn't yet found it in my heart to visit the Island. The idea of finding myself on an island that was suspended many...many feet, maybe even many miles above the ground that my yellow painted hooves had forever been planted on was horrifying. Almost enough so that I would avoid the Island for the entirety of it's presence. If it were there for the rest of infinity, then so be it, I would not be up there.
But if that were the case, then why did I find myself standing here in the Veins staring up at this mass of rocks, clouds, and waterfalls that loomed overhead. Before I had a second to rethink things and go back to the Edge where I belonged a white splashed limb struck out forwards into the clouds that were lining the ground. Panic washed through my frame as gravity lost it's grip on my body and the clouds began lifting me through the sky. My knees locked as I braced my body for the falling that I expected to happen any moment now, but it never came. The wispy, damp material was strong enough to hold my whole weight even as panic was taking over the nerve endings and causing me to shake like a leaf about to fall at the end of Orangemoon.
A snort tore through my flared paper thins as I tried to collect myself as I was flown through the bluest of all blues sky towards the Island that the gods had presented to us. A shiver passed through my multi-hued frame as I began to truly enjoy the euporhia that came with the adrenaline of being on a cloud. It was the closest thing I would ever get to flying and it was exhilarating! A whinny of excitement broke free before I had a second to hold it back, but the wonders of the cloud ride ended to early as the island that had been looming overhead a few minutes ago was now right beside me. I could feel the cloud pulsating against my hooves, urging me to step forward and onto solid (I think?) land once more.
I hesitated only momentarily this time as I hopped off of the cloud and onto the cherry blossom covered ground that was the Island. My harks swiveled about as my own orchid pools widened with surprise. It was beautiful up here, but the beauty was quickly pushed to the side as the Sunshower's call broke through the mutterings of the other Island dwellers. “Come, Qian- those of the Edge! Who has news of this place? Let us know what you have learned of it!” Kahlua's call was beckoning to all of the Edgers who had somehow found their way up to the island as I had...of course mine had been nearly against my will and I was sure that if I were to run into any gods right now the air would be filled with their laughter at the sight of me being pulled from the ground with a panicked look plastered to my normally stony features.
My blonde tail smacked against my ankles as I turned in the direction of the Sunshower's voice, it didn't take long before the black and white's frame came into view. Her nearly ever present smile plastered across her pretty features as she stood there, a few cherry blossoms scattered across her back and tangled into her mane, waiting on all of us to arrive. A light smile spread across my white washed maw as I drew closer to the mare who I hadn't gotten to know quite as well as I knew the Stormbringer, her other half. "Good day Kahlua. I hope it has treated you well." As I spoke my skull dipped in a show of respect and greeting to the kind Queen, I wondered what information she would have about this strange Island as I wanted to know more about it.

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“Come Qian…!” The voice that floats towards Nasreen on the breeze is light, cheery, and unmistakably Kahlua’s. She cringes. While normally a summons from her dearest friend would be enough to send the princess into a fit of ecstasy, ever since she returned to the island, she’s been avoiding the black and white mare. She doesn’t know how to face her—after all, how does she tell her best friend (who just also happens to be the queen) that she has no idea how to serve on a royal council, much less contact a goddess?

Unfortunately, her time’s up—no more hiding from her problems today, it seems. Reluctantly, Nasreen turns towards the center of the island and slowly begins to head in the direction of Kahlua’s voice, heeding the call. She assumes that the herd will gather in the tent, so that is where she sets her course. The island is small, so she must only pass through a few meadows and copses of cherry trees before the familiar sandy clearing surrounded by brightly colored tents comes into view. From this angle, she is approaching the Edge tent from behind, and she hesitates, watching the billowing black folds undulate gently in the breeze. She does not want to be here, but in the end, obedience wins out. The princess begins to make her way around the tent and towards the entrance, intending to slip in and out unnoticed. She will stand in the shadows, and she does not mean to speak unless spoken to—and heaven forbid that Kahlua asks her anything about the moon goddess, for she will have nothing to report.

Steeling herself, Nasreen rounds the side of the tent…and runs straight into the mare whose attention she desires least. “Kahlua!” she gasps, jumping back. The guilt must be written plainly on her face, for even she can feel it burning in shame. “I…I thought you’d be inside.” She looks back and forth, as if searching for a place to hide, or at least disappear into, but to her dismay, there isn’t even a crowd gathered. A solitary mare stands behind her, one whom Nasreen has never seen outside of herd meetings. Dipping her head to Cheveyo (and hurriedly ducking it to Kahlua), she moves to stand slightly behind the war-painted equine, shifting her weight uncomfortably as she awaits the start of the meeting. So much for remaining inconspicuous.


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The island had been an astounding discovery for all who happened upon its beauty and peacefulness so it was only natural that she wanted to share it with those that meant the most to her. When she had managed to figure out how to get back down to the ground below she had gone to tell her boys about her discovery and brought them both back with her to show it to them. To her dismay it appeared that both had somehow already managed to discover it and do some exploring on their own. Anger was her initial reaction to the confession as that would have meant them wandering off on their own when they were supposed to have been sleeping. After having a stern talk to them both about not following the rules she had given them the small family finally headed back to the island. Both Aeolus and Levex had known they had done a bad thing and had apologized and promised to not do it again so she couldn't stay angry at them. It would just mean that she needed to keep a better watch over them so not to allow it again, they were still too young and she would be devastated if something should ever happen to either of them.

It was Kahlua's voice that drifted to her ears shortly after their arrival calling a meeting for all of those in the family that had discovered this place. Arriving quietly with her twins following closely behind her she took a place nearby nickering softly in greeting to those who had already arrived. Both colts stay silent with their heads dipped still feeling bad for making their mother angry and worried about them. Their eyes only briefly flicked upwards to see who all they might know that had already arrived.

Their queen had gathered this meeting for a reason but as to the exact cause was unknown to the grey. She had asked if there was anyone who seemed to know anything about this strange place but so far it didn't appear as if anyone knew much more than they did. She would have offered the information but all she knew was that it was a strange peaceful island that had randomly appeared out of thin air. Many animals seemed to inhabit this place but other than that she was completely clueless. It would be interesting to see if anyone might be able to offer anything more.

Brisa talks
Aeolus talks
Levex talks

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The call of his Queen sounded loud as it struck across the cherry bloom island, the young stag lifting his head from his place beneath one such trees boughs where he had been nibbling on the grasses and fallen petals, pungent in both scent and taste. A long, fulfilling stretch sweeps through him in the moments before he answers, shaking his head vigorously before cantering off toward the black, glass marked tent where he supposes she is calling from.

He wonders how many of his herd had made it to the floating isle if Kahlua is calling them all while here. But as he approaches the tent, taking in the small collective of fellows that have come (and it feels good to him that he knows each of their names when he had once known next to no one) and smiling with a gentle nod of greeting towards each. While some people gathered alongside those of like minds, Dragomir was raised to seek out similar bodies – and so he skirts in front of Nasreen who has positioned herself just behind Cheveyo, to stand alongside the painted mare.

A friendly smile is shot towards her as the Queen’s question flickers out towards them, resolving for the stallion that this is not a traditional meeting and rather one which indulges Kahlua’s need to know – and its not like he could blame her. The isle was fascinating, if only for the fact that it flew.

No one else seemed to know anything either, judging by the level of silence that surrounds them, and his smile grows all the more full of laughter at the notice of it. The Queen, ever eager for the life that this land gave her, was perhaps too much so – now that he’d been standing here a while, he couldn’t help but notice that Cheveyo wasn’t as heavily scented of the island as himself or the painted ruler of the Edge, and so he can quickly deduce why.

Setting aside his emotional frustrations with the Queen for now (because moping does nothing and being bitter won’t lend him her heart), he does chip into the conversation so she doesn’t feel foolish – even if, at times, she is. "Dunno if its really worth mentioning or if anyone else shares my viewpoint," his deep bass resonates out towards his few comrades who have come already, "but this place has a… calm feeling to it. As if it has always been peaceful here, and always will be."

It also felt like the Gods were watching them, actively, more so than on the mainland, but that was something he kept to himself - mostly because it made him very, very uncomfortable.

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Floating clouds, whatever next?!

Fiore stood with a bizarre look on his face as a piece of the sky took him up higher and higher, he was an equine flying! If the soldier was being completely honest, there was a little bit of wildness around his eyes and his heart pounded fast in his chest as he feared falling from such a height. Equines weren't meant to fly after all and poor, simple Fiore had almost had quite enough of this silly place and its silly notions of reality. This wasn't reality, this was insane. He stood very still all the way up to the top before finally he was deposited on a floating rock and left there to twiddle his thumbs whilst he came up with a reason for... All this.

There was none.

He decided eventually and instead carefully made his way around the strange new place. His mother would think she had given birth to a moron if he ever had chance to tell her such a story. However, once his mind had gotten over the fact it was an island floating, Fiore relaxed into a much easier walk and found the place to be generally pretty and pleasant place to reside on. Trees grew with vibrant flowers on them and waterfalls crashed off the side and into the sky! There were tents and a feeling of bustling activity, a hive of excitement filled the air and finally Fiore caught the familiar voice of gentle Kahlua as he neared the Worlds Edge encampment.

Eagerly, the sergeant made his way into the many gathered to listen to what the new meeting had to offer and to say about this new island and their purpose here. She asked for news from them first and Fiore was just as in the dark about it as their Queen appeared to be. The chestnut paint had nothing to offer but a warm smile in their sovereigns direction and some soft words of agreement with his fellow herd mate, the bay paint. "I agree. I have never felt so at ease."

After that he sought faces he knew and found only one in the shape of Cheveyo. He offered her too, a warm smile and moved over to stand beside her, noting he wasn't really going to make any friends if he didn't make an effort! "Cheveyo. I hope you're well" he greeted her kindly.

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For once, it had been a lazy day; a day to rest tired, weary old bones, to catch some rest that so often eluded me, and nibble away at the grass that was far more lush and green than any I could remember before. Suli had claimed a beastly hare some time that morning and was busy picking away at what tiny morsels remained on the bones, stepping with one foot down on the bone to hold it still, grabbing what was left within her teeth, then pulling back until it separated from the bone.

The call of our Queen could be heard from where we stood feasting, the gentle voice of Kahlua beckoning us to come and gather. Suli looked somewhat miffed that she would have to abandon what little was left of her lunch, but with a huff she grabbed the thickest bone within her jaws and took to the skies, and together we hurried to answer our Lady's call.

Several had gathered already, among them the good Queen, of course, and other faces that I was overjoyed to realize that I recognized. There was only one I had yet to meet, a lithe Pegasus that looked almost frightened of Kahlua as she took cover behind Cheveyo. The sight caused a dark brow to raise, but my attention was soon focused elsewhere. Dragomir was here as well, and as I moved to stand beside him, I bumped my muzzle briefly into his shoulder in way of greeting if he allowed me to do so. Fiore, my brother in arms stood not far away, and I offered him a smile, as I did to Brisa and Cheveyo as well, before shifting my attention entirely on that of Kahlua as Suli settled upon my withers to loudly enjoy her snack.

What did I know of this island? Other than the fact that it was strange, new and floating, there was nothing. Though as the others spoke, speaking of how at peace they felt residing in the island, I hummed and offered a nod of my head in agreement. "It is relaxing here," I went on a moment later, though dark lips pursed as I struggled to find more to say. It was almost unsettling how little we all knew about the island so strange, but how much was there to see? What purpose did it serve? Was there one?

"Perhaps, my Queen, if I may suggest," my eyes leveled with the crystal clear blue of Kahlua's, "What if we seek council with the Lady Moon? Maybe she can shed some light, and give us insight on this island."

Because who better to ask than a Goddess herself?

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quote quote quote

Perhaps we had kept to ourselves for far to long. Miles had been the one to figure out where most of the herd had gone. For the last few months, we had simply enjoyed the safety of being in a herd. It had given Miles and I both time to grow. I am now a yearling, still young but fast reaching my full height. Miles clings to my withers as we followed the scents of my herd mates, the few I knew.... What the hell is this strange island... IN THE SKY!? On the winds I can hear Lady Kahlua call for all of us. Maybe this is what had brought me here?

I stepped forward, Miles holding even tighter to my mane. It's okay... If the herd is there, then surely it's safe. Clouds form around and under my hooves. This is not natural! Then again, when had anything about this place been natural. I do wish I knew where my Uncle had wandered to, or my Father.... The old mare had said Mom wasn't strong enough to live after birthing me. That she had been to young. I didn't understand that then, well six months ago.... But I do now. By my birth, my Mom died. By whatever act my Father had done to make me inside my Mom, she had been killed. It was not my fault, but his. The old mare had told me of my heritage more than Mom had been able to. Thankfully Mom over the months she carried me, had told the Old Mare many things. Now I just need to remember it all.

The clouds lifted me from the ground below up to the island. Wow! This place is beautiful. I catch sight of a few that I have seen around the Edge but never spoken to. So slowly I wander over. I do not stand close to anyone, not sure if I was even welcome after being hidden within the Edge so long. Miles nuzzles my mane and I turn my neck to return the act. He is very much my little brother, and the only one who I would die to protect.

"Sed interdum rutrum urna, sed pellentesque sapien tempor in."

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The island was a strange place, but she had already said that a thousand times over. There was simply nothing else that came to her mind when trying to explain it, even though there were plenty of other words, like anomaly, impossible ( it was floating afterall), bizarre, but strange pretty much summed it all up. Most could probably agree with it to. Time after time she kept coming back, almost as if she was hooked on the mere thought of being bait for some horrendously curious event but this time she would be prepared, or at least as anyone could be when dealing with the unpredictable. However, that wasn't the whole reason why she kept returning. Yes, she had her own secret agenda. Leeka had spent nearly a season as a member of the Worlds Edge, easing into her new life as slowly but as surly as frost yields to the spring and yet she felt barren to the mysteries of her magic. She was a magicker, or was suppose to be. At her introduction Kahlua had mentioned that the Gods granted magic to any who asked and Leeka wondered endlessly if that was the key to her awakening or to her limitation. By rights she should have fledged by now, heard the whispers of power in her ear and felt the threads of knowledge through her heart.

But there was nothing.

Not even an impression to let her know if she was heading down the right path or if she'd awaken at all. It was a disquiet that haunted her relentlessly from the reaches of the dawn to the settling of the night. Her magic was the one thing she had left of Eoroleen, of her sire, of her dam, of herself in that life. Despite having chose to forget that life, surely she could keep just this one thing? It was her birthright, why should she be denied it? It was for this reason she wasn't sure what she thought of the Gods and whether they were good or not. The idea of otherworldly luminaries was outlandish enough for her to understand in the first place. Were they secretly mocking her,these beings, hiding away her power to make her the magicker who was not? Were these Gods the spawn of the darkness that had stolen her home? Where was her magic?! Where?!

Such questions, and as of yet, no answers.

At some point Leeka had gritted her teeth together with anger and frustration, the length of her jaw beginning to tire from the strain. At that moment the young appaloosa loosened a sigh , dispersing the tension in her jaw and her thoughts into the wind, trying to release her worries and for a moment they were suspended as a familiar voice rang over in the air. Kahlua was summoning the herd. Really? Here? What for? Her answer came soon enough. Kahlua must have been curious as to what everyone thought of the island. Well, she certainly had her own two cents on the island. When she found the opportunity, the young mare gladly voiced her thoughts without fear.

"Persoanlly, I'm a bit unsteady to accept the fact of its existence being that it is so far from what I know, but then I am new to Gods, I've never had such lumanaries before in my old land. Their power is truly a marvel. Leeka looked at the sky, finding amusement in the fact that she was closer to it then she usally was. "I agree in that this place acts as a sanctuary, a sojourn from grief and stress, if you will. It is curious how the island seems to distance you from such things. It is also host to the most bizarre race I've ever endured..." She paused, looking over her shoulder at the assembled herd, a cheeky glint in her eyes. " And won." Her chuckle was good natured and not intended to be smug at all, she just couldn't resist it. She was still overjoyed that she had just surivived, much less won the race. "Not to upstage you, of course, my Queen." she added in quickly after, though she doubted the benevolent and cheery queen would hold it against her.
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As they came, the small collection of those who had made their way up here, Kahlua was disappointed to see that the king's face was not among them. But then... She was not entirely surprised either. Things between them had been... strained, lately. But that did not matter, he was not avoiding her now. “Kaj is attempting to open communications with the Dragon's Throat,” she offered to those who cared to listen as they gathered around, so they would not worry when he does not arrive.

“And you, Cheveyo,” she responded to the warrior with a smile, just before being bumped by Nasreen. She whickered softly to Nasreen, laughing along with her and bumping her shoulder as she disappeared back into the crowd, oblivious to the guilt on her face. Dragomir's sage words rang next, and Kahlua bobbed her head in agreement. “I've felt it too,” her words echoing those of her two Sergeants. A few others came silently- Brisa, Merida and with her Miles- and Kahlua found time to nod a welcome to each of them as well before settling down to business.

Two had spoken with words of particular interest- Destrier and Leeka. “Destrier, your council is wise as ever,” she started and then with a sly look towards Nasreen, she announced finally to the herd that had gathered- “We do have a Seer now, one I would trust with my very life.” A bold statement, given her recent history. “Nasreen has been welcomed to our council!” And then looking towards the pegasus, she continued, “Perhaps you can do as Destrier suggests and ask the Lady Moon why this place has been creation. When you have time, of course,” she finished.

Then to Leeka, she laughed. “You do not upstage me. You run faster and braver than I do,” she said with genuine lightness in her voice. “Congratulations on your victory.” Pausing a moment, she tried to think about the fact that this place was strange, foreign, unnatural... “We will all have to keep our eyes open,” she concluded, looking to others for any additional guidance for Leeka.

“But there is good news, my friends, there are gifts for some of you,” she said with a laugh. From behind her hoof, she pushed forward a deep purple amulet. “For Dragomir, in honor of all the creations he has made for us.” The other two were in the herd's tent, which she nodded to with her nose. “For Brisa, on the left and for Cheveyo, on the right. Thank you for your steady, honorable service.”

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