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Knocked Off Your Pedestal {Aurelia}

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To win the war, but flee the battle, is one of the Gods' greatest sins.

She has waited too long for this confrontation. Muscles coil beneath a flashy hide as the challenger lands, stirring up sand and sending bright hair flying with the rapid flutter of wings. The rainbow warrior knows that there is little chance of finding the porcelain girl here, but she cannot avoid the tidal wave that descends upon her when hope rushes to claim her heart. If gods be good, the girl will be here. Find her for me.

The hybrid surveys the arena as she waits for her message to be delivered. Her attentive stare reflects no light as she throws her gaze about her, estimating the diameter of the arena that she has found herself in and declaring it suitable for what she has planned. Blue audits detect no raucous distractions, nor the quiet murmuring of spectators. The bird finds this solitude desirable, for although she seeks to be a known figure in this land, she deems it best to fight with no audience. As dedicated as she is to battle, she does not want to risk losing herself in the tirade of cheers that is certain to come.

But for whom will they cheer? This question does not concern the chieftess as much as it amuses her. Of course she will be the one to come out on top; her father had taught her to accept no less! The Chief may be gone now, but the daughter is not. Neither is the bird's determination to keep his words close to heart, and to honor his teachings with another victory behind her. In order for that to happen, however, a war must be waged, and a battle must be won.

"Tlepapalotl!" The Aztec calls out to the one doused in flame, not realizing that she will not understand the words that fall past her lips. "Xihualmohuica. Titoneneuhcahuizque!" She stands her ground, firmly planting her lithe legs in the sand, searching the waking sky for the insolent girl's approach. The maiden is careful not to keep her flank uncovered, and her ears reach back to detect any sound from behind.

Then, as if suddenly realizing that she is the last on this Earth to speak the ancient tongue, "Join me. Let us make battle." It is not a demand so much as it is a request. The vehement woman seeks the blood of the one who upset the little dove, but she also yearns for the satisfaction that only a fight can give. Punishing the mare will be fulfilling, yes, but it cannot compare to the addictive sensation of feeling something crumble beneath your hooves. Bringing life into the world may be beautiful to most mares, but clobbering a life can be just as extraordinary.

"Talk talk talk."

{WC:---|Attack: 0/3|Defence: 0/1
tlepapalotl -- "fire moth."
xihualmohuica -- "come here."
titoneneuhcahuizque -- "we will fight each other as equals."

This is an intro post for a spar between @[Aurelia] and Bellona. Stats will be posted shortly. Magic allowed. No companions because, well, no one has companions... Three attacks and a closing defence for whoever attacks first.

This is held on Caela Insula in the arena in the centre of the island. There are no obstacles, just sand and some random gusts of air. The sun is just beginning to rise.

Unlimited timeline, please!}

Thank you Vossity <3
Please tag me each post!
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Since this spar has not yet started, per the new rules, please indicate if this spar is on an unlimited timeline or not. Thank you!

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@[Aurelia] please post to this spar if you are posting elsewhere or else it will be closed.
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Will be posting soon! Unlimited timeline please.

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