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we're waiting for thunder [Luken spar]

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when the sky turns gray and everything is screaming
i will reach inside just to find my heart is beating

'Too early.' The bear complained as he literally dragged his paws behind his bonded. He thought that she was way too alert for such an early hour. The sun was barely peeking over the horizon, making the part of the Edge's forest they were walking to dark and eerie. He yawned as he trudged behind her, his pace quickening only when the mist threatened to swallow her completely and hide her from his view. 'Can't we wait? Sleep more?' The grizzly huffed when his bonded refused to answer, though he had known all along that she would not. She was rather single minded this morning and he knew when she became engrossed with an idea or a desire that there would be no getting through to her.

Ktulu came to a sudden stop when she reached an area she felt was good enough for the spar she was going to be calling one of her warriors out for. Eytan, who had taken to running again, stumbled gracelessly and nearly ran into his bonded's hind leg. 'Here?' He asked as he looked around, disliking the way the mist seemed to hug the trees or the long shadows that the trees cast in the early morning light. "Yes, here." His bonded murmured. "I suggest you get yourself together unless you want to be injured." 'No...' The bear murmured, agreeing that he would not like to be injured. 'Who we fight?' He wondered at Archibald and Loretta, or the winged sergeant and his lynx, or even the little spotted stallion that had been in the captain competition. Ktulu, however, surprised him by calling a different name into the gradually awakening forest.

"LUKEN!" Her voice seemed unusually loud in the sleepy forest. The Constrictor's ears tilted forward as she listened to the echo of her call fade away. "Come and meet your Captain for battle!" Her challenge was there for the youngster to hear and act upon, so she waited for him to respond.


Opponent: @[Luken]
Attack: 0/3
Words: 335
Setting: Early morning in the Edge forest. The sun has barely risen making the forest dark. The mist is thick, hindering visibility farther. Magic and companions allowed.

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Since this spar has not yet begun, per the new rules, please indicate if it is on an unlimited timeline or not. Thank you!

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