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Had it been difficult to follow her? No. Should he have needed to? No.

Gaucho had been so distracted by Sohalia's pregnancy and his return to the Throat, that he had been pushing himself to unprecedented levels of training to prepare himself for the birth of what appeared to be twins, and also other endeavors he was currently working on. His patrolling, constant sparring, and worrying about Sohalia had left him taxed and tired at the end of the day. It was on one such day that trouble struck.

It was through Mara's eyes that he later saw, the pale yewwneekorn take the amulet. Those amulets he gave to members of his herd who required extra protection, since he did not need them himself. The one which was taken thankfully did not possess any magic - although its type was one of the most powerful and coveted. Likely that's why it was stolen.

Well, it would not remain stolen for long.

Gaucho had followed the pale creature to the Steppe, where an orb of blue was quickly drawing a crowd. The WildFire watched from afar, worried that his blazing wings and hooves - and his glowing antlers - would draw unwanted attention. After a few snowballs were thrown, it appeared that Africa had devised some sort of plan that was pleasing to the orb - feathers drawn from her wing. Snorting, Gaucho pinned his ears against his head; the Starry-Eyed did not have so many left that she should be sharing. When all was said and done, the orb seemed to hover above the one he sought for a moment, before dispersing over the painted mare. It was then that the group dispersed, and Gaucho struck.

Rising into the sky, he flew like an arrow released with great precision. His flame-tipped wings beat efficiently, as his hulking form quickly closed the distance between himself and the thief. He knew nothing of her - her motives, her affiliation (although being a yewwneeekorn immediately pulled forth memories of the invasion, and mawwjawww to the forefront of his primitive mind); none of it mattered. She had something of his, and he would get it back.

Like a burning hawk Gaucho dove downwards towards Sheba. Although avoiding pain was not a motivator he usually responded to, he was aware of the horn jutting from her brow. He had fought many horned creatures in the past, though usually his assault was not from the sky. He would be wary, but he would also be successful. Flying from behind her, Gaucho released a wall of flames in her direction once he judged himself to be roughly 15ft away. With one laborious beat of his wings, the flames lining his feathers erupted and sent a blaze burning through the air, headed towards Sheba.

Following in the wake of his flames, Gaucho dove towards her withers, aiming to try and slam his extended front legs into the bones and muscle of her shoulder. He couldn't see if she was wearing the amulet, or if she had stashed it somewhere. It didn't matter. He would not simply take it back from her. He would beat her for it, the way she should have beaten him (or at least tried to). Thieving was pathetic and petty - a skill for the weak. Had she challenged him and lost, she would have gained his respect. Now, even if she fought well, she would have an enemy.

And Gaucho was a very formidable enemy.

Official challenge! Gaucho is challenging Sheba for the Moon Amulet she stole from him!

Location: Steppe, after the magic drop (where Sheba last posted)
Attack: 1/4
WC: 582
Summary: Gaucho waits until the drop is over and then flies towards Sheba from behind. He releases a wave of fire, then aims to slam his front hooves into her wither.

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OOC: Sheba's forfeiting this! I might be able to get a reply up IC tonight, but on the chance that I don't, just wanted to make sure that this was official :)
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Sheba forfeits to Gaucho. Gaucho recieves the stolen moon amulet from Sheba.

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