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Annabelle was adamant about their participation in this event. Ever since winning some feathers from adoring fans, she seems to think that she’s the boss now. She trots around, Rei’s feather tied tightly into her antlers, and waits for Biru’s decision. It’s the least she can do, considering in every other aspect of their relationship, Anna was large and in charge.

Biru, finally setting upon an idea, grinned. He began work on prepping himself, making sure his thoughts were guarded from his nosy companion. Upon his back, he fastened a green, loose fitting vest. It hugged the front half of his body, gripping around him like a real shirt, with two holes for his front legs to fit through. Finally getting the idea, Anna went to a nearby pine and broke off a branch. The sap oozed from the broken end, and she moved in front of Biru, pressing the sap onto the seam on his chest. After a few moments, it solidified, and allowed the vest to fit firmly. Next, he headed over to the snowberry bush. Carefully picking up the red berries, he squished them against his lips, until a cruel grin was etched upon his dark skin. Yet, he still was not finished. Annabelle, having cud in her mouth, reached for Biru’s mane. He would need his green hair! As Biru lowered his head, he admitted to her he was more than a little sickened. After a few moments however, his mane was a dingy green. Pulling away, and looking at Biru, Annabelle smiled and trotted about. It was her turn to get dressed up now!

The Joker is not complete without Poison Ivy! Wasting no time the persistent fawn began to roll herself in red clay. From the top of her head, down her neck she was covered in red. Next, she had Biru apply the same green goop to her back. Reluctantly, he obliged, only because he appreciated seeing her so happy. Soon enough, the dark fawn was covered in green from the bottom of her neck, all over the rest of her body. Though Annabelle was still not satisfied. She fashioned herself a green cape, which slowly melted into red, and fit it around her body. It encircled her neck and hung all the way down to her hooves on both sides! Biru could only roll his eyes as she fawned over herself in the reflection of the water.

The fawning did not last, as Annabelle was much to eager to wait. She bounded around Biru, herding him towards the spot where they were meant to be. The sun was high in the sky by now, but luckily, no precipitation would be coming to ruin their fight. Annabelle was so eager because this time was her time to shine. This would be the first fight where Biru would allow Annabelle to participate; and on one condition; that she uses her powers so she can learn to harness them. She was still young, so her powers would no doubt be shaky.

A few more moments travel, and they see now what the battle will look like. A vast, grassy meadow is sprawled out before them. It would be the time to take a nap, but there was something keeping them from that; their opponent. He is a unicorn, and the same glossy black that Biru is. Upon his head he is adorned with a large horn that splits off. He would no doubt be a worth opponent. He shot a look to Annabelle, who had now rounded him and was standing on Biru’s left side. A determined look crossed her face, and she looked forward, as if saying; “lets do this”.

Annabelle had the first attack in this, using her dark mist. She attempted to summon it around his feet, so that for a moment, he would experience a brief moment of confusion. That is when Biru took off. He ran forward, lowered his head, his horn flashing violently in the strong light. Biru was aiming to impale the neck of Vale. If all went well, Joker and Ivy could walk away as quickly as they came, and unharmed. Somehow, both doubted that would happen.

[700 Words :: 1/2 Attacks :: vs. Vale]
[Biru is dressed as the Joker, and Annabelle as Poison Ivy. Annabelle tries to summon the dark mist companion ability for cerndyr, while Biru tries to run at him straight on and impale his neck.]

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He had always wondered at the power of birds, floating up high on a blue backdrop, sitting on invisible air currents only they could feel. A few downward strokes of their wings and their little bodies were soaring even higher, black beady eyes seeing all that went on. Although sometimes the insistent chirping got too much he still admired their power and flight ability. Occasionally he would pick up a feather that had fallen to the ground, forgotten by its owner. Large brown flight feathers of a hawk, oily black feathers of a crow shinning blue and green in the sun, soft white down of a dove, the bright blue tail feather of a kingfisher. He had gathered a rather nice collection of new and old feathers, some full and shinning others tattered broken but none of it mattered they all went into the pile. His creation would be grand! The best costume of the whole tournament!

Excitement grew deep in his belly as he worked on arranging his collection of feathers in a particular order. Once they had all been laid out in two large roughly shaped triangles, Vale went to the nearest tree and set to work attacking it with his horn. Small chips of bark and wood flew in every direction catching in his mane and covering his face, but Vale was determined hacking away until he hit jackpot. Sap dripped from the large gash in the trunk and he hurried to find something to catch it in, a large piece of bark caught his eye and he grabbed it between his lips letting it fill slowly with the sticky red liquid. Satisfied that he had collected enough Vale very carefully carried it back to his feathers pouring, with what he thought was very delicate precision, the sap across the two triangle gluing them all in place.

Now to wait for it to dry, but something else was missing, something important…ah a mask! What was a costume without a mask? Hmmm he thought What to use…what to use… He needed something that would cover his face but not hinder his sight and be easy to carve. The bark he had used to carry the sap would be perfect, again with delicate precision he put his horn to the wood cracking off two of the sides in an indented half-moon shape, those would be for his eyes. Next using some of the left over sap Vale attached two pieces of harder bark in a point at the end that would serve as a beak. Perfect! He was almost done, now to just attach his costume to himself and he was ready for battle. He grinned in anticipation.

The sky was clear and blue no clouds were visible and the sun shone down calmly, perfect weather for a fight. He stood in field of green, the grass barely reaching higher than his hooves, his opponent opposite him. Good he thought, nothing for him to trip over or avoid. He assessed the two before him, unsure of who or what their costume was meant to be (Vale has no idea about super villains) but it was bright and festive and he had to give them props for dressing up (his was better of course) But now was not the time for admiring his style choice, the battle was on! A mist had crept up about his hooves and for a moment he was confused, was the deer doing this? How? And now he had lost sight of his opponent, the unicorn disappearing from his line of view, he knew he shouldn't made his eye holes bigger! A force slammed into him and a searing pain ripped through the side of his neck, hot red blood pooled at his feet. So the bastard had got one on him, touché. But now it was his turn, he shook his head to try and clear his mind of the cloud of pain, time for some payback. Lowering his horn and ran hard and fast, straight for the others chest as he had been previously to Vale, at the last minute the black turned pivoting quickly on his hindquarters and lashing out with deadly force, hoping to disorientate and attempting to crush his opponents shoulder with his hooves, Vale hoped he wouldn't miss.

Words::713 Attacks::1/2 Vs::Biru
Costume:: Vale is dressed as a bird!! Not any particular one, just a bird. He has made two "wings" out of mismatched feathers that are tied onto his back with some string, they reach about half down his back and hang around his belly. He has a mask made out of bark, hacked off part of the sides for his eyes (which clearly he didn't make big enough) and a crude looking "beak" is attached at the end. Feathers and sap and bits of bark all cling to his mane, tail and face, he looks a bit ridiculous but it's the though that counts. xD

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As he ran towards him, that is when Biru was able to make out his costume. It was crude; upon his back were tied feathers. They were in an assortment of colors. Biru wondered how he managed to find that many feathers. Did he kill Pegasus and birds? That would be a lot of animals suffering for one costume, and he could feel Annabelle become irritated. There is no reason for hurting defenseless animals! Her thoughts continued to roll, becoming more angry at the thought. What if he needed hide? Would he have killed her to get it? Biru, while approaching, softened her thoughts a little by reminding her that they had a lot of time to prepare. Vale more than likely had time to collect these feathers from molting birds.

His mask, however, was another story. As Biru aimed his horn in, he caught the sight of the mask out of the corner of his eye. In a flash, he was greeted with a hacked version of a bird face. Biru shuddered; actually a little scared of this man. Biru was aiming for fun loving, while this man… he seemed to be trying to portray some artistic version of death.

There was no time for questioning costumes, as the blood was flowing now. Biru managed to cut into Vale’s neck, and his blood began to fall from the wound. They were in close quarters now, and Biru watched; laughing, as Vale’s horn managed to cut through nothing, unless air counts. However, when he reared into the air, he was able to push Biru out of the way. Vale’s neck hit Biru’s jaw, clacking his open, red grin closed. It crushed part of his tongue, causing pain to radiate on the inside of his mouth. Nothing had been severed, but biting your tongue hurt! Annabelle, feeling the pain, bleated out to him. Biru kindly reminded her that he was okay; Biru came from a life of this. Fighting here, compared to back at this Pit, was nothing. This was practically a cakewalk!

Moving towards Vale’s left, Biru shifted his shoulders to avoid Vale falling on top of him. The last thing Biru needed were hooves to the shoulder. That would hurt like heck, and not to mention walking would become a pain! Hoping Vale had not moved much, Biru reached out towards Vale’s left shoulder, attempting to clench onto flesh with his teeth. Hoping he had done damage, Biru then attempted to grab at Vale’s wing, and pull it off. He was a unicorn, and it was bad to pretend you are something you are not! Not to mention, if he was lucky, maybe the string would cause some pinching along his body! Annabelle bleated boldly from the sidelines; she was so proud of her bonded. He could do this! For Ivy, she wasn’t such a bad partner, and for the Joker, he was good at pulling out his tricks.

This fight was the first on in a long time that Biru enjoyed. Not only that, but he was able to share it with the one who understood him most. Annabelle, feeling his thoughts, just bounded around in agreement, around the area where she was when she started. It was nice that she enjoyed being with him so much, and honestly, Biru was starting to like her idea to bring him here. He sent her a little mental thank you, and he could feel her entire being grow smug; she was always right.

[583 Words :: 2/2 Attacks :: vs. Vale]
[Biru is dressed as the Joker, and Annabelle as Poison Ivy. Annabelle tries to summon the dark mist companion ability for cerndyr, while Biru tries to run at him straight on and impale his neck. Attack 2: Biru attempts to bite his left shoulder, and pull of his wing.]

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