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We're Off to See the Wizard! [Graveyard - Voodoo]

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The morning was bright, but I was not the same. Over night, I had gained some rather interesting adornments on my frame. My mane is parted in two, tied together on each side with blue ribbons. Upon my frame is some strange thing, like a dress. It's blue and white in pattern. Miles too has changed, as he has gone to being completely black. I do not know what has happened to us, but something calls me forward to the floating island. It is as he scrambled up on my back that we notice the last strange thing. My hooves are now a sparkling red color. I snort, wondering what magic has done this to us.

We go together, Miles riding along on my back as usual. I am nervous, as something is just different about today. As we arrive on the island I see someone. He is tall and slender compared to me. Some urging beckons me forward, Miles suddenly sliding from my back. I want to fight him, and I don't know why. Maybe if I fight him, I will return to normal? I don't know this for sure but it is worth a try.

I charge straight for him, aiming to knock him in his side. Meanwhile I can feel Miles doing something through our bond. Perhaps he is using his magic or something. I really don't know how it works just yet. Miles flashes a picture in my mind as I run. He is covering me from sight! He is trying to make the stallion dream that I am not there! Today will be the day we will find out how well it works. Here goes nothing!

"talk talk"

Word Count: 281
Attack: Merida charges at Voodoo, while Miles uses his Dreams ability to make Voodoo dream Merida is not there.
Costume: Merida is Dorothy and Miles is Toto from the Wizard of Oz

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Your chest heaves, your whole body hot with fast-pulsing blood; we sink our jagged claws deep into your brain, your nerves, and your muscles. The longing for power that we have finally reached causes us to drip with excitement, saliva rolling off of our black tongues. We have control, puppet, and there's nothing you can do about it now. We laugh outwardly, the deep vibration coming from your throat and casting into the air; we can be heard, and felt. Still trapped inside, you quiver, the lack of control making you cower in the corner like a lost child in the grip of night. Your body has changed since we have taken control: your eyes, now black as night and only brought to life with a glimmer of light, leak black fluids that drip down your thin cheekbones. From inside your hot mouth we can feel small lacerations in your tongue where your now filed fangs have sliced open their own partner. A nightmare that you do not wish to see, so instead you turn your face away from our mind's eye.

Now you know what it feels like, boy. To be something terrifying and unseen.

From a distance we can see a body coming toward you, a cape of some sort flared around the torso of this stranger. We cackle again, tossing your head back into the air, this time the amount of gathered spit in the back of your throat making popping and drowning noises as your breath leaves in our voice. Shifty, black eyes find the mare once more as your heavy skull drops to shoulder level; her body is adorned in strange colors and materials that you don't often find one ones' self, especially her hooves which sparkle and glint as her legs eat up the ground. Finally she comes closer and pauses, a black creature crawling from her shoulders and falling to the ground.

Ouija! we hear you scream from inside our prison. The kit, likely chasing her tail not to far away, hears your cry and sprints toward us, her long tail sticking straight out as she moves in long leaps. Without so much as a stuttered step, the female suddenly charges, her body fading from plain view as quickly as she began moving. Confused and irritated, your ears perk forward, lifeless black eyes searching frantically for the culprit. Your back legs shuffle, pulling you backward only a matter of inches before there is a powerful blow to your right shoulder and into your barrel. The attack is hard, making some kind of popping noise in your ribs before your body let out a loud huuuuu of air. Ears lace back against your thick mane, bleeding eyes squeezing shut as you wobble to the left, losing balance and nearly falling to your knees before we can find control again.

The white kit pants against the morning air with large ears pulled back, her big round eyes narrowed as she finds your body being toss to the ground. She leaps from a small thicket of grass, a snarl rumbling in her small chest while she continues to run toward who she thinks is you. Then, the black creature with the bundle of tails comes into her sight, her body shifting instantly while she pads toward the fellow fox. Black lips peel back from ivory teeth as she closes in on the male with green eyes; a bite aimed at his snout.

We find your balance again, pulling you up to your feet while your rib cage throbs and aches; we smile, the expression appearing on your fake bloodied lips as well, exposing the hungry, ravenous teeth inside your jaws. From inside your skull you scream to your mutt, fear boiling in your now numb limbs. Despite not knowing exactly where the vixen is now headed, we lash out in the air with razor blade teeth, anticipating the glorious spurt of another's blood that we so wish to taste upon your tongue. Back haunches bundle and your front quarters lift from the grassy earth, long legs striking out toward the green-eyed woman with jagged, sharp hooves while your body squeals loudly in anger.

Text here "Chat here." Voices here
Word count: Six hundred and ninety seven
Move: One of two
Ooc: Please try to remember to say which side she's coming to, it makes it much easier for me to understand and anticipate what damage can be done. <3
Summary: Being taken over by his demons, Voodoo has lost control of his body entirely. Merida, now invisible, charges at and nearly knocks him to his knees, popping two ribs out of place at the same time. Meanwhile, Ouija tries to attack Miles by biting him in the face. Voodoo stumbles but gathers his feet again and slowly comes back up. He tries to bite out (assuming Merida is still invisible) and then rears to try to strike her with his hooves.
Costume: Dooey is a demon! His now black eyes drip a dark liquid that seems to be as thick as blood and his teeth have been sharpened into fangs. Ouija hasn't changed.

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