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Face to the Floor [Cheveyo]

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She had been at the Edge Meeting, led by the good Kaj and the kind Kahlua, so Romani knew well the name of the mare she was supposed to cross hooves with, a spar assigned by Archibald the Dauntless. Cheveyo... The newly appointed Captain of the Edge, one who Romani was supposed to look towards as a mentor, look towards as a leader. As a matter of fact, Romani knew Cheveyo's name even before her return to the World's Edge. They had crossed paths long ago upon the white shores of the Endless Blue, where they had spoken like good friends while they had been nothing but strangers.

"Captain Cheveyo!"

The Haflinger's summoning bellow rang across the frosted land, echoing through the stale, frozen air, carried easily along the frigid breeze. Above her the sun shone brightly in the apex of the sky, blazing and luminous against a backdrop of cerulean blue. It provided no warmth, however, even in the throng of noon-time, for the merciless grasp of Frostfall was far too strong upon Helovia. The clearing that the gypsy had found was perfect for a good spar; open and avoid of cumbersome obstacles, like rocks, drops, trees, or river banks... Yet the snow that clung stubbornly to the ground would work against them. It was like their own little arena, surrounded by trees, and if one listened close enough, they could hear the roaring sounds of the ocean waves crashing against the edge of the cliffs.

"Greet me as sisters-in-arms, and answer my summons! It's time for us to spar, good Captain."

Sitting on the sidelines was Kasai, who lounged in the snow, tail flicking left and right with agitation. Romani had declined allowing the white tigress to join in on this spar, for it was just that. A spar. This was no battle, no true desire to draw blood and break bones, simply a knocking of hooves to make sure that they were in shape and prepared to protect the land that they loved and called 'home'. Even though Kasai quite understood just why her beloved Romani didn't allow her to join in, the large cat was still unhappy about it, and showed it by letting out large, heaving grunts and huffing breaths of displeasure.

'Peace, sweet,' Romani murmured encouragingly through the precious, mental linkage shared between two bonded souls, 'You'll have your chance.' Frozen crystals of snow clung to the golden-red palomino's hooves, matting together the thick growth of ivory feathers that hung about her legs. It was a cold day, but it mattered little; enemies did not wait on good weather to possibly launch their attacks. Azure oculars glanced towards the tigress' way before re-focusing on her surroundings, and the battle-ready Haflinger waited for Cheveyo to show.


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With all of the excitement and chaos over the going ons that seemed caused by the floating Island, I had nearly forgotten about the seasonal spars assigned by the Dauntless and the Constrictor. A change in command left me as one of the newest Captains, taking the spot of Ktulu, as she was preparing to start a family with her mate Lakota. I had to admit, I was a little shaken up by the Sunshower and Stormbringer's decision to place me in the highest ranking spots for the military, but it didn't matter. The choice had been made and I had accepted it gracefully, now it was time to live up to their decisions and prove to the other warriors, some older and more experienced than myself, that I was worthy of this heavy title.

A scream traveled through the misty, cold air of the Edge, carrying my name upon it's shoulders while leading me towards my summoner. Yellow painted hooves carried my muscled, battle-scarred body through the thick snow that blanketed the world in it's cold embrace easily. Streams of steam clouded my vision momentarily with each exhale, but quickly dissolved into the chilled air around me as I reached the snow covered clearing in which the golden mare stood. Romani, her face pulled a name from the web covered filing cabinet in the back of my mind while a smile tugged gently at the corners of my rosy lips.

"Sister Romani, it's good to see you back within our walls." My white washed cranium dipped in greeting before white splashed limbs were back in motion, carrying my painted frame at an easy canter towards the golden mare whose own battle-ready frame was broader and shorter than my own. I knew she would be faster, stronger, and a little quicker on her hooves than I was, but she would tire out easier than I would so if there was any chance to make this draw out for as long as possible I would have a chance at proving myself as the older mare's Captain, rather than looking like a child playing in her mother's clothes.

Golden ears slammed back against my skull, dissapearing into blonde tangles while my muscular limbs pushed off towards the left so my body would be angled towards Romani's right side where if all went as planned my first attack would land. As I reached the mare's right shoulder my skull tilted in her direction, preparing for the fury of bites at were landed quickly along what I hoped would be her scarred side and hip before my canter carried me strides away. Puffs of steam escaped through my nostrils as I turned once more, keeping myself moving but slowing to a trot while circling the decent sized clearing. Surely if I kept moving and made her keep chasing me she would grow weaker and I would stand a higher chance of walking out of here without many wounds.

"Words words words."

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