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Cut your tongue from your head [Sialia Challenge]

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The doctor's daughter would no longer tolerate this woman lashing her tongue. Aviya had never been wrong to offer her child death, for death was the more acceptable defeat than living with the blood of the traitor king running through your veins. The meeting had feigned and Aviya was left standing in the middle of the Basin valley. Her tail lashed angrily behind her, slapping against her pale hocks. Her snapped, glass horn swept across the valley as she eyed the caves around her. "Sialia! Show yourself, you cowardice bitch!" the princess' words were full of venom as she spit them across the land, her voice ringing out loud and steady. The smokey black mare's muscles were tightened, her cloven toes spread and her legs square. She looked truly powerful and frightful as the wind picked up her frosted mane and tail and danced with the soft tendrils. In her body screamed her father, the woman a spitting image of the blood bay in his anger and pride. In her eyes screamed her mother, a woman who never accepted disrespect from anyone--especially those under her. Aviya was a beautiful mix of the poisoner and the nurse, and today she would prove that forever. In the back of her mind, Aviya knew Momma Kou was smiling down on her a sick, sadistic smile of the utmost pride and encouragement.

In the wilds, before the God of the Spark had gifted them with this home, after the Goddess of the Moon had ripped their old home away from them, Kou had taught Aviya how to survive in the harshest of climates, and how to kill ruthlessly before she reached her first year. The cough that racked her body as a youngling had made her strong, and Aviya would continue to prove this strength for the duration of her life. Just seasons ago the princess had traveled north, followed the darkness, and killed wraiths with her own cloven hooves. She had no guide, no partner, no companion, and she had killed the creatures of darkness without anyone. Today, Aviya would put the cerulean and black bitch in her place and forever silence her disrespectful tongue. Aviya was the true princess of the Aurora Basin, her parent's loyalty and prestige unmatched by all who attempt. Even the Lords and Ladies' offspring could not match Aviya's bloodline of purity and strength. They had all gone, disappeared from this frozen land without a whisper. But here she stood, seething with anger for being treated in such a manner that resembled the hornless and the winged, ready to demolish her assailant.

The ground beneath her cloven hooves was hard and compact, the warmth of the springs beneath the ground keeping the ice at bay. The tundra grasses that the woman had grown accustomed to were thick and spongy, but gave way when stepped on. This was the perfect battlefield, even as the wind began to pick up and howl in the valley. The sun did not dip over the horizon, but it dipped behind the tall mountains that protected the Basin. The sky above was painted with blood red, pink, orange, and faint blues, but in the valley below the light was dimmer. Long shadows stretched from the forms of the unicorns--and filthy mixed bloods--that ranged and moved about their home. Aviya's clear blue eyes continued to scan the valley, waiting to see the form of the bitch and her bastard filly step from darkness into their downfall. Who would stand by to watch this battle today? Would her father stand on the sidelines with proud eyes, a smirk lighting his darkly handsome features? Would Deimos stand near the Nightshade and note her prowess? Would Ulrik, the handsome engineer, forget his sorrow for a moment and be painted with an impressed glance in her direction? Would Varath crawl from the darkness he was dwelling in to watch her take what she deserved? The thoughts lit Aviya's mind, and the woman swayed some, turning her body to talk in a small circle before snorting into the later afternoon air.

[Sialia Challenge | For: Dominance | PC: 0/4 | WC: 681 | Good luck, Nessie. @[Sialia] | Surroundings: In the middle of the Basin, between the lake and the hot springs. The ground is solid, without snow or ice, but covered in the thick, spongy tundra grasses. It is late afternoon, with the sun behind the mountains to darken the area a bit and cause long shadows to be cast.]

we're in the ring
and we're coming for blood

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You got blood on your face you big disgrace

Rage. Rage still hadn't submitted to logic. Craving twist in my gut, to see blood spill on the white snow. But I didn't just want any blood to pour. I wanted her blood to splatter everywhere. And it seems that she wanted the same thing. Her call reached my ears, yes. Just as I had made it back home. Dark eyes turn to look at my daughter by my side. A cold smile crossed my features, and assurances where passed. But one cold firm order passed in this conversation as well. "You will not follow me to my battle. You will not leave until I return." before mother and daughter parted. One to wait in agonizing morbid curiosity, the other to fight a battle that she had brought partially upon herself.

However, I took my time getting there. Make the bitch wait. However, upon arriving caught her sway, circle and snort. Disgust rolled through my body at this dramatic child. She acts as if I should be happy about an attempt on my child's life. Like it was a good thing. No. I wasn't happy, and I could never forgive such an act of violence. No matter the father. It would never be okay what she did. She would never understand until someone tries the same thing on offspring of her own. She was an idiot girl, who had lost her mother maybe, but I held no sympathy for her. In my book she fully deserved what she had got. However, my heart pined in pity for the Nightshade. He wasn't awful like the bitch he had brought into being.

A cold gaze sweeps my surroundings, looking from corner to corner. It was a good place to fight. The ground was slightly spongy with enough grip to propel ones self forward, without much worry of slipping. In honesty it was a pretty little spot, which would soon be tore up turf with blood, sweat and the like mixed in. The tones of the sky cast an eerie glow on everything, distorting the colors on both equine creatures. It would be beautiful if what was happening, wasn't.

My attention looks to Aviya, and an old habit passes over me. My eyes turn glassy, unreadable, and my face slackens from the hard anger. My body remains tense for the fight, and my voice becomes flat without emotion. "Enough with the dramatics. Lets get it over with." I move, my legs taking me to stand more square with the obnoxious bitch, and the eyes move to watch her. To calculate her.

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Muscles bunched in anticipation as she waited for the black and blue mare. Cloven toes spread for better traction on the spongy ground. Pale eyes danced around until, finally, she rested her eyes on the approaching mare. The white hot swell of anger burst in her breast, but with even breathing she tamed the beast. She knew better than to succumb to her emotions. She needed to stay stoney, to keep control of her mind at all times. The slightest flicker of uncontrolled emotion could throw this entire advance to the sea. Everything around Aviya seemed to fade away as she watched the bitch approach. The time it took to mare to walk to Aviya gave the daughter of darkness time to analyze her opponent. There were very few outward differences between them. Sialia was a few inches taller than her, less than a hand, but she did not outweigh her in muscle. She did seem thicker than Aviya to a certain point, however, and that was evidence of the delicate arabian blood that ran through Aviya's body. Aviya smirked and lowered her head some, hoping the her desert ancestors would give her an upper hand in agility against this warmblood bitch. However, the dueling pair would be matched well today, and Aviya was not dismayed. Her parents had taught her well, and the medical mates were not shy in teaching their daughter how to end a life. Aviya was bred and born for power, and today she would exert it and take this land by storm. Her name would be whispered by all who she passed, and she would be looked down at no more. She was equal to no one. These peons were below her--unicorn or not--and she would remind all who chose to watch this encounter today.

Sialia squared herself up and spoke, but Aviya did not hesitate. In her stillness, her magic had pooled at her hoves, covering them in a thick layer of untamed fog. She launched herself for the mare, white stockinged back legs propelling her forward powerfully with the fog trailing behind her. She moved in a controlled burst of speed, moving her body to the right side as she attempted to close the distance between her and Sialia. As she surged forward, Aviya's ears tucked into her frosted mane tightly to protect from wandering teeth and her chin tucked to aim her weapon with ease. When she assumed she was in the perfect proximity to Sialia, Aviya slammed on the brakes. Her hips tucked and her hindquarters bunched as stiff ground beneath her held her weight in place. Her smokey black body twisted and she attempted to knock into Sialia, her front hooves leaving the ground. She kept her head low, however, attempting to whip her horn over Sialia's body. Her glass weapon--marred by the memory of her demigod half brother--suddenly surged upward as she lifted her chin. Her intent was to slice up the point Sialia's left shoulder and up into the length of her neck. When Aviya's horn was thrusted up after her attempted slicing, the mare continued her forward movement. Quickly, her pale face jutted out, her powerful arched neck springing into life as she attempted to bite at Sialia's left-side neck and face.

The Doctor's daughter pushed forward still, her back legs pushing off the spongy ground to propel her with practices skill. She wanted to crowd Sialia, to take over her senses and make her move her legs. Black, cloven front hooves aimed high in her advance forward, hoping to scrape harshly over delicate knees and cannons. Aviya knew she did not hold the power in her front legs to crush the bones of Sialia's legs, but oh, how she wanted to. She wanted to feel the pool of blood in her mouth--Sialia's blood--and mix the iron-like taste around on her tongue before spitting it onto the ground to show the Basin this mare's place beneath Aviya's hooves. Her mind flashed with her memories of the north, of the darkness, and of the wraiths she demolished in her wake. The demons were furious--always--and attacked without trajectory and precision. She doubted Sialia would share this same demeanor, but the rage in the bitch's cerulean eyes gave Aviya hope that she would lose herself to the anger, that she would trip up, and Aviya would take hold of her life between her crushing teeth. Focusing ahead, Aviya sent her fog upwards in an attempt to gather it in Sialia's line of vision. She singled her desires into the fog, hoping to use her magic to control Sialia's mouth up and away from biting Aviya, and thus, protecting the smokey mare from the blue and black sword on Sialia's brow.

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we're in the ring
and we're coming for blood

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