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He had sent his sleuth to try and find the evasive child, but the bat winged spy had come back empty handed. The Sultan could not deny that he was partially relieved. Trying to capture her by using silence and deception seemed ... cheap, and yet fitting of her position. In his previous herd there had been no such position as the one Silk held, there was simply no need for it. If there was a conflict to resolve it was done with bone, and teeth, and blood, as it would be now.

The Wildfire moved swiftly, fueled by an uneasy certainty that what was about to occur would not be resolved quickly or without bloodshed.

He was relieved at least that Frostfall had departed and their Sun God had taken his place in the sky once again. High above the rays cast down by their deity's power warmed Gaucho's back as he flew North. He wasn't sure how icy the Basin would be, but it didn't matter.

For too long the Basin's evils had gone unanswered. For too long they had targeted the Throat, although never before had Gaucho been in a position to answer.

But he was now.

Landing, his stormy gaze rose to the giant machine that lingered at the entrance. Snorting undaunted, Gaucho strode forward although maintained a respectful distance. The art of war was not one to be taken lightly, nor sloppily, and Gaucho would respect the treatises written in blood that dictated its customs. Rearing upon fresh grasses, Gaucho shot an arch of flames into the air - fanning outwards thirty feet - followed promptly by another. 5 large eagle-sized birds bloomed and poured from his antlers, taking wing and moving soundlessly into the midday sky; their bodies burning as bright signals of who waited at the Basin gates.

"PINK SPY." The Wildfire's voice boomed, resonating across the barren landscape. "HERE. NOW."

Confidence rippled across Gaucho's muscled body. He was here to defend the honour of his herd, and those who had died. He was not here for pride or glory. This was not meant to become a story or feed the rumor mill. But the pink spy had acted against his herd, and she would pay for her crimes.

Challenging @[Hotaru] !

For the failed attempts at stealing members of his herd (Brit okay'd him knowing), and for desecrating the dead bodies of those who have shown up murdered (two of which were Throat members). If Gaucho is successful Hotaru will become a prisoner of the Throat. Consequently Confutatis would also go free as she is held by Hotaru.

Summary: Arrives at the Basin borders. Calls for Hotaru,
Setting: Midday and clear. The area is relatively clear of snow, although some areas are still sloppy from melting snow.
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Timeline: Regular challenge timeline.

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On the breeze there is a call, a scream of challenge with her name written all over it. Pretty face snarls at the demand, at a stallion daring to tell her where to be and when. Does he not know who he is handling? She is a wolf in sheep's clothing, a hurricane of beauty and deathly intent. She does not fold to some mere breeding stock. For that is all he is worth to her, an injection of semen for her to raise more fitting offspring. Even so, any impending removal is dangerous, and the beast calls at a time most unfitting. Her daughter is recently found to be immortal, but having held her child to her chest while she bled to a death Hotaru had deemed certain had only intensified the young mother's protective instincts. Little would rip her from her darling's side so soon after the horrifying incident. Even so, should this be even mildly permanent...

Taking her time responding to the ugly brute that demands her presence (and who wouldn't? She is something to be seen, to be gawked at and revered like the Queen she is) she seeks out a caretaker. Ophelia is first to come to mind, and though she is more than aware of the fact that the pale lady is her Queen now (a title Hotaru was still begrudgingly getting used to), surely she would help care for her daughter and Mirabella? They were too young to care for themselves, not really. All her affairs would be sorted before she cared to answer the call of the beast that named her so brutishly. Hotaru was far more than a 'pink spy'. It was degrading! It was like calling a tsunami a mild storm, and she would remind him of his mistake repeatedly.

When she finds her Lady, lingering at the borders with a pale-faced newcomer, Hotaru's gut is wrenched in knots. She cannot stand the thought of leaving her beloved, of losing and failing her when Arya (and Mirabella, as well) needed her most. The she-wolf would wreck havoc on this unnamed stallion for ripping her away, because Hotaru would always do her job. And that job required reconnaissance. So she would default to the slimy bastard, would let him steal her away. But not before her most precious treasure was locked away and sealed from his grimy, grubby hands.

Bowing hastily, she peers into the eyes of the one she hopes will aid her, and there is a rarely seen sincerity to her visage that speaks of her desperation. It takes a village to raise a child, perhaps, but while Hotaru loved and trusted her herd, it was not enough when it came to her daughter.

"Ophelia. Please, I have of you a request. My daughters, Arya and Mirabella..." it is pathetic how her throat tries to choke her, and she forces it down fearlessly, eyes hardening. It is odd, perhaps, how she does not falter to call Mira her own child, considering Esther's death. But she will not have the child abandoned, both her parents as missing as Hotaru's own. "I intend to let him take me. But please, I need you to watch my daughters. I will give you anything, both of you, I beg of you. Just keep them safe?" Voice drops to a whisper, desperate. "Tell them...tell them I love them. I'll be home soon." She steels herself, looking between her Lady and hopeful herd sister. Tries to remember why she's doing this. Tries to remember the proud look Illynx wore whenever she brought home a particularly good treasure.

Turning, she sweeps away.

He is hard to miss, drawing her forth with bouts of fire and flame. Hotaru lets her face fall to a devious smirk, perfect hips swaying to the rhythm that runs in her head. The sonata of his downfall.

"Take me away, handsome. I will not fight you. But I will cause you hell." It is a solemn promise, spoken on a purr of lyrics that are as enticing as they are intimidating. He may be thrice her size, but her abilities run far deeper and more versatile than his. And she will prove it.

He made a horrible mistake, taking her prisoner.

Hotaru willingly defaults and becomes Gaucho's prisoner! Also sorry for the weirdly crappy post haha.

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Hotaru submits to the challenge and is now a prisoner of the Dragon's Throat. Confutatis is now released.

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