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1. This thread will stay open throughout the entire plot
2. You must post here with your couples so that they can "discover" the boat before going on to any other of the fast tasks
3. Word count is 150 words
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The blaring heat of the noonday sun bore down on the residents of Helovia, coping with loss and mired in heartache. Death left a looming shadow, tainting the blooming romance and gentle conversations with it's wicked darkness. Even with the beautiful trees rising up in the stead of the bodies of the lost, their memories were still fresh, still terrible. Echoes of screams in this very meadow, demanding justice, blood and violence in recompense for violence hovered, an unspoken tension igniting dissent across the land. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind, and two wrongs would never make a right.

Shouldn't the citizens see that? Shouldn't they see the balance and the joy in the world? The darkness only made the light shine brighter, and the God of the Earth sighed heavily determined to break the unbearable heat and cleanse the world with new life and beauty. Though the season was late, his brother, the Sun God, did not mind; in fact, he seemed rather distracted. And thus, the God of the Earth set out to achieve this task on his own.

He would give them new life, new love, a second chance and most importantly: a cleansing.

The god toiled relentlessly, throwing bulging muscles and weight into his craft. Trees grew in seconds, providing wood for the massive ship he was building, and his coat glistened with sweat, a sparkling shine in the bright sunlight. Thick, black mane matted and stuck to the bold arch of his neck, and he stepped back as the sun began to set, exhaling a heavy breath to admire his good work. Sitting on the ground near the stream was a gigantic, large ship. It looked odd set against the earthen background, but the god did have a plan.

A great deluge.

All would have to board the ship - if only for a day - for him to complete his task, but rewards awaited Helovians at the end. And the ship was not some cramped box - oh no. Large rooms awaited them with food and water. The very sides of the ship were made of living trees that breathed out of their ground, roots holding the sides of the big boat. Grasses framed the top and vines wrapped around the hallways. It was a work of art, beautiful.

By this time, he had expected a crowd, and he turned to them apology written on his handsome, beautiful features. "I shall make this world beautiful again," he rumbled. "Pair off and perform these final tasks for me so that everyone shall be safe during the coming rains."


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Thranduil & Deimos
Kvothe & Rei
Archibald & Macaria
Abraham & Vincent
Rhiannon & Hotaru
December & Rostislav
Arya & Rhoa
Torleik & Ophelia
Artorius & Jahzara
Reginald & Tandavi
Midas & Africa
Shida & Oxy
Megaera & Einarr
Bucephalus & Hertz
Isopia & Aithniel
Adelric & Erebos
Ampere & Zekle
Maitimo & Nayati
Aisling & Finn
Shadow & Bolverik
Ciceron & Parelia
Cashmere & Nym
Ode & Vitani
Arah & Ulrik
Morrigan & Telesaan
Elsa & Dovahkiin
Amara & Sikeax
Essetia & Kiara
Maren & Alija
Rasta & Alleo
Roskuld & Mauja
Laedere & Fig
Gaucho & Sohalia
Resplendence & Quilyan
Syrena & Rhea
Lena & Roland
Destry & Phantom
Kahlua & Brisa
Myrinne & Cerin
Spice & Aeolus
Ayelet & Saffron
Arvakl & Aaron
Atlas & Jorogumo
Cheska & Auriel
Thor & Evangeline
Hector & Isara
Histe & Crowley
Deodat & Nyx
Nymeria & Volterra
Cera & Zenobia
Mesec & Apollo
Panzram & Talion
Alysanne & Miykael
Aviya & d'Artagnan
Tempe & Breccan
Argen & Astraea
Destrier & Romani
Raeru & Muriel
Ink & Mirage
Naerys & Brigand
Bellona & Gull
Varath & Vadim

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He could hear the work of earth and might from miles away. Sporting his new wears the golden eased into the thistle meadow. It was a handsome satchel carrying a few tricks, and a gold dusted cloak. Under it he was nearly sweating through, but its shear cloth let in a light breeze, and the golden was barely able to manage in this heat. Well someone had been busy. Looming large like a threatening shadow stood a great ship. A brow on the golden raised as he contemplated the large thing. Haldir, who as always bounded by his side stopped dead in his tracks. Oh my god. That was bigger than a mountain! The little fawn began to tremble and shake then dashed off. This broke the golden’s face as he yelled after him, “HALDIR!” The fawn, already a good many yards ahead slammed to a stop and tossed back a look of pure excitement to the golden trotting up behind him. His little hinds leaped with anticipation. He could tell something was going. Every nerve stood on end, every heartbeat reverberated. A defiant bleat rang out as he scolded the gold for not hurrying. That twin horned could only roll his eyes.

Still the golden was curious, so the two continued to walk closer until the Earth God himself spoke. His presence brought back….unpleasant thoughts of the world spinning out of control. Ah well. Gods will be Gods. Still there was the curious issues of the…flood. Thranduil didn’t mind having the curious darkness of this world. It had given him something to do for the past few months. Still…he didn’t fancy drowning. “You’re lucky day Haldir, we’re going on a boat.” The fawn who knew not a word still beamed up at him. His little tail wagging to no end. There was however the question of a partner. A grim face stumped the golden. He was not exactly a partnering type. Crowned head turns to look over the crowd and he sees a face he can’t help but smile at. “Deimos!” True, he didn’t really enjoy the dark devil’s company but the golden was feeling a bit, mischievous today. “Are you free m’lord?” It was hard not to laugh at that. Man this was going to be too much fun. Funny though how it was always the doomsday things that got his blood pumping like this. Haldir was totally ready for this. He took off through the crowd, bounding as he went and skidded right in front of the dark devil, with broad grin. Perhaps it was the delirium of the boat in front of him. With a smirk the golden walks over to his partner in crime, ready to get this shit moving. Because as everyone knows, the only fun in taking a bath is getting ready it all dirty again.

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Kvothe & Elodin

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It was the crowd and sight of the toiling god that pulled me from the wood surrounding the meadow. 'Fore my own eyes, the God created a massive boat. By this time, several others had gathered 'round, some familiar some not.

I shall make this world beautiful again. Pair off and perform these final tasks for me so that everyone shall be safe during the coming rains."

Make the world beautiful again? Had he already not done so with the birth of trees to stand as a monument to those who had been felled by the murderer? It pulls my face into a faint frown, and I look around the group, searching for a familiar face before one catches my eyes. With a smile I trotted towards the speckled mare, bells ringing merrily.

"Ho, Rei!" I call, moving to her side and dipping my head in greeting. "Seems we must partner... care to join me? Perhaps we can begin our lesson?" I ask, tail curling cheerfully. Elodin leaned against my leg, looking up at Rei and gracing her with a snort before his attention went elsewhere.

OOC: @[Rei] and Kvo will be partnering up :D
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On his way towards the Dragon's Throat, Archibald ran across something peculiar. Loretta had alerted him to it, but as soon as his golden eyes hit the figure in the distance, he knew who it was. Elated, the titan bolted for his mirror image, nearly barrelling straight into him. Thick, muscled neck wrapped around the more timid brother, holding him tight in an unbreakable embrace as he brought in his scent.


His voice was full of the relief he felt, a great mass lifted from his withers and back, leaving more room for his lungs to expand in his deep and wide chest. There was no time to catch up, however, Archibald and Loretta had been on a mission, and on their mission they would stay. They just now had new company. Thus, Archibald walked his brother to the border of the Dragon's Throat and there the Dauntless stood, calling for his children. They came, in turn, and Archibald introduced his children to his brother, his twin, his wombmate, alive and well, in the flesh, standing next to him.

Archibald and Loretta moved towards the Thistle Meadow, leading Macaria (and his family, had they decided to follow) gently and slowly, taking each break that she needed. His eyes were full of pride and love as he softly spoke to her, showing her remnants of his past he had shared with her mother and her brothers before her. However, as the Dauntless king ascended a hill, the sight was incredible and it took him by surprise. His golden eyes were wide as he stared out at the ship and the Earth God, letting his words fall over his ashen frame.

Confused, but compliant, Archibald grunted. "Macaria, my dearest daughter, come aboard with me, and we will explore this ship together." He smiled at the child, then turned his head to his brother and his youngest son. His eyes rested on Vincent, warmer than they had been in weeks. "All will be well." Loretta moved next to Macaria, ready to help the child shoulder her weight if she needed her to.

[Archibald and Macaria are paired.] @[Macaria]

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The Throat was hot and sticky and it caused Abraham's mane to stick to his pelt. It bothered him, but he did not complain, for the heat gave his siblings as well as his bonded the pleasure they deserved. Abraham stayed with them, faithfully, watching over the little flower his sister was alongside his wombmate. His father's voice in the distance stirred him and Abraham moved towards the call, waiting with his siblings and moving at the pace their sister set. He was thankful to hear his father's request, for perhaps the Dauntless would take them away from the sweltering heat for a day. His eyes widened however, when the mismatched organs landed on the Dauntless and a mirror image. Abraham swallowed, his throat dry, and decided to keep his and the face-stealer's history a secret.

Complying with his father's wishes, Abraham traveled with the pack. He stayed behind them some, every so often letting his eyes flick to watch Vincent. As much as he enjoyed watching the stallion quiver in the fear that Abraham had induced, he knew from the introduction Archibald gave that if the Dauntless knew of their history, Abraham would be punished. He knew his father would not hold back in any way, because he knew that if anyone had tortured Reginald in the way Abraham had Vincent, no matter who they were, the darkling prince would rip their still-beating heart from their chest.

In the meadow of the childhood stood a large structure, different completely than the Rotunda, and the God of the Earth--yes, Abraham knew him from the lore his parents had taught him--commanded them to pair up. His father claimed their sister, and Abraham hesitated for a moment. Turning his head slowly to Vincent, the hellion finally spoke. "We should board together. Blood in blood."

Abraham had to apologize sometime. His fury had been misplaced.

[Abraham and Vincent are paired together.] @[Vincent]

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"Well... That wasn't what I was expecting."

The words came unbidden to dark lips, dual-toned oculars eyeing the crafted monstrosity that loomed before them. What in the world...? A ship. It was a giant fucking ship. In the middle of the Thistle Meadow? Shouldn't it, oh... Be at the Endless Blue? There was a reason she was a Weaver and not a navigator, but Rhiannon was nearly certain that this hunk of wood was in the wrong place. All she had wanted was to spend a day with Hotaru, to enjoy the presence of her maiden, maybe sneak a feel or two and generally just say 'fuck you' to duty of the Basin for the day and focus on her duty to her coral siren. They hadn't spent time together often enough for her liking...

But not even halfway into their impromptu outing, or 'date-session' as Rhiannon mentally dubbed it, the sound of something had drawn them here. To this giant fucking ship... And they weren't the only ones. Oh, Hell no they weren't. It was like the entire population of Helovia had showed up just to get a look at the giant ship in all it's giant, wood-y glory... And all she had wanted was to just take a lovely evening stroll with her coral Lady. Of fucking course.

Molten-gold and frigid-silver eyes watched as before the misplaced ship stood the God of the Earth. The actual God himself. Well, damn. He spoke of the world becoming beautiful, then politely demanded them to break off into pairs to prepare for the 'oncoming rains'... Whatever the hell that meant. The brindled devil looked to the left at all the unfamiliar faces, then to the right, and promptly snorted. If a God was telling them to do something so that they would remain 'safe', Rhiannon wasn't idiotic enough to not believe him. She quite enjoyed living, after all.

The Weaver's gaze then turned to her beautiful compatriot, and she smiled. "C'mon, Ru... Let's go check it out."

Because why not?

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White December

Gods kill her now. The heat was about to kill her, like it already did her sanity and good nature. Sweat trickled endlessly down her withers and sides like minute waterfalls, as knotted mane clung to her thick neck for dear life. The feathers upon her ashen legs were wilted, no longer as wispy as they usually had been, mud and sweat giving them a matted visual as her steel gaze was heavily lidded. The thistles were nothing now, their searing pricks all but a nuisance compared to the torture that was this Tallsun weather. Her lips were dry, not quite yet cracked but getting rather close, and pink tongue helplessly stuck to the roof of her mouth, dry and parched from lack of liquids. This part was her own fault, as she had used any water she could to simply soak herself in, to relieve the sweaty itches and cleanse the dust from her alabaster hide.

The sharpness of winter cried out in her mind, singing sweet nothings to her and beckoning with its frozen tendrils, sending her into a near tizzy every time she tried to chase the mental image in her head. This time, it had sent her deeper into the Thistle Meadow, and it had taken her a few moments to notice the large crowd and gargantuan structure before her. Once it did come to her attention though, eyes widened momentarily, only to pause and turn herself, looking over to see a mighty draft-like creature standing at the foot of it. He was different, wings and horns sprouting from him and vegetation adorning his body. All eyes seemed to be on him, and it made December all the more curious. Working her heat-ridden frame closer, she found herself standing next to a familiar frame. The rabicano coloring on earthy fur, black horns and shorter stature made it clear to the lass that it was none other than Rostislav. Her eyes searched him briefly, letting them calmly flit about him to see how he had fared with the hot season, before quickly adverting her attention back to the one ahead.

He spoke with authority, sure, with a hint of apology on his features. The order he gave only perplexed December, not understanding what gave him the right to make such a command. Perhaps it was the way others looked upon him, or the confidence he held, but it didn't take long for it to click in her mind. This, this was a God. Which one, she wasn't sure, but she was suddenly fascinated and confused all at once, unsure what to think of his sudden order. What exactly did he have planned for them all? What was going to happen that they would all need to join together and perform tasks, in pairs nonetheless. Whatever it was, she was willing to obey his commands, for the Gods always seemed to have a reason. If she had seen what had happened before, what had occurred that brought the lands in such disarray, she may have thought differently. But for now, she would comply, and with her massive, sweaty crown turning to the fellow Falls member to her right, her head tossing briefly, before words escaped her smokey velveteen," Rostislav. We've got work to do, let's go." Pausing suddenly at her command, she looked around in curiosity, searching for the red mare that had been at his side before at the meeting. Perhaps he would want to go with her instead. Taking the time to collect on this, she finally added in a matter-of-fact tone," Unless you want to go with your mate. Then I will search for another partner."


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Arya noticed others. She stalked forward with Odette at her side. It was good to have the white hound at her side. They had been traipsing through the meadow previously. Now she walked toward the others that gathered. Her eyes drifted over each face as the god declared they pair up. She glanced down at Odette. No, surely they wouldn’t allow her to pair up with a companion. Besides, the dog wasn’t precisely able to communicate with her either. Instinctively her eyes looked for her mother. Then the huntress stopped and her eyes drifted to the ground. She hadn’t relied on her mother for the bare essentials for some time now. It was time to grow up.

She scanned for someone and her eyes fell upon a familiar face. A grin passed over her lips. “Rhoa!” She called out and she pranced toward her friend. “You. Me. Partners.” It wasn’t precisely request as much as it was a demand.


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Ophelia was returning with the words of wisdom from the God of the Sun echoing in her mind. The risk was worth the reward. Tragedy had befallen the land, distracting her from what she wanted to say and what she wanted to do, but now, she was moving north again, determined to speak her mind and let her heart free from its icy casing. Maybe... Never would more difficult words be spoken, and hopefully, she would not have to say anything at all. Torleik would understand. He seemed to always understand, sensitive as he was.

The pale princess trotted, distracted once more by a gigantic ship in the middle of the thistle meadow. Heavy, summer heat had melted the thick coat from her body, revealing a short, slick one beneath which accentuated her lithe figure. Sparring had made her, somehow, leaner, definition of worked muscles showing easily with shorter, shiny hair. Red tresses trailed behind her as she watched the God of the Earth work, listening to his words curiously. Her brows furrowed, watching the way he moved.

Then, he spoke, revealing his plans, and she thought of the black steed immediately. Her head swiveled, scanning the horizon and loping forward, urgently heading to their shared home: the Aurora Basin. The queen did not have to journey far, however, for there was Torleik, on the approach. "Torleik!" she called. "Something is happening, and we have to pair up. Care to uh... ah well... be my partner?" she asked hopefully, nervousness agitating her steps. What if he said no?


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The earth itself was groaning beneath the weight of a great undertaking, and the demon-horned stallion was far too curious in nature to let such an event go unobserved. He sent Irelyn ahead to scout out what might be amiss, if it was dangerous, if the world was caving in on itself, but what he received in return was not what he expected at all.


At first, the Bloodskald thought Irelyn had cursed and he was about to admonish her, but a blink of a mental picture accompanied her words and she had, indeed, meant a seafaring vessel.


What was a massive ship doing in the middle of a meadow? Great amber waves and seas of flowing grass were lovely metaphors, but a ship did not sail on soil.

'God. Big god.'

The Earth God's doing, this ship, it seemed. The Basin General picked up his pace and crested a hill, coming to a surprised halt when Ophelia was suddenly before him looking...well. Leaner. Stronger.


She seemed just as taken aback by his sudden presence and her words reached him where the Earth God's had missed: something was happening and they were to pair up. Would he be her partner? The simple, honest pleasure this inquiry gave him was deep and abiding in his soul, and a handsome, easy smile cracked his scarred features. "Of course." That there was even trepidation in her question made the back of his mind wonder how little she trusted him - did she really need to worry he would not come to her aid, be her other half?

Be her partner?


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&& Barnabas

I had been out exploring once again, enjoying the wonderful Tallsun days with the ball of black feathers that had hatched from the speckled egg I had been carrying. The fact that I had taken care of another creature so well that it had decided to twine it's mind in with my own caused my heart to soar with happiness, clearly the gods had brought me to Helovia for a reason. My heart was finally at peace knowing my mother did love me and had left for my own good, even though it still hurt, at least things seemed to be moving in a better way than they originally had been.
It seemed that Barnabas and myself weren't the only ones out exploring today, I looked up from our path to see a massive ship in the middle of a purple hued meadow. The good majority of Helovia surrounded the ship, a giant stallion colored like the earth around us stood before everyone his deep voice bellowing out so all could hear as if he was standing before us. "I shall make this world beautiful again, pair off and perform these final tasks for me so that everyone shall be safe during the coming rains." My mind whirled as I wondered who would want to partner up with the new guy, you would think that the face of Alysanne would pop into the forefront of my mind. Rather as I glanced over glossily feathered shoulders it was the mismatched face of the golden, Jahzara, that I hoped to be able to find.

"Speech here."
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& back again.

To be honest, I almost died of relief when I saw Arya. Everyone was just ... I don't know. They all seemed to know each other. Everyone who arrived just gravitated to someone, muttering about the Earth God and what was about to happen. Of course everyone agreed to complete his tasks but they would do so together. I fidgeted nervously, trying to look as though I was just waiting for someone when Arya came up.

You. Me. Partners

Oh Gods YES. I could have kissed her. Instead, I'm fairly certain I just tried to blubber something about 'yes' and 'I'd love to' and 'thank you', but it sounded a lot more like, "Yes love thank." Realizing what I'd said, I shook my head as if trying to erase the words. "I mean, yes! Great. Yes. Err.. Hi."

I'm sure I'm blushing, but at the moment I'm too relieved to care. "I wonder what this is all about?" I inquire, moving to stand slightly closer to her just so that ... well, you know. So that everyone here knows that I'm not alone.

At least I have her.

RHOA is partners with ARYA.

I don't know.
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Palest Shadow; Darkest Light

I hobble my way into the meadow of Father’s past---but oh, Mother, you know all about that place, right? Father tells me it is where you all used to live, long before I had even been an idea; where Reginald and Abraham were born and raised, I’m told. So silly to think of them as small children, like myself! I can only imagine that they were brought into the world as huge and hulking as they are now; giants stalking the land, making the ground shake with every step. But oh, gosh, Mother! What terrible births that would have been!

My steps were careful, even though my poor hoof was still healing—although, at least the pain had subsided, yes? It was the first time I had ever left the desert realm of the Dragon’s Throat—and I must say, while I do miss the dazzling sun and the amusing sand-dunes, I do enjoy the crisp, temperate climate of this place, with its beautiful thistles and soft grasses.

“Oh,” I said, my eyes taking in the vast form of the ship. I felt a furry presence beside me, and looked to see Loretta standing there, huge and fluffy and red, standing as my impromptu crutch. I smiled at her; then looked up to Father, my eyes big with the wonder of the ship. “Okay, Father!” I chirruped, excited for the adventure—but then something else came upon me, and a shrank a little, caution blossoming in its stead. “But it’s so big Father…”

[Yay Father/Daughter bonding! :D]

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Is pissing.



He cannot bear to see his baby sister dragged around the world, away from the safety of the Dragon’s Throat; he does not care that it is his father that leads away his sister, or that he travels amongst blood. He does not give a rat’s hairy, minuscule ass about his father’s brother—an imposter, a doppelganger that he cannot abide—a coward who mocks his father’s skin. He cannot stand the droves that approach and migrate to this place, the home of his past, the setting of his birth. Memories of his mother and his brother are tainted by these detestable, vexing things.

He scowls--furious with the structure that mars the serenity of his kingdom of eld. He grinds his teeth, almost wild with the wrath bursting inside of him—holding his tongue only for the petite little princess who dances at his father’s side, wide-eyed and glorious, precious and so, so naïve.

Then, he sees something—someone--that tips him.

You,” he hisses, for the serpent has taken his tongue; his eyes boil and his sight is red, though he cannot see heat as he can in his perfect shape. He stalks, his movements swift and jagged—for he has finally caught sight of her at last, that witch who has ensnared him in a trap he cannot escape.

He goes to her—intending to break.

[Pairing up with @[Tandavi]!

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The swelling heat seemed an easy game for Sun. He (and even Earth) by all appearance is unmoved with the cries of equinekind for the injustice of this land and their regime. Aye, even my unyielding faith had been shaken. The death of a son was still fresh upon this mind, as were other heartaches. Tis no secret this ground was rotten with decay and blood, unseen by our eyes. There was a sickness here, it seeped green pus, hot and sticky from the very pores of this land. A wound that'd been left unattended, and now a festering rot set in. The only cure was complete amputation.

Earth seemed to understand this. (As all things.) I heard his rumbling, felt the trembling of our foundation. A patrol near the meadow revealed his intent. Mouth agape in awestruck fascination, I joined the masses and lingered long enough to hear instructions. Eyes drifted due north, toward home -- 'pair up', he said. I had a whole herd at my disposal.

My mind crossed paths with multiple possibilities, such as Ghost and others. Though it wasn't a heartbeat later that, (rather expectantly) that I settled on the dappled lady I'd come to court on many an eve before now. Aye, it would also seem we even..."nar,"idling pondering screamed to a halt, "there would be time for further thinking later," bemused. Fina and Neve flew overhead, the flaming adult was already loathing yon 'wooden cage' our god had so kindly built. Frame turned with intent to slide out of the crowd. Africa would want to see this.

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Summary so far: Oxy and Shida frolic fucking majestically through the fields with Shida creating a wondrous disney-inspired shower of petals via some particularly well-timed explosions (Don't look now Pocahontas, but your colours of the wind ain't got shit on this).

"Da!" I exclaim as a ginormous structure comes into view. Folks are just gathered around, chit-chatting or something. Someone says the Earth God needs us to do some shit. I shrug my youthful shoulders and look up to Da. "What is that?"

In response to my question, Princess starts barking. I roll my eyes and huff. "Princess." I reprimand flatly, "It isn't a stick. I think it's like ... a boat? The fuck kind of boat has trees growing on it? Errr.. in it." The hackles on Princesses neck begin to rise, as his flat black stare finds mine. "What?!" I ask more or less rhetorically, then, changing my tone to one of excitement, I look a few feet in front of the hellhound pup. "What's that? What is it? Princess what is it?" Immediately the hellhound's tail begins to wag, as his shoulders drop to the ground.

"Is it... A BOAT EXPLOSION?!?!?!?!" I'm no where near the boat yet, but at least it directs the pups attention where I intend. The grass about 10ft ahead of us suddenly explodes in a shower of dirt and greenery, like a wave of earth splashing against the earthen boat.


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temper our souls with flame and furnace
bear us toward a noble purpose

With the Sun’s festival underway in in Dragon’s Throat, Megaera was for once sorry that she still had duties to perform. Games and songs and laughter were a welcome respite from the dark times that had ended with the Moon Goddess’ fall, and Meg had relished in the time she was getting to spend on becoming better acquainted with some of the members of her ever-growing family. Still, no matter how much she was enjoying herself in the desert, Megaera was a soldier and would not shirk her duties. Besides, one short patrol to the meadow was sure to be uneventful.

Meg sailed the open sky, wings speeding her along at a breakneck pace. She loved the speed, loved the wind, and the freedom that flight gave her. She felt powerful when she was in the air, and as big as the world itself.

Well, maybe not as bit as that boat…

The sight that greeted her when she reached the meadow was absolutely astonishing. Joining the crowd that had gathered below, Meg could do little but just stand there and look at the gargantuan structure. At the Earth God’s instructions, Meg furrowed her brow. The recent scene in this very meadow had made her a little unsure exactly how much faith she should put in any but the Sun God. Others began to pair off and Meg, figuring she should at least discover what all this was about, looked around her for a familiar face.

- - -

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A boat.

Out of living trees.

It is...curious. And beautiful, something that....dare I say, reminds me of Sehrau. Of home, in the way it is shaped so, and out of the life around it. Beautiful. It is then I get my first good look at the God of the Earth, and rather like what I see. He commands power, yes, but there is a wisdom about him that sets me at ease. Out of all the gods, he felt the most gentle. The Sun God was fierce, fiery and stunning, but there was a...distance.

Azeeza shrinks against my feathered nape, chirruping quietly, her gold eyes mere slits. She is uncomfortable, cowering against my tangled mane. A quick search through her mind quickly tells me why: There are simply too many people here.

I croon softly to her, strumming the strings of the Sacre within my memories to calm her as I move away, towards the fringes. A familiar blue-gold coat draws my gaze towards him, and with a fond smile I move towards Hertz, lowering my head to nudge the boy. "Care to join forces with your old man?" I offer, arching a(metaphorical) brow, a mischievous grin threatening my features. "Let's see if we can beat your brother at these tasks."

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@[Hertz] and Buce are forming the Father-Not-Father-Son-Not-Son Duo of Doom!

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The golden mare was following the purple hallucination, Lily, who was marching along as though she were on a personal mission. Jahzara had told Lily of the night that she was here alone, when the hallucinations were sleeping and she met the tiger who didn't even try to eat her. Of course, Lily couldn't believe that Jahzara actually met a tiger, especially one that didn't immediately attempt to make a meal out of the golden. Surely, the big cat had to be another hallucination that Lily hadn't met yet. So, the purple pony absolutely insisted that they return to the Thistle meadow to trigger the tiger to show up so Lily could meet her fellow figment.

But when they got there, the sight of a gorgeous, massive...thing, caught both of their attention. Neither had ever seen a boat before and the pair paused to marvel at the wonder, both slack jawed and wide eyed. 'Damn Jay...You've outdone yourself with this one.' Lily muttered without even looking to her creator, merely taking a few steps forward. Jahzara simply shook her head, denying that she had anything to do with creating such a wondrous thing - even mentally. "That wasn't me, Lily." While the golden vixen continued to admire the boat, her auds pricked to vaguely hear the words of the Earth God. Meanwhile, Lily has taken to inspecting the growing crowd around them. 'HEY! It's whatshisface!' Jahzara's attention jerked downward just as the pony was cantering off towards the black pegasus that had met recently.

Following her friend, Jahzara weaved through the crowd towards Artorius, a beaming smile spreading across her lips. "Hey!"'Hey!' The duo called out, though the stallion would only be able to hear the golden mare's voice. When they reached the stallion, Jahzara didnt' even notice that he had a new companion with him, the tiny puffin's black feathers blended so well with the stallion. The fat little pony overheard some of the others call the masterpiece thing a 'boat', and she grinned from ear to ear before bouncing around excitedly. 'Oh, I know! Hey you guys should pair up like the big guy said, sounds like fun! We're GONNA GO ON A BOOOOOOAAAAT!' Lily's sudden burst of energy made Jahzara pin her ears against the shouting, wincing slightly but with a smile still on her face. "Lily says we should go on the boat together, she's a little...excited." The golden mare giggled before looking around to see if she could recognize anyone else that would be on the boat, not even questioning why 'pairs' were needed.

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And we came forth to contemplate the stars
Silently the girl watched her Father's work. As he moved, her own muscles instinctively twitched, as if her young body yearned to aid him in his work. Her magic was still too young, too new and fragile to be of any service to the male half of her creation.

That a task of such immensity was needed to restore the world to balance was ... exhilarating. That rains of such force would flood the lands that a boat of such scale and magnitude would be needed, filled the young filly with awe. Balance. That was what this world needed. Not anger, martyrdom or revenge. Just a single scale, with its cups evenly weighted.

Perhaps others would have felt pride or joy at seeing their parent complete such an impressive and necessary task, but the demi-child did not. Her golden eyes were hard and narrowed, like the eyes of a predator; watching everything but revealing nothing.

When he called for them to pair up and complete additional tasks for him, the girl's skull-marked face contorted in confusion. There was nothing they could get for him that he could not get for himself. It made little sense.

Still, instructions were instructions.

Looking around, she latched onto the first figure she saw. Boldly (but without any social grace or tact) she approached Aithniel. "We need to pair up. Pairing requires a partner. I do not have a partner. If you do not have a partner, we should be partners. If you do then ..." Her voice was methodical, almost monotone as she spoke. The logical steps of her argument faltered as she realized she didn't have a way to complete her if:then statement, and her lips fell slack for a moment. "Then I will find someone else."

Only she did hope that the pale girl did not have a partner. Looking around, she didn't particularly want to approach anyone else even if her Father's instructions called for it.

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