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Tubthumping [Saffron x Zenobia]

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Is it too soon to spar again? Perhaps, but I've realized from my last two spars that I am painfully outmatched. Something about Helovia lends strength to these equines, and I find myself at a disadvantage. I am a natural predator and yet I have my defeat so easily handed to me - first by a very pleasant looking mare of the Basin. I wonder if I am so weak to all of the hooved beasts here? Luckily, my wounds have largely healed from my last spar, a couple of weeks having passed. I wonder if it isn't too soon, of course, but I mustn't stop now. I must practice, must hunt, must improve. I shan't be the laughing stock of the herd, not when I am already 'below' them as a different species. Little do they know that it is I who looks down on them. It makes no difference, however, if I cannot prove myself. And right now, it is obvious that I cannot. Let it never be forgotten that Saffron may get knocked down, but she most definitely gets up again.

My two spars in Helovia have been in the Basin, against Basiners. Maybe I should 'stretch my wings', so to speak, and try something different. Perhaps I shall stalk my prey at night, and sneak up on it. No one ever said these spars had to be fair fights. And for all one knows, if it isn't a fellow of the Basin, I could eat it for dinner this time. I pace through the grasses of the Heavenly Field, licking my lips at the thought. A nice, juicy, matured horse for dinner. There's plenty of them around here, and it's a shame that I haven't gotten a chance to taste more than one from the Frozen Arch. The moon shines down on me, giving me the light I need to fight. After all, I have good vision in the night. I may have the advantage for once, compared to my more diurnal competition. The air is tepid and pleasurable, while the ground is perfect for the grip of my toes and claws on the soil.

I hear a rustle in the tall grasses, and lift my head enough to see above them and spot my mark. I see there a two-toned pegasus, her body as bright as the moon and a shining target in the darkness. A dun colored, healthy-looking female. She appears to be adult size, and I hope that means that she is full grown and loaded with meat ripe for the plundering. My eyes are bright and reflective in the moon's glow as I examine her. Yes, this one will do fine. Although I came out tonight seeking a spar partner, the thought of getting to eat my opponent has taken my train of thought hostage. My mouth waters at the thought of ripping her flesh from the bone, tearing effortlessly through sinews helpless against my canines. The thought of allegiances and Basin rules are now far from the front of my mind as I can only think about the hunger in my belly. I don't want to stop and ask my meal where she comes from. It's better to apologize than ask permission, right?

I move through the lush grass, paying no heed to how it whispers against my coat, smoothly parting as I pad silently toward the pegasus. If all goes as planned, she will never know what's coming. It will be less of a spar and more of a take down. I get closer, closer still, and I believe I am still undetected. A false step finds me moving more grass than I planned, and the rustle lends to more sound than I'd hoped for. A quick intake of breath and I glance up to see if my prey knows of my presence. I can't wait to find out - I must attack now! No longer hoping for secrecy, I leap forward from my crouch, trying to extend my legs as far as possible to close the distance between my quarry and I. I leap from the ground, fangs and claws exposed as I pray that she remains in the spot I last saw her in. My jaws hope to sink into the top of her meaty flank, while my paws try to wrap around her rump, hoping to drag her to the ground before she has time to flee. If not that, at least I hope to wound her by claw or fang, and elicit the hallucinations that my fangs are known to bring. My tail swings back and forth, trying to keep my balance as I suspect this beautiful pegasus will not go down without a fight.

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Set in the night time, in the Heavenly Fields. Around midnight, the moon is out and there are no clouds. It's a comfortable temperature and the ground is neither muddy nor exceedingly dry.
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