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Lies were passed from one tongue to the next, all of them whispers and vague reminders of the life I’d now lost. I was a shell, a bitter oath now broken in the name of destruction and betrayal. No matter what road I walked, no matter what path I chose to climb… I was disappointed. I was hurt. I was fucking shattered. However, the void in my heart had grown too large for me to oppress any longer… only blackness remained.

Again I had been tricked and again I had chosen to believe in peace and love and life. Yet, the anger quickly replaced whatever sentiments I held for Ulrik and his band of cowards. From one captor to the next I was quickly transformed, my sharp mind a matter of the past, and our blossoming friendship quickly abolished. I was a prize, passed from one covetous embrace to the next, until I could no longer determine my own thoughts from the stifling cold of the breeze.

However, that was not all that appeared to disarm me during my short time in the Basin- no it was much more than that. All around me, Unicorns were busy preparing, but for what I wasn’t sure. There was something dark about their collective attitudes and something disconcerting about the transfer of my captivity.

Until I opened my eyes to find Midas…

................- just as broken and bitter as I.

How? How did they capture him?

No one could ever supply me with reason and no one could even find it within their hearts to explain.

The longer I waited for an answer, the more the fear and the dread infected my soul, agonizing. Hours and days all seemed to meld together, fringed in red and laced with resentment… I listened to the beating of my heart and the way it grew fainter with each rising of the sun. I was slowly wasting away in the ice and the snow and still they worked, preparing for some unknown event.


Another bright day had come and, soon after, plunged into the depths of despair. Storms had settled over the Basin and the wind and the rain had taken the only one I’d sought to protect and serve… I had spent so long defending his honor and lifting his name toward the heavens to forget what the Basin had ultimately taken from me… but Midas had been stricken down with the same light that he’d once admired. A light so strong and so amazing… that any other would fail to ever fill his powerful footsteps.

He was all that I'd looked for in greatness. He was its definition.


I waited for the better half of what felt like eternity before I could stand it no longer. I couldn’t pass the time merely grinding my teeth while the Basin grew empty and silent with hidden agendas. I couldn’t pretend that the fear I’d been plagued with had not grown just as cold as the snow beneath my hooves. This was no longer a matter of waiting for help or understanding, because there was no help or understanding to be had. I had to take my fate into my own hands…

It was time to stop groveling… It was time to stop waiting.

It was time to fight.

I had come to learn the names of my new captors thanks to Ulrik and his ‘trade’ and knew that, while I couldn’t figure out what they had planned, something was going on. I had to get home. I had to return to my family in the Falls.

I had to escape.

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Ulrik had been incredibly startled by her yelling at him over Midas' body. You see, he had not seen him as human. Midas was an entity he had never spoken to before, a creature he had only heard of in whispers. And did that not make him the biggest hypocrite of them all? In panic, he wanted to hide sins that were not his, cover up from the backlash he knew would come his way, but he had immediately dropped the fire, not touching the body at her insistence. She had seen, right? She knew that this was not his fault.

Would she even care though?

The stallion jerked his head up from where he had been contemplating, watching the mare start to run. He sighed, letting out a loud bellow to call for help. In an uncharacteristic gallop, he swallowed the ground with his massive stride, muscles rippling beneath his shiny, black coat. Mane and beard flew around his masculine features, and he tried to come up at her side. "Oh no you don't...." he rumbled, attempting to knock her down.

He grunted slightly, determined to keep her for a few reasons. First, he wanted to keep her out of the fight in order to protect his herdmates. Second, he wanted to make sure that no one else knew Midas was dead. Third, he actually wanted to continue talking. Was that so bad? Kirchoff joined at his heels, the wolf creature racing after Essetia faster than the eye could truly see. He left silver trails in his wake, billowing out behind his black, furry body.

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Phantom did not understand not burning the body of a fallen leader or warrior. The bodies of every warrior from her home that died in battle was burned in a final farewell. The fact that the mare that had been Ulrik's captive screamed and cried over not burning the body was ... strange. Still, she had not said a word and allowed the girl to cry over the stallion, finding it rather amusing to watch Ulrik's panic and to see the way he dropped the torch rather than set fire to the fallen Czar. Anyhow, with Midas gone they would have more guards to watch over Essetia and make sure she did not try to escape. It would be inconvenient if she escaped and made it to the Falls to aid her family, inform them that Midas had fallen, and rally their spirits to avenge him.

Very, very inconvenient.

The pale mare's head jerked up as she heard Ulrik's call. She answered back then set into motion, her cloven hooves thundering against the ground as she gave chase. Her hair whipped at the air behind her, the thick braids in her mane slapping against her back. "Where do you think you're going?" She grunted at the girl as she attempted to come up on the side opposite of Ulrik. If they could box her in they could slow her down and, hopefully, force her to stop and herd her back into the heart of the Basin. Didn't Ulrik have some kind of metal cage he could keep the troublesome girl in to make her stay until the invasion was over?



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Bolverik, startled by all the commotion, snorted and jerked his finely featured head up from where he was grazing. Content now not to be too involved in all of these dramatic politics, he was slowly and comfortably integrating himself into herd life in this new land. Clean and pristine, he kept himself well, not wanting to participate in any invasion or other such war everyone else went off to fight. No, no. He was content to stay in place, of course. Though he was one to be overly involved, this bunch was rather prickly; he had to be careful.

That was when he heard Ulrik cry out. The scrawny little weirdo from his childhood had actually grown into something more, and he was surprised. Now, he was chasing after some female with another mare trying too. Obviously he needed help chasing down this mare, but why? A captive of war perhaps? Bolverik grumbled and set off into a gallop, golden hooves striking against the grassy surface. His lion tail waved behind him, a black and white banner as he attempted to reach the fast trio.

He circled the group, hoping to cut her off where the sentinels were, using his body as a blockade. Bolverik's keen, golden eyes sparkled with mischief, wondering what other spectacular drama he would get himself involved in with all of this. He jumped at Essetia, teeth flashing in hopes that he could latch on to her mane or somewhere fleshy to get her to stop. "Going so soon!" he called out, adrenalin and his quickly beating heart making him almost giddy.

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The Basin's army had filtered forth from the icy halls and left the valley empty and silent. The Thief had watched them leave with conflicting emotions, wanting to be a part of the fight as much as he had wanted to stay out of harm's way. In the end, it hadn't been his choice to make. He kept close to the sentinels in their absence, watching the path that wound through the towering mountains, waiting for the sight of an approaching silhouette against the gray rock. The sun tracked slowly across the sky overhead as he paced across the open field, too restless to retire for any amount of time. He was watchful, in case his family might return, or any rivals were to show up on their doorstep. The invasion had thrown a wrench into his developing plans. He had intended to depart the Basin that very morning and embark upon his search, but with a war being waged in the south, he would have to put it off for some time longer.

The Thief had anticipated the possibility of a disturbance during the time in which he waited, but he did not expect it to come from within. A guttural bellow caught his attention from inside the walls of the valley, and Roland turned to find the source of it, prepared to leave his post by the entrance to their home. Before he could take a step forwards, he spotted forms in the distance, moving towards him at a breakneck speed across the plain. There was a mare in their midst, hornless and boxed in by two of the Basin's own. Another raced towards the sentinels and barred the way out with his towering frame, and from the taunts and calls shared between them, the Thief could only assume their prisoner was attempting an escape. He moved quickly, before the approaching trio could reach them at the sentinels, skirting behind the metal statues and past the flank of the charcoal stallion, acting as a second barrier if the mare was to get past him. Roland planted his feet and readied himself, prepared to slash at her with his horn or throw the bulk of his form against her if she were to evade the others. They could not have a captive relaying information to the Falls when it could sway the tide of battle.

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When word of the invasion had spread throughout their ranks excitement had began bubbling from deep inside the hybrids chest. Finally this was a chance to prove herself to the rest of them that she was just as capable as any of them. Instantly her mind had begun to formulate different scenarios and situations she could find herself in. It had been so long since she had been in battle, too long in fact. She wanted to feel the thrill of adrenaline surging through her veins as she fought off anyone who tried to get in her way. The major setback came when her instructions came from their leaders wanting her to stay put and defend their home. This had not been her intention, this was... was just boring and lame. Grumbling to herself silently she continued her pacing up and down the ledge where she had positioned herself. She would do as she was asked but it never meant that she had to be happy about it.

Below her the Basin was laid out for her to see each of the boundaries giving her a birds eye view. No one was going to get by without her noticing them first. Twisting her head as a familiar bellow sounded her bicoloured optics narrowed to the Falls captive trying to make an escape. "Finally some excitement!" She murmured happily to herself with a vile smirk. Leaping eagerly forward the mare threw herself off of the ledge unfurling her wings in the process. No way was this bitch getting away from them so easily. Angling her body and tucking her wings to her sides she pulled herself into a dive as she aimed to make her landing directly in front of the mare to stop her dead in her tracks. How was that for a surprise? No one would expect someone from the Basin to come from above after all.

Plummeting towards the ground she counted the seconds in silence timing her descent only to pull her wings out at the last minute to dramatically slow her fall so she would not shatter every bone in her body. Her hooves hit the ground hard throwing up a flurry of debris all around her as she pinned her ears back to her skull now facing the approaching mare. "Who said you could go anywhere deary?" She snapped angrily throwing her wings wide in an attempt to block the path. If all else failed she was more than willing to use her magic to put a stop to this little escape attempt since no one else seemed to be able to stop her. For now she would refrain but if she continue to fight it all hell would soon break loose.

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"Is that Ulrik?" The Nightshade laughed at the sound of the Engineers voice calling across the Basin. Since when did Ulrik shout so loud, had someone stolen one of his mechanical toys? Intrigued, d’Artagnan set off after the increasing sound of unrest with his hellhound stalking along in front. The shade hadn’t been back in the Basin all that long and as a result was quite behind on the gossip from around the herd. Not that he ever paid heed to gossip holed up in a cave somewhere. He arrived in time, however, to see a spectacular sight of Ulrik running. Today was full of surprises! Who knew the gear head could shift! Increasing his pace into a speedier gallop, the Doctor watched as others followed after and all of them were intent on capturing a girl. An equine girl. "Oh look Aramis! A chew thing" the blood bay happily blurted into the mind of his companion, to which the hound shook his head at the belittling choice of words, "I know who will be the chew thing soon" he muttered back.

The Nightshade was more than happy to join in proceedings and he was currently last to do so as other members made their attempts on the fleeing filly. He recognised the Thief and the disconcerting hybrid that needed a wing trim sometime soon, perhaps he would suggest it after. The other two he had no idea who they were, but they were on the right side at least.

He bounced into the fray like the idiot Doctor he was, an excited smile plastered across his stupid sooty lips "you must be something special girl! I've never seen Ulrik run like that before." His words were sickly jovial as he joked along and reached for his magic. It had been a while since he’d used his sleep magic and he grabbed for it without a second thought, sending the poisonous wave to try infect the water in her body. If successful, the girl would either waver in a sudden bout of weariness or simply keel over for a nap. Aramis lingered in wait and watched for a moment he too could jump in.

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It wasn't a common occurrence, for the steed to be required to use his body to protect those within his realm. He had halted enemies at the gate, turned them away from entering the realm that was his home, he had aided in keeping his home safe for those within it to grow, ever stronger, greater. But it was notably rare that he had to stop something from within harming his herd. The steed lingered on the outskirts of the scuffle, too large, with his muscular frame and bulky antlers, to get too near, but prepared to intervene should further action be required.

In the meantime, he took the distraction that everyone's attention was one (the escapee, naturally), to observe and learn what he could of those present. He recognised most from the gathering, the meeting that was held not long ago. Others, he recognised from elsewhere - the Doctor, for example, with his sack of poisons swinging by his side. He was surprised, to say the least, to see the young winged mare, but less so when he noticed the horn upon her brow - clearly the rules of the Basin were strict only to a certain degree.

So the steed stood, a sentinel in the darkness of the forest, a soldier more than a spy, a force to be reckoned with should he be put to the test. Silently, he wished to be tested, to be proved worthy… Silently, he longed to be the greatest, the strongest of them all.
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The only sound that seemed to distract me from task was the incessant clanking of metal. I was making one hell of a run for it, at least for an equine fitted with steel cuffs, most likely hand-crafted by the ever infamous Ulrik. In the short time I’d come to know him I had: hated him, tolerated him, enjoyed him, and then abhorred the mere thought of him. Perhaps I could have been craftier in my escape plans, but for a girl with little to no experience fleeing the Aurora Basin, I’d managed to put some distance between us before he started crying wolf. Which gave me quite the idea…


I’d known that Ulrik would follow me and though I honestly couldn’t determine how quick he would be about doing so, a glance behind had me pushing the very limits of my restraints. The ice and the snow had been a problem before, but now it was a mere afterthought that could potentially drop me faster than I could blink. I only had a few options before the Engineer closed in, as he was more familiar with the land than I. However, I faltered when I heard the ominous tones of the bitch following me across the plains. Romul was at my side, keeping stride with my jilted romp, and I kept him there for a long time, longer than was probably wise. I was biding our time and attempting a last resort… a last effort to return a message to the Falls.

Midas was dead.

Another careful glance over my shoulder told me it was time.

Romul! Go!

The wolf hesitated, fearing for my safety, which I quickly thwarted. “GO!” I urged internally. My every fiber bent with the message and finally the canine darted ahead while I veered toward the right. My intent was to fend off Ulrik’s hound and lead my pursuers elsewhere. In an attempt to draw their attention, I bucked out and a vicious war song trembled from my lips, low and threatening. However, another dark figure trudged on ahead of me while Phantom and Ulrik closed in along my sides. The Engineer was quick to throw his weight into my right shoulder while Phantom attempted to close in on my left. I stumbled mid-stride before slowing enough to regain my balance. I’d hoped that if I stopped fast enough that the momentum of my pursuers would force them to surpass me.

Every muscle in my body seemed to flex and quiver with anticipation and after gathering my haunches again, I burst forward once more, planning to steamroll the two as far as I could possible manage. I wasn’t quite sure where Kirchoff had ended up, but I prayed that I had misled him long enough for Romul to reach the sentinels and beyond. “Be safe my love,” I whispered to the wind.

Though my ascent into the trees had been altered, I was still intent on reaching them. That was, until I noticed a dark figure coming up and around from my left. The stallion whipped round to intercept me with teeth bared and another blood curdling shriek broke free of my lips. In a moment’s notice, I skidded to a stop in order to keep from pummeling him and felling us both. I had to stay adrift. That was the only way this plan would work…

Yet, only more animals emerged from the ice and snow. I was slowly surrounded, one after the other, a small army sent to capture little ‘ole me. I wasn’t sure whether to be infuriated or flattered. Surely I was not so integral to their plans-

Wait, their plans…

Their plans- fuck. FUCK NO.

Midas was dead and with our herd so critically impaired it was nearly ripe for the taking... FUCK THEM! FUCK ULRIK, FUCK PHANTOM, FUCK THEM ALL! The planning and the preparation… this was all a fucking scam!

Rage and adrenaline pumped fabricated courage through my veins and when another Basin animal appeared from the trees from behind the sentinels, I snaked my head low and snapped at the air close to his knees. I was closed in and there was no longer anywhere for me to run, but they would have to haul me off with a pair of Ulrik’s chains before I went willingly. After drawing into myself, I posed with each leg ready to strike at will should any of them come near. When I had fixed each of them with a hateful glare, I turned to Ulrik who had no doubt finally caught up with me. I wanted him to see what they had done. I wanted him to witness the monster they’d made of me. I was a cornered beast, snarling and snapping, attempting to survive.

My ears had come to connect with the back of my skull and at times I lifted a hoof in order to remind the mongrels that at least one of them would leave with a little reminder of my love for keeping me in their hellhole. “Some home you’ve got here Engineer. I guess you weren’t kidding when you said there was no sugar coating the Basin. Point taken,” I bit harshly. To another, I chuckled with a devious smile, “I guess he’s finally found something he can’t fix.” The stallion wore a leather bag about his upper half that I could only assume was filled with torture devices, sickly individuals that they were. Yet, they couldn’t leave me be; they only wanted to taunt me and prod me with insults.

So be it.

A curious winged mare had somehow found her way to my company and again I was affronted with a bit more of the glorious Basin attitude. I was tempted to kick her, I was really was, but instead I smiled softly. “Who the hell invited you? What? Did you think that four of your kind would have a hard time thwarting me? I guess that could be a problem…” I sniffed sarcastically. I had come up with a whole slew of other insults, one for each and every one of those monsters… but I was tired. I was suddenly so, so tired.

You’re monsters. You’re all monsters…” I attempted drowsily. Fear began to replace whatever adrenaline remained and I faltered. “You’re horrible-” I stuttered at Ulrik. “You’re absolutely horrible,” I finally finished to no one in particular.

What a wait to commemorate Midas’ death.

I couldn’t even find it within myself to fight anymore.

I couldn’t.


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I drew in a deep breath and soon my eyelids parted and I took in the surrounding scenery. I had yet to get used to this place, though if I had to admit, it was starting to grow on me. Often during boring times I allowed my imagination to run wild. I had pictured many scenerios where members of the herd slipped in the mountains and fell to their deaths ... though it probably wasn't as fun seeing it for real ... too quick. Besides, I rarely saw anyone walking around those cliffs, mostly becuase I kept myself away from everyone. It would change soon, I had to get to know those around here if I was going to have any fun. What was the point in manipulating anyone if you had no information to bribe them with? That's right, its absolutely pointless.

I had only recently returned home when I began to pay slight interest in the politics around, not enough to have a clue what was going on though. I had heard about an invasion but cared too little to educate myself further. I probably should though. I pounded the ground a few times before a loud call reached my ears. My head shot up and I glanced around. With my ears perked I could hear the loud thud of hoofbeats matching my racing heartbeat. Usually I would mind my own business but I could hardly contain my excitement as I saw the frames of my herd member chase after another one. I doubt they were playing tag, it seemed a bit more serious than that. I began to slowly trot as I saw others join in the chase. A devilish smirk spread over my lips and there was a spark in my frozen eyes. Not wanting to waste any more time my strides became longer and my pace quickened.

The pack seemed to slow down when I started to gain on them, made me quite sad not to be a part of the chasing but it wouldn't keep me awake at night. I was curious to know what was going on though, I would not that slip away from me. I came to a halt about a meter away from the crowd, examining the situation in font of me. The one they had been chasing seemed to be quite drowsy ... shame. I caught a few words falling from the mare's lips. Horrible monsters ... hmm ...

"Anyone care sharing what is going on?" I said, my tone remaining quite neutral, sparked with a bit curiosity, I didn't want to sound too excited. I gave myself a pat on the shoulder for getting myself involved in ... whatever this is. I was starting to get quite bored lately, needed to spice my life up a little. Was there any better way than getting involved in some drama?
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