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Shit brick by boring shit brick was piling on top of her, and she was caving in. The sound of hooves, thundering like a thousand storms, echoed across the Falls. They had to know they were being loud; The Falls was nestled in a mountainous region, making it an echoing bowl by nature. Elsa jerked from her drowsy state, to realize just how dire the situation had become. The way the ground shook, she knew that they were under attack, and it wasn’t just a dream. A panic whirled through her body, making her limbs feel like they were made of ice. Glancing around, they were not there. Her children, they were not here. “Auriel! Shida!” The deafening stillness that followed set her off. The fuse had been lit, and she was reaching for straws, trying to stop the catastrophe that was within the center of Elsa’s being. If the fuse hit that part of her, she would never be the same. She would be the shell of the woman she once was. Screaming to the world, she needed to grab the others attention. She yelled for the first she could think of, turning to the North, she screamed. "Rostislav! Africa! Drom!” Her voice was desperate, crying out for just a single shred of help. She was on the west end, just outside of the central meadows. Looking to the south, she exploded. The sun colored the sky with fiery oranges and reds. She was going to burn, and they would burn with her.

A force hit her then, nearly knocking her off balance. It had slammed into her hind left haunch. It sent her hips swinging to the east. Elsa braced herself, digging her front hooves into the ground to ensure she stayed upright. Her thighs and lower back screamed, the muscles begging her to stop. Grinding her teeth she slammed her hind legs back into the ground, now diagonal from the force that hit her. Within moments, the invisible creature appeared. It was the goddamn pristine princess she had met on the island. Elsa spat in her direction, jumping forward to avoid anymore of her attacks, because it seems she had brought more backup to help. Coward can’t even attack face to face. They must be quite worried they don’t have a chance to bring so many reinforcements with them. Elsa focused in on Ophelia's backup then, a smaller, medium build stallion and his companion bitch. He was easy pickings, and all she needed to do was separate him from the white bitch and her other male reinforcement, a Falls dissident if she remembered correctly. Fuck him, fuck her, and fuck them all for ruining her life. Had they not taken enough when they took her eye? They needed her goddamn livelihood?!

With all the rage she could muster, she pulled up a wall between the dissident and the princess, trying to isolate AARON. Wait? Why had she just done that? Edgar squawked, finally arriving from his perch in the North, having heard his bonded’s cries. He prodded into her mind, reminding her she needed to fight, and not worry about those she tried to put behind the icy curtain. Apparently someone here had some interesting mind tactics, probably the dissident since he couldn’t land a single physical attack on her.

She had underestimated AARON though, because when she glanced back towards AARON and his dog, her muzzle suddenly seemed to be on fire. It burned, and painfully so. She felt as if her teeth were being exposed because the pain of fire was eating away her face. Damn it! Tears streaked down her eyes as she lunged forward to meet his lunge, they had taken enough! They had taken enough… She wailed with rage and tried to clamp down on AARON’s shoulder. The pain of opening her mouth was overbearing, and if she could, Elsa would be crying blood. Edgar, who noticed the dog going to Elsa’s rear, dove at her to try and scratch Alanna’s eyes out. He would blind them for blinding her! Pulling away from Aaron, Elsa shifted her weight backward momentarily, hoping to have already bit him, and then lunged forward. She was hoping to lock her chest with his, their builds were similar, but she had the height. This was her last ditch attempt to push him away from his comrades. Picking the buds off the tree was the easiest way to kill it. “You’ve taken enough you greedy bastards. Was my eye not enough!” She screamed at him, the force behind her voice violent and bloodcurdling. “If you kill my children I will end you, I will end you!” She pushed again off her back hooves hoping to push him further away. All she wanted was to go to sleep. Sleep...


800/800 Words, according to

-Elsa is on the west of the Falls, towards the middle of the land.
-Elsa calls to Rostislav, Africa and Drom. Edgar also hears and follows her voice.
-Elsa is hit by OPHELIA in the left hind haunch.
-Elsa then attempts to attack AARON by biting and pushing against his thrust. Edgar tries to attack ALANNA by scratching her eyes out.
-Elsa takes no damage from CICERON.
- She does this by trying to isolate AARON by putting a ice wall between herself and OPHELIA and CICERON.

  • Any force can be used against Elsa.
  • Please tag any posts that involves Elsa.

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Ghost arrives with BELLONA to see ARCHIBALD by the border, his bellowing cry was hard to miss in the echoing Falls. Of those gathered she recognizes the painted mare as KAHLUA and an odd cart she carried with her. What captured her attention more, however, was MIDAS who stood to the other side of the King. Why was MIDAS with them? Had he been in the Worlds Edge all this time? Her gaze becomes annoyed even as he spoke of the gifts he had brought. Was he being serious? Gone for all this time and when he returns, this is what he says?! Ghost began to walk over to the trio with a forced calmness in her step, nodding her head to both the monarchs of the Edge in neutrality. It was only when Fantôme stopped to quiveringly stare at LORETTA that Ghost turns her attention away from the party for a moment to frown at the wolf pup. What happens next was not what the Cadaverous was expecting.

Quite suddenly there is a rush, a sliding of metal and the floor began to vibrate.

Ghost’s expression becomes wild in confusion and her startled limbs fumble into action. What was this? Her eyes briefly waver to MIDAS and the painted Czar is, well, no longer the painted Czar. In his place is an armour clad stallion she did not recongize. Without enough time to process it all, Ghost frantically casts about, turning her attention to her wolf briefly. "Run, now!" the Czarina sent the command piercing into Fantôme’s mind as she slams down her wings in effort to flee from the shaking ground and the incoming mammoth along with his dog. The wolf scampered off in the opposite direction and away from the quickly forming battlefield. Her swiftness was normally enough to save her, but the shaking ground coupled with her shocked mind slows her enough that his teeth gains some purchase on the bottom of her stomach as she rises and she winces in pain. At the same time, his dog catches her other side, the sharp canine teeth slashing just against her underbelly and sends a sharp pang through her body. There was a whoosh of another attacker (DEIMOS) that the banshee barely dodges, her gaze cast wildly downwards and catches the sight of a bone armoured stallion.

Now in the air and with a shrill cry, Ghost reaches for her magic and casts it at the floor near her assassins, freezing it into clear ice in hopes it would catch a few out in the vicinity. Finally, grabbing her breath, the hybrid hovers in mid-air and away from the current danger of the ground, taking a moment to observe the scene of chaos. It was hard to concentrate, her mind still reeling from the sudden attack and the appearance of a large army at her doorstep. They were coming in numbers, but now was not the time to lose all hope. She tried to throw together a frantic plan, but everything was happening at a rate too fast for anything greatly elaborate or game changing.

For a moment, she looks pointedly at ARCHIBALD, remembering something he had said before "We do not strive to cause chaos through the lands of Helovia- yet what is this" she quotes back to him before continuing, "I thought you a King, not a lowlife brigand" she condemns him, spitting back the words that surely had never meant anything.

She casts her voice as loud as she could get her breathy vocals; it almost sounded eerie "this is your home and your family, defend it!" She rallies for whoever would stand and fight before plunging in herself, she might have had a more fitting speech had she known this was ever going to happen. Her gaze searches for BELLONA and latches onto a charging pair of invaders who were aiming straight for her. Back in her own situation, Ghost does not fancy her chances of a two on one against a couple of armour-clad beasts, especially one with a canine friend who could tear flesh from her body. Instead, she uses her flight as a hopeful advantage to try move away from them and targets one of the hoard who had charged forwards with the Dauntless. This one was a small Haflinger mare (ROMANI) who had bared down on BELLONA with another attacker. Perhaps it was time to repay the peacock hybrid for her services.

The banshee swoops in carefully; her attack aiming for the palomino’s back (ROMANI) and all four hooves trying to slam against the equine’s spine. Hopefully, her skirmish would take out one problem in this unexpected, tumultuous battle. The violent screams fill her ears and her spirits were lifted a little by ELSA’S blood curling scream.

Many a day later we're here <___> I have a 'directors cut' of this that is approaching 2000 words lmao. I decided to just write it and then cut it, not a good idea x_x''

Ghost approaches the main entrance into the Falls with BELLONA, where ARCHIBALD & co. is.
When attacked, Ghost also sends FANTÔME away; he will not participate in the battle.

She takes damage from ARCHIBALD/LORETTA on both sides of her stomach and avoids DEIMOS’ attack.
She also casts her ice magic at the ground where DEIMOS and ARCHIBALD are:
:: [Magic: LightxWater | Able to turn various surfaces to black (clear) ice at will]
:: [Restrictions | Can create ice on surfaces to a maximum radius of 10m. Last 2 posts in battle.]

She calls on the Hidden Falls members to stand and fight.
Finally, she targets ROMANI in defence of BELLONA and tries to slam her hooves against her back.]
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It was the screaming that first alerted the red roan and her bonded of something going on. Gently, and carefully she pulled first her Earth Amulet, followed by the Spark Amulet and finally the feather the God of the Earth had given her from her mane. Each one, tucked safely against her precious daughter Vitani. It's only then she looks to Keiran. Think she will be safe here? She asked him. He nodded, looking to Sarabi. He had taught the young hellhound well, even if she was still only a pup. Her bonded take care. She do what's right. Let's go. Kiara lipped her daughter's mane gently before heading off to see what was happening.

The sight that met her before she even had broken through the foliage was a nightmare unfolding. Her emerald eyes flash from place to place as her friends and family were attacked not just by one, but most by multiples. Her head turns back and forth in fright. The only time she had fought before, she had been on the attacking side... They had been taking the Edge... Madryn and Maskan had been with her to help. This time, she had no one. She started to turn to run, when Keiran's voice stopped her in her tracks. You heal. You help them. She nodded. She was an Earth Medic. This was her job. They needed her and she was not about to leave them when they needed her the most.

As she stepped out from some of the foliage, it was the crashing of more nearby that alerted the pair of danger. It was Keiran who reacted faster than his bonded. His ability flowing though his veins and releasing into the sky above them. The skies, the sun already low and setting with the light in their eyes suddenly covered with dark and looming clouds. The rain poured in buckets, the ground getting slick and muddy. Lightning flashing to the ground all around them. Kiara staggered backward away from her bonded, as well as the oncoming attack from LAKOTA and Aodaun. Aodaun was faster however, the claws digging into and scraping down her left foreleg. She staggered to the right, and right into ALLEO's bite. She screamed, pulling away as anger filled her mind as well as Keiran's. "TRAITOR! ALLEO YOU TRAITOR!" She screamed, gathering her legs back under her and darting forward. Her own front hooves and teeth seeking to sink into or hit any part of ALLEO she could reach. The pain in her leg was intense, but her anger numbed all feeling for the moment. Right now, she wanted to tear the traitor to pieces!


Word Count: 443/800 on

-Kiara is tucking Vitani in when she hears ARCHIBALD calling for GHOST and goes to see what is happening after giving her Earth and Spark amulets and her feather from the Earth God to Vitani.

-Arrives as the invasion begins, watching as everyone is attacked.

-Is attacked by LAKOTA and AODAUN. She staggers back and to the right and avoids LAKOTA, but AODAUN's claws catch her left foreleg.

-As they attack, KEIRAN uses his ability, Stormcall: summon heavy rain and lightning storm for 30 seconds. (If i figure right, ends next post?)

-When KIARA staggers back and to the right, she staggers right into ALLEO's bite. She screams in pain and shock. Then in anger at him turning on the Falls attacks ALLEO with her teeth and front legs.

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The land trembled with magic and hoofbeats, every animal called to battle. Horses began to pour into my home, and I didn't know why. I had seen no one recently, detracting myself from everyone and becoming very distant. I couldn't remember my last conversation. I had even gone as far as stepping down from my position of Storyteller, as the job was nearly infuriated. Every time I had gone, MIDAS had tagged along too. I had grown fairly attached to him and I would even go as far to say that I fancied him. Still, I had never truly said what I wanted in any of the meetings, and most meetings quickly became about the painted stag that I've not seen in a season. Today, however, I've been jerked out of my seclusion by the attacking of a huge load of horses that I had never seen in my time. Bodies began to pour into my home, a sense of confidence motivating their stride. Each horse began to attack, finding a surprised Hidden Falls horse to bore down on. In all honesty, it wasn't obvious why they attacked us with such great force. Why hasn't they just asked to live with us, in peace and harmony? I guess no one who says they love peace truly means it.

Galloping forward, I sought to find a friend. Where were all the horses I had met? AFRICA, the lost queen of the sands, where was she? I galloped hard, fast, no particular destination in mind. At first I was running. Running away from this, hoping to find some sort of safe place, but then I heard the familiar voice of ELSA. She called for me and a few others. I can faintly hear her spew ROSTISLAV's name too. With a renewed passion, I turn sharply towards her voice and sprint towards her. My form is built for this, to run and run and never wear out. Still, a slick layer of sweat beads along my body as my heart pumps adrenaline-filled blood. My nostrils flare as I spot ELSA, who is defending our home amazingly. I want to run over to her and hug her, but I can't do that right now.

I've come to kick a few bitches.

Without a single word, my target is acquired. It is CICERON. I remember vividly standing next to him in meetings, even noting his attractiveness, but he isn't attractive anymore, not whilst attacking us. He is putrid, attacking his old home, and for what? My ears slide backwards, pinning on my blonde mane, lips is thrusting upwards and mouth opening wide as I bore down on him, moving perpendicularly towards him. Aiming to bite his right shoulder and tear skin off, but I don't retreat from my attack. With the force used from her hard gallop, I tried to knock him off balance by using the momentum of my sprint to crash into him. Unsure if I was successful or not, I still turns away from the grey and target AARON. All my opponents are larger than me, but I still hope I am smarter.

In all the commotion, I slither closer to the painted stag, a feign look of innocence vibrant in my bright eyes. My hair is slow at a bouncy, small-stepped prance. I was still regaining my own balance from my previous attack (failed or not). But with each new step, my footing was more sure. My heart wanted to fight and win this war, but my mind saw no way. Few horses had come to defend the lands they called their homes, and it was as if I could see the precious Hidde Falls slipping away from me, little by little by little. Then all at once. The time ticked by and when no new horses emerged, my heart began beating harder than it had ever before. Was this truly going to be a five strong army defending a large land against a twenty five strong invading army? My eyes grew watery, and with the anger of my own family's disappearance, I unleashed my inner bitch. I attempted approaching AARON head on, from a growingly sullen prance to a full out dead gallop, I charged at him. I wanted to run straight into that mutherfucker, head to head ramming. I didn't even care if I got head injuries from this. Even if I died... Because what was living without the falls? And right now, I believed we were fighting a losing, uphill, battle. 3vs23 what could go wrong? We have determination and love for this land, but that won't do very much against a massive army like theirs.

OOC NOTES: 781 words
-- Starts to run away, scared, but stops when she hears Elsa call for her. Searching for her, she finds her already going against many opponents. She decides to help.
-- She targets CICERON first, trying to run perpendicularly into his right shoulder, along with biting him. This is an attempt to knock him off balance for further attacking. The bite is there just to inflict pain :3
-- Moves away from CICERON and targets AARON. She tries running at him head on, hoping to cause head injuries to him, or any sort of pain. She doesn't think about the consequences of the attack on her own body, and does not care.
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I could have told you that something was brewing. An uneasiness settled in the Falls, and it made the hair on my and Damaris's backs stand up. I haven't seen Midas around recently, even with bringing newcomers into the herd land. That alone was suspicious, but now as the sun set, all the fears, anxieties come to fruition. A horrible cry echoes throughout the valley and my crown shoots up, ears forward and alert, eyes wide. My nostrils flare and ears practically tremble as all my senses focus on the intruders. A panic that I've never quite felt before rises inside me and spreads like fire through my veins.

A call from a familiar voice - ELSA. Damaris and I hesitate no longer and pound the ground toward her, clumps of dirt tossed in the air behind us. Faces familiar and strange appear through one of the entrances and of course - it's the Basin. My new armor clinks over my body as I run then slide to a halt. "Elsa! Watch out!" I shout to my friend as enemies approach, but she's already being swarmed. I spot CICERON, one that I once considered a friend. Rage mixes with the panic as I try to process the betrayal. There's no point, because there is no time. Others stream in from what seems like out of nowhere - were they already in the realm? One by one it seems that other Falls members appear, and yet there are those I trusted that turn against us. How did these others get in - who let them in? A traitor! A scream from KIARA at ALLEO - one of our once-tiros. Another traitor! The rage bubbles and a harsh bellow splits the air - from my mouth. Damaris howls as her rage joins mine.

We're cut off as a mare appears out of nowhere. I call upon the magic blessed upon me for my rank as Legatus, the Warrior's Spirit, and pray that it shall help protect me. AVIYA moves faster than my response time, and her jagged horn slices across the left side of my barrel, and I find myself thankful for the armor that I've so recently obtained. What might have been a mighty gash instead results in scraping metal and bruising beneath. A stallion comes from my other side, distracting me from a rebuttal to the first attack. TORLEIK's horns are aimed for my shoulder, but I've moved toward AVIYA and instead of piercing my side, his horns also scrape across the metal plates of my armor in an almost mirror attack. I groan as the plates press into my sides, but the sharp points are kept at bay. What I presume is his companion griffin IRELYN goes for my face, nearly missing my eyes and instead grabbing at my right ear, lifting skin from the cartilage. Another bellow of pain and rage - I don't even know who these people are!

I continue turning toward the AVIYA and bare my teeth, lunging toward her throat or any part that I can reach. As soon as I pull up - not sure whether I've made contact or not - I let my rear legs fly in a fierce kick, trying my very hardest to slam solid hooves into TORLEIK, to knock him about the skull and give him a little brain damage. I land and try to move myself out of the way, but as I do so another pair of attackers are coming my way. KAJ, King of the World's Edge, is one of them, followed by another who must be a lackey of his. KAJ's hooves slip over the armor covering my rump, making a horrible scraping sound but without wounding me, and his follower MURDOCK misses me entirely. I'm thankful for the way these last two attacks have played out, but who isn't nervous about being surrounded by four attackers.

DAMARIS comes to my defense, teeth bared as she lunges at MURDOCK. She aimed for his left foreleg, hoping to clamp down on his cannon bone, with her burning acidic spit dripping from from her fangs. She releases her grip on - well, what she hopes was the demon's leg - and jumps toward KAJ, hoping to grab on to one of his foreleg's as well, whichever one presented itself as closest to her. A snarl as spit flies, and she hopes they, well, FEEL THE BURN. Though neither Damaris nor I speak through our bond, both of us feel the rage, the betrayal, the adrenaline, the panic - the fear of unknowing of our future here. Will we survive this incursion? Will the Falls? Where is Midas, our fearless leader?

- Runs toward ELSA when he hears her call for himself, DRÖM and AFRICA.
- Takes AVIYA's slice against his left belly.
- Instead of a stab, gets a mirrored slice against his right belly from TORLEIK and lacerations on his right ear from IRELYN.
- KAJ's has a glancing blow on Rosti's armored rump, and MURDOCK misses.
- Bites at AVIYA's throat, then kicks with both legs at TORLEIK.
- DAMARIS attacks first MURDOCK's leg, then KAJ's leg.
- Warrior's Spirit (Rank Magic): The spirit of the warrior within can dull the pain from an attack or decrease the chance of an attack hitting.
- Rosti's Armor:

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Below a fleshy breast, the Starry-Eyed’s feeble heart thundered to the rhythm of impending war and through the deafening chorus in her mind came another sound; anxious and alarming. ‘Rostislav! Africa! Drom!...’ Elsa called. Flames writhed with wild excitement as their host’s skull was hurled suddenly into the air. Long sooty ears perched upright and trembling atop her tapering skull as it turned towards the west. The shadows seemed to be crawling all around her, clawing ever closer, and the dappled mare lunged away towards where she assumed the other’s call had risen from.

At that very moment, Silas was rising through rushing thermals above the lush territory – the main entrance in his sights. He could see the figures of a few, Midas and the unfriendly hulk-stallion from World’s Edge. It seemed queer to the zephyr, though he was cautious to leak such a feeling through the bond shared with the moving mare below. Why, after such previous hostility had this creature arrived on their doorstep – and by the flank of their Czar no less… Where were Fina and Neve? The zephyr watched warily from his vantage point in the sky, but the sudden flounder of Africa’s thoughts pulled his attention abruptly.


Knees stiffened suddenly and her lean, mottled frame jerked to a halt as the familiar voice of her lover clouded the vicinity. It was Midas – his voice yes, but the fondness, that insatiable passion that had been built between them, was missing. Africa’s skin began to crawl as she gazed ahead (caught then between the pleading of a sister and dislocated song of her child’s father.) It was the hesitation of a fool, of one who bore not enough experience to battle – a starry-eyed mare whose heart weighed ever more than her mind.

Even the vicious wave of war descending upon her home could not pull her from confusion.

The strident demand of her companion above was what finally cracked through the trance – Africa had lingered too long. All around her bodies were colliding… blood was beginning to sour the air. Silas’s blood-curdling scream pulled her abruptly into a new world of darkness (the beat of his mythical wings had brought the hour of MIDNIGHT upon Hidden Falls. She however, was a bright beacon in the night, a flame that danced now with fear as realisation descended. This is war Silas! her mind trilled in terror, and a voice that was not the Roc’s answered alluringly - 'You are here to support The Basin! You will not fight back!'

Africa’s throat burst brazenly with vivid laughter. The Earth Amulet in her satchel had shattered. “I would never! she retorted indignantly, “You fool…” she began to spin on the spot, haunches coiled beneath the swivelling weight of her fore-quarters. What Africa lacked in speed she made up easily in nimbleness, and she met the impending blur of ghostly-white front on with surprise spilling through her amusement. “You!” she hissed quietly, bitterly, as firelight tried to illuminate her enemy. ARAH had witnessed the fall of Sinuhe all those many years ago – the antlered monster, with long snowy tresses had been a part of that trauma! But the flaming mare did not pause her perfect pirouette, even as rain began to drum around them. Fetlock joints popped as she lunged heavily towards ARAH’S left and lips peeled back from gnashing, pearly teeth. These danced eagerly left with intent to find purchase between reddened-silver upon the Basiner’s pretty belly.

Freak lightning forked towards the earth nearby, startling her concentration for a moment, and thunder boomed against reclined ears.

ARAH’S driving fore-hooves grazed down the exposed wetted meat of Africa’s uncoiled, stretched lower thigh as she balked, but the one-winged had already committed to the manoeuvre. The impact of the plunging mare sent the grey’s balance skewwhiff – her hind-quarters were pushed awkwardly right, hind-hooves scrabbling through slippery wet grass – and Africa’s plan to continue forward and thrust a double barrel kick backwards was destroyed. Instant pain radiated down through the connected limb, and it tingled unpleasantly as a vague numbness set in. Without time to consider a new plan of action however (would the leg even cooperate?), the Starry-Eyed was alerted to a new threat as the screech of the invisible Griffin (it was a midnight sky after all) drew her awareness to the angry heavens.

Almost as suddenly, an unnaturally bright, shimmering cluster of stars still higher stirred to life, and like a striking comet it fell quickly. Silas swooped with reckless abandon for the attacking creature – his night-savvy eyes picked it clearly – and like falcon upon a pigeon, claws reaching out ahead, he aimed to push its larger frame off course before it reached his beloved.

796/800 –

- AFRICA hears ELSA call and then MIDAS call and pauses confused for about three minutes.
- During this time SILAS changes the time from sunset to MIDNIGHT.
- SILAS calls and AFRICA wakes up. Her mind is filled with ARAH’S magic.
- AFRICA’S EARTH AMULET absorbs the magic and it shatters.
- AFRICA meets ARAH head on, but lunges to ARAH’S left and aims a bite at her belly between chains.
- ARAH’S hooves collide with AFRICA’S thigh mid-stride and AFRICA is pushed off centre. She also suffers initially from bruised nerves.
- SILAS swoops towards WYNTER hoping to force him off-course.

:: [Rank Magic | Healing]
:: [Magic: Fire (P) | Mane and tail burn with harmless flames. Of no use in battle, cannot be used to harm.]
:: [Magic: Earth | Able to transform into an African Grey Parrot.]
:: [Restrictions| Transformation is painful, can only transform once in battle.]
:: [Magic: LightxTime (U) | Can look through another’s eyes into their mind and travel back in time to experience their memories as well as alter them by planting new memories.
:: [Restrictions | Visions grow a little blurry when she looks beyond 6 years. Rewriting memories requires permission out of battle, and implanted memories last 20 seconds in battle.]
:: [Spark Amulet x2 | Able to cast the power of another character back onto that character, shattering as it does so.]
:: [Moon Amulet x1 | when a magical ability is cast in the vicinity, the amulet is able to replicate the ability and store it to be used at a later time.]
:: [Earth Amulet x1 | when a magical ability is cast at your character, the amulet will absorb it instead, shattering as it does so.]
:: [Item: Bag | A small leather satchel, large enough store flowers and plant matter, orbs or amulets. Tied securely around top of left foreleg just below left, with thick leather belt- all natural, weathered brown in colour]
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The sun is blinding as it retreats to the west, and the many-hued vixen has to squint to make out the form of their late-night visitor. There isn’t much for her to see with the sun obscuring her vision, but judging by the size of his shadow over the dimly-lit grass he is quite the large creature, and he is not alone. Despite the fiery orb’s light, flaming oculars dart from one approaching figure to the next, pausing momentarily on KAHLUA and her cart but freezing altogether on a set of familiar painted shoulders. “MIDAS?” A nicker parts her lips in shock more than in curiosity at the sight of their Czar (THRANDUIL), and the maiden twists her head to regard GHOST. Bright eyes flicker in uncertainty from behind the dragon’s skull as they try to read the girl’s expression. Did you know of his whereabouts all along? The bird cannot say that she trusts her just yet, but reason tells her there is nothing for the black to gain by lying to her about MIDAS’ absence.

A frown tugs down at blue lips as she tries to riddle out the meaning of it, but the young Czarina moves to approach the growing crowd despite the peahen’s own uncertainty. Weary of GHOST meeting with so many strangers at this hour, and despite MIDAS’ presence, the hybrid trails behind the red-tipped girl. She is about to pose a question to KAHLUA when the first brute screech spills into the air, and the show of a friendly meeting is suddenly transformed into a deceptive performance. How can she ever forgive KAHLUA for abusing their friendship like this? Has she not promised to protect the painted mare, to be her champion, or does the bird mean so little to her that taking her home seems like a better option than just talking it out?

What kind of friend is that?

Challenging the Shire’s cry with a furious scream of her own, the color-strewn vixen gallops towards the oncoming wave of traitors with a silent command to MICTLA, Use that smoke of yours and make them choke on it. Little resistance can be felt through their bond, but the rampant hybrid still manages to send the hyena on his way. Prove to me you aren’t more than just a nuisance. Prove to me you can fight. The spotted boy’s wisps make it even harder for the mare to see, but as long as he manages to be at least a little useful she really cannot care less.

For a few chaotic seconds all that she wants to do is punish KAHLUA for her betrayal, but yet another unfamiliar call wrenches her attention from the queen. Squinting at the steadily approaching mass of black and brown flesh, the warrior tries to gauge the distance between them before launching herself into the air. Broad wings catch in the wind with little to no effort, but with the accelerated descent of the sun (thanks to SILAS’ and AFRICA’s own fighting attempts) the bird has misjudged her opponent’s height.

Despite the towering beast’s warning the bird is unable to fly completely out of his reach, and the peaks of his scarred withers slam into her left haunch, causing her to lose balance and plummet from the sky. Rather than panic and get into more trouble, however, the peahen seizes this chance to deal some damage to her foe by forcing her hooves downwards with her own descent to try and strike at the stallion’s spine.

The thought of making him balk to give her room to land safely on the ground makes the maiden rethink her assault, however, and the skull-bearing maiden summons the rest of her armor in the hopes of doing just that. The bones rise from the ground one-by-one to join their silent master, linking together and covering the chieftess’ colorful body to form armor reminiscent of the skeleton they derive from. Though their touch is unfamiliar, the chieftess finds comfort in the bones’ embrace as she succumbs to the pull of war.

Whilst the bird has been suiting up for the battle at hand, her spotted boy has been darting between friend and foe alike, weaving past clashing bodies and trying to reciprocate the effects of his ominous magic on those he does not recognize. A swooping black figure captures his attention while he is darting past MURDOCK, and his chocolate gaze narrows into a look of concern as he watches GHOST dive for a little palomino. The little one is headed for his mistress, and deciding that GHOST can use backup in defending her, he redirects himself so that he is charging towards the stout mare’s left, trying to bite the tender skin of her flank when he is close enough.

{800/800 as per MS Word

BELLONA arrives with GHOST, blinded by the sun, and they approach THRANDUIL, thinking he is MIDAS.

BELLONA hears ARCHIBALD's call and takes to the air, avoiding his WAR STOMP.

BELLONA hears THOR but does not gauge his height properly due to the sudden shift to darkness thanks to SILAS. BELLONA is not in KEIRAN's vicinity and does not feel the effects of his STORM CALL.

BELLONA is hit in her left haunch by THOR's withers and knocked off balance, but she uses her fall to aim her hooves at THOR's back. BELLONA rethinks this and then tries to scare THOR by summoning her BONE ARMOR from the ground in the hopes of making him shy away so she can scrape her hooves down THOR's side (depending on which way he goes) before landing safely on the ground.

MICTLA runs around the battle field using his SMOKE ability, affecting those near him. MICTLA sees GHOST flying for ROMANI and tries to help GHOST by going for ROMANI's left flank with his teeth. }

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It is weird how everything can change in such a short time, how the silence of the Falls (not that it was ever silent, but the sounds were forever the same) could be breached in one second to another by a rumbling stir through the ground and the thrill of cries cast into the changing winds. An icy shudder of recognition went down my spine as the first clashes reverberated through the entrance valley. Something was wrong, dead serious wrong. A sudden apparition of looming rainclouds made by fifty hues of grey guided me as I went into a spurring dive towards the main entrance. Yet, as I got there, I merely stood at the plateau of the entrance moving naught, but my eyes. If it was the initial surprise of it all I could not say, but distraught thoughts raced through my mind as the flight or fight response pulsated through my veins. As I got an overview, a realization dawned upon me. I could not make out the difference of friend or foe; this was not my fight to make, but the thought is barely been given life as a mare thunders towards me though the collision of people. As a deer in headlights I stare as she roars at me, but as she gets closer seemingly trying to ram me down from my left side I spur forward, taking the slam to my buttock which wheels my behind to a horizontal angle. “FUCK OFF!” is all I can think of saying as I maneuver around 180 degrees and aim to plant a solid bite in her arse.

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