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She's a dwelling place for demons.
She's a cage for every unclean spirit,
Every filthy bird and makes us drink
The poisoned wine to fornicating with our kings.
Fallen now is Babylon the Great.

The hymn of the sea has become soothing during her stay in the Dragon's Throat, peaceful even when the sand stings at her eyes and the heat makes her bubble with seat. I'll miss it. Eyelids drift over amber irises, her lips twisting downwards in a half-hearted scowl. In a strange way, it has been comforting here. No work to do, nobody to hide from... it's a lovely feeling, not having to look over her shoulder constantly.

Except her children are not here. They do not get to learn the rules, her rules, and they lose her mentorship. No matter how 'peaceful' it might be here, she cannot abide by it, not while Volterra and Nymeria are alone. They needed her guidance; they needed to know how to rule.

For them, she would gladly leave behind a summer paradise and an idle oasis, and a herd full of faces she despised.

For them, she would do anything.
Nostrils flare; she squints, out over the water. They were waiting for her, somewhere on the other side. Alone. Maybe even lost and confused.

She prayed to the Moon Mother. She prayed to the Earth God. She prayed to the Sun in the sky. She prayed to Time itself. Let me walk free.

Let me be reunited with my children.

Surely the gods would not be so cruel as to keep her captive forever. She needed this—needed this chance to escape. When everyone was caught up in the logistics of the herd... nobody was watching her, not anymore.

The gods had given her an oppurtunity.
She would take it.
And she would find her twins.

Confutatis steps out into the water.


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OOC: Escape post for Confutatis.
Set directly during the herd meeting.
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"Wonderful day for a swim, no?" Bucephalus dropped from the sky, landing in a spray of water before the skull-faced mare, a friendly grin on his face. Nice try. It would have succeeded too; the black had been hauling butt towards the meeting, crossing the channel after another failed hunt for his two renegade foals. It was just the mare's ill luck that he spotted her down below. "Though I must insist dear lady, that you return to the beach. The undercurrent is still very dangerous for a slender mare such as yourself" He smirked, wings spread.

Azeeza landed on the black's shoulders, peering at the mare with a sharp gaze. Unlike her bonded she held no air of 'friendliness', in fact in the way her talons twitched it was as if she was daring the mare to try and press on. Bucephalus too rolled his weight, excited by the prospect of it. If Confutatis tried to push past him well... What would he do precisely? Attack her? Let her go?

He paused to ponder this. Would Gaucho be angry if the mare 'accidentally' drowned during her attempt? He gave a mental shrug, his grin vanishing. "I strongly suggest you continue to enjoy our hospitality, rather than risk our ire." Azeeza threw her head back and let out a piercing shriek, an alarm, before she took wing and flew high above them, crying out again and again.

This attempt would not go unnoticed, of that the Morningstar was certain, for he would make it so.


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Aithniel hadn't known that Confutatis was here, but she had heard about Confutatis. She had lived in the Aurora Basin long enough to listen to the rumors that spread about her cruelty and malice, and this mare was another reason why the fire child wanted to destroy this nonsense once and for all. With the God of the Sun's blood running through her veins, who could deny her desire for justice? Now, all she had to do was prove it somehow... and prove herself.

Now seemed like a proper moment of opportunity, and she narrowed her stony gaze, seeing a sickly, black figure slipping into the ocean. The young girl raced forward seconds after hearing a bird screech and cry over head. Wings outstretched, she bared her teeth, assuming that this mare should not be leaving if she was doing so through the water. Everyone else had a key, right? That was what Gaucho had said at least. Aithniel shoved her hind hooves into the sand and launched forward, tucking her legs carefully beneath her body as she took to the sky.

Flying had gotten slightly easier with practice, and she circled overhead, sending a single, gigantic fireball downward. Half of the fire aimed to hit the water near Confutatis, but the other half might have hit her entirely! She wasn't sure from her altitude. At the very least, the fire should heat the water and make it steam up. Aithniel circled again, ash falling from her wings like apocalyptic rain, and she send another blast of fire toward the dark, icky devil.

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A piercing scream into the sky and the racing, shifting creatures below caught all of the guardian's attention. Massive wings beat hard as he threw his body forward in the sky. Below, his eyes scanned as fire poured down from the grey femme towards Bucephalus and the prisoner he knew to be of Gaucho's. Under the strong hand of the Dragon's Throat, this mare would not escape. When Einarr thought himself to be clear from the danger of the fire, he rocketed down towards the silver-black mare. Front, cloven hooves pushed forward as he aimed to slam them into her hips. Einarr released a ferocious call, deep voice bellowing out with the force of his rank magic.

Wings beat down again the the stallion pulled himself up into the air for just a moment, hoping he had hit the mare and sent her reeling beneath his massive weight and force from his speed of flight. Altering his inside wing, the massive black circled and landed on the sands to the left and fear of the prisoner. "You are not to leave." The stallion snorted, face twisted in a menacing grimace. His muscles tensed and his ears pinned flat into his dark mane. The primal stallion's eyes were ablaze like fire, bearing down on the prisoner with the skull mask. Her smelled putrid, as if she were entirely composed of dead bodies and grime. Einarr snorted again, pushing her scent from his nose, as he gnashed his teeth in her direction--a threat of more violence, should she bring it upon herself.

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Justice without force is powerless
Force without justice is tyrannical.
- Blaise Pascal

Somehow it had escaped Ampere that there was another prisoner amid their mists. Gaucho had not warned the herd this time, as he had with his last chained body. There were many among the herd that Ampere did not know well, and new faces joined them often enough to not concern herself with their appearance so long as they weren't causing a fuss.

This was a fuss.

You can understand then, how upon hearing the falcon's screech, witnessing the fireball, and seeing her own warrior engage the mare, that Ampere assumed she was intruding rather than escaping.

Up in the skies, Ampere almost missed the warning call of Azeeza. She had grown rather attuned to that bird's cry however, much as she was loathe to admit it, and turned the moment she heard it, catching from the corner of her gaze the eruption of flame that made her heart falter in her chest. Gaucho? came the instant question of her mind (or was it her heart?), but his shapes were always mimicking a creature, where as this was just, a burst of pure energy. Had Bucephalus, turned again?

Cutting sharply on her right wing, Ampere spun in the air, then shot down with her appendages multiple times to gain the speed her body boasted. As she flew she recognized the dark frame of Einarr, and saw then all three of her herd mates converging on one dark shape in the water. At once Ampere's skin prickled, alive with reckless energy as she felt a protective flare and an outcry of rage. This was her home. This was her job. No one fucked with either of those.

Furiously Ampere dove down, gathering the magic inside of her, searching for the electrical currents inside the stranger as she got closer. Everyone, everything was alive with some form of electrical energy, and Ampere grasped for it, like a strand in the dark, a chord on an instrument that she could play, Ampere plucked it. Her magic reached out to try and control Confutatis' movements, to turn her and push her back into the sea and towards the mainland, away from their home.

Dark wings swept out from blue-tinted sides as the Mother of Companions swooped from her dive, sailing above Confutatis, her shadow dancing on the waters. Normally Ampere would have asked why she had come, or what her intentions were, but she trusted the judgement of her fellows for it be clear that Confutatis was a threat. No words were needed, just might.

As she passed by Ampere cocked a blue eye at the stranger, sizing her up. As she did so she was startled by the skull marking that the other mare bore. Her heart jumped up into her throat, and she felt a tingle all through her body. That girl, from before...

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they fought as legends

It was a chain reaction that alerted Megaera to the confrontation on her shores. From her perch high on the red dunes, the shapes on the beach were only the smallest dark pinpricks. On a break from keeping an eye on Mordecai, Gwaihir hunted while Megaera watched over her herd and it was Gwaihir that heard Azeeza’s piercing cry from where he circled. In an instant the eagle shifted his focus, reaching out to Meg with voice and bond alike. His own sharp cry answered the falcon and his words echoed in the mare’s mind, “Little falcon. Trouble!”

As exciting as her promotion might have been, it was not a change she took lightly. As a warrior she had served her home and her family and her drive to do just that had increased tenfold. Her rise had come right on the heels of the Sun God’s challenge: violence and force had been her weapon but now she must find another way. and it seemed now would be her first opportunity.

Meg’s head jerked around toward the call and she leapt into action. Hooves plunged her body down the face of the sandy dune, gaining momentum and after a few strides the rookie Sultana flew to the aid of her fellows. Sharp eyes drank in the scene as the pair raced towards the water’s edge. Five horses circled in a flurry of activity, and Meg was quick to recognize the source…


The skull-faced cretin had lurked in her home far to long for Megaera’s liking but as long as Gaucho willed her to stay she would stay. It looked as is the deranged thing had different ideas though. By the time Meg neared, four of her herd mates had converged around the escaping prisoner: Bucephalus blocking her path forward, Aithniel hovering, raining fire and ash, Einarr aiming to strike, and Ampere reaching out with with unseen magic.

There was more than one part of her that wanted to mirror Einarr, to strike and subdue and rid her home of this filth but she retrained herself. Gaucho could have dispatched the putrid mare if he had wanted her dead, but he had instead charged the Throat with her captivity. The Throat would not fail, not as long as Megaera still had breath in her body, but fighting was no longer her task.

If Gaucho wanted her to lead, she would lead.

The Sunspear exploded into a streak of sunlight, and like a comet descended onto the beach. Sand sprayed from her hooves and the struck to ground and from the brightness her voice cracked like a whip.“CONFUTATIS!” Meg tried to force a lot into the single word: confidence, and power and fury. As the light dimmed and finally shrank inside her it revealed a mare to match that voice. Wings flared and expression savage, Meg hopes to leave no doubt in the prisoners mind (or her herdmates for that matter) that she was taking charge of this situation.

Eyes blamed and did not stray from the bone-faced mare as she called to the Gladiator and her two fighters. “Hold her here but do no more harm than that for now.” Would they listen to her? Meg didn’t have tome to question it. They had heard Gaucho’s declaration but this would be the first test of Meg’s newfound authority in the Throat, her do-or-die moment. “Confutatis, you are a prisoner of the Throat and will remain here until we choose to release you. You have had freedom of our island but if that boundary is not respected we will have to restrain you by other means.” Her sentence was punctuated by a sharp, angry scream from Gwaihir as he circled above, and Meg’s angry black eyes promised no quarter.

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Normally if a prisoner of his were trying to escape and Gaucho was late to the party, he would be upset. Furious even. He might even subject himself to endless rounds of patrolling, or throw himself into an ungodly amount of spars to try and compensate what was obviously a failing on his part.

However today he chose to see the events differently.

Today he chose to place pride in his herd, rather than blame on himself.

It was Vorsa whose mental trill alerted the Wildfire to the threat of escape. She had been flying on her own, practicing without Gaucho's critical gaze, and spotted the mare enter the water. Immediately she had returned to Gaucho, but the trio was still far away. Far enough for Meg, Ampere, Einarr, Aithniel and Bucephalus to beat him to the water. Gaucho shielded his gaze as light exploded from the water. A smile brushed his dark lips, knowing who the cause was. Meg. He was right to make her a leader.

As he glided lower, the smile faltered and the dun bit his lip slightly. Another name rang in his mind, one that brought far less joy. Ampere. He knew she wouldn't be pleased that he had brought another prisoner back ... she had been irate during Hotaru's brief stay with them - and his reason for imprisoning her had been perhaps more justified than his reasons for Confutatis. Still, he would deal with her, should she decide to speak with him, once the threat had been neutralized. From his antlers came two large dragons composed of fire. They swooped low, adding to the fray of magic that already thrummed near the masked prisoner, barring her exit.

Hovering above the water, Gaucho's hardened gaze fell upon the would-be escapee.

"Gaucho and Throat feed you, provide shelter. You harass our friends and instead of murdering you, we protect you. Gaucho even say your foals can stay with you. You say no and hide in silence. You will stay in Throat until you promise to leave friends alone." His words were non-negotiable, and booming as they rang out over the water.

I also agree with Blu - a TON has happened since the herd meeting, and that thread was started a long, long time ago.

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He was late to the party, it seemed. Cathun was still new to the herd, to the land, still unfamiliar with most of the faces - partly due, perhaps, to his tendency to stick to Amaris's side and ignore everyone else - but not even he could avoid notice the sudden stir among the ranks. He missed the fireballs and the well-placed words of Einarr and Bucephalus, and Ampere's little trick was too subtle to catch his eye. But he was hard pressed not to notice the flash of light as Megaera descended like a living comet, rivaling the sun itself in brightness. It made the young stallion turn on his heels and run, blindly, mindlessly, towards that spot, because he was supposed to be a warrior (a young and untrained one still, but that was beside the point) and a warrior had to be where shit went down.

Ah, but... as he came upon the chaos of diving, zapping, shouting horses with sand cascading around his drumming hooves, the colt slowed down and hesitated, maintaining a bit of distance to the seething pile of activity. What was even going on? There was a mare in the center of this fleshy hurricane and without knowing anything of who she was or what she had done, Cathun instinctively felt sorry for her as she was pummeled with blows and words. Never mind whether the warriors hit their target or not, why were they using such force with the lady? What could she possibly have done to earn this kind of treatment?

Then Gaucho spoke and a glint of increased understanding appeared in his eyes. Of course, a prisoner. He hadn't known there were any within the Throat, but of course there had to be some, right? Some miscreant that couldn't behave, someone who wouldn't tolerate the rules... He understood - or thought he did at least - and with renewed interest he watched this Confutatis as his colleagues and herd-mates tried to round her up and bring her back. Himself kicking back and waiting, standing by to see if he was truly needed.

What had she done, exactly? Harassed the other herds, the Sultan said, but how? It was sure to be a good story, Cathun made a mental note to himself to make sure he got a chance to speak to the woman later - provided that his sempai didn't kill her in their enthusiastic attempts at restraining her. Cathun suppressed a smile - it was amusing how many they needed to subdue one mare. This Confutatis had to be terrifying indeed for both leads, the chancellor (new and old) and two... or three? warriors to be present.

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[It didn't seem like anyone was going to reply (?) since it's been a while, but I wanted to reply for plot purposes. If I stepped on your toes just beat me and I'll wait for your post!]

Before Ampere had time to think any further, the sun appeared. Not the literal sun, just his spear, but it was still fucking bright. Ampere swerved in the air, momentarily blinded and startled. Hooves skimmed across water and Ampere arced her wings back, tucking her rump for an aquatic landing, though she was close enough to the shore that she could easily stand too. Amid the chaotic light, one sound was clear, and Ampere clung to that.


As though wounded, Ampere's heart swelled and ached in her chest. Blinking out the remnants of brilliance, Ampere had only to twist her head against her shoulder to see the Sultana descend next to Confutatis. That was the name the filly had given her, that was why the skull-faced mare looked so familiar when she flew by. This was the missing mother.

That alone was stunning to Ampere. She didn't even need to find her after all, which was great, because lately she hadn't even had the time to whip out her navigational knife and whisper a name to it. The confused joy was quickly dissipating though, because why was this mare here, apparently trespassing, when the filly had made it seem like she was taken? Why was..."Confutatis, you are a prisoner of the Throat and will remain here until we choose to release you." What.

Wait, what. WHAT!?

Ampere was stunned into literal silence. It was likely even her mouth hung agape as she watched and listened to Megaera berate the escaping fucking prisoner. The prisoner Ampere had known nothing about, and for how long? The prisoner detained, for what purpose? The prisoner tha- Gaucho.

His name burned through her mind like the title he bore, and its ashes blew away into her heart, filling it with death. The normally energetic blue of her gaze had faded into something cold and hard as she watched him arrive in all his glory. He fit the description the filly had provided... how had she been so blond? Gaucho extended his chains in the form of two flaming eagles to corral the already defeated mother, speaking of her imprisonment so casually that Ampere swayed as she stood int he water. He acted like it was a goddamn gift.

That's when Ampere found her voice again. She opened up the present he offered, and inside she found a little ball of rage to chew on. It tasted like deceit.

"FOR HOW LONG!?" Ampere roared out over the water towards him, splashing about as she struck out with sea-stained legs towards him. Her steps were not quick, but they were purposeful as she waded over the distance set between them. She didn't clarify her question, but it was unclear if she was asking how long Confutatis had been their prisoner, or how long he intended to keep her as such. Either answer was sure to be poor for Ampere, so she continued. "Just how long do you intend to keep a mother from her children, a 'criminal' amid our family, under our watch, eating our food, drinking our water, taking our time? How long to do you fucking intend to ENSLAVE ANOTHER HORSE, GAUCHO!?" by now she should have been close to him, and it seemed as if ever step she took, whether across water or fire, had invigorated her rather than drained her. Ampere was bristling with energy; her wings were flared at her sides, and her two knives were slowly singing their way out of their sheaths.



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He wanted Ampere, right then and there. With every indignant step and ever bit of righteous saliva that thrust from her lips, his excitement grew. Whether it would culminate in drowning her in the very water that she waded through, or forcing her to bear his weight (and his lust), was indeterminate. It didn't matter. It amounted to the same. The two together were volatile. It always ended in death, even when it ended in life.

As she neared, his flaming wings spread from his flanks as well, mirroring her own. He towered above her in every way, and he was not above using his physical stature to diminish her own. If she wanted this to be a contest of will, he was all in.

But he was always all in with her. The stakes were too high for anything else.

"So criminals not deserve water? Not deserve protection or food?" He snapped, twisting what he knew she meant and throwing it back at her. "Confutatis threaten our ally. We respond - better that we keep her here than let Basin kill her." For once, he didn't know how she would respond to his statement. Usually, even his primitive mind could grasp how she would respond, what her counterargument would be. But this time? Keeping her prisoner might not be right, but it was certainly the best choice out of a basket of bad ones. It was either do nothing and keep their hands clean, or know that she died at the hands of the Basin when they could have prevented it. Besides - "Gaucho not keep children from her. Gaucho say all could come. She tell them to go." His steely gaze momentarily flashed from Ampere towards Confutatis as if challenging her to deny his words. Like with Hotaru, Ampere had made all the wrong assumptions. Confutatus was not innocent, and her punishment here - in a paradise compared to the Basin - was the best she could have hoped for. Her solitary confinement was of her own doing.

Lowering his bone pierced muzzle, he attempted to bring their skulls closer to together. Breathing in the hostile breaths she expelled, challenging her to do more. To strike him, to defy his logic, or to break down and give in.

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[After Gaucho and Ampere's challenge.]

Ampere's body drifted as if in a dream onto the sands. The heat from her touch slowly wafted away from him, and his mind screamed to hold onto the sensation which was quickly becoming a fleeting memory. Like in a dream, emotions and thoughts which were once so expressive and bright in his mind, began to pale. He clung to them tightly as he watched Ampere's eyelashes flutter with fatigue. She had fought him, and like always, it meant nothing. Well, almost like always. There was a time ... just that once, where their bodies rallied against each other in a spar that wasn't spurned by hate or rage. The conclusion of that foray had been exhausting as this one had, but satisfying in a way that the fleeting tendrils of heat that dispersed through Gaucho's loin couldn't possibly compete with.

He looked down on her barely moving dark body with a wisp of optimism. But the warmth of his hope was quickly demolished by the chill of reality. Gaucho had given in to his weakness, and although he had won, he had lost. No matter how much he searched in her gaze or her touch, he found nothing of the passion he had felt from her before. Whatever love had burned between them was kept alive only by a pathetic hope on his part. Gaucho blew on the dying embers of their love to re-kindle them, while Ampere doused them with ice.

Confident that although she had collapsed on the beach she would not drown, Gaucho nodded. There was a finality in the air that he didn't want to recognize, and so, he decided that he could not be here when she awoke.

He lingered for a moment longer, allowing his gaze to sweep the hills and valleys of her body with an undeniable tenderness the she would never see, before pulling away.

@[Ampere] - Just tagging you since I mentioned Ampere and didn't want to clog up your NPC thread.

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