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The Throat returned to her as her wings beat the air, and she to it, thankfully. Having the heart of wanderer had made the adjustment to herd life, difficult to say the least, especially when that adjustment had been beneath the weight of a crown. It had all been too much for Ampere, among other things, and she'd left. She had never expected the ache of that departure though, as if by experiencing a solid herd life, however brief, had managed to sap all the color and joy out of the wilds for her. Recently she had begun to feel the weight of her duties, all placed upon her by the herd, and the wilds had begun to grow more and more appealing again.

Yet returning home, in this moment, she couldn't have been happier.

She couldn't just head straight to the oasis though, nor play with her boy, not even begin work on a patrol. No, Ampere needed to her Sultans, because she had news - such was that weight again.

Her altitude declined as she flew over the watery bridge that separated them from the mainland, and as she went she gathered blue sparks from the plant matter that lay sprinkled everywhere. Tilting down, aiming to land, Ampere crafted her ball of lightning into a great bird. She cast it up, and about, just as her hooves landed, punctuating the summons with her sharp whistle. Gaucho and Megaera should both be familiar with it, although so would her warriors. It was her Sultans that she was most interested in however, and to them that she gave her attention should they approach.

"I've returned from the World's Edge," she breathed in the sand and the heat as she spoke, her voice calm and matter of fact. She had opinions on the events that went down there, but not strong enough ones to lend her voice much color. Who sat on the misty throne would be their concern. "They've selected the new leads." Still, Ampere wouldn't be herself if she didn't let her opinions bleed through, so her emphasis on the word selected gave some hint of how she felt about the inane process she endured with the candidates.

Though she had grown to enjoy herd life, she was still very much, wild.

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No… a moment please, just a few more moments Meg thought with a twinge of annoyance when she harp whistle had her looking up to see the lightning bird coursing through the sky. She looked back to her daughter and let out a sigh, knowing their little game must come to an end for now. It was hard to be pulled away so often, especially now that her headstrong daughter had began trying to assert her independence, but the job of Sultana was a time consuming task an not one she planned on failing. “I’ll be back soon, nhizi anni. Stay out of trouble.” With a affectionate smile she nudged Mordecai’s withers and turned to answer the Gladiator’s summons.

Within minutes, Megaera was touching down on the sands where the blue mare waited. Thought her usual companion was on his own errands, the rookie Sultana was trailed by the fiery form of a caracal. The lanky cat had appeared days before, another blessing from the Sun God. Meg wore an easy smile, relaxing once it was clear from Ampere’s calm that the message was neither urgent nor tragic. “Ampere.” She dipped her head to welcome the Gladiator home and listened for the message.

At the mare’s tone on the last sentence, Meg couldn’t help but chuckle. She’d heard that a delegation had come to ask Gaucho for help in some inane task. Leadership, Meg thought, should be derived from strength. She was already dreading her crash course in Helovian Politics when she would have to go north herself and reaffirm alliances with the other herds. Wouldn’t it be so nice if we could all just stay on our island and they would leave us alone.

“And what the committee decide?” she asked trying to reconcile her amusement and her determination to take her job seriously. Much of the future of the Throat could depend on who governed the neighboring lands and even Meg knew that starting off with the wrong attitude could be dangerous. Invasions weren’t such a distant, hypothetical thing anymore. “Anyone that would give us trouble?”
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I'd bring you further roses but it does you no good.

The idea of Ampere summoning him often made him chuckle. He had never disobeyed any of her commands, yet the temptation to do just that was always brimming on the edge of his thoughts. Chase me, his mind would whisper in her direction. Make me. But he knew he couldn't, and so instead his body always moved towards her. To do anything else would invite a fight that he could not allow - it would either be one of words, or one of bodies. Either way, it would involve far too much intimacy, or at least it would in Gaucho's mind. Even after all this time, he couldn't risk it. He had promised fidelity to Sohalia, but in Ampere's wake his words seemed like words on breeze: gone without a thought.

The Sultan landed neatly next to Meg, eyeing the cat-like fire creature that flitted around her. He had noticed one following him as well - some sort of bird. He didn't pay it much attention, but Vorsa did. She enjoyed having a playmate to flit around the skies with.

Gaucho's black ears flickered gently as both Ampere and Meg spoke. His dark gaze roamed briefly to Ampere, studying her, impressed and pleased that she had gone to the Edge to find out the results. Appreciation lingered on his lips, but he remained silent. Somehow telling her how pleased he was seemed too leading. Nodding his antlered skull in response to Meg's question, he too signaled a desire to know who had been chosen.

"Kahlua bring candidates here ... make them talk to Gaucho about strategy." Swallowing, the dun's gaze moved to Ampere as he forced himself to look upon her with his normal stoicism. It was clearly strained. Instead of a neutral gaze, his eyes kept moving to her own, then darting down to the curve of her chest and the sheen of her flank, before swiftly returning. He couldn't help the way he found himself slightly holding his breath, or holding himself slightly taller. "Is one lead Mauja?" He continued now that his gaze was back upon Ampere's face. He would be interested to know if Kahlua had taken his council to heart. If she hadn't, what was the point of their little sleep over on his sands?

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Megaera arrived promptly, and Ampere relaxed the moment she saw the bay warrior approach, plastering a lopsided smile onto her features by way of greeting. Their relationship had been short thus far, but as most things are with Ampere, the bond had grown strong quickly. Megaera's unfaltering loyalty to Gaucho had originally caused a splinter between them when Megaera witnessed one of their tamer arguments; it had also lended Ampere some amount of jealousy. Yet time in the dirt and the dust had shown Ampere that Megaera's heart was in her work (and perhaps a black stallion), and to that, Ampere could always be appreciative of. That Megaera had surpassed her in rank did not ruffle nor surprise Ampere. She was a capable mare, and Ampere accepted her just as readily as she did the day of her promotion.

"Sunspear," Ampere greeted in turn, casual despite the weight of the knowledge she was due to share. At the dark heels of the Sultana a flame danced, drawing Ampere's eyes. She quirked a 'brow in curiosity, but was unfazed by the fire cat the moment she realized it wasn't a companion - Megaera's ability to create a pillar of blinding light was much more impressive.

Unfortunately the same could not be said of the next arrival.

On wings coated in light and flame he came, her Wildfire. As always, her gaze was torn to him, watching every movement of his well defined muscles, or the way the desert wind mussied his mane against the strong arch of his neck. Even as Megaera spoke, Ampere's ears tilted towards the song of his descent, her attention ebbing in and out like the tide, flowing between Sultan and Sultana. For an instant, Ampere wondered what had possessed her to stop loving him, or stop admitting it at least.

Then she saw it, the bird of flame, and it call crashing back. "Why?" she wanted to beg of him, but that wasn't a path she wanted to travel down again, least of all now. Instead Ampere proffered a low snort and turned her head suddenly, jerking as if bothered by a fly. "Why did he have to come, if Megaera is here? Typical," Ampere thought, forcing anger into herself to shield the other feelings that threatened to rise up. ear tipped towards him. He was speaking after all, in that rough and tumble tone he had that always ignited shivers in her spine.

His words confirmed one of her thoughts; he had attended to the diplomatic group that Kahlua brought here. Amaris had been sullen on her return to the Edge, where Ampere had lingered with the warrior group. She was a different mare from the one that set out with the other hopeful horses. Had Gaucho played a role, or had it been Mauja, Kahlua, someone else? Though plenty of them had seem dejected after the results were announced, which was inevitable with a competition, Amaris had seemed defeated before then. Perhaps Ampere should be a true sand sister and speak to the mare herself - her only other option was Gaucho and she tried to limit their words as little as possible.

At the mentioned of the spotted king queen, Ampere nodded, sparing a flicker of blue eyes to acknowledge him. "Yes," she murmured, replying to both Gaucho and Megaera now that both had asked their questions. "He and Torleik both lead the Edge now." Ampere grimaced, less than pleased at the choices. She flicked her tail, trying to unwind some of that building energy. "I've had poor encounters with both of them in my past... but Torleik did have the best responses for the warrior scenario. Still, no one fought, so I've no idea what he looks like in actual battle." She thought to mentioned how Cathun did rather well, despite Ophelia's words, but Ampere decided their time was better spent analyzing the Edge. She'd see to Cathun herself, seeing as he was under her government.

"Also," Ampere began after a pause, in which time she spied Gaucho's other flaming bird and nearly died. Thankfully her mind was working a bit faster than her spirit in this instance, and recognized his flame creature to be like Megaera's, however odd it was. Unbeknownst to her, a badger from hell was lingering behind her. "Kahlua decided to stay in the Edge, as their Seer, perhaps. She seems close to Mauja." Ampere had found this nearly more surprising than the kings. She had understood the whole purpose of the invasion was to escape the Moon Goddess, yet the Queen not only stepped down, but chose to live their in direct service of the god that supposedly drove her out and into violence. It befuddled Ampere - if you were going to fight for something, you had to stand by it. "It seems they've also chosen Elsa to lead their warriors." They might not know Elsa, but Ampere liked the mare's spirit, and her prior participation in the Falls made her an interesting choice in the least. That she lost didn't matter as much to Ampere - plenty of good warriors lost (except Gaucho) - that she was half blind and seemed ill suited for battle, and that she came from a herd that didn't seem on peaceable terms with the Edge or the Basin, is what made it interesting.

So many interesting things about the choices, given such a dull process.

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