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[OPEN] Old Oaks and New Roots [Herd Meeting]

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comets fell from the sky,
I took your breath, you took my sorrow

Word of the new leads of the old Edge lands had finally reached the Hidden Falls, which had murmured and mingled in its own clutches uncertainly for a few moons. Kaj had allowed it, watching his people come and go with their quiet decisiveness. It hurt in a deep, archaic way to see them turn their backs on him. Yet they had preached their understanding before they had involved themselves in the invasion, had they not? A snort flared the nares of the new Czar, who turned his face into the weak autumn sunlight streaming through the overly green, unfamiliar canopy overhead. Yes, change had been in the air for seasons. Since it was finally in motion, even the new Czar would have to become accustomed to the new land. To the bitterness of those that remained in the Edge that he could feel as if it was a terse, cold wind from the west. The chill seemed to pervade even within the tentative, ghostly family that had decided to follow himself and Archibald into the new lands of the Falls.

Strong, muscled shoulders rolled, easing stress from the line of his back and perch of his wings. No, the frigidity of his new home could not be allowed to linger. He would restore his family, the ties between them, no matter what it took. There was bound to be confusion, despair. Kaj and Archibald would simply have to clear that from the air, so that they could all move on and begin to heal once more. No matter the victors of the war, they all carried burdens. True recovery could not come about if they were not unified. Perhaps it was finally time to draw his kin together, unite them once more. Beneath new colors, a flag distant from their minds and hearts. But they would make it theirs, for it was not the land nor the titles that made them family. That existed purely in their hearts, where nobody could hope to touch it.

With a lingering smile firmly on his face, the Storm Bringer turned and began to search for the perfect new place for their first of many herd meetings. And Archibald, of course.

- - -

A trumpeting call arced across the new lands, loud to overcome the rushing of the waterfalls. Lungs and throat, mortal creations, calling his family to one another before him and the mighty beast at his sides. Kahlua's absence was a ghost, a haunting hole that Kaj could not ignore. Ah, but she had moved on from him had she not? With two suitors to her side, Kaj had allowed himself to slip away from her. No, he could not dwell on such emotions, not when he needed to steer his family into a direction of light and hope. He needed to be their shepherd in the moments of darkness and despair that were sure to come, adjustment on the horizon immediately following change. A quick glance at his fellow Czar, and Kaj gave a subtle nod, a dip of his muzzle towards his chest. They could do this. Even without Kahlua's more friendly, attractive personality, they could do this. They were family. Brothers. Kaj would step before any attack on his brother, would lay his life down for any of those who had sworn themselves to him. After all, he first had to offer a modicum trust before he could rightfully earn it.

He watched them gather with still, quiet azure eyes. His heart was thick and full with pride and devotion to those who had given up everything they knew. For him. Because he had asked them to, and they had answered his call with loyalty and sacrifice. And he smiled to know that, to feel it surge inside him, undeniable. Chasing away his personal demons, lending him light that lit him up from the inside. A lantern for them to follow, to trust in to lead them out of the darkness. And with that he found his words, sliding on his tongue eagerly, and with a rumbling sound he called out to their ears.

"Family," he rumbled, and the word was so sweet on his tongue he could not help how his smile inched further across his face. "That is what we are. And that is why we call you here now." A brief flicker of eyes towards the brute at his side, back then to the crowd gathered before them. "Some of you have chosen to remain in these lands. You have my thanks, for giving us the chance to prove ourselves to you. We sought these lands to keep our family safe from the Moon Goddess, to lay any circulating rumors to rest. If you chose to be part of our family, then safety is what we offer you." And so much more. Family was word number one in Kaj's book, and would always be. Family was intricacy, loyalty, devotion. But he would only ask so much of the quiet, unsure individuals he knew must reside in the crowd somewhere.

"My name is Kaj to those who do not know me." He found it only fair to offer that, not wanting them to find him to be a stranger when he was preaching unity and solidarity. "The Hidden Falls, what once was the Windtossed Foothills, have always had struggles. It is the herd most often invaded, this is true. But new beginnings are always alive and within reach." As if to display that, massive pale wings spread wide, shimmering in the light. He paused to let his smile dim a little, grow more somber, pleading with those before him to listen with attentive ear and place genuine care into what he was preparing to say. "We cannot achieve that if we are wary and distrustful of one another. No matter the difficulty, we must unify ourselves once more. The old Edge was always about family and camaraderie. It is why we relied and trusted one another, why those who returned to the Edge lands still fought with us." His eyes moved mournfully to where Kahlua was supposed to stand between he and Archibald, catching himself at the last moment and righting the path of his gaze.

"We must foster that between one another. The distinction between old Falls and new, that must be banished. We are all Falls now. This is our family, our home. We will make it so." There was no room for doubt or question. Kaj had to lead by example in that field, if he was to expect such things from his brothers and sisters. A light smile bore down the ending upon his words, majestic appendages returning to his sides. A brisk wind curled through his mane, playing and twining between his legs. A beautiful day for a meeting. For a new beginning. "I urge you all to recruit, to bring more into this family that we are hoping to build. There are many positions open to you, if you have interest approach myself or Archibald with your desires and we will do our best to accommodate you." A quick glance at Archibald to ensure he was on the right track for the next bullet point they'd discussed, and then he let his eyes fall back to the mix of new and familiar faces before them.

"Archibald shall be traveling to the new leaders in the Edge to break words, and I shall be flying south to the Throat to do the same with Gaucho. If you would like to accompany one of us, please speak up." Though only one or two were necessary for each lead, he still held hope that volunteers would at least be freely given. Perhaps that would be the first step towards progress? "If you have any questions - any at all, no matter importance or relevance - speak now. We will answer as clearly as we can, and only the truth if we are able."

- - -

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Archibald the Dauntless

& Loretta the Fierce

Their battle was over, and each warrior and member had the time to recover. Now, it was their time to be called to action once more. These actions, however, would be to bolster the land they now claimed as their own. This land deserved a herd that was dedicated and strong, and Archibald and Kaj had the mind to do just that. The news of the new Edge leads and reached the pair of Czars, as well as the word of Kahlua not returning. Archibald could not decide if he was not surprised, but certainly he felt no shock spread across his breast. The painted Queen was as much a part of that land as the fog was, and only marched into war at his side because he and Kaj had requested her to do so, and she was awfully loyal to them. Archibald, not shocked, was also not saddened. He knew the burden leadership put on one's shoulders, and Kahlua had shouldered it far too long for someone so small. She would hold a place in his life forever, as one to protect and encourage, just as he believed he would hold a place in Kahlua's heart that loved oh-so much.

Stepping up into place beside Kaj, the beast and his cur watched their subjects trickle in one by one. The cold metal of his breastplate rested against sore muscles, his most recent scrap from Ktulu evident on his body. Kaj started their meeting, and Archibald stood as stoic and regal next to him as he ever had. Golden eyes sifted through the crowd, casually searching out his kin: Ktulu, Lakota, and Apollo. However, he also looked for the demi-girl he had acquainted himself with not too long ago. Archibald would not hide that he had a fondness of the girl and her young wisdom, and he suspected they would continue to draw from each other for many seasons to come--and, at the very bottom of that, was hope in the thought. Loretta, at Archibald's heel, shifted to sit and press her shoulder into her massive bondmate's knee. As Kaj trailed on about how the Hidden Falls--the Windtossed Foothills--had suffered in the past, Loretta wanted to snarl. Her ears pinned down and a plain look of disgust filled over her face. Archibald, on the other hand, stayed impassive and unreadable. He would not suffer wounded pride for hearing the truth.

"Many of you know me, even those who did not come with us from the Edge. I am Archibald, and this is Loretta." He gave a nod down to the bitch pressed against his knee before continuing. "This land belongs to the God of the Earth--strong and humane amongst his siblings--and he deserves respect from those that reside here. While I do not ask you to be completely pious and seek him as your main deity, I do command that his name be hallowed and your actions respectful. The reason we thrive here, the reason the grass grows back to fill our bellies, is because he wills it." Archibald looked to Kaj, wondering if the boy was ready to give his allegiance to another god. The Moon Goddess had thrown all of her followers loyalty and love into their faces when she murdered because of their arrogance. The Earth God had cleansed the earth afterwards, and Archibald's respect for him had only grown.

"We have many ranks that need to be filled. @[Ktulu] is our faithful and knowledgeable general. Should you have any desire to move up in rank under her command, seek her out. She is trusted to know her warriors well, and she will test you. @[Resplendence] is our Earth Medic, and she will need loyal medics beneath her to help her keep us safe. Both mares are to respected as authorities above you. They are members of our counsel, and have proven themselves faithful to our crown. Their desires match our own, and their hearts beat with ours. Treat them well, and they will look after you with their whole selves." The gallant titan looked to each mare in turn, giving them a firm nod for confidence--not that Ktulu needed it, but Resplendence surely did. "However, we seek more members to fill our counsel. We seek a Storyteller--one to intercept and interpret messages from the Earth God and relay them to us and the herd as necessary. A Mason, gifted with powers of stone crafting to fortify our family. And finally, a head spy, a Sleuth, to help keep us safe at the sides of the warriors. Should you have interest in these areas, please seek us out."

Kaj continued to speak, mentioning travels of diplomacy and breaking bread. "Like Kaj has said, I will travel to greet the new leaders of the World's Edge and discuss the state of our herd's relationships with them. We have a solid alliance with the Aurora Basin, but in the next season we will also seek them out to continue assurance in our ties." With those final thoughts, Archibald lifted his head and waited for the worlds of his followers to spike.

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Once more Ktulu would call the Earth God's land home and once more she would be attending a herd meeting, but for the first time she would not be the one hosting it. She moved as swiftly as her sore muscles would allow her when she heard Kaj's call that beckoned everyone who wanted to have a place in the Falls. She had not yet been to see Resplendence since her most recent fight with Archibald, so she was looking worse for the wear. Cuts and scrapes littered her dark body and she was certain that a few would leave scars. If anyone had any questions about her ability and experience as a fighter they need only look at her body for proof that she was a fighter.

The Constrictor halted as she came into the meeting and stood in silence as she watched Archibald take his place beside Kaj. Her ears were tilted forward and she listed to the Stormbringer as he spoke of the past history of the Falls. It was true that the Falls was the most invaded herd and both of the recent invasions she had taken part in. "I will accompany Archibald in his trip to the Edge." Ktulu said as Kaj spoke of his and Archibald's plans to visit the leaders of the other herds. She fell quiet, then, and listened to Archibald as he spoke and had to refrain herself from snorting as he demanded they respect the Earth God. His speech then turned to herself and Resplendence before moving on to the other positions that needed to be filled. She waited until he was finished before she turned to the growing crowd and addressed them on her own.

"Those of you who wish to be warriors speak to me at the conclusion of this meeting. I wish to know your names and your faces." She looked around the herd before looking to Archibald. "Patrols will begin immediately as will practice spars." There was more to be said, but she did not wish to take up too much time from the meeting. Everything that needed to be said to her warriors would be said in the following meeting.


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As the dust settled upon the battlefield there was without a doubt one sole victor. Their vigilance and planning had paid off as Kaj and Archibald claimed their places as leaders of the Hidden Falls. It was a little odd for both stallions to be leading them as the roles were commonly appointed between a mare and stallion but who was he to judge. Hell as long as things got done properly that was all that he cared about in the long run. Before joining the Edge this had been his home and it sure felt good to be back here once again. The Edge had been nice for a short while but the forested landscape was not exactly ideal for ones of his size and stature. Branches always seemed to get in the way or appear out of nowhere making daily tasks much more difficult than they should be. While his bonded, Kiara had rather liked the opportunity to make fun of him he felt that she too was glad to be back.

While the victory was a relief for them all to be away from the angered moon goddess the dappled brute still felt a touch of regret over the whole situation. They had attacked his former herd mates and allies to take away their home, albeit for the greater good but it still felt like betrayal on a certain level. Granted before his departure he had carried many questions as to how the Falls was being managed so it didn’t come as a huge shocker that it had been relatively easy to overcome the forces in place. Between Rosti the drunkard and Oxy the stoner he was amazed that nobody had tried to overrun them a lot sooner than this. Neither of them could manage to get through their day without giving in to the delusional desires making them ill suited to be leading the defences. Ktulu was in his opinion a much better candidate for the job. Perhaps he might even be lucky enough to regain his praetor position back in the near future, with some work of course.

As the requests for a gathering spread through the inhabitants the pair made their way down from the higher grounds. Silver eyes fell upon the duo of Kaj and Archibald and he couldn't help but feel a little weirded out considering all the other times he had come to this location it had been Midas and Ghost calling the shots. Taking a position near the front the grey settled in to listen to what their new leaders would have to say. Kiara as usual being the curious creature that she was, made sure that she could take in everyone that showed up by leaping up to lay tediously upon his back.

Listening intently as everyone took their turns introducing themselves and speaking he awaited a chance to volunteer himself to help out with anything that was needed. As Ktulu spoke he made sure to make a note to speak with her upon conclusion of the meeting. “If we may be of help you only just need to ask. I have been to the Basin before; if you want we could relay any messages to their leads.” He commented referring to both himself and Kiara as he gave a respectful nod to both Archibald and Kaj. Those inhabiting the Basin always seemed to respond better to those of their own species rather than others sporting wings or nothing at all. While he did not agree with them in this particular matter he was all for making things easier when it came to relations between the herds.

Ciceron talks
Kiara speaks

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The cream dove never expected to be back here, her first home... 'It has changed so much since I first came here...' She could still recall the beautiful sweeping hills and tall green grass. 'Now look at it, pitted with water falling everywhere. Such a pity.' A soft sigh stroked the cool air. Her wings hung mere inches above the ground as she gazed down at her new, old, home. Instead of joy she only felt sorrow, not because the Falls had fallen, but that she was back without the most important thing in her life. Ilios. He was leaving her to find himself. She understood, but that didn't make a mother's suffering any easier to bear. Suddenly it clicked. He was leaving because he had never felt whole. There was only one person she could blame for that; Ciceron. Anger swelled within her broken heart. She would make him pay for what he did to her son, he was no long his to claim. Ilios had always been right in blaming him. The brief flare of rage ebbed, and was coated in sadness once more.

A call drew her thoughts away from her endless pit of sorrow. Wings still hanging low the teal streaked girl set off after her King's call. Skillfully she set off searching for their new meeting spot. It didn't take long to find her victorious kings. Instead of taking her place at the front, like usual the mare stood towards the back, hiding in the shadows. Would anyone even notice her there? She hoped not. Honey eyes found the stud she had once called her silver knight, and now he was a silver devil in her mind. Ripping her gaze from his dappled hide she gazed upon her proud kings. Archibald stood with his red hound, as frightening as ever. Kaj stood firmly beside him. Even though he looked just as tough as the black, she knew below the golden hide lived a soft heart longing for love. She swept her gaze slowly over his handsome face, still to upset to fully appreciate his full glory.

Parelia didn't pay as much attention to them as she should have but was careful to soak up the most important things. She clambered forward for a second before remembering she did not want to be noticed. Halting instantly the mare sagged under her own thoughts. This was not going to be an easy transition for a mother with a broken heart. Yes she still had her little girl, she figured she was fine, Ilios had said he wanted to find her, and she knew he would. There was also no doubt that he would see his little sister home safe. Around all of this she only heard bits and pieces of the rest the kings had to offer.


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They had called, so we came. I have not been entirely on board with the choice to invade the Falls. To long had this land seemed cursed by invasion and leadership changes. I could only hope since I decided to stay here and not return to the Edge, that those times were over. That Kaj and Archibald could finally bring an end to that curse. Several others had gathered by the time Alanna and I arrive. We both had been trying to adjust to the new look of what had once been the Foothills. The land marks we both once knew were gone. This place had been remade it seemed during the darkness. Maybe that was the Earth God's way of trying to break the curse this place seemed to have on leadership.

I drew to a halt, looking around. Kutlu had already arrived, which did not surprise me. I shift slightly uneasy as the last time I had come face to face with her I had been seeking her sister's affection. We had almost grown up together. Now she ranked over me. I snorted in frustration. Don't think of her. Look to our Czars. Lanna sooths in my mind. So that is what I do. I gaze upon the one I call my brother, Kaj. It was for him and the rest of this family that I had come to war. I may of lost to Elsa, but not without trying. The mending wounds on my cheek and cutting across my eye proved that much.

As the leaders speak, we listen. Only when Kaj speaks about traveling to the south do I speak up. Kutlu had already spoken up about going to the Edge with Achibald, so I take that as my go ahead. "I will go with you to the south, Kaj." I may not be able to fly, but I can run. Alanna and I are swift. We would be able to keep up. At least I hope my brother feels the same. Once hte leads have spoken, Kutlu speaks up. I sigh again, disliking the fact I had to report to my old childhood friend... Who at one point when the Grey had invaded the Foothills had become my enemy. Even now I am uneasy around her. I hope I have not made a serious error in returning to the Falls.

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You don’t fully understand why everyone’s packed up and moved to this new place. It’s pretty, sure, but what was wrong with where you had all been before? The forests of the Edge were where you had been born, where you had first explored and frolicked, where you’d first felt safe and at home. To you, it seemed like you’d had a good thing going…so why change it? However, you know that you have no say in these matters, and part of you was excited to venture outside of your cozy woods. You’d spent the day staring at one of the waterfalls, clambering along the slippery rocks at its base and marveling at the deafening roar of the falling river. There was nothing like that back in the Edge, that was true. And as long as your family was here, you guess it couldn’t be so bad.

As it happened, while you were ruminating on the subject, the call came for the herd to gather. Not that you heard it—between the all-consuming thunder of the waterfall and your imperfect hearing, there was no chance of you noticing. Instead, you stumble upon the meeting by accident. Having scented both Mama and Daddy about and finding Mama’s telltale hoofprints, you skip along in her tracks. You had been getting hungry, and you judge that it’s about time for a snack.

You didn’t expect to see all these others gathered, but you take it in stride. Wordlessly, you sidle in between Mama and Daddy with a little wriggle of joy that they are both present. The one Mama calls Kaj is present too at the front of the group, and you shoot him your most charming face. Maybe you’ve never spoken to him one-on-one, but he was there at your birth, and that has to count for something, right? The grown-ups are all talking, but their words mean little to you. Tail twitching in boredom, you plop down in the grass at Mama’s hooves and snuffle at some bugs, waiting for them to disperse. Then, it’s snack time.

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The name of the Edge was like a sword being wedged into a still-fresh wound.

From where I stood before my brother, my King, or Czar as his title now was, I looked about the rest that had gathered and were still arriving and heaved a rough exhale. None looked so bothered as I, save perhaps those who had called the Falls home prior to the invasion. How they could remain and accept new leadership, I knew not, as it was difficult enough to accept a new home. Why had we taken it? Was it solely because of the Moon Goddess' recent, violent actions? If so, then why were we allowing our family to scatter from the rest of us, if they really, truly would be in danger?

Sensing my slowly rising temper, Suli produced a soft, draconic purr as she pressed her horned snout into the back of my poll. Merlin was quick to join in as well, the young black following his green sister's lead. 'Calm,' came the green's soothing voice through the mental bond we shared. Calm... It was laborious if not impossible to remain so as I looked on at my leaders. I was tense, nearly quaking with rage and rising emotions and ready to burst at the seams, but somehow, somehow I managed to keep it concealed.

A deep breath, a steady exhale, and I spoke.

"We volunteer to set out for the Dragon's Throat." The words had been directed to both Archibald and Kaj, though bister eyes looked solely to my golden brother-in-arms from the past. Maybe somehow we could find a way to reconnect, to mend what was broken between us and become brothers once more.
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The herd of the Edge, the one that has boasted of its' desire for peace and peace alone, had invaded another herd. In truth, it still hasn't sunken in and it probably never would. Peace, it seems, has a time limit. Or perhaps fear can override any and all desire for peace. Fear of the Moon Goddess. Fear of death. Common concerns of mortal minds, concerns that Miykael had lost when he died all those years ago and entered the realm of angels. Some had slowly squeezed their way back into his brain since his return to mortality, but this one was still so hard to process.

Perhaps it was curiosity that drew him to the Falls or perhaps it was something else - something deeper. His heart had been torn during the invasion. Half of him worried for Alysanne's safety, knowing that she was walking into the thick of things. It was her duty, of course, as the moon doctor. But he could not help the anxiety from coursing through his veins. When she returned and he found her unharmed, he knew (though, perhaps they both knew) that he needed a change. Miykael could not condone the actions of the invasion but a change in venue is definitely in order. The other half of his heart had worried for the gray mare, December. When he met her at the frozen arches of the north, she had said that the Falls was her home.

That particular worry or fear had yet to dissipate.

His blue eyes scanned the area as he moved with ease to where Kaj and Archibald had called a meeting. There are no easily recognizable signs of December anywhere. Her scent is here, though a bit faded. Eliana was off exploring their new home, so the dunskin paint quietly slipped in to the back like a tardy student longing to go unnoticed, sliding in near a familiar face: Parelia. Miykael could not forget her gentle face, her pale hide similar to a lighter shade of his father's. Her sadness didn't escape his notice but now did not seem the moment to comfort her. Instead he turned his blue gaze to Kaj and Archibald, listening intently to what they have to say. He remains silent, finding nothing of great importance to add to the conversation.

The time didn't seem to pass quickly enough. His itch to find December merely grew as he stood here... waiting. Always waiting.

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I must admit that I originally wanted to hide. I wanted to perch in the tree as my little raven drawing, watching without being watched, which suits me quite nicely. After all, I'm still rather shocked at how the palomino king knows my name, and seems to know me more than that if his looks are anything to go by. Not for the first time I feel utterly lost in a world that survives on knowledge, my own ignorance and failure of perception, or rather memory, plaguing me. It doesn't happen always, or even often, but there has been more than one instance where something or someone itches in my mind, like wallpaper peeling back over a coat hidden underneath.

So I wanted to hide mostly because of that, because of him. I decide however, that if I want to keep pulling off that ugly flower print, I need to do it in daylight, with both hands, so that meant showing up like a horse for this assembly that was otherwise very unimportant for me. Another herd, more leaders, and still my loyalty wanders - I can't even seem to trust myself any more really, so who's left? Them, maybe, in time.

Two have already offered, but I want to accompany Kaj and learn more about him perhaps. I try and catch his eye int he crowd as he asks and searched for help, and bob my head in a nod. I draw black scales across my Throat as well, hoping to get my message across.


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The girl listens, not entirely pleased about what it is she is hearing.

Recruit. Family. Home.

What are these things that she should care about them?

Irrationality descends upon her, and she is glad that she is in her raven form, where the hot blush of her youthful ignorance cannot be seen. Isopia perches in a tree, unassuming and silent. She is larger than other ravens, and her death-marked face, even in this form, reveals her identity. Still, she hopes that eyes will not linger upon her, and will instead focus on the words of the two giants who are addressing the new herd.

She likes both Archibald and Kaj, but she hates the words that spill from their lips. This new life of alliances, of recruitment, of starting over is foreign to her, and her mind rallies against it. She doesn't care about diplomacy, doesn't care about the needs of the herd or strategy. She just wants to be left alone. Somehow she has incurred the burden of responsibility - she has been summoned, just like the rest of them, and deep down she knows that she ought to obey.

That was the worst part, really. That they didn't even have to summon - all they needed to do was appear, together, or at least with some demonstrable purpose, and the herd was expected to just show up. She was expected to just show up. A long time ago Aly had told her friendships could be asymmetrical, but whatever was going on here was clearly meant to be reciprocated.

The girl was learning about the burden and responsibility that those who wielded power had.

And she hated it.

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Resplendence had healed as many as she could after the invasion. Though, it had seemed as though very few had come to take her offer of health, of being stitched back together. It was only when no one else ventured toward her that she had taken her leave - to move off and to explore the land. Aye, she knew she would need to get to know this place as if it were the back of her hand. But, for now she couldn't truly concentrate upon that. No, she was more worried about Rue and Quilyan. Far more worried about them, especially now that Nayati was gone. There was one less person to look after Rue… one less person to keep her child alive.

But she comes. She comes when Kaj's call bellows out across the lands. She inches forward - allowing her trail of glitter to pool around her as she takes place along the front row of all those who had gathered. She is silent as words of unity, of recruiting, of becoming a family falls against the ears of those near. And, then as Archibald's words also bellow out with the resounding strength she had learned came from a far softer place than it seemed.

Ah, but those two positions seemed to not match very well. Ktulu would be the general, and Resplendence would be the Earth Medic. No Alysanne at her side. There was a firm nod in each of the mare's directions and Resplendence allowed a careful smile to pull at her lips. Not as joyful as it would have been had Quilyan and Rue been at her side, but a smile all the same.

It is only after many others speak that she finds the courage to allow her voice to carry over the meeting. Aye, she had always been relatively comfortable inside the mists of the Edge; but that had been because she had known those she was speaking to. And now… well now she did not know all those who would hear her meek voice as it traveled out across the meeting. "I will do what I can to assist. I believe I found the remnants of a garden upon these lands, and I will be attempting to rebuild it - much as I built the one that graces the Edge at this moment. Depending upon the time of day any will either find me at the garden or by the caves I believe to be prison cells. Please seek me out if you wish to learn the art of healing, or just wish to assist with rebuilding the garden. Able bodies are just as helpful as curious minds." With that, she turns toward Kaj and Archibald, "I will do whatever you both see fit, whether it be accompanying you for alliances or staying with the Falls - just let me know."

And, with that ending note, it was Valiance who swooped down from the skies and took his place upon the pallid mare's back. Aye. A reminder to all that even though she was quiet she was capable of different strengths and had those to protect her. Yes, she was not one to be taken advantage of just because of her size or how quiet she was.

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I had made sure that Alleo was alright. Or rather, he had made sure that I was alright. Finally stable, I was jolted back into some stage of alertness by the call that seemed to ricochet around the lands . I allowed my limbs to drag forward, to shuffle toward the noise. Aye, I was ready to listen to whatever would befall their lips. I would stay, if only for Alleo. I knew that I was capable of changing whatever was necessary, to continue to move forward with my life and allow him to finally feel as though he belonged as well.

I listened to the call for assistance, for family. My blind eyes scourged across the lands - not really seeing, but still - still 'meeting' gazes yet not focusing upon them. I shuffled my limbs, uncertainly waiting for everyone to have their own chance to speak. Then, when it began to fall silent from everyone offering their assistance toward gaining alliances for other herds, I moved forward a tad to speak. Ettore bounced, taking off to fly around the group which had assembled and then landed upon my back. "What rules would you have for us? Other than creating a family, recruiting new blood, strengthening bonds, what do you envision for us to create? What prospect, what life? How do you believe you will keep us safe, and how do you wish us to aid in that endeavor?" I inquired, eyes lingering upon the two large stags without ever actually focusing upon them. "Do you believe, wholly in your heart that this step family of Moon and Earth will be strong? Or do you believe that those who came from the Edge will be strong and fix whatever had failed here in the Falls?"

Always asking the hard questions. Why? It didn't serve me in the best of ways. But, still, I wanted to test these leaders - to see how they thought, and Kaj had said if we had questions to speak now. So, I did. And I only hoped that no one would truly mind the question of how they expected us to move forward…

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The battle, if you could call it that, was over and Syrena found herself with a new herd. Oh well. New blood, new souls. She still found herself thinking of the horses and horse-like creatures that lived in Helovia as another species, as prey. Still she craved the life force that she imagined radiated from them all, even though she knew she had no power to actually do so. How sweet it would have been! She had not promised Essetia that she would not feast on any of these males, after all.

Oh, Essetia! Where was she?

The pretty mare had gone missing quite some time ago but, really, Syrena had not been prone to finding her sort-of-friend for long talks so the lapse in time did not mean overly much. Perhaps, the siren wondered, when she descended from the cliff-top perch where she had watched the battle, she would find her friend and Romul waiting with the new herd.

She was careful not to gather too close, these were strangers and they were also filthy animals - she did not dare gather with the crowd lest one of them accidentally brush against her side and taint her forever more. There was certainly some curiosity in her as she scanned the crowd, finding the faces that she had not yet avoided. Two stallions were the focal point, speaking about unity and family and ranks - not a single sentence of which interested her. Syrena was not here to be a part of the herd, she had yet to feel inspired about the Hidden Falls. The waterfalls had called to her, the rivers and the ponds where she found her food. The fact that there was also a herd that lived here seemed to be nothing more than a footnote.

Unless they became a problem.

And that was why she stayed - sticking well to the back. Close enough to hear those that spoke up but not near enough to actually be a part of a group. It pained her to not be the focal point, to not find some reason to call to them with her sweet voice and dazzle them. Perhaps a time for such things would come in the future. For now, dark eyes blinked lazily as she watched and learned what she could about the new crop that had moved in.

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Fuck he was late, so late. Mato bounded along beside his bonded trying his best to keep up. Daemyn on the other paw was trying his best not to bolt off and leave the pup. The bear dog was way passed the limit of carrying weight by now, so he had to pace himself as to not leave him in the dust. Amethyst gaze turned down to catch the hazel for for a mere moment and they both pressed on harder. 'Just a little more Mato. Can you smell them yet?' The silver bay was always quizzing the pup, pushing him gently to learn and grow. After a short pause a short yip confirmed that the black and brown could smell others. 'Good job, I promise we'll go do something interesting after this.'

After another minute the pair slowed, and pulled themselves together. If you're late at least look like you meant to, right? Didn't the coolest of cool always show up casually late? Either way he did not like being late, cool or not. Taking a deep breath the stud and dog strode proudly into their families midst. He recognized Kaj, Archibald, Resplendence, and Ktulu by name. There were several other faces he knew, but could not place a name to them. There were several faces that he did not know, but was very eager to learn them. Maybe he wasn't as late as he thought; Kaj was talking about how they were all a family. Mato panted beside him not interested in the words, but in the people around them.

The dog didn't have much time to study before his bonded stepped forward. "I would be more than willing to do anything that is needed." Missing out on the battle made the stallion feel under appreciated, had he not held a title within the Edge? He figured they had just needed someone with the ability to stay behind. Now he was not so sure. He stood silently and listened intently on what else was being said, positions given and kind words of kinship.
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Staggering to her feet the pale mare’s eyes snapped open to find herself still staring around at the same hidey hole she had managed to squeeze into the night before. Well hidden wasn’t exactly a fair word to describe the small cavern she had kind of claimed since arriving here, it was more... sheltered rather than hidden. Situated between the merger of two of the mountainous rock faces and sheltered by the overhang of the cliff above, her makeshift cave was at least off to the side of the well travelled areas. The familiarity of the forested Edge was gone and here she was left surrounded by a rock strewn landscape that was virtually unknown. Travelling around to different places had never really been an issue for her but when she could not go back to familiar home grounds she felt rather isolated and alone. There were thousands of unexplored places around this land and without the comfort of knowing friends were close she dared not to explore much further. Alysanne and Kahlua had become her anchors and so far neither of them seemed to have followed them all to this place. Her sanity seemed to be held together by her two besties so taking the opposite road was rather unnerving for the poor girl. The only saving grace so far had been Aeolus accompanying her in their rather unexpected move.

When the echoes of their leaders reached her ears she was debating on whether or not to attend this so called meeting. What was it about? Who would be there? Did she really need to go? Many questions circulated her brain before she decided to buck up and force herself to attend. Moving slowly through the unfamiliar territory every sense was on high alert expecting the unexpected to jump out and eat her alive. To those that did not know her and her irrational anxiety it must have looked rather comical with her tiptoeing through the land with a terrified bug eyed expression on her face.

Edging herself closer she eventually stopped off to the side of the gathering to listen and observe without drawing too much attention to herself. Blue eyes scanned hastily over the fellow gatherers managing to pick out a few familiar faces but not all that she was hoping to see. At least there were a few though, Kaj, Archibald, Resplendence, Destrier, Parelia and her daughter, Kahlua’s daughter… just to name a few. With all the blathering on of politics and such there were a few topics that caught her ear. Alliance with the Basin? Somehow this didn't seem to sit all that well with her especially after that witch that had tried to kill her. Flicking her ears back to touch her skull momentarily as she recalled the rather unpleasant event she huffed softly before willing it away. What other choice did she have other than to put up with this little factoid? She would have to accept it… for now anyways.

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