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[OPEN] the day you made your vows

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You see her when you close your eyes
Maybe one day you'll understand why

Time drifted by and with each passing day Evangeline's sides seemed to expand a little bit more. She was at peace for the first time in years, totally content with where she was in her life. She had finally admitted to Thor that she loved him and that alone felt like it had taken a huge weight off of her shoulders. She didn't feel the constant need to push him away, distance herself, and pretend that there was nothing between them when he had offered her everything she could want. He gave her love and she'd still asked for more; for a family and he'd given her exactly what she'd asked for. So why had she been so resistant?

A sleepy grunt and movement on her back made the copper mare turn her head and a smile drifted across her features as she gazed at her dragon. Tallis had taken exceptionally well to her growing body. He had told her many times over the past weeks that she was squishier and more comfortable than she had been before. He'd even gone from sleeping curled up in a ball to stretching out as far as he could across her back. Apparently she was round enough that he could stretch out and not slide off of her back onto the ground. Unfortunately for Tallis she wouldn't stay round and squishy forever. The time was drawing nearer and nearer for her to give birth to her and Thor's child. She just hoped that she could be a better mother to this one than she had been to her other children.

Evangeline turned her attention away from the sleeping dragon and let her gaze sweep across the grassy field. The grass had turned from green to a golden color, a telltale sign of the coming Frostfall. She knew that with the coming snows that food would virtually disappear. That knowledge was what had brought her to the meadow. Here she could graze until she was full, nap, and then graze again once she woke. It was a never ending process that had begun once she'd known for sure that she was pregnant. Eva sighed contentedly, lowered her head, and began to graze while Tallis snored quietly on her back.


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The stallion had made a point to venture further south each and every day that passed. He would learn these lands in their entirety, he would become the master of each eventually and then - ah, there was no need to explain all the tricky stallion's plans now. Grimalkin was ever an opportunist, but he was also very patient. He knew it would take time for him to become the creature he longed to become - he knew he probably had even more to learn than time permitted - but that did not hinder nor depress him, rather, it inspired him.

He hadn't ventured far beyond the permanently frozen lands before - he took his time, you see, for he felt that there was no need to rush anything - something could always be gained for taking things slow. Pleasure, knowledge - they were synonymous for the stallion, and so he took all the time he needed to ensure he understood everything that he was presented with.

The changing landscapes let him know he was travelling south. He had walked this way once, with the General, Torleik, when he had been invited North, to the Basin. He didn't take nearly enough notice back then - that had been two seasons ago now. He wondered how far south the snows would stretch - patches of it laid here and there, though none of it was as permanent as the conditions further north - yet, anyway. He was fairly sure that as Frostfall enveloped the lands, the snow would too.

The stallion was cropping grass here and there, pausing over the bitter taste of yellowing straw, swallowing it anyway because he knew he would need the energy it provided to return home. The unfrozen lake at home would give them all the sustenance they would need, surely - but would the gateway to his home become impassable with the approaching season? He wondered quietly as he continued to eat, shrugging internally as he decided he would simply find out once he got there.

He made his way slowly across the field, crown dipped to munch on the grasses here and there, his path seemingly aimless. It was happenstance that he even spotted the chestnut with her oddly hued creature curled upon her rump, pure luck that his attention flicked for but a moment in her direction. When he recognised the outline of an equine he raised his antlered crown and looked more openly - he held little doubt that she would spot him - he was rather large after all. With a low rumble of a nicker stretching its way across the distance the between them, the steed then approached a few steps, observing the mare with keen emeraldine eyes all the while.

"Hail," he spoke softly yet with a sure resonance behind his words. His steps paused again a healthy distance away - it was no use scaring her off before he was able to gather anything useful from her. "How does one fair this glorious day?" he asked with a smile on his lips, his tones bright and welcoming, his antlers dipping with his crown as he nodded in greeting. He wondered what sort of response he would get - truly, he could not wait to find out.

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The day casts a light pallor over the hunter's cloak. He strides with confidence through the Thistle Meadow and away from the anger that the mere sight of Archibald had stirred within him. Manhattan trails at his back, skipping forward quickly occasionally when she notices the tip of her tail resting outside her master's protective cloak. She doesn't bother to ask after her master's intentions in staying hidden like this for so long, but she is, and Knox knew this, free to question them. Was it really wise for him to isolate himself?

She knows he is struggling from the loss of his friend and does all she can to comfort him, but it is hopeless now. Knox is in some other place, some other mindset. He is focused on his scorn for his elder brother and his pain he feels in the absence of Aylin and, even some days, Roanne. I am hur, his Sentinel murmurs in his mind, but Knox knows it is pointless to think of that factual figment, that ghost made of memory, as his true father.

Roanne died many years ago, and he will never truly rise again. It is something Knox forces himself to face always, now, now that he has traveled far and seen so much and learned so much more. He is altogether changed, and he knows, as he lets the tall dried grasses brush his hocks, that the scenery is not the only thing that is different in the encounter.

The hunter is starting to feel the effects of hunger more drastically now. The surrounding grasses, tall, and though slightly stale still ripe for the picking, is hardly tempting however. He has dined for years on blood and heat and game of the hunt, and he fears he will not find that same satisfaction in any other sustenance.

Then again, the thought of blood on his lips again makes his stomach churn. Manhattan flashes an image in his face, the image of another in the distance grazing, and he stomps with irritation. Her temptation is not intended to be cruel, more persuasive, but he scolds her for not knowing better than to try and change his mind. Determined, Knox pressed onward and crushes the grass beneath the heavy weight of his hooves.

Knox intends to pass the elk-horned beast, but finds with surprise that their gait matches. The hunter walks alongside the heavy unicorn, protected from view and far enough away that the muffled sounds of his cloak won't burst in the stallion's ears, and moves across the field with his head low with exhaustion. He and Manhattan have, after all, been on the move for quite some time.

But when the pair draws closer and Knox lifts his head, his heart feels as if it is bursting. He loses control and shifts in a swift moment into Roanne the Sentinel.

Evangeline stands before the many-minded stallion, wide with pregnancy, beautiful and kind as she has always been. Knox can hardly see her through the blur in Roanne's vision, but she is there, and he remembers her image perfectly from when they first met and the split second before the shift.

She hasn't changed.
She is suh beautiful, but oldurr, and so heavy with chyuld.
Aylin was hers, you know this, sire.
And suh wull this new 'un be.

Knox feels a pain for having lost Aylin, a pain perhaps similar to the Sentinel's, but he knows Roanne's sorrow is so much deeper. To see a friend grow older, become a mother, and know you can never walk with them again, is a hurt far greater than Knox's unknowing. Knox longs to see Aylin again, but to see her and know he cannot be with her? That is something he knows he would not wish to bear. The words of the thick stallion fade into the background; everything becomes nothing, save for the golden mare and her companion at rest.

Knox asks the question a part of him has always longed to know:
Sentinel, did you love her?

And the dead king, the ghost of himself, stands still in the tall, dying grasses. The mind echoes a reply in nothing but silence, and Roanne the Sentinel slowly dips his head.

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A particularly warm autumn day wakes me from a deep slumber and though I have to blink the grogginess from my eyes, I feel quite energized given my travels of late. Today I decide that I will abandon all calls to duty and simply oblige my desires for relaxation- I’ve had enough of the Threshold and its many trials. In fact, I find that the borders of the Edge feel claustrophobic and thin, as if they hold me accountable for all their displeasure over the past few weeks. I hate to admit that I feel so… off-put by their image, but flee the confines of their bosom anyways.

Though it has been long since I’ve last seen the wide berth of the meadow, I find that it is just as enchanting as I remember it to be. The thick groups of violet thistle are more vibrant than ever, but I suspect their color will fade with the coming of snow and ice. Even as I amble thoughtlessly through their midst, I am taken by the idea of a faraway spring and the subtle warmth and life it will bring. Winter is the season of hibernation and not one I welcome openly… though I am hopeful that spending it nestled away with Evangeline will help to soothe the restlessness it brings. The recreation of her warmth is enough to stir my excitement for such a time and while I ponder intimate nights and blissful days at her side, I am suddenly struck by the scent of the woman herself.

It’s a strange thing to reckon with –that we always seem to find one another when we least expect- and something I am growing fonder of each day. I feel that there is a tie between us, an invisible thread that connects her heart with mine, and it somehow brings us together when we are too far apart. It is not unlike the connection I share with Sabine in that I cannot bear to be without her, much less imagine she is without my protection, especially now that she is heavy with child. In truth, it doesn’t take much to figure where the mare might be… not with her appetite growing thrice its size. I spend much of my time now imagining what our child will look like or whether it will be filly or colt. My mind has run away with itself on many an occasion dreaming up fantastical young heirs to a kingdom made of dust.

While it doesn’t take long to find the mother to my second child, I am more than surprised to find her in the company of a large, antlered stallion of heavy breeding. As if I am somehow possessed, my anger flares –as well as my pride— and I find myself forcing my lazy heels to obey a quicker stride. Neither party appears to be distressed, but my overprotective nature brings about an electric energy that I cannot suppress or ignore. Even at a distance I can see that the male is respectful of Eva’s person, but it does not stop me from shaking loose a low, bitter rumble upon approach.

Evangeline,” I breathe when I am close enough to observe Tallis perched comfortably astride her rump, unaware. It is then that I am of sound mind enough to regard the other male with as much decency as any vigilant lover might. “Hail friend, I’m sorry to intrude, but you seem to have uncovered a source of discomfort here,” I inform boldly while glancing to Evangeline and her swollen stomach. Involuntarily, I glance back at the mare, studying the fine dips of her face all the way up to her eyes in search of any hidden messages she might convey there. However, there is nothing of usefulness that I can find and I instead turn my stare back toward the unnamed brute, uncertain as to whether or not he has produced said appellation.
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You see her when you close your eyes
Maybe one day you'll understand why

A nicker resonated across the meadow and Evangeline lifted her head from the grass, her gaze sweeping across the field until it landed on a stallion that mimiced her own coloring. She chewed slowly as she watched him and Tallis stired to wakefulness on her back. He stretched and lifted his head, his dark eyes landing on the unicorn that approached. 'Who's that?' He questioned his bond mate as he watched the stallion. "I don't know.." Came Evangeline's answer. He seemed nice enough in his greeting, so she wasn't particularly worried about him.

"Hello." She replied, having swallowed the grass she'd been chewing. "Well enough." Came her reply to his question, though she could complain about the foal battering her insides with its kicks, and the other aches and pains that came along with pregnancy. She would save those for Thor, though, because it was his child that was causing her so much discomfort. "And you?"

She was scarcely alone with the new stallion for a minute before Thor arrived and immediately began trying to assert his dominance and claim her as his won. Evangeline snorted as he looked at her. "Source of discomfort?" She echoed Thor. "The only discomfort I'm experiencing is your child dancing on my bladder." She was mildly annoyed that Thor would come sweeping in the way he did and automatically assume that this new stallion was up to no good when he'd simply asked her how she was doing. Eva stepped forward, her ears tilting forward as she looked to the antlered stallion. "I'm Evangeline."


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