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Honest hearts are undercover. We are shadows on our own
The afternoon was brisk even though the pale sun shone over head. The soft thin blanket of snow covering the ground crunched softly under her hooves. Penna soared above her excitement pounding through their bond. This was the first time he would able to participate in a spar, and the first time in a long time the winged mare had been in a fight. She smiled softly turning honey eyes up to her bonded. Memories of her last fight flashed through her brain. She had been jumped by that golden bitch, she had tried to tear the wings from her with the horn embedded in her head. A shiver of fear ran through her slim body warming the muscles she would need. She knew in her heart this stallion, Aaron, would not harm her that badly, yes there would be blood and bruises, but no maiming. 'Penna, take it seriously, but don't go for his eyes or anything to vital. First we'll want to try and slow him down. Go for the legs or if he has a companion go for it, but watch out for their magic.' Sure she didn't know if he had magic or a companion, but it was best to cover all of the bases, right? 'I'll do what I think needs to be done.' The girl sighed and rolled her bright eyes. Boys could be so difficult.

She threw her wings wide flapping them hard to work chilly blood through her veins. After they felt warm she moved into a smooth canter. The place she hadn't mind wasn't to much farther, but enough to finish warming up. After a few minutes she slowed to a stop, the run up to this place had indeed done as she intended. Gazing slowly over the terrain a soft smile covered her cream muzzle. There was a light dusting of snow and the grass was short and dead, not to bad for footing, a little slippery, but nothing her sturdy mustang blood couldn't handle. Maybe the stallion would be clumsy, built more for looks than grace. Even with that happy thought came reality. He was a warrior, and probably not a new recruit either. 'Make sure I take more time to learn more about the herd members.' A screech assured the Pegasus he would follow up on that.

Taking a deep breath she moved to the other side of the field before swiveling back to wait for the male. What powers did he hold, if any? Would she have to use her own magic, or would straight fighting be enough? Parelia, named for a warrior, had grown soft. She did not want to hurt her family anymore than she had to, and fire would surely do that. Penna swooped low before landing lightly upon her withers. She knew he would take flight the moment he came into sight, just to make sure he wouldn't hide anything from his love. She wasn't worried about that though. He was family, so why would he hide something? 'Just wait and see.'

Speaking Penna

Words; 509
Tags; @[Aaron]
Notes; Magic and companions are ok with me! If you don't want to just let me know <3 Set in the heavenly fields, light snow fall, sunny, short grass, cold. It's been forever since I did a spar with her so it might suck.

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Snow, oh how I hate the snow. The white icy cold stuff clings to the slight feathering around my hooves along with balling up painfully under my hooves. It's just generally, annoying. Alanna scouted ahead, looking for our sparring partner. I was not fond of being paired up with our mason Parelia. Not that I have anything against her. But shouldn't I be fighting against someone more skilled? One that could improve my own skills? I sigh heavily as we finally reach the base of the Heavenly Fields. I freeze for a moment, remembering one of the last times I had sent Alanna ahead to scout. It had been through her eyes that I had watched my mother's murder at the top. With a shake I moved up the rocky slope.

Alanna reaches the top first of course. She is here, waiting. I grunt softly. So much for the element of surprise. I stop just before reaching the top to think though a plan of attack. How would Kaj or Archibald, or even Ktulu approach this fight? I know i'll hold back my magic, as I don't want to hurt her to much. But i'll let it go if she uses any magic she has on me. Does she even have magic? She is companioned. Don't under estimate. Alanna speaks smoothly into my mind. Better get this started... Counting down... Ten... Nine... My hooves dig into the dirt and snow as I shove forward and up the last part of the slope charging straight for the pale winged mare. Alanna growls disapprovingly as she moves to follow me into the fight. I got bored, let's go! I aim for the right side of her chest, hoping to shove her off balance at the very least as my teeth seek her wing. I wouldn't harm her to much. After all, we're family now. Alanna hangs back, waiting to see an opening for an attack or to protect me from the bird.

"Sed interdum rutrum urna, sed pellentesque sapien tempor in."

Word Count: 328
Tagged: @[Parelia]
Summary: Arrives up the slope to the field and waits a few minutes before charging up and at Parelia. He aims for the right side of her chest with his body while his teeth aim to take hold of her right wing.

A Shepherd I Shall Be, For Thee, My Lord, For Thee
Power Hath Descended Forth From Thy Hand
That My Feet May Swiftly Carry Out Thy Command
So I Shall Flow A river Forth To Thee
And Teeming With Souls Shall It Ever Be
x - x

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Honest hearts are undercover. We are shadows on our own
It didn't take long for a hound of hell fire to appear, followed quickly by it's bonded. A thin smile falls upon her lips as the brown and white crests the hill. 'Penna, I do believe not very many people know that I was once a warrior. I think that should remain a secret for now.' Pricked ears could easily catch the laughter in the falcon's screech. So this male would be cocky, maybe even mad he had been given such an easy opponent. This spar just became a whole lot more interesting. Would he take it easy on the poor small mason? Or would he allow the, possible, rage inside to spill out. Either would be fine, he would learn. Oh he would learn not to underestimate anyone, especially the short ones.

Without so much as a hello, or dip of his head, the stallion charges straight forward. Without waiting for a request the falcon tucks his wings. Beady black eyes narrowed for impact. As he had promised the flying hunter dove at the top of his speeds for the hell-hound. Waiting until the last second the bird threw his wings wide razor sharp talons aimed for it's front leg. While Penna went for the hound Parelia focused completely upon the stallion. He was much larger, in height and bulk. Plans ran through her mind fast a lightning. She was small, swifter, more agile. He was much faster than he first appeared, and crashed into her side. Anger replaced the cocky attitude she had first dawned as pain bubbled up in the form of a bruise upon the right side of her chest. Stumbling to the left her sturdy legs and hooves seek a hold upon the snowy ground. Even as she fumbled around teeth caught her wing sending a small splatter of blood to the white ground. A squeal of outrage bugled from light cream lips. She would not risk further damage to her precious wings, so she would stay land bond, for now.

Finally catching herself the dove rushes backwards to gather herself for a second, before rushing back to meet him. Teeth bared and ears pinned flat the girl rushes straight at him, honey eyes locked on his dark brown. She would not give herself away if it could be helped. Once close enough she lunged, mouth wide open, teeth searching for his front left cannon bone, while allowing the momentum she had built to carry her past him. Right before she was out of his reach the mare threw up her heels; hooves searching for his right shoulder, even better his jaw. One swift kick to the jaw would surely send his head reeling. Once her hooves where back on the ground she sprinted forward, hopefully out of his reach before spinning to meet him with flat ears and bulging eyes.
Speaking Penna

Words; 475
Tags; @[Aaron]
Notes; Attack 1/3 : Parelia gets hit by his side, and his teeth. The bite draws blood and the hit knocks her to the left. She recovers then rushes for his right front leg. As she passes him Pareli tries to kick his right shoulder or his jaw.

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